What’s Going On

This is going to be a rambler because I’m feeling kinda rambly these days.   Not a whole lotta lotta going on these past few weeks – I am blessed to be living in a somewhat Uninteresting Time and am delighting in it.  And until today it’s been too hot to focus on perfume  (spritz it on, sweat it off!) so there’s no real review.  So let’s ramble a bit, shall we?  Note:  there are lots of links and fits and starts and stops.  Click  or ignore at will.

What I’m listening to:  my Summer music rotation. Same rotation for the past 20 years.  Do you guys have seasonal music?  Not Christmas, ya goobers – more weather-related.  I have definite Summer music, stuff that just sounds weird if the windows aren’t open.  Pat Metheny Group (early 80s-2005 or so) is quintessential ‘music in the car with the windows down’ Summertime.  Ditto my beloved Beloved, Marvin Gaye.  “What’s Going On?”  ‘Distant Lover’  – they just sound right in Summertime, which is sort of ironic since that album is one of the most philosophically dark and  deep of its generation – and still relevant today.   Eliane Elias’s gorgeous Brazilian piano evoking sun-kissed skin and mojitos.   Yeah, I know, I need to listen to some current music.  I’ll do that in October, okay?

What I’m sniffing :  I went on a Walmart bender last week.  Justin Bieber’s Someday.  My 8yr old grandaughter would love this , except for the flower bottle, which is too girly for her.  It enraged me, it was so dishwater-blah.  I know.  I KNOW!!  It’s for little girls who have a crush on Justin Bieber and I’m sure it has completely  funded his retirement.  But it still pissed me off.  Someday?  Not here.  I bought her the Harajuku Lovers Love (that was Sephora, not Walmart) .  I wanted to buy the pink one but this is the girl who broke my heart with the Spider-Man sheets. No pink.  But she did say she likes perfume – just not anything in my perfume closet. She likes fruity-floral.   She said ‘fruity’ so I brought out Marc Jacobs Lemon (LEMON IS A FRUIT).  That went over like pinkeye at a makeup party.  .  I haven’t given the Harajuku  to her yet- hope the doll isn’t a bust…  Maybe she can dress her in a Spider Man costume.     One of you lovely Posse mentioned getting lots of compliments whilst wearing Britney Spears Fantasy (or was it Midnight Fantasy?).  I was intrigued.  Went at it,  snob-radar on Vaporize.  Hoist! on my own petard!  Fantasy is actually very nice!!!   But I refuse to wear it on the grounds that if I did and I got more compliments on it than on Epic or Carnal Flower I would have to kill myself.    White Diamonds.  Did you guys know it’s the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of White Diamonds? I love the WD ad, showcasing  Liz, draped in Mike Todd’s jewelry gifts, listening to Eddie Fisher at the Tropicana……draped in MIKE TODD’S JEWELRY…

…poor Eddie.  Schlub never stood a chance.  More rambling:  I’m not a Liz’s Personal Life fangirl (though I know her jewelry like I know my own)  but I have always wondered…had Mike Todd not died, would there have been a Taylor/Burton?  Would Mike have stood the test of time?  He was pretty heavy-duty and, until he died, the love of her life.  hmmm… Todd v. Burton.  Clash of the Titans.

Anyway, I’d forgotten how STRONG White Diamonds goes on.  Zounds!  I was stuck in the car with myself for 56 minutes of sheer hell, with those diamonds slicing their way through my nasal passages…and I was just about to cry ‘uncle!’ , gnaw my arm off and fling it out the window…when this undeniably beautiful scent  came drifting up.  It proceeded to enchant me through the afternoon..but I confess I am not woman enough to withstand the first hour.  Too bad it couldn’t stay suspended in air for awhile, so I could come back and put it on after it settled down.  Or buy an extra arm.

What I’m reading:  Summer in the garden is perfect for reading.  I owe the Posse so many thanks.  Because of you I fell in love with Louise Penny‘s Inspector Gamache series and am eagerly awaiting the newest.  Deborah Harkness.   Patty introduced me to Alyssa, who introduced me to Deborah at the virtual ‘mixer’ that is Posse.   Read ‘A Discovery of Witches’ over the course of a weekend.  Gnashed my teeth, waited for Shadow of Night.  Did everything I could not to devour it in a day.  Stretched it out for 3.  Magical.  A lovely mingling of fantasy, science, history….the ladies in my book club are now enthralled.  All, of course, except the woman who called me a Demon.  I doubt she will want to read a book that has actual demons in it.  Might get Demon Juice on her.   M.J. Rose’s series (just not all in a row).  Marlene Dumas‘s monograph.  Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters  (Shakespeare and siblings.  I’m already in love)  Alyssa’s gorgeous memoir, Coming to My Senses.  Denyse’s The Perfume Lover, which I held off reading until I got the perfume.  Uh, Fifty Shades of Grey?  Don’t bother.   TPL (and Seville a l’Aube)  is true eroticism.  I never demand that you guys try a scent.  Except now.  Get thee to Surrender to Chance and get a sample. You will thank me.  Hate orange blossom?  Never mind.  I did, too.

What I’m Wearing:  This ridiculous photo doesn’t do this Harlan Simon bead justice but I kind of like the soft-focus image (aka ‘spin’ for I Take Terrible Photos) .  Harlan, who lives in the SF Bay area,  does the most exquisite glasswork.  When I first saw this, my heart skipped a beat.  Snakes are one of my totems…..I’m not sure how he got this gorgeous little snake inside this gorgeous little bead…but I wear him as my talisman against eeeeeEvil, of which there seems to be Way Too Much.  There’s a very cool page on the history of Judaica and glassmaking here.  Harlan’s work is a gorgeous link in a 4000-yr tradition.   Typical artist, though.  I had to dig like a mole to find his FB page .  Then I got to the beads……


What I’m eating.  More avocados than you can shake a stick at. I love avocados.   Remember when they LOVED Angie Dickinson and the avocado?  Then they shrieked at the avocado?  Said it was BAD?  Well, apparently now it is a Nearly Perfect Food.  This is why I have decided to ignore ‘them’ (whoever ‘they’ are ) and just eat like I have some sense.  So…avocadoes with jalapenos – sates cravings like nobody’s business, Salsa made with tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro out of my garden.  Eggs from our neighbor chickens.  Lots of water.  Broccoli (I love broccoli) and Swiss chard from the garden.  Why?  Why eschew the pizza and chocolate cake?  Well…. it’s like this:  I look like Jabba the Hut, my blood sugar is over the top and I’m freaking tired of the whole ‘feeling bleeargh’ thing.  So I have cut out tons of carbs and sugar – except watermelons.  The little boy down the street grew his first batch of melons this year (he’s 9).  and watermelon is actually low in sugar (they say – now) and a great diuretic.  And he’s 9.  And he grew them all by himself.  Even if I hated watermelon I would buy a couple.   Luckily, I love watermelon. And it doesn’t spike my hypoglycemia.  Peeing like a racehorse and feeling way better than I have in ages!


What I’m doing:  Yoga.  Lots of yoga.  Knee still busted.  Heel still hurts. Walking, my favorite exercise, is still somewhat perilous.  So…  Yoga is my savior.  Amazing how ‘nice’ yoga is.  Found a pilates resistance bar under my bed – still in the box.  Pulled it out.  Huh.  another Amazing.  I’d forgotten how good exercise feels.  My stomach is already tightening up.  You know, you guys could’ve said something…


What I’m Getting Ready to DoCan.  Yep!  Alert the Authorities. 

I am a growin’ fool, always have been but I’m terrified of canning.  Around here, every woman (and some men) worth their tomatoes can – and do – can.  I have buckets of tomatoes and peppers and more on the way and I want to make salsa.  Which tastes nasty frozen.  Squoo it.  I’m gonna CAN, baby.  A canner promises to check my jars to make sure they’re okay.  If you hear sirens….


(btw – this is NOT my canning handiwork.  I stole this from foodchannel.com.  I can only hope mine turns out as nice.  And doesn’t explode.  Or Occupy Wyoming.  Or kill us all in our sleep. )


So that’s it for me.    What’s Going On in your world?  If you’re wearing White Diamonds, come sit by me.  But only after the first hour, okay?


  • Mals86 says:

    SUCH a fun read – even the comments! Sorry I missed it yesterday.

    Have not canned in three years – and that was only tomatoes. It’s been probably six years since I did any fruit preserves. I need to do some more cherry-plum jam (that was everybody’s favorite, and it’s alllll gone). I like frozen salsa better than canned, though. And weeds completely ate our garden this summer, it’s been so wet… I’ve gotten a handful of cucumbers, a few peppers, and some tomatoes. The sweet corn did not fare well.

    I have a little bottle of White Diamonds parfum ($9, CVS, last year) and it is really surprisingly lovely. Haven’t worn it in a long time, but I should. There is a LOT going on in it, but the parfum is more gentle than the EdT.

    Yeah, Seville a l’Aube is worth smelling even if you don’t like orange blossom.

  • ChickenFreak says:

    Canning! I fear. Luckily or unluckily, we haven’t really harvested enough food from The Farm (that is, the back-yard-vegetable-garden-that-seems-farm-sized-to-us) to need to seriously consider it. But I’ve considered it all the same, read all the warnings and the terrors of, “What if your tomatoes are lower-acid than the recipe expects?!!!?” and mumbled “never mind” and wandered away. I’m reading about that Freezer Jam thing instead.

  • unseencenser says:

    WHITE DIAMONDS! I actually love the stuff – the parfum, dabbed, is heaven.

    I think if Mike had survived Burton would never have stood a chance. I think there was something about him that reminded her of the happiness, excitement and fun she had with Mike, but then Burton’d go be a total tit and she’d dump him again. I feel sad for her that she lost Mike but glad she did find him – and that she did go on looking after she lost him.

  • Aparatchick says:

    I’m such a fan of The Weird Sisters (and I realized, shamefacedly, as I was reading it that I have Rose tendencies – I try to remember that character when I get my martyr-control freak moments).

    Fruit! The best thing about summer. I’m eating lots of red grapes, watermelon, and berries. Wait – are those things fruits or vegetables botanically speaking? Hmmm…

    Perfume? My reliable PdN Eaux, so refreshing and not at all boring. And a new love, Lush 25:43. Yum.

  • Eldarwen 22 says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for Chanel no.19 in EDP form and the perfume gods smiled upon me. Every time that I have my ‘fun money’ no. 19 EDP is out of stock and when I don’t have fun money it is out of stock. I just ordered my back up bottle of no. 19 in EDP form today. The logical part of me said that I don’t need a back up bottle but the perfume freak in me said that I do. I think it’s been a pretty good month for me because I haven’t had the drive to get a large amount of decants (nothing catching my fancy except for the 2 new Amouage perfumes). My sister and her family came up for a few days for my dad’s birthday and they did leave early this morning. And she (sister) was giving me dirty looks because I was wearing Amouage Epic 4 out of 5 days.

  • Lisa D says:

    Thanks for the hilarious post, Musette – just what I needed this morning. I wanna join the club, too!

    Listening to: audiobooks. Tons and tons of audiobooks. Did the Harkness novels on audio, The Night Circus, some P.D. James, and my absolute new favorite, The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley, which is simply fantastic in audiobook form. I also listened to a few Molly Harper novels, which strike me as being the same fun plot structure with a simple switch of characters, but great brain candy, nonetheless.

    Sniffing: Messe de Minuet layered with……wait for it…..Citron de Vigne! I love MdM, but couldn’t face it alone in this heat (it’s going to be 111 degrees today), so I rummaged around in the perfume cab, looking for something to brighten it up. What a surprise – it’s a scrumptious combo.

    Eating: figs. Lots of figs. And then more figs. A friend of mine has a tree – I’ve pledged to her my undying love and regular gifts of perfume samples in exchange. Good golly, I LOVE FIGS.

    Doing: daily exercise. Five days a week. Getting going is always a problem, but it just feels so good after it’s done. Musette – you go, girl, I’m right there with you.

    Thanks to everybody for the book recommendations, I’m looking them all up and adding them to my various wish lists!

  • Samantha L says:

    Because of you Musette, I’ve been wearing lots of Cuir Ottoman in the heat…and finding I love it again! I’ve been off it for about 2 years….I was in the hospital with one daughter and my younger one decided to pretty much bathe in it and come see us. All I could smell for a week was blow up pool toys…at least, that’s what I think Cuir Ottoman smells like at its max! It was overkill, but I’ve finally recovered…thanks to you!

  • Dionne says:

    Oh, that was such a fun read. I love the rambling and the stories.

    Music: my 12yo has shown some interest in the bit of techno his older brothers have acquired, so he and I have a project where we’re researching the genre and finding stuff he likes. The Tron Legacy soundtrack is getting a lot of play in our house right now

    Sniffage: Working my way through the 35 (yes, you read that right) different fig samples I’ve got. It’s a figathon.

    Reading: Finally got my copy of “Beyond the Beautiful Forevers” – hooray for interlibrary loan! – and also The Book of Lost Fragrances. If you enjoyed “A Discovery of Witches” you might want to check out “The Magicians” by Lev Grossman, a grown-up version of Narnia/Harry Potter.

    Canning intimidates the crap out of me despite the fact that I’ve been assured it’s quite easy. My alternative is to bring out my big ol’ Excalibur and dehydrate massive quantities of fruits and veggies. Homemade sun-dried tomatoes are the bomb, and dehydrated pears are as addictive as crack.

  • cerise says:

    I am jumping on the Musette Fan Club bandwagon. Loved everything about your “ramblings” this morning, esp. my favorite Marvin Gaye album of all time — reminds me of my first year living in San Francisco. Looooong time ago. Must read a “Discovery of Wtiches” since I think I would love this. Have Fifty Shades of Grey, read the first page, put it down and haven’t picked it back up again. Ho hum. Long as I’m in copy-cat mode, I too will have to lemming me a sample of Seville à l’Aube.

    • Masha says:

      Try Tarleisio’s Quantum Demonology, on the web for free–it’s much more erotic and fun-loving, and is much better written!

  • DinaC says:

    Count me in on the fan club, too, Musette. Loved your post! I’ve been listening to old Manhattan Transfer, especially “Soul Food to Go.” Love close harmony singing. I just made home made guacamole last night — yum! Love avocados. I’ve also made BLTs several times this summer. Those are a quintessential summer food to me.

    As for reading, I’ve always got my nose buried in a book — usually a mystery or a historical — but the two best have been Alexander McCall Smith’s “The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection” (the latest in the Ladies No. 1 Detective series) and “Death Comes to Pemberley” by P.D. James. It’s not up to the standard of Jane Austen, or even James’ usual mysteries, but it’s still good. Lately, I’ve been watching the Olympics every evening. I’m not normally a sports fan, but I adore the Olympics, summer and winter.

    My grandmother used to make pickled watermelon rind. It was sweet & sour. I made a bunch of pickled beets a while back, but had to toss them all out when I cleaned out my fridge post-derecho storm here in Virginia.

    I’ve never tried White Diamonds. It sounds like it would be too much womanliness for me to handle. 🙂 I’ve been wearing unisex things like Guerlain Cologne du 68, Miller et Bertaux No. 3 Green x4, Cartier Declaration, and my fav irises and greens this summer.

  • paradise says:

    How funny….I just spritzed on some White Diamonds this morning before reading your post! I have to admit that it’s a scent I always disregarded (assuming it was cheap and dated) until a FB friend mentioned it as being a scent that she’s been wearing since her early 20’s. It was then that I realized I’d never bothered to even smell it and when I had the opportunity…well it was love! It just wraps me in a cocoon of warm flowers. One spritz only however or you’ll be sorry….

  • maggiecat says:

    Love your rambles! I’m having a Difficult Day and you made it better. I’m also loving Deborah Harkness, which amuses those who know me (not my usual style and I’m Church Council secretary and all) and Alyssa’s book is about the best thing I’ve ever read – perhaps because I can relate so very much. Guess I should go ahead and pull the trigger on that Seville sample order, huh? I’ve been putting off sample orders due to the extreme Dallas heat and concern about what happens during shipping, but my lemming may overpower my common sense. Thanks. 🙂

  • rosarita says:

    Ms A, I like to think I’m a charter member of the Musette Fan Club 🙂 You are inspiring me to get off my butt and exercise, listen to more music and eat watermelon. I bought a bottle of WD at a garage sale this summer because it was only a dollar and Angela on NST had written a nice review of it….I’ve worn it once and have put it aside until I feel strong enough to try it again. Maybe in the winter. I’m reading F Scott Fitzgerald short stories & novels this summer. Hope all goes well with your canning! All those childhood summers, going to grandma’s house with aunts and cousins and spending a few days “putting up” all the garden produce in clouds of steam….my mom was a working woman and she froze everything. But she didn’t make homemade salsa; I’ll bet yours is delicious.

  • marsha says:

    I’ve been in the Musette fan club for a loooong time! What I’m sniffing for the first time is Samsara! And I love it! But I just love sandalwood and I read Victoria’s wonderful review so I had to dive in and try it. About the BSpears, every time I’m in public and get up the nerve to ask someone what they are wearing, it’s either Fantasy or Midnight Fantasy! I read the review of Donna Karen *Woman* and she said it smoothed out into sandalwood, so I’ll probably be searching that one out.

    Am with you totally about the Marvin Gaye stuff, reminds me of when I was *young and foolish.* Now I’m just listening to my classical music radio station that I’m so fortunate to live near.

    I also wonder about what La Liz’s future would be like if Mike Todd had lived. I also know every one of her jewels like I know my own. When her book came out, my late husband just went ahead and bought it for me because he knew I would have to have it. It really bothers me that conglomerates bought up her stuff, not someone that would wear the pieces and love them like she did.

    I read the Fifty Shades mess because a friend begged me to, my thing has been *no romance novels* for at least 25 years now cause I just got so tired of them. It was so bad, it made me want to re-read one of the best romance novels I’ve ever read and I’ve just downloaded it on my nook: Princess Daisy. That thing was published in 1980!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s still good!!

    I live in eastern NC and I’m just trying to stay cool!

    You are right, yoga is wonderful!! It heals you physically and mentally. Everyone should do it. There are several types of yoga, some more vigorous and some more gentle than others. If you find the right type for you, it’s just great!

    I envy you having some fresh tomatoes!

  • Maureen says:

    OMG…you are so funny. Count me in for the fan club. I love the watermelon boy…must be more fun buying from him than a market! I agree about 50 shades…not eactly great literature, but my daughter (34) read all 3 novels straight through, something I don’t think she has done since college, so, if it’s getting ladies to read instead of dumbing down on the net, I’m all for it. My mom wore White Diamonds, and it was strong but I loved it on her. I love Marvin Gaye, Pat Methany and any Brazilian or Portugese music…so beachy! Thanks for the memories.

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Reading this was like listening to myself think, only way better! I am joining the Musette fan club too.
    Your summer sounds great, especially the homemade salsa and the little watermelon boy. So sweet! Summer here in the UK has only been happening in fits and starts but we’ve been making the most of it, playing in the sunshine, swimming, picnicking, picking strawberries, making ice lollies, doing big outdoor paintings, barbecuing and generally trying to keep my daughters busy and making nice memories. Now though, I am packing up as we are moving house- yay! And ugh! At the same time. I’ve broken the back of it now though so should be smooth sailing from here on out. I’ve been boogieing to classic Aretha Franklin, Rodrigo y Gabriel (fantastic guitar music), Adele, Van Morrison and Tori Amos to name a few. I have been reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, very good as her books always are.
    I’ve been spraying Alien (which I can’t believe I am liking), vintage L’air du Temps, Copper Skies (husband: What is that burning cookie smell?) and Whips and Roses. Oh, and Mecca Balsam.
    One of my univeristy professors wore a LOT of White Diamonds so I can never smell it without feeling the need to memorise Latin declensions.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, sweetie! Gotta second you on the Alien; I’ve always kinda liked it, too. Need to wear it again once the weather cools down a bit. Hope all goes well with the move …

    • Musette says:

      This is so weird. I was just thinking about The Little Stranger last night (couldn’t remember the name of the book). I LOVED that book!!!

      ‘What is that burning cookie smell?”. Omg! Thank you for the belly laugh!!!

      Alien? I haven’t given that a moment’s though. Must reinvestigate.

      xoxo on the move! (I was going to say ‘smooth moving’ but that conjures up something else entirely!)

      xo :Devil:

      • FragrantWitch says:

        It turns out that Alien is fabbo in the heat. Jasmine and bit of regular gasoline smell…mmmmmmm.I wore it in 84F humidity the other day and I was in total bliss. And I am not even a jasmine ‘ho- ill have to do more jasmine sampling. What a hardship. :Happy-Grin:

        Hubby best get used to the burning cookie aroma because I am firmly in love with Copper Skies. And that is that!

        • Masha says:

          I own 3 different Aliens (my favorite, the Or D’Ambre), and I wear them constantly in summer here in the tropics, and I always get compliments. So weird!

  • Ann says:

    Count me in for the Musette fan club, too! Love your ramblings in the morning, and especially enjoy starting my day with a good laugh (or 10)! Hope your Spidey girl likes the perfume. Hugs …

    • Musette says:

      Hi, babydoll!

      That girl breaks my heart, every. stinkin’. time. She terrifies me with her gynmastics (I won’t let her do stuff unless her dad is there – can’t take the stress of 3 backflips in the park. Cannot do it.) She hates ‘clothes’. Not big on jewels. She does love nailpolish, though, which is a saving grace. And she likes to bake.

      So we do okay.

      Except for the gymnastics. It’s the whole ‘it’s not my kid’ freakout. Every grandparent I know feels the same way, bless ’em, so I don’t feel so…frackty.

      xoxo :Devil:

  • pam says:

    Thanks for that journey through your Summer. Loved it.
    I’m spending mine listening to R and B and Spanish piano music. Sitting in the screened porch drinking tea in 98 degree heat, with the sweat pouring. Wearing Bellodgia or Badgley Mischka, because for some reason the heavier scents are smelling great to me in the heat. Reading Faulkner and T. R. Pearson.

    • Musette says:

      See? Mama Musette Knows Best!!!!!! I’ve been touting Heavies in the Heat for AGES! Y’all thought I was nuts. But it’s what the Middle East wears, along with long-sleeved white clothing – and they orta know about extreme heat.

      Your summer is sounding quite fabulous!!! Faulkner is definitely a summer author, imo. I did a undergrad paper (Summer Honors extra credit because I am Just That Kinda Nerd) on Southern Gothic – he was front and center.

      xo :Devil:

      • Masha says:

        Some of the cacti we grow in our desert gardens have the most knockout, diva scents when they flower–you knew it!

    • cerise says:

      Bellodgia in the summer is a revelation. I’ve been doin’ this for d.e.c.a.d.e.s., same as my mom before me (where I got the idea).

  • Alyssa says:

    This was great. So what did the drydown of WD smell like, Musette? Was it Elizabeth-fabulous? Comforting? I wanna know, because I am never going to live through the first hour. Though I may one day hunt up some of the parfum…

    (Hooray for Deb and your bookclub! Thanks for the sweet shout out. xo)

    • Musette says:

      White Diamonds is truly gorgeous. AFTER the first 45-50 mins or so. I didn’t take the time to hunt up the notes because I am a lazy weasel but it is definitely Lizfabulous. Nothing comforting about it, except in its beauty. 30-carat Diva, all the way.

      fwiw, my book club(s) are not persackly sure I am NOT a demon. Not quite. This is extremely conservative territory here. My Otherness is very unsettling to them. But they’re making an effort to not bring out the flaming cudgels…

      xo :Devil:

      • Masha says:

        Every book club needs its Demon in Residence, Musette. You can be proud! (and hey, demons ARE proud, right?? 😉

      • CM says:

        I found some vintage white diamonds perfume (not EDT) on thebay a while back and it’s divine. It’s still big, but that opening harshness is missing and it’s simply luxurious. Could be the difference between perfume and EDT, but maybe it’s been reformulated. I’m a bit afraid to get the modern incarnation….don’t want to be disappointed.

  • Masha says:

    I’m excited because yesterday, our local nursery had just got in a new lot of herbs, and one of them was…immortelle! I’d never much liked the absolute, too strong and rich and maple-y, but once I smelled the plant itself, I was hooked! Now a big pot of it is sitting in my kitchen, and I keep huffing it while I cook, there’s just the most gorgeous, warm perfume wafting from it. I’d never seen them for sale before, and for some weird reason, they were labeled, “Curry Plant”- how inaccurate! I hope no one tries to put one of them in a curry….

    • Musette says:



      Do you have a photo of it on your blog? Maybe one of my locals here has it – and doesn’t know what it is!

      xo :Devil:

      • Masha says:

        I just took some photos, so it will be blogged about very soon! It’s not flowering yet, but the leaves have the same fragrance, just with a lovely green note added. I’m in LOVE!!

  • Francesca Belanger says:

    That post made my day. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Coming to My Senses, Discovery of Witches, and Shadow of Night.

    Gotta exercise more. Thanks for the reminder.

    What I’m reading: Four Seasons in Rome, by Anthony Doerr. Memoir by a writer who got a grant to live and work for a year at the American Academy in Rome. With his wife and a pair of 4 month old twin boys. It’s so gorgeous you could eat it.

    • Musette says:

      Francesca, I envy you your life. Great job! Great husband! Great city to live in! Great LIFE! Well, envy is a Sin (one of The Big Seven, alas) so…let’s not say ‘envy’. Let’s say…

      …oh, sqoo it. EN.VEEE!

      I pu FSiR on my ‘to read’ list.

      xoxo the :Devil: who is looking forward to seeingyou in Oct!!!

  • Poodle says:

    Wow. That was wonderful. Sounds like stuff I would say. I’m so glad I’m not the only one listening to old music, trying to eat healthy, finding things I forgot I bought hiding under the bed, and canning. I have been spritzing though. Heat be damned, I want to smell something wonderful. I just started reading Coming to My Senses too. It sounds like we are all having similar summers. I’m looking forward to fall. I like summer for a few weeks and then the heat just wears me out. Bring on sweater weather.
    My aunt wears White Diamonds. It’s nice on her. I’ve never tried it on myself and after your experience I may keep it that way.

    • Ann says:

      Hear, hear, Poodle — bring on the sweater weather!! 🙂

      • rosarita says:

        Another sweater weather fan here! I found a beautiful vintage coat at an estate sale this summer for $4 and am having my wonderful sewing lady switch the buttons (for which she’ll charge me $1 plus the old buttons). Looking forward to weather cool enough to wear it.

        • Musette says:

          I love Summer like a bear loves honey. But I also love the change of seasons – and let’s face it, this Summer sucked so bad it’ll be a blessing to see the back of it!

          Where da coat iz, R? SHOW IT!

          xoxo :Devil:

  • annie says:

    OMG…It’s THE Musette…I was thinking,’I could read this post all day long’,I LOOOOVE your ramblings….ditto,with the blood sugars,and have also decided NO MORE CHOCOLATE CAKE for a while…it will always be there,doncha’ know,AND,the avacados,tomatoes,and melons,are to die for this year….Fragrance has eluded me this summer(I can’t believe I just said that),with the heat & all…whine…But,fall will bring my senses alive once again…I have tons on my list….and,books….In my old age,I’ve purchased a KINDLE…(total swoon of pleasure,here),and justified it,as the library here really sucks,and going to Winston-Salem,is way too much &%^#$@ trouble……Carry on,my perfumista,carry on….

    • Musette says:

      You are such a doll, thank you!

      Doesn’t your library have inter-library loan? I couldn’t survive without that – my library is an old Carnegie, about the size of a 3BR house and a wonky tax base. Without the ILLoan…well, it doesn’t bear thinking! I’m sure you know you can download lib books to your Kindle, right? It’s a lifesaver!!!

      xo :Devil:

  • dinazad says:

    Joining the Musette fan club!

    And here’s what I’m …

    Doing: sitting on the balcony every evening. Just watching it grow dark.
    Reading: Just finished “The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making”. Awesome!
    Sniffing: Andy Tauer Zeta and Seville à l’Aube. Which is nothing short of fabulous.
    Listening: ummmm. Nothing. Silence has its moments.
    Eating: Tomatoes (tomato tart, tomato gratin, tomato/apricot soup, etc.). Bought ones, since mine are very far from being ripe (summer was cold here). Also peaches in every form (peach and tarragon salad is great with fish!)
    Getting ready to do: sit on the balcony some more. Summer will be over before it even started around here. So every even mildly warm moment is precious.

    • rosarita says:

      I love the sound of your balcony! I like to sit on the porch in the late evenings and listen to the neighborhood wind down.

      • Musette says:

        What Rosarita Said. Of course, my neighborhood is always wound down. But I know what you mean – last night I sat in the chaise lounge and watched the Big Dipper, slooooowly wending its way away. Bittersweet.

        xo :Devil:

  • jillie says:

    Seconding Portia here. Just adore Musette. Let’s start a fan club.

    Thanks, Musette, for making me laugh so much my stomach hurt. But that’s a good thing – maybe it’ll stop me eating. I have just made a chocolate tart (sprinkled with rose petals as they look pretty and cover up the cracks that have appeared), and a plum frangipane pie; we are taking these to a family get-together, and I don’t want to stuff myself when I get there. I congratulate you on your achievements and self-control, and envy you your abundance of avocados – do you know how much they cost in the UK?!

    • Musette says:

      My stomach is growling…with lust! chocolate taaaart. with rose petals!

      Avocados are stupid-cheap right about now. Talk to me in December.

      xo :Devil:

  • Portia says:

    It’s official. I love Musette! That was like listening to myself but better because it was you,
    Portia xx

  • mary says:

    Musette! I love the sound of your summer! Thanks for the laughs– the lift was just what I needed! What’s Going On is a perfect summer sound. And yeah– glass beads, baby! Harlan is teaching at Mendocino Art Center week after next, and there is still room in his class! ;0) And don’t forget Perfumes Mendo, all for the sniffing after class! Perfume wise– I have been decanting a vintage Hermes Amazone, and spraying it, which has been really perfect most warm days. But now that you have brought up racehorse pee . . . .it reminds me of something. You are funny! I hope your grand baby loves her new perfume. And the little watermelon boy is so cute.! Maybe can some watermelon pickles! xxoo mary

    • jillie says:

      Hi, Mary – I got me some old Amazone recently, and I just love its no-nonsense greenness. Frightened that I am going to get through the bottle too quickly. Also frightened to think that I wore it when it very first came out …….

      • Musette says:

        I always expect Amazone to smell ..sandy. Which is absurd, given the name, like expecting Saharienne to smell..green?

        xo :Devil:

      • cerise says:

        I just acquired a small bottle of old Amazone within the last 3 weeks or so — and immediately remembered that I also wore it when it first came out, and it is still wonderful. And of course now that it’s been rediscovered by all of us fume-heads, it’s getting harder and harder to find, and when you can find it, it is ridiculously expensive. Do y’all think the ebay sellers and perfume e-tailers read these blogs and govern themselves accordingly? (that’s a rhetorical question, of course they do. They must).

        • jillie says:

          Hey, Cerise, those are exactly my thoughts!! And whenever one of us mentions an old favourite on the blogs, a little bit of my heart sinks as I imagine those goblins cackling over their hoards of bottles of our preciousesssss saying to themselves “At last, I can now put this Amazone (etc) up for bids and get a crazy price!”.