Gardenia Monday: What are your favorites?

Don’t you just love it when you get an unexpected fragrant treat? Looking out the back door of my office the other day, I was thrilled to see that three of the four gardenia bushes at the edge of the… Continue Reading

Musette’s Musings on Events, Perfume Reviews and more

I would say ” I Got Nothin’ ” but the truth is, I got LOTS on my mind.  First up:  LA Scentsation!!!   Patty and I have been working like fiends (FIENDS, I say!!! FIENDS!) on the upcoming LA Scentsation. … Continue Reading

What’s Going On

This is going to be a rambler because I’m feeling kinda rambly these days.   Not a whole lotta lotta going on these past few weeks – I am blessed to be living in a somewhat Uninteresting Time and am delighting… Continue Reading

Amouage Interlude Woman and Man Review

This review of Amouage Interlude is going to be all over the place because that’s just the way my mind works – and there’s so much to say and refer to.  So buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride!!  But… Continue Reading