JUL ET MAD perfumes and a giveaway!

Sigh.   I just read the bios for  Julien and Madalina, the creators of the Jul et Mad perfumes line.  Obviously I wasted my youth! JUL ET MAD are seriously accomplished, well-traveled, sophisticated people who have probably not eaten a hot dog or watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in their elegant lives.  ……..sigh.



But while they were not eating hot dogs,JUL ET MAD were drawing upon their fabulous  life experiences to create some gorgeous-sounding perfumes.  Here is the info on JUL ET MAD, via the lovely, elegant MiN New York



Julien and Madalina have collaborated to create three fragrances as part of an “Histoires d’Amour” compiled as an original novel, with each perfume comprising a chapter within.  Here is a snippet from Stilettos on Lex:  She’ s back! I can guess her presence behind me by the clacking sound of her high heels on this legendary Lexington Avenue… I turn, and it is her, indeed, with her determined walk, her tall silhouette more real than ever… Pleasure for the eye, trouble for the soul… 

Described as a Chypre Fruity-Floral, per the press packet Stilettos on Lex has these notes:

Head:  Lemon,Pear,Davana Plum Liquor

Heart: Lily of the Valley, Violette Leaves, Rose Absolute, Heliotrope, Iris, Carnation

Bottom: Musk, Madagascar Vanilla, Indonesian Patchouli, Atlas Cedarwood



The other two perfumes also set the stage for an ‘experience in place’, with references to the fresh breeze gliding through a charming St- Germaine sidewalk cafe and the startling effect of a stranger’s aura (been there) to the beautiful play of light and darkness amongst the streets and canals of Venice, as these two souls become more and more enchanted with each other.

Amour de Palazzo‘s notes: Head : Four Spice (pepper, cloves, ginger, nutmeg)

Heart : Absolute of Violette, Atlas Cedarwood, Leather, Indonesian Patchouli, Labdanum

Bottom : Musk, Oudh, Amber, Papyrus, Animal Castoreum

All three perfumes are created by Dorothee Piot, Maison Robertet.


But..Wait!  Musette!  You didn’t list the notes for Terrasse a St-Germain.  A-ha! (she says, in her best Maurice Chevalier voice)…that’s because there is a giveaway – but I thought we’d have a bit of fun!  In order to be eligible for this giveaway, you must give me YOUR thoughts on what the notes might be.    Here’s an excerpt from that chapter:

Paris. Tender sunlight and bright fresh air of springtime. Saint-Germain. A pleasant noise of the conversa-
tions all-around floats over the café terrace. From her table, in perfect quietude, she watches the passers-by…
when suddenly she observes this elegant silhouette, virile and relaxed, crossing the boulevard in front of her.
Their look at each other… they are captivated… It s intense, magnetic… He approaches… Keeps regarding her…
A moment of inattention, the sidewalk missed… A false step he transforms rapidly in a gracious reverence,
accompanied by this charming smile… a bit embarrassed, a bit amused… Everything lasts no more than one
second, the handsome stranger walks away…


JUL ET MAD travel spray

JUL ET MAD travel Spray

You don’t have to be right.  Just have fun with it!    And this is a great giveaway!  MiN New York is giving away a travel trio with 7ml of each scent, ever so elegantly packaged.   Isn’t this gorgeous.  Sigh.  I really envy you guys.  I get to write about it.  You get to win it.  Sigh.  Carmine will pull a winner via random.org on Wednesday at 3p CST 10 October.   Winner will be announced when I get back from Sniffa!!!


For additional entries, be sure to go onto Perfume Posse and MiN New York’s Facebook pages and leave a comment with JUL ET MAD therein so I can count you in!



  • Doris Risner says:

    Pick me please. Thanks

  • Cindi says:

    Since this fragrance is for women and men, I am going to guess
    that there is some rose, musk, citrus, patchouli and woodsy notes!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • Susan says:

    I’m going to guess vanilla + rose + tonka.

  • Cheryl says:

    Violet, ginger, a touch of dough

  • dremybluz says:

    bergamot, cinnamon, rose, and etherial woods

  • Nushechka says:


  • Dubaiscents says:

    Top: Citrus, Orange Blossom and Ginger
    Heart: Iris, Violet, Rose and Heliotrope
    Base: Sandalwood, vanilla, leather and musk

  • Undina says:

    I know the notes (I’ve been to the store earlier today) so I won’t list them but I do want to be entered into the giveaway (pleeease) – I loved Amour de Palazzo!

  • Holly F. says:

    Hmmm… fun! My list of possible notes includes: old school powdery rose and iris, perhaps a bit of citrus and aldehydes, darkened with coffee, tobacco and musk, maybe some leather and vanilla in the base. I’m thinking of a combination of airy and smoky, light and heavy. I’d love to try these. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jeff B says:

    Top: mandarin orange, cassis, freesia

    Middle: lily, violet, lilac, rose

    Base: Sandalwood, musk, amber.

  • monster says:

    top: heliotrope, bergamot

    Heart: galbanum, lilac, almonds

    Bottom: iris, cedarwood,

  • Lanier says:

    Top notes: Carbon monoxide for a 1966 Peugeot 404, geranium from Café de Flore, Hot cobblestones and bicycle tire rubber.

    Middle notes: Sycamore leaves in autumn, café au lait made before 8 a.m., blonde tobacco from Algerian cigarettes, burnt croissant (burned on the bottom only).

    Drydown: Leather from a Chanel “Flap” handbag with a broken clasp, Incense from the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés from Easter Mass. dye pink French Poodle musk, and Seine water after a rainstorme.

  • Brooke says:

    How fun!
    Opening – heliotrope coupled with a mild bergamot note,
    heart – iris, almonds, and honey
    Base – white musks, tonka, orris butter, and suede

    • Tai says:


      Was totally wrestling with the heliotrope, almond, iris and suede notes before going off in a different direction completely. I want your perfume!

  • Tai says:

    I wish I could smell these proposed scents as much as I do the Jul et Mad juices.

    So, here goes nothing:

    Top notes: Linden, vetiver, anise, bergamot
    Middle: clove, bitter cocoa, tobacco, tea rose
    Bottom: vanilla, cedar, musk, orris

    Did anyone else read that scent profile and think of the scene in Ocean’s 12 where Rusty an Izzy meet for the first time? Not exactly the same scenario, but the feel of it seemed just as swoony.

  • Cynthia L says:

    Top: neroli, linden
    Middle: wisteria, rose, carnation
    Base: dry woods, patchouli

  • Ariel says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Stilettos on Lex since I read a review about it on Now Smell This. As for the contest – how fun!

    Top: bergamot, linden, wet cobblestone
    Middle: Rose, wisteria, freesia, almond
    Base: Sandalwood, tonka, leather

  • Joaquim says:

    What a fun idea! Let’s see…
    Top: Bergamot, Galbanum, Orange, Lavender
    Heart: Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Patchouli
    Base: Sandalwood, musc, oakmoss, leather.

    Hmm…yes, sounds good, no?
    Thank you for the draw!!

  • Em says:

    Galbanum, linden, leather

  • Claudia says:

    top: iris, cardamom
    mid: jasmine, rose
    base: sandalwood, leather

  • LCT says:

    top: bergamot, cardamom
    mid: coffee, cinnamon, rose
    base: sandalwood, leather, tobacco

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Oh, this is fun!
    I would have to say some lemon, coffee, iris, a touch of cigarette smoke, rose, rubber and wet pavement and some benzoin.

  • Ann-Sofie says:

    Who could resist such gifted authors and a story about tender sunlight, a virile silhouette and intense and magnetic moments executed with gracious reverence? Not me! I’m in, even if I never win anything (except 70 Swedish krona on Lotto once, which equals the royal sum of 1 USD).

    Top: black pepper, bergamot, mercury
    Heart: iris, unicorn milk, damascene rose, labdanum, aldehydes, ISO 562
    Base: dark cacao, extrait du S/M cuir de bondage maitresse, tonka, vanilla, roastbeef, some patchouli (indonesian?)

  • ivy says:

    top: lemon, linden, apple blossom, galbanum
    middle: almond,ginger, black tea, hay,concrete,leather
    base:ambergris, tonka, labdanum

    possibly a mess…but I’d like to smell that!

  • Lisa D says:

    Bergamot, orange blossom, coffee, buckwheat, tobacco, sandalwood and leather.

    Musette, have a blast at Sniffapalooza!

  • Jeanine Ballenger says:

    This is fun! Okay,

    boisterous bergamot,

    cinnamony cinnamon, a touch of cloves

    titilating tonka bean and a very light touch of precious woods.

  • judith says:

    my guess : lily-of-the-valley, rose, clary sage, lavender, tobacco, patchouli, and musk. Thanks for the draw!

  • Anita Lane says:

    I’m not great at this kind of thing but I really enjoy playing and reading everyone else’s answers! It would include: bergamot, jasmine, rose, cardamom, ginger, amber, rosewood, vanilla tears. Also included, probably in the topenotes, would be the essence of Cupid, the fleeting bit of pine in the midnotes (where the arrow hits a tree, rather than the gorgeous being sitting at the cafe table) and in the basenotes, a strong, silent note….the scent of what might have been. I think.

  • DinaC says:

    I’m thinking galbanum, vetiver, sandalwood, iris, lavender, coffee, and some animalic notes.

  • Matt says:

    This is a wonderful idea!! I already like this game 😀

    An opening with galbanum, maybe citrus (only lightly). Floral heart of roses, iris. Sweet base notes with tonka, maybe amber. I imagined the story with me and another boy to have better insipration. The clear opening is for the spring day, the happiness of feeling the sun warming the air. The sweet floral-amber heart and base stand for that special feeling you stay with, the impression that something special happened. How could that be blended so that it smells good? No clue, but you get the idea!!


  • Amer says:

    The utter originality of the story needs to be represented in a classical manner so here goes.

    top: Ozone, Smoke, Linden, Galbanum
    heart:Coffee, Ink, Carnation, Rose, Baked bread
    base:Sandalwood, Vetiver, Frankincense, Leather, Manure tincture, Amber camembert

    The parisian atmosphere greets you with a fresh/burnt/metallic accord that gives way to the gourmand floral heart with an industrial twist. The drydown is sacred/agrestic because after the incident the lady drowned her sorrow in cheese and then became a nun in Provence where she now herds cows for an Ursuline monastery. I imagine the final product in a transparent cylindrical flacon with particles of concrete and aluminum suspended in the solution. I can’t imagine this being done in any other way… THIS is science

  • I think it would be Anise, Coffee, Vetiver, Rose, Diesel Smoke, Oud, Leather and Amber.
    How’s that grab yer?
    Portia xxx

  • Zazie says:

    How fun and thanks for the giveaway!
    the backstoryinspiration for the fragrance is really nice and refreshing!
    Here is a list of notes, inspired by spring air, blossoming love, a café terrace, a tumble and a sweet and awkward smile:
    galbanum, linden blossom, muguet, roasted coffee, rose, iris, violet, “concrete” accord, tonka bean, vanilla, oakmoss.

  • arch.memory says:

    I’m hoping it has iris somewhere, but a light happy iris, ala Prelude to Love by Kilian.
    Other than that, anyone who’s too busy to have eaten a hot dog or watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is someone who’s either faking irtysh too busy to live. Or both.

  • Alexander Greene says:

    Vetiver and ambergris!

  • Irina says:

    head: ginger, bergamot
    Heart: tobacco, incense
    Base: tonka,vanilla, benzoin

  • may says:

    Head : Star Anise, Rose, Pepper

    Heart : Cinnamon, Ginger

    Bottom : Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean , Coconut