Perfume Sample Want – January Perfume Fairy Godmother

perfume fairy godmother

Patty playing Esperanza the Perfume Fairy Godmother

It’s time for the January Perfume Fairy Godmother post.  You can post one thing you are  longing for – perfume sample or perfume decant or full bottle.

So here’s how it works – this post will be open for the entire month of January.   I’ll start a new one at the beginning of February.

In comments you can list one thing that you are yearning for –  a perfume sample of something you are dying to try, a full bottle, decant, or vintage perfume or discontinued perfume you can’t find.  If someone has it and can help you out, they can reply to you in comments and then you can arrange to go offline through e-mail to work things out.  Please don’t post e-mails in comments unless you spoof them somehow. Caveat Emptor and all that, don’t send people money, check out their references on MUA or Basenotes or the Facebook groups before you send something in a swap.  

If it’s a gift, send away.  I should note that  it’s more likely that a Fairy Godmother will happen along if you are a fairly regular commenter on The Posse and people recognize your name.

I’ll also play Perfume Posse Fairy Godmother and go through the list every month and grant at least 5 (or more)  perfume sample wishes. I’ll pick from ones that nobody has been able to help with – I’ll spin my wheel  – and send them The Precious. 

perfume sample magic wand
So what is it that your heart desires?  (pulling out wand from the back of the closet and blowing off an inch of dust)  


  1. Thank you, perfume fairy, that’s a super idea! I’m desperately trying to find vintage Turbulences Revillon, it’s the smell I love from when I was a teenager dabbing behind the ears with my mom’s perfume. What I bought online is obviously a reformulation, so I’m looking for a vintage bottle. If anyone has Turbulences and don’t want it, there’s a good home waiting!

    • What does the vintage bottle look like? I’ve got a mini, I think it’s perfume. It’s in a weird case if I recall…

    • Wintergal – go to fragrancenet for the perfume! I have this – it`s the real thing!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Perfume Fairy Godmother! I’ve really been wanting a sample of Ormonde Woman, or really anything from Ormonde Jayne because I haven’t gotten around to trying any of them yet.

    • Hey, Jennifer! I’d be happy to send you a large sample of Ormonde Woman – it’s lovely, and I think you’ll really like it. Send me an email at lisadarty at hot mail dot com with your details.

  3. O dear Fairy Godmother,
    I have been lemming after Neela Vermeire’s perfumes, especially Mohur…please please sprinkle fairy dust over this letter!

    • I have Neela Vermeire samples if you would like those. I’m at shilohwoodard at yahoo dot com.

  4. Dear Fairy Godmother, I’d be a really, really happy girl if you sent me a decant of CdG Jaisalmer, which is my absolute favorite of the Incense Series.

    • Incoming! A decant is on its way. So thrilled to be able to grant the wish of such a generous soul!

  5. Dearest Fairy Godmother,

    I would love a bottle of Vol De Nuit, you know that incredible Art Deco bottle, I have never tried it but that is the most beautiful bottle I’ve ever seen! Okay, just kidding, there would have to be some serious supernatural powers at work for that to happen! My real request would be to try some Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia. ruthfarrelly at gmail dot com. I’m in Australia

    • Hi, Ruth. I am very happy to send you some Lys Soleia. Could send you some L’Heure Bleue too, if you like, but sadly don’t have any Vol de Nuit.

    • Hi RuthF, I’m in Australia too! I can’t sent you an Art Deco bottle of Vol de Nuit (indeed, I’d love one of them myself!), but I can send you a sample of vintage EDC. Send me an email via cwest9 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. This was awesome last month, I’m so glad it’s back. I would love to swap for a sample or small decant of Douce Amere. Even more, though it’s not strictly a perfume, I’d love to a stick of the Fornasetti incense I’ve read so much about online–if anyone has one they’re willing to spare, I’d be very generous with samples and tea in return 🙂

    • Heather F, perfume wish granted! Sorry, can”t help you with the incense (dontcha’ love that packaging), but I’ve got some Douce Amere I can share with you. Send me your details at lisadarty at hot mail dot com.

  7. Dear Godmother, I would like some Myrrhe from uncle Serge and Meteorites from chez Guerlain. The more the better…………..;-). I have many samples to give in return.

    • Alicia, I can help you out with Lutence Myrrhe. I have a sample that turned out to be totally not my cup of tea. I’m in Canada.

  8. I know my chances are slim, but I’m still looking for that elusive, long-discontinued bottle of Fresh Index Grape & Vine. Thanks, Perfume Fairy!

  9. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    I am dying to try some decants of which I cannot afford. I would love to review them. I hope & dream that your magical wand would reach me here in Canada with my wishes such as Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille, Nasomatto Pardon, Vol de Nuit, Nasomatto Absynthe, Bond no. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory, Decennial Lys Du Desert & Hermes Ambre Narguile. Any of these would a dream come true, my wishes upon a star… Thank you…

      • So very awesome! Please write me, matinee13th at live dot com… My heart full thank you.

        • My dear Fairy,

          Your loving kindness straight from Australia has arrived and My huge & gigantic Thank you for your many samples. You are amazing!

    • Hi Red,
      I’m also in Canada. I’m not a huge help, but i can send some SDV your way for sure 🙂

      • Hello Persephone,

        That is very kind of you. Been wanting to wear SDV
        but always lose on bid.

        Please email me: matinee13th at live dot com

        Thank you so much my FG!

    • Hi Red, I have some Hermes I can pass along. I will send you an email!

      • Hello Mary Ann,

        My email for you was sent. I humbly accept your Hermes with thanks.

        • Dearest Fairy,

          Words aren’t enough to thank you for your Hermes Narguile sample plus others that you want me to try. They’re so lovely and I was humbled & touched by your card. It was very sweet and cute. You truly are a wonderful Fairy Godmother & I wish you more blessings.

  10. Fairy Godmother, I’ve been a good perfumista boy last year and I’m doing my best this year too.
    If possible I would like you to sprinke some shining magic powder over some Opus II for me. I know it’s an expensive treat. Ann Gerard Cuir de Nacree or Dior New Look 1947 would do too. I have no access to them.
    Pretty please!?

    • Hi Lucasai
      I know you have been very good,I like to read you!
      I have the little satin box sample of Opus 2 if you would like?
      Jdotbirch at

    • Lucas, New Look 1947 – check. I’ll send you an e-mail next week (so we can discuss other perfumes we mentioned before).

      • I was actually planning to ask if you could share some New Look with me.
        I’m very looking forward to our mailing. Don’t forget to make a list of things you’d like to try. I will send you as many as I can

  11. Hello! I’d like to try Tea Rose from the perfumer’s workshop, canot get it in Ireland 🙁

  12. There is only one perfume that I will probably never be able to buy or try.
    I needn’t posses it or have a large quantity ; half an ml or a quarter would do.

    STC doesn’t have it nor do the other decant houses.
    I just want to be able to live it for a day.
    Let’s call it a “one-day-fly” experience.

    I know it’s possible to go to the Osmothèque in France and ask to smell it but that wouldn’t be living with it for a day I guess.
    SO …anyone who could find 1/2 or 1/4 ml of Iris Gris by J. Fath can be granted another wish.
    I have most anything Vintage and a lot of today’s scents – I always start to apologize for this remark but I’ve been collecting perfume for decades – no expensive trips or fancy restaurants for me just.. perfume.

    After trying Iris Gris I will console myself that it was much- ado- about- nothing or cry my eyes out..
    Hoping it’s the first option,


  13. Dear Perfume Fairy, I would be so happy to have a smidgen of Guerlain Djedi. Will trade, sell my soul, you know the lengths.

    • Adrienne, I have literally a smidgen of it–a couple of drops in a small vial (1/5 of ml?). I know it is not very much, but I hope it will be enough to give you an idea. If you are interested, please contact me at: kathakk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Dear perfume Fairy Godmother. I would love to try Opus VI, any chance you can wave your wand over my wish? <3

    • I’ve got a small dab sample that’s yours, if you like (I fell in love with it and had to buy a decant, as a warning :-). My email is heather dot elizabeth dot freeman at gmail

      • Yay Heather you are the best perfume fairy. A small dab vial is all I need, and thanks for the warning- I already fear the consequences;-) I’ll write straight away.

  15. I’ve been wanting to try Azemour by Parfum d’Empire since it came out, but have had no luck. I love chypre’s and I love orange, and I’ve read this one is more bitter than sweet, which sounds lovely.

    • Hi, Masha – This was my request from the perfume fairy godmother last month and while some wonderful fairies fulfilled my request, Azemour didn’t work for me. I’d be happy to send you my sample, opponatrix at gmail dot com

  16. Dear Fairy Godmother. Happy New Year. Glad you are back. I am looking for a sample of Amouge Interlude. I can not find it in my town to sniff it. Memoir would be nice to test too. USA

    • Hi, SFsassy! I would be happy to grant your Interlude sample wish. My only question: Did you want to try men’s or women’s? Let me know at perfumeannie at gmail dot com Thanks!

  17. Dear Fairy Godmother…I would so love to try Tauer Une Rose Chypree….I have never had the opportunity to try any of this line and this is the one I believe I will love. I have a BIG birthday coming this year and I want to find the scent that will knock my socks off! 🙂 Thanks darling Fairy Godmother!!

  18. Dearest perfume fairy godmother,

    I live in the US, and my request is a decant or bottle or any amount of Thierry Mugler’s Angel that comes in a spray-able form. I have a mini that I can dab on to be out in public, but in the privacy of my own home I often like to waft enormous clouds of fragrance after a hard day. Shalimar is my usual wafter, but I would like to experience the narcotic buzz of Angel at full velocity. Don’t judge. Thank you. fg!!

  19. I am looking for a sample or small decant of Neela Vermeire Trayee. Please grant my wish dear Fairy G.

    • I have a sample of Trayee! You can reach me at shilohwoodard at yahoo dot com!

  20. I’m waiting for the fairy godmother to drop Diorling in my lap or Deneuve. I would love Diorling to be available in EDP form but don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  21. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother
    I would like to try the new Arquiste Boutoniere No 7.

    • Wish granted. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dot com and I’ll sent you a wee bit. – Fairy Godmother.

  22. Dear Fairy Godmother, there are tons of perfume I’ve never tried, but the few things I smelled from the CBIHP line were just awesome (a very gentle person provided me with some samples, thanks to one Fairy Godmother post), can anyone give me some drops of CB MUSK or Black March? I’ll be eternally grateful (I’m in Europe).

    • Hey, Madcute, wish granted. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dot com (*put it all together*) and I’ll get you out a wee bit. For Her or Him? – Fairy Godmother

  23. Dear esteemed Fairy Godmother, was very good last year and collected a ton of high end samples that need new homes. In exchange, am looking for samples of: Roja Dove Fetish, Frederic Malle Eau de Cassie and L’Eau D’Hiver, Grossmith London Saffron Rose, and Kerosene Copper Skies. If you come across any of these, will be eternally in your debt!!!

    • I’ve got a little sample of Copper Skies if you want it. Email me at pokeypoodle at verizon dot net.

        • What a wonderful response, two Fairy Godmothers, an overflow of riches! Would love to respond in kind so please let me know your wishes as well! Will check others posted here to see if I can wave my wand as well 🙂

          • Dear Fairy Godmother, I’d love to try samples of Atelier Rose Anonyme & Mistral Patchouli, & SL Une Voix Noire. Thankyou for granting my wishes 🙂

            • Dear Chrissy, I would love to send you those, but sadly have none of what you’re looking for right now. But will keep an eye out and send if I’m able to get them!

    • Hi Kalima123, I just got a sample of eau d’hiver. When I am done, I will save a little for you. can you email me at fiberlizaatmsndotcom and let me know where I should send it? Thanks!

  24. EchoCharlie, I can grant your wish! I have a sample of Une Rose Chypre from LuckyScent I can send you with one or two other Tauer samples 🙂 email me dlh0613 (at) aol dot com.

  25. Darling Fairy Godmother, I am so longing for a sample of old vintage Caron Nuit de Noel edp or Parfum. I finally got a bottle of the edt for Christmas, not the current version but the one before that, and I would so love to smell the original and compare. Thank you fairy godmother! 😀

    • Wish granted! How lucky am I that 2 perfumistas wanted the same perfume wish and I am able to grant it! As someone else mentioned, being able to grant a wish in last month’s perfume fairy godmother post was one of my highlights in December and this year has started off the same way. Weeee!
      Devon, I can send you a small dab sample of vintae Nuit de Noel parfum. Just add gmail dot com to my screen name. 🙂

  26. Dear Fairy Godmother, I am completely new to this whole world (just received my very first samples from Surrender to Chance yesterday! Tried Rubj right away, and thought I would never have to try anything else. But today is a new day 🙂 and would love to try some Aftelier Tango, L’Heure Vertueuse, Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, or Guerlain Mitsouko… ~sigh~

    • Hi, Jenny. I have both the Diptyque and the Guerlain if you would like them: 1 ml samples each. My email is plinkplath at yahoo dot com.

        • Hi Jenny, I believe in magic too! I’ve experienced the magical generosity that experienced perfumistas show to us beginners, and I’m so glad that you’re getting the benefit of it. I don’t have any of the things that you want, but can offer the kindly warning that you will never, ever run out of things that must be smelled.

            • Two of the three would have to do with how beautiful a dark adult vanilla can be: CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts, and Mona do Orio Vanille. Then I guess I would urge you to try Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods or Ambre Noir, just to demonstrate that an accessible and relatively inexpensive fragrance can be wonderful to wear! Just my opinion, of course, but I think it can get overwhelming at first to hear about all the rare/discontinued/barelyeverexisted stuff when what we need near the beginning is some solidly good perfume that can be sprayed without gasping over the expense and comes in small bottles so that we don’t feel wasteful when we discover the next fragrant One and Only. On the other hand, we all seem to plunge into the deep end pretty quickly, and we survive it and have an awfully good time.

    • Hi, Jenny! I may have the Mitsouko you seek–it’s the EDP, and while not a vintage bottle, it IS an older version (from around 2000 or so, I think). Pls email me at snchamness at msn dot com, and let’s chat. Are you in the US, BTW?

  27. Dear Esmerelda…there is no fragrance request you can’t make happen…my first wish for 2013 would be Midnight in Paris, EDP. Please grant this wish!!!!!!!

    • Patty, just to make sure you didn’t miss it, there’s a reply for you down at no. 32.

  28. I’m pretty new and havent built up much perfume karma yet. But I am loving getting to play with all the lovely scents. I’ve been testing out some of the classics ( mitsouko, l’heure bleu), but I haven’t tried Jicky yet and would love to do so. If the fairy godmother would send a sample, I’d be truly grateful.

    • Assuming you’re in the US, I can send you more than a sample. I have a ton of slightly vintage Jicky! Email me at nina at wanderingmind dot com.

      • Ooooh! Thank you! I’ll send you an email shortly. I just wish I could help you out with the Vero Kern.

  29. What a treat this is, darling Fairy Godmother Esperanza — thank you so much! I would love to try Neela Vermeire’s Bombay Bling, if anyone has any extra to share. Thanks!

  30. Dear Fairy Godmother –

    Thank you for doing this again. Last month I participated and it renewed my faith in human-kind, with an emphasis on “kind”. Seriously. My fairy godmother sent me 2 extra samples in addition to the one I wanted. How kind was that? VERY.

    This month I am interested in either Mohur by Neela Vermeire or Wild Roses by Aftelier.

    Thanks again, you wonderful Fairy Godmother!

    • Hi Martha-I can send you samples of both (the Wild Roses in parfum concentration, it sadly didn’t work on me) 🙂 My email is heather dot elizabeth dot freeman at gmail (sorry it’s long)

      • Wow, Heather! You ARE a fairy godmother. Sending you the details right now.

  31. Hi, everyone! If you are trying to grant someone’s wish, please be sure to hit the black “reply” button directly under his or her comment to do so. Some folks have been answering in a new comment, and there’s a chance the recipient may not see it. Thanks so much!

    • Sorry about that … the “reply” button didn’t show up on my tablet. : (

  32. Dearest Fairy Godmother, I would like a few drops of Parfum Sacre in the extrait form. I received a bottle of Parfum Sacre Edt from the last Swapmania and I love it.

    • Lauren, e-mail me at patty at perfume posse dot com, and I can set you up with that! – Fairy Godmother

      • THANK YOU, Patty! That’s so generous of you – I can’t wait to smell it.

  33. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother, I wish for a sample of Mito by Vero Kern. All the “best of” lists got me extremely curious about that one. For that matter, would love samples of any Vero Kern fragrance.

    • Hi Nina,
      I have a sample of Mito. It turned out to be not for me, and I think i deserves a better home.
      I can send it to you if you are in Europe.

  34. I’d like a decant of the original Sacrebleu so I can compare it against the intense version.

    • Dear Rena, If you are in the U.S., I’ll be happy to send you a small decant of Sacrebleu! You can e-mail me at georgette at cambriamadison dot com with your address.

  35. Dear Fairy Godmother, who maketh scented dreams come true,

    As I am allowed only one wish per month (and rightly so when it’s sooo easy to be greedy when it comes to this addictive juice!), it would make me very happy to experience Kenzo Jungle Le Tigre. Any amount of this almost extinct animal would be greatly appreciated. And it is my birthday in a few days 😉
    I live in Australia

    • Hi Lynley!
      I can help you out with a sample of Le Tigre. I’m in Australia too *waves*. Send me an email at cwest9 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Hi Lynley I can send you a 5 ml decant of the kenzo,.. message me at cmeis2000 at hotmail dot com…I’m also in Australia 🙂

  36. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother,

    Grant me, oh grant me this wishes… Please wave your wand upon me and grant me magic potions of Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon, Jayne Ormonde Man/Woman, M7, What we do in Paris and any of your great but unwanted “oud” niche perfumes from your overflowing fountain of fragrances. Shower on me your sweet kindness. Your selfless immortal heart will be a great unto me. Thank you.

    • Hello, Aileen! I can be your Fairy Godmother for a decant of Le Baiser du Dragon. I have a bottle of it and don’t wear it enough even though I love it. Message me your addy at 4321Lauren at gmail dot com

    • Hi Aileen!
      I have a small decant of What We Di in Paris is secret and would be happy to send it your way! Email is ameliacjohnson at yahoo dot com

  37. sfsassy, I can send you a small decant of Memoir Woman. Email me, ruthfarrelly at gmail dot com

  38. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother,

    I would love some Aqua di Parma Profumo, should any be lying about in Perfumeville!

    Many thanks, and can I just say this is such a heartwarming thing to be a part of…

  39. I would love a sample or decant of Parfum d’Empire Musc Tonkin. I meant to order a bottle while it was available briefly at Lucky Scent, thinking I could always split or swap it away if I didn’t like it, but then my life got crazy busy so I forgot about it, and my sniffer got out of whack from a respiratory virus, so I wasn’t buying or testing new perfume anyway, and by the time things settled down and I remembered it, it was sold out.

  40. Dear Fairy Godmother, I would love to try a lot of things, but something of the Sonoma Scent Studio line or Bruno Acampora’s (the samples of this aren’t a common thing!) would be just perfect!
    Thank you!!!!!

  41. I would love a small decant of Tilda Swinton Like This, if possible. And Flora, I don’t know if you’re reading this month, but I responded to your request for Houbigant Oranger en Fleurs last month with the offer of a 5 ml decant. I never heard from you and I’d love to get it to you! Plinkplath at yahoo dot com.

    • Hello E.Lime, if you are in the U.S., I would love to send you Tilda Swinton Like This. I got a 3mL spray from STC and used half. Click on my name for contact info.

  42. I am dying for a decant of Lutens Encens et lavande. I want to get to Barneys NYC to get the whole bell bottle but that’s unlikely to happen but a decant would be lovely. thank you!! I love Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake- two geniuses combining to make ecstatic scents.

  43. I got such a lovely package from a fairy godmother last month! Now I am wishing for an unloved decant or partial bottle of Tea for Two .. if anyone has a stash of this lying around, I would be happy to make a swap offer for it.

    • Elisa, ahhh Tea for Two. Still heartbroken that this one was discontinued. I can set you up with a 5ml decant to hold you over until you can get your hands on a partial bottle. If interested, please e-mail me at bogsc at aol dot com.

  44. My dear FG,

    So good to see you again! I would desperately love a decant, partial or full bottle Miller Harris Rose en Noir — this saucy dark vixen is my all-time favourite rose scent!

    • I have loads of high-end, niche and vintage to swap for this, if anyone is willing to sprinkle some faery dust on yours truly.

  45. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother
    I have just one wish,I would like to smell one thing again. Nikki Verfailles Grain de Sable. This was my wedding fragrance and I have searched the world to find it to no avail.
    If only one kind person in the scentasphere could help I would be eternally in their debt.

    To help with their loss and help pay my debt I have many, many samples including indie, niche and haute perfumery. I’m also happy to share from my full bottles including some vintage.

    • Hi, Alityke! I don’t have any of this myself, but think I’ve found a bottle on line. Pls email me at snchamness at msn dot com, and I’ll share the details, as I don’t know if this is the correct item, or if the price being asked is reasonable.

  46. Dear Fairy Godmother, I would love to try some Nuit de Noel, current formulation is fine with me. Also I would love a sniff of Heeley Cardinal, Serge Lutens Chergui, or Slumberhouse Pear & Olive.

    • Poodle,
      I can send you a sample of Heeley Cardinal – contact me a clevelandvitz1 at gmail dot com

    • Hi Poodle, I can send a small decant of Chergui and a small dab sample of Pear and Olive, if you like. My email is heather dot elizabeth dot freeman at gmail 🙂

    • Hi Poodle, I can send you a small dab sample of vintage Nuit de Noel, if you wish. My email is the same as the screen name at gmail. 🙂

      • Oops. I messed up my email to Devon, too! My email is CCM33140 at gmail. 🙂

  47. Hi Evighetens
    I have some SSS samples I’d love to share! ruthfarrelly at gmail dot com

  48. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    I would love someones unloved/unwanted decant of Guerlain’s Gourmand Coquin. I have a serious lust issue with that lovely perfume and I promise to use its powers for good and never for evil.

  49. This might be a stretch, but I’d like to try any/all of the Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries collection…

  50. Dear Fairy Godmother . . . unemployed and have little cash, but would love a small decant of Montale Black Oudh. the description defies reality!

    • Hi, Georgette – if you are in the US, I can send you a sample, I have an extra. It’s less than 1 ml but Black Oud is some strong stuff, a sample goes a long way. Contact me at opponatrix at gmail dot com.

      • Rosarita, Thanx, so much. I really appreciate it, my FG!

    • Hi Georgette,
      I just checked and also have a small decant of black, also Red if you would like them? As Rosarita says, these should last AGES!
      You can email me…
      J dot birch at

  51. Dear Fairy Godmother. I would love to try a sample of the Lalique Encre Noir. It will save me from ordering a bottle unsniffed.

    • Hi, Rosie – is it the gal’s version or guy’s that you are looking for? If it is the pour homme, I think I could sneak a sample from my husband’s bottle …… email me: jillieh AT btinternet dot com.

  52. I would appreciate a small sample or decant of Bal d’Afrique by Byredo. This could make my month, let say so. 🙂

    • Hi Solley,
      I can make you a sample of that one. Contact me at sherrimiller at me dot com. 🙂

    • Hi Solley, I haven’t yet heard from you, so you might want to re-send an e-mail. I am at sherrimiller at me dot com. Your decant is waiting to go–just need your address! 🙂 Your fg 🙂

  53. If anyone has a sample or small decant of Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles or Amber Sultan, I’d be most appreciative!

    Will go through the list now and do the karmic thing. Thanks!

    • Hi NeenaJ, I can help you out with both of those. Drop me an email at kirstenduffin at yahoo dot co dot uk with your postal details. 🙂

  54. Eau de Parfum’s Samsara, Midnight in Paris & MDCI Rose Barbare, please spray me some decants my Fairy G.

    Huge thanks!!!!

    • Erik, if you are in Canada or the US, I can send you some MIP. You can reach me at andrews underscore rosie at hotmail dot com with your mailing details. : )

      • Hi ojaddicte,

        Sent you an email. I am rejoicing my fairy godmother. Thanks lots! Happiness! 🙂

          • Dearest Fairy,

            You have a kind heart! I got my wish from you and I am so very happy!

            God bless your heart always. Thank you so much.

  55. Dear Ms Fairy G, I’m a beginner who has been reading your wonder filled posts for about two years. I’m interested in trying any incense perfumes or Sonoma Scent Studios. Thanks for all the enjoyable posts! Sylvia

    • Hi Sylvia, I have some 0.5 ml sample vials of SSS Winter Woods and Ambre noir if you’d like them. They are lovely scents. You can email me at wooddogs3 at gmail dot com.

  56. Hi Patty and all Posse writers, I just want to say how much I enjoy reading the comments and seeing the generosity flow. I’m pretty new at this and, so far, can’t do much to fulfill wishes , but I’ll keep hoping (and buying!) until I can be a Godmother to somebody too.

    • Heather, you are too sweet! Perfumistas really are the kindest, most generous, aren’t they?

      • Wow, it happened, two people wanted to sample scents that I had! It feels like the beginning of being a real perfumista. Plus, it cleared up a little room for me to order more samples. The merry-go-round of generosity on this post is amazing.

    • Heather, it’s pretty fun, isn’t it? Why not start amassing your very own closet/cabinet/extra room of perfume samples with a Fairy Godmother wish? Somebody here will very likely be happy to send a little something your way, without the need for anything in return.

  57. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother! I would love to sample some vintage Chanel No 19 in pure perfume form. Thank you!

  58. Denevue boxed mini (slightly used) if you want it .Email me at bookwyrmsmith at live dot com.
    I found it at a local thrift shop last year it’s lovely but not a HG for me so if you adore it it should find it’s loving home with you .
    Perfume adoptions?

  59. Comment #63 for Eldarwen22 which for some reason decided to post down here instead of as a reply to her comment #20.

  60. Hi Chris and Christine! I will send you both a reply now, thanks heaps for being my own special fairy godmothers :o)

  61. Reposting this as I inadvertently posted incorrectly upthread….Dear Fairy Godmother, I’d love to try samples of Atelier Rose Anonyme & Mistral Patchouli, & SL Une Voix Noire. Thankyou for granting my wishes 🙂

    • Hi Chrissyinoz
      I think I have a little spray of Rose Anonyme…I am away on holiday until tomorrow but will check my stash then! Please message me
      J dot birch at
      Are you in Oz? I am in Perth

    • Hi chrissynoz, I can send you a sample of UVN. 🙂
      I believe the name should be clickable to my email address.

  62. Dear Fairy Godmother,
    I would love to finally try Serge Lutens de Profundis! I can send several samples of niche brands in return. I’m 2 years behind with my SLs sampling….

    • Hi Masha, I can grant you this wish! Please email me at cwest9 (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂

  63. I cant get myself to type ‘Fairy Godmother’ but I can do:
    Dear Fairy Fumemother:)
    I love most Iris frags, but have never managed to sample the great Iris Silver Mist. If anyone has a spare sample or decant…
    I live in South Africa, so I’m not sure how difficult that makes it.

  64. Fairy Godmother,

    I would love to try Bissoumine’s Un Ange Passe, but I have not been able to hunt down a sample.
    Anyone who can help me out? I am in Europe, and can send other samples in return.

  65. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    Another longshot, but I have not been able to locate samples of Xray Profumo Delirium or Resurrextion and would love to swap for or purchase these.

    • Sherri, I don’t have either of these, but I wish I did! next time I do a Barney’s order, I’m going to ask them to toss in samples, and then I’ll send them on to you if I can get them. Just shoot me your e-mail so I remember to do it! E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom – Fairy Godmother

  66. Dearest Perfume Fairy Godmother,

    Being able to grant a few wishes last month was THE highlight of December for me. Found one wish that I hope to grant this month so far. I’ve had my head in the sand when it comes to sniffing most new fumes in 2012 so was hoping that perhaps I could get a taste of Guerlain Encens Mythique d’Orient (or anything from the Guerlain les Deserts d’Orient line). Many, many thanks for doing this on a monthly basis. It’s so wonderful to start paying back all the kindnesses that were shown to me by experienced perfumistas when I started down this rabbit hole a few years ago!

    • Hi Carolyn, I’d be happy to make you a lil’ decant of this one! Contact is sherrimiller at me dot com. 🙂

        • Hi Caroline, I didn’t receive your e-mail…can you send it again? sherrimiller at me dot com

  67. Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother I would like a sample of a Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, Jardin Blanc. It just sounds so wonderful! Thank you

  68. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    I would love to try samples of both Ormonde Woman and SL Bois et Violettes! I can’t seem to get my hand on either! Thank you!

    • OOPS! Just remembered that we are to list ONE thing we are hoping for. I hope I haven’t angered Fairy Godmother. Ignore my previous post, and here is the new:

      Dear Fairy Godmother,

      I would love to try a sample of Ormonde Woman! I can’t seem to get my hand on a sample. Thank you!

      • Thank you my fairy godmother Elise! How generous of you. I am going to email you now … and guess what? I read your wish for Chanel 5 and I can grant you a bit of vintage extrait if you are interested. Off to email you now.

  69. Katrin, I have some vintage #19 EDT but not pure perfume if you’d like. Not the same, I know…

    • Rina, Edt would be very nice too. I thought I’d better choose and focus on just one thing. Please send me a message at: kathakk (at) yahoo (dot) com; I cannot find your contact. Thank you!

  70. Dear FG, I’d love to find some Donna Karan Black Cashmere if anyone has lost interest in it or has extras, any size. Tried the current incarnation at the boutique yesterday but would be very happy with old or new. I have quite an ecletic collection of vintage Chanels (not Exclusifs) Gucci Rush, Poison, modern Hermessences, Kilians and Jo Malones if anyone is interested. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Rina! I have a small vial of Black Cashmere, have dabbed it on only once so sample is essentially entirely full. I would be happy to send to you in exchange for JM Black Vetiver Cafe, Gucci Rush, or Kilian Rose Oud, Love or Beyond Love. Contact me at ameliacjohnson at yahoo dot com if interested in swapping!

  71. Can I just say how much I love you guys again? This post every month just makes me so happy. I was writing a guide this weekend, so haven’t been checking in, ,but I’ll be going through over the next couple of days to grant some wishes! xoxox

  72. I would love to have a sample, decant, unwanted bottle, of Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant. Please email me at patricialschneider at yahoo dot com.

    • I can send you a small decant of this. I’ve emailed you, but you can reach me at nina at wanderingmind dot com.

  73. i would love some bois des iles or guerlain SDV, if anyone is still reading… i would be happy to pay for shipping too 🙂

    • Hi Brooke,

      I cannot offer to be your Fairy Godmother because I no longer have those, but I wanted to let you know that when I wanted to try some of the Les Exclusifs, I called the closest Chanel boutique to me, and they were kind enough to send me a couple of samples (Bois des Iles and Beige). Good luck!

  74. I recently had full bottles of both PG Bois Blond and CDG Kyoto, also a partial bottle of Datura Noir get thrown away out of sheer spite.. ….it was very hurtful to say the least! Family can be terrible sometimes. I would love any amount of any of the three..just to be able to smell them again! xo

    • How awful! I think i have a sample or very decant of PG Bois Blond at home. I will check and let you know.

    • That is so terrible…I have a decant of Bois Blond (like 5ml) that I’d be happy to send as well (sorry I can’t help with the Kyoto and Datura Noir). Email me at heather dot elizabeth dot freeman at gmail (I have other decants I’d be happy to include as well–I can send you a list 🙂

    • I do have a very small decant – 1-2 ml that I am happy to send and feel free to check my swap page to see if there is anything else you’d be interested in or what other kind of stuff you like so I can throw in a few more things (jasouza9 at MUA) – you can email me at jasouza9 AT hotmail dot com

      • I just wanted to say thank you all…so much generosity
        almost makes me want to cry but in a good way!

    • Ohnoes! If someone hasn’t come trough with some Kyoto, let me know, and I’ll send you some! Patty at perfume posse dotcom

  75. What a wonderful idea – and so much generosity! Love it!
    I would love to be able to try Byredo Bal D’Afrique, Ava Luxe Moroccan Mint Tea or Slumberhouse Pear & Olive. I’m in the US and am happy to swap as well (jasouza9 at MUA).

    • I can help you out with the bal d’Afrique! Just e-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom. — Fairy Fumemother.

  76. I would love a bottle or decant of Unlnown Pleasures by Kerosene! Thanks! 🙂

  77. Dearest Fairy Godmother I would like to try Amouage perfumes so any sample of any perfume of them would be most welcome as I am ashamed that I have not gotten my hands on any of them!

    • Hi Maria, I can hook you up with a sample of Amouage Honour Woman and Jubilation 25 if you want. My email is graethompson @ g mail dot com.

  78. Dear Perfumista Godmothers, I would dearly love to try Strange Invisible Perfume Black Rosette or Musc Botanique. Thanks to all the kind, generous participants.

    • Gina, I can help you out with either or both of those. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom!

  79. Hi MariaA
    I have a Amouage Dia manufacturers sample if you would like to try that? ruthfarrelly at gmail dot com

  80. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    M request is for samples of the discontinued Anne Klein and Anne Klein II, especially AKII. Years ago I owned both bottles but eventually gave them away (I’m still kicking myself about that.) I’d love to smell them again before I make the decision to go crazy on auction sites.

  81. Dear fairy godmother, I would love to try Dior Hypnotic Poison Elixir. This sounds exactly right for me, but I think I should try before I buy!

    • Natalia, I can help you out with that. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom – Fairy Godmother

  82. Also, if someone would throw a Seville a l’Aube sample at me I’d be very happy! Loving L’Artisan line, the reviews are amazing and I’m so tempted to buy the 100 ml unsniffed bottle…

  83. I don’t have any Chanel 5! Can you believe it? I’ve tried it in stores but would like a sample to try for a few days!

  84. Hi Samantha, I have a. sample of Datura Noir if you want it–not sure how mucht since it comes in a black vial, but it sloshes, so there’s at least some left. Email me at thegoddessrena at yahoo dot com

  85. Dear PP Godmother,
    I have been a very good ‘sister Godmother’ to several lovely PP godchildren already, so now it’s time for me to make a wish! Some vintage fragrances that I’ve been curious about, but don’t want to plunge into FB territory for w/o sampling first: ‘My Melody Dreams’ or ‘Amun’ by Muelhens; ‘Moon Drops’ by Revlon; or the original ‘Lyra’ by Alain Delon. I don’t expect to get a sample of all of these, but I’m hoping that someone out there might have enough of one to share a dab of :-). I’m in Australia, by the way. Thanks!

  86. Dear Fairy Godmother/ Mistress of Magic Positions. Im in Australia and i am desperate to get hold of Azemour les Oranges as it was recommended to in my quest to find a summer frangrance i love as much as my beloved Tom Ford Tabacco and Vanille. Or if you have any other suggestions? 🙂

    • Hey, Stephanie, I’ve never heard of this. The only Azemour I know is the Parfum d’Empire one. Is that it?

  87. Dear Fairy Godmother, please, I wish for a tiny sample of Monegal’s “Cuirelle”
    Thank you…

    • I have a 1ml vial of cuirelle that I’m not particularly attached to.

      • Hi, Elia and thanks a lot
        I’m in Israel, if this doesn’t bother you, please send me a word at irreiter(at) hotmail ( you know…dot) com

  88. I’m in Australia and would love a sample or small decant, of M.Micallef Note Vanillee if anyone has some to spare!

  89. Dear Fairy Godmother, firstly – great idea!! I’m in London – and I’d love any amount of Amouage Opus V.

    • Beata, I can help you out with this one. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom – Fairy Godmother

  90. I’m in Cyprus (EU), and my wish is for a sample of Roja Dove’s Neroli extrait.

  91. I am dying to smell Lanvin Scandal. Any amount would be appreciated

    • Anna, I *think* I have some of this around, but I”m not exactly sure. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom and I’ll go on the hunt and see if i can find some!

  92. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    I’m interested in Serge Lutens, Slumberhouse, or Amouage! There are many from these lines that I haven’t smelled. I’m in the USA and thanks so much! :-)&

    • Hey, Lori. I could help you out with one sample. I just do one wish at a time. If you have a particular fragrance from one of these lines you would like to try, just e-mail me, and if I have it, I’m happy to send it. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom – Fairy Godmother

    • Hi Lori,

      I can send you several samples of SL – I have Cedre, Fille En Aiguilles, Un Bosi Sepia, and Jeus de Peau – take your pick :-). If interested email me at annat6 at hotmail dot com

  93. Someone, I thought, made a wish to try the incense that comes with the Fornasetti thingies. I can’t find it anywhere! But if someone was looking for that, I can hook you up. E-mail me at patty at perfume posse dotcom.

    • That was me! Thanks so much, you’re amazing–email sent 🙂

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