Musette Musings on Monsters

Happy Days!  It’s a whopping 2o F, I have mold in the corner of my bedroom and my back is ‘out’ in that weird way, where I can walk around in heeled shoes but not flats, I can make the bed (albeit carefully) but if I try to pick something up off the floor…well, those of you in Des Moines and Tokyo who heard that scream?  That was me, picking up a twist-tie.  Damned twist-tie.  Thank Floyd the dogfood tote is full.  I had to crawl over there and use it to lever my poor, busted self up, shrieking like a 3rd grade girl and trying not to wet my pants.  And the dogs running over to lick my face because I’m down on the floor – so obviously I must want to play, right?  Y’all stop laughing!  I can hear you, you know!  Stop it!

But through all the travails, I have been smelling GOOOOD!    Let me tell you about some new, fabulous scents.

Liz Zorn Arts/Soivohle Anubis.Soivohle Anubis2012 seemed to spark a resurgence of interest in death and the afterlife and when I first heard of Liz’s new absolute, Anubis, I was expecting another take on that.   And, to some extent, it is – if there’s a way to discuss the afterlife without including Death in the conversation, I haven’t found it.  But even though he has a  really scary visage, Anubis isn’t Death.  And he’s not a monster.  He’s a Protector.   In recognizing and honoring that, Liz tilted the conversation a bit, focusing on Anubis’s  honorable occupation – the caring for the dead – and the ‘ritual and devotion’ (Liz’s words) inherent therein.  And the scent reflects that honor, that devotion.   I was expecting some heavy, ponderous, grave scent..but what I got was a much warmer notion; here we are celebrating the notion of those who carefully prepare us for our final journey on this plane, the acceptance of the cycles of Life on this plane, and the joyful possibilities of Life Beyond.   I got much more of a sense of Life than Death with this scent.  All that…and it’s gorgeous!!  This chiaroscuro scent has some intriguing notes, done in Liz’s inimitable style.   Per the Soivohle site : freshly turned earth, sacred spices and oud,  a hint of tuberose and jasmine, carnation, wild oranges, a hint of rose, immortelle, patchouli, sweet myrrh, amber, moss and musk.  The absolute concentration, far from making this heavy, actually gives it a bit of sparkle!   4.5 ml absolute $85.  Get all the info at Liz Zorn’s Soivohle  website.  My sample of the absolute came from Soivohle

CB I Hate Perfume Invisible Monster 

  CB I Hate Perfume Invisible MonsterLike every 6yr old boy, my brother was obsessed with Jonny Quest.  The fabulous adventures, the great friends…the plane…Bandit, the super-cute dog…the fab dad. The turtleneck.   I was in thrall to Race Bannon, of course.  Sexy hunka mercenary (though I was 9 – I had n real idea about sex.  Or mercenaries. )…..but the coolest part was just the ‘coolness’ of it all.   and because I am a synaesthete, there were colors and smells attached to that show.  They were always slate green, blue and white which is the coolest, most fabulous color combination EVAH!  And I always knew that no matter where they went or what Crazy they got into Big Poppa Race would be there to Save the Day.  Oh, Race.  I had such a crush on you.  And  in  my world, you would Save the Day in Invisible Monster!  It’s a  Green Lover’s Green – really slicey green-galbanum with a little gleam at the end, like the monster’s fangs.  Or Race’s teeth as he saves Jonny and Hadji (yet again) from the monster.    I see myself wearing this on a cool, damp summer morning.  Or Race could wear it….when he wakes up…after his shower.  I’ll spritz it on him when I bring him his coffee and towel off his, erm, back.  Hey!  I’m not 9 anymore!    Notes are:  To Yo Ran Orchid, Sumac, Galbanum, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedarwood and specially designed accords that capture the smell of the islands in the Susquehanna River.  If anybody knows how to capture ‘smells’ of places, it’s Christopher Brosius.  I get the Monster in the Water…AND the Monster Warrior!   My sample is from the Water Perfume which is $80/100 ml.  That, and the absolute options, are a vailable at


and if anybody know’s Race’s phone number….?





  • Hope you’re better today Musette. Silly Pooches! Didn’t they know they’re required to assist the Mistress when she’s down and out? 😉

    I think there’s something about the winter, that causes us to want to reflect on life and death. It’s the still and quiet of the year.

    Oh Galbanum and I are SLOWLY becoming friends. When I first started working with it, all I could smell was dead squished bugs. No monsters 😀

    Take care!


  • Portia says:

    Be well lovely Musette
    Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    So sorry to hear about the back pain, Ms. Musette! Ouch! I’ve been there, done that, myself, so I sympathize big time. Herniated a disk about 16 years ago, and it flairs up from time to time. Yoga (beginner level) helps me.

    I love your description of the Invisible Monster. I love, love, love galbanum, so that made me sit up and take notice. 🙂

    Today, whilst walking through Nordie’s, I spritzed myself with some Hermes Ambre EdM. I seem to remember it was on your best of 2012 list? The first couple minutes were a bit confusing and scary. I think I got a urine note for the first time ever, but it went away very soon, and dried down into a lovely my-skin-but-better salty-ambergrisy thing. Mmmm… I can still smell it ten hours later on the back of my wrist. 🙂

    Feel better soon. Maybe warm baths, gentle stretching exercises, and pain relievers will get you back to feeling normal again.

  • Ninara Poll says:

    I sympathize with the back issues! I hope your back starts feeling better quickly! Do you have anyone who can do therapeutic massage or at least help you gently stretch so the muscles start relaxing? Moist heat also, and back support, especially in bed, should help. *gentle hugs*

    As to Johnny Quest… have you ever tried watching The Venture Brothers? It was originally intended more as a spoof of JQ but went its own weird hilarious way… I think you might like it. 🙂

    Perfumewise, you just added two more lemmings to my list… I think I just need to stop reading perfume posts, as my list is crying. So will my wallet once I land another job 😉


  • Jenny Katz says:

    Back pain, boo. I’m sorry for that. My husband (who is tolerating, though not loving, my super-newfound perfume hobby) had a lower back fusion a few years ago (he was a firefighter and fell through a flight of stairs), and the only thing that really eases his pain is walking a lot. Of course, who can walk when it’s two freaking degrees out? F@#* that!
    I have a Soivohle question: I’ve never ordered any of her samples (as I am only three weeks into this obsession), but I read about Liz’s line in your post yesterday and it piqued my interest. If you had to recommend two or three to start with, what would you say? Here’s what I know about my tastes so far: LOVED: Vero Profumo Rubj, Aftelier Tango. Very Much Liked: Aftelier Cepes and Tuberose and Honey Blossom, SL Fleurs d’Oranger, SSS Winter Woods and Jour Ensoleille, Mona di Orio Oud, VP Onda, Fracas, L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Pamplelune, Jardin en Mediterranee (though a little too masculine for me). Wanted to chew my arm off: Kenzo Flower, Chanel No. 22, Youth Dew, SL Santal Mysore.
    This is such a hilarious blog. I’ve been scouring your entries from years back. Thanks!

  • poodle says:

    Back pain is awful. Hope you feel better soon. I tweaked my back a few months ago raking leaves and it still acts up now and then. Getting old sucks. What used to take a few days to heal now takes weeks. I hope your pain doesn’t linger. I’m glad the dogs were there for you in your time of need. 🙂
    Anubis sounds pretty good. I may have to investigate further.

  • Alityke says:

    Hope you’re pain resolve tout suite! I have complete empathy as I’m currently suffering from sciatica from nerve inflammation in my hip joint. So I literally feel your pain.

    Your descriptions are always so atmospheric and directly appeal to the emotive part of the brain. Is that due to your synaesthesia? Such a gift.

    • Musette says:

      Oh, you poor dear! That just…stinks! I hope you are feeling way better soon!

      I suspect my synaethesia contributes to my writing (and thank you, btw, for the compliment). It gets in the way of my regular life, though. I was just in a meeting with one of our municipal works customers……my partner had to kick me to get me to stop fixating on a green tile in the wall……….. our customers are ‘regular folks’ and would NOT find that a comforting trait. ..sigh. It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.


  • How can you make me laugh at your pain? Dear lady, you are a marvel! Hope your back is better, soonest. Lidocaine patches are pretty nifty, if you’ve got ’em. And as for your hunnert pound babies coming to play, whilst you were howling, that just still makes me smile. Actually, it made me wonder how you’d compare to the coloratura soprano I’m off to see this Saturday. . .mebbe you can channel this pain into a new talent for singing?

    BTW, you are on my list, missy, as now you’ve gone and done it again! Created an Anubis lemming, and me with my idea of enjoying the samples I have resolution. Yeah, that’s gonna last. Feel better. Wear something cosy. Con ElO into a massage. Keep laughing 😀

    • Musette says:

      Hey, darlin! Good to see you on here! I think you would love Anubis. And also ‘A Rose for Beacon Free’ – which reminds me of a much-lighter Homage! LOL! on the coloratura! No. Although I did run up and down the scale, it was more in a shriekage tone. Like a cat with its tail caught in a hot radiator.

  • Sucky that your back is out, and in such FRIGID weather, too…

    But I have to say that the post just delighted me today. Thank you, thank you: for “slicey galbanum” and your rottie boys licking your face, and the idea of your toweling Race off. (Incidentally, I do remember Jonny Quest on Saturday mornings, but it never did much for me. Now, “Battle of the Planets” – that one I was addicted to, and would race through my piano lesson to get home in time for it.)

    • Musette says:

      Those stupid dogs. The least they could’ve done was form a canine chain and help pull me up. Battle of the Planets was WAY after my time. I was a junior in college when that came out (I just Googled it, since i had no recollection of it). Yikes. I’m OLD! Oh, well. Could be worse.

  • maggiecat says:

    Oh dear – I hope your back is better soon. As a fellow sufferer (one fusion down, one to go),, I agree that smelling good is a therapy of sorts. And it makes it more likely that people will tolerate your screams and help you up off the floor…:-)

  • Tiara says:

    Liz included a sample of Anubis with an order and having read the description a few days prior, I was almost afraid to try it but so glad I did. Underworld made me anxious but Anubis is gorgeous, not at all dark or depressing. Will probably buy a bottle because I’ve almost drained my sample.

    • Tiara says:

      And how rude of me not say how sorry I am to hear your back is not cooperating. Hope you are better soon (but be sure to keep the dog food tote full just in case!).

      • Musette says:

        Underworld made you anxious? Oh, dang! I have a small bottle of the first extrait she did of that – and it’s stunning. But I do understand about perfumes making one anxious. Some orange blossoms do that – the lovely Noora (Swiss Arabian).. Goes on sooo pretty. But about 20 minutes into it, my nerves are skittering about – and they don’t settle down until I wash it off. Dang. xoA

        ps. thanks for the back wishes. It’s improving. I picked up some dog-sick without too much ado this am. Except for the gag part.

  • dinazad says:

    Honey, I feel for you and your back! Hope its better soon ! On the other hand: Stop it! Stop describing scent I immediately want to try! I can’t fritter away time and money ordering samples left and right, you know. But that Hokkabaz does smell wonderful. I’m sure Anubis does too…….

  • fearsmice says:

    Oh, sending you lots of sympathy for your back pain — hope you get relief soon!!

    I’m the right age for it, but I have absolutely no memory at all of Johnny Quest. (Was I raised by wolves? Or just culturally deprived?) The Anubis resonates, though, as the older I get, the more I muse on the afterlife. 😉 Soivohle is yet another line I need to explore. Thanks for reviewing despite the pain…

    • Ann says:

      Oh, poor, sweet baby! So sorry to hear this. Hope you’re feeling better now. Maybe you can laugh about it in a few months (or years?). Hang in there!

      • Ann says:

        Go put on one of your wonderful body creams — that’ll help perk you up! 🙂 P.S. Sorry, didn’t mean to reply under Fearsmice; guess I’m having a wonky morning …

        • Musette says:

          Fearsmice (I love that name) – unless you had a brother or were into ‘Boys’ Adventure Series’ type tv you probably wouldn’t have given Jonny Quest much thought . It was definitely a 60s boy’s show.

  • francescabelanger says:

    I’m so sorry about your back. Do you think a lidocaine patch might help?

    The Anubis sounds wonderful. Thanks for the reviews.

  • rosarita says:

    Oh, Ms A, I am so sorry to hear about your poor back! I’ve been thinking of you this week anyway, because of the cold and how y’all have nothing to stop that wind out there on the prairie, and how you hate it. I’m going in for a MRI on my back this morning, so honey, you have my sympathy. Have you tried using a TENS unit? It really does help temporarily, at least. As for perfume, I like the sound of that CB. Slicey galbanum is yummy. Some day I’m going to explore that line. Hope you get some relief soon.

    • Musette says:

      Not flogging here but do go over to StC – they have the CBIHPs and it’s an easy way to try. Also, definitely try CBIHP 7Bill and Cradle of Light (if they have it). And Black March. And…

      Best wishes on that MRI. Luckily my back very rarely goes out (knock wood). I think I hurt it helping get my Pop in and out of his wheelchair. Or else……..I dunno.


      and yes, baby. Yes. I HATE THE COLD. Which makes me a moron. Because I live in it.

  • jilliecat says:

    Oh, your poor back! Hope you recover really soon. At least the dogs just licked your face – what would you have done if they had sat on you, as my two (really heavy) cats did when I tore my knee ligament? You might still be on the floor.

    See you are down with the mummies again ….. but Anubis does sound incredibly lovely and I am feeling tempted (damn you!).

    • Musette says:

      It’s not me, it’s THEM! I just wear it and write about it. And OMG! if those behemoths had tried to sit on me. Carmine weighs 110lbs and The Baby weighs 67!