Papillon Perfumery – Anubis

Egypt-The Light of Egyptian Nights   Papillon Perfumery – Anubis

Hi there Posse peeps! It has been a while since I have written anything for you as life has been a bit tricky of late.  Things are better now and I am very happy to be      here today to tell you about a fab new indie line! Papillon Perfumery is based here in England, just outside of the New Forest, and is the creation of Elizabeth Moores. Papillon Perfumery will launch in April with 3 scents; Anubis, Angelique and Tobacco Rose. I was fortunate to ‘meet’ Liz through Twitter when I commented on a photo of the bottle that will house her new line of 3 scents. (By the way,  the bottle is gorgeous- classic and elegant, the kind that you will always pick up to sniff, regardless of what you may or may not know about the contents. ) We struck up a correspondence and Liz very generously sent me samples of the her creations, along with a brief description of each.  As I love all things Ancient Egpytian, Anubis immediately grabbed my attention. As you all know, I am terrible at parsing out notes so I cannot give you a ‘technical’ review but I CAN tell you the story it told me….

Sunset in Luxor, Egypt:

After a day spent wandering the markets of Luxor, nibbling on honeyed treats like kunafa whilst perusing the great piles of spices and testing scented oils, you head to Karnak to watch the sun set over the temples. The heat of the day is starting to wane and warm golden light suffuses the landscape turning the temples to a dusty gold. The scent of jasmine bloom rides the currents of the ebbing heat. As you relax together with your lover, you can feel the heat of his body next to yours and can smell the lingering traces of the spices he touched earlier emananting from his skin. Your senses are on overload and the heat has made you languid and dreamy. You imagine what these temples must have been like thousands of years ago, when priests and priestesses kept sacred fires burning in the gods’ houses and magical ointments and unguents were crafted by hand, filling the air with scents of frankincense and saffron. Music would play gently to honour the gods and  foodstuffs would be placed on an altar to feed them. Most of this activity would be largely hidden from public view and so only sensory fragments would reach those outside the temples, just enough to stir the imagination..The sun has now set and you are  climbing aboard a felucca for a private evening cruise along the Nile, a gentle breeze lifting your hair as your lover helps you climb in and then settles next to you, his face filled with secret intentions….

For me,  there is no denying the eroticism of Anubis-  it is sweet, warm, post-coital skin touched with incense and makes me feel very ‘soft-focus’, if that makes any sense. I adore it and encourage you to try it as well. Liz will be offering a sample service and she has kindly offered to send a sample set of Papillon Perfumery’s 3 scents to one lucky commenter! Tell me what you think of Anubis, your favourite jasmine, favourite Egyptian art or just say hi and I’ll enter you into the draw. Good luck and please do come back and tell us what you thought if you are the lucky winner!

*Notes via Papillon Perfumery: Suede, jasmine, pink lotus, immortelle, frakincense, myrrh and saffron.



Katrin March 25, 2013

Hi! Anubis seems to be a spiritual jasmine, I'd love to sample this. Jasmine is one of my favourite notes either blended in a perfume (A la Nuit, or in lighter form Nicolai's Eau d'Ete), or as pure Absolute.

Ninara Poll March 23, 2013

I had a huge fixation with ancient Egypt when I was younger -- I went so far as to try to teach myself hieroglyphs using some nice E.A. Wallace-Budge reprints. I was about 8 or 9 at the time and made little headway :P Anyhow, I'm happy that life is going well for you, and may it continue to do so! :D NP

Irina March 22, 2013

Hi, it would be great to be able to sample these Anubis is a demanding name for a fragrance- I am very interested thanks for the draw

hongkongmom March 22, 2013

please, please, please...

Joaquim March 22, 2013

Right now, I'm loving Allegradonna by O'driù, ultra-complex, spicy, skanky jasmine, under-the-radar even for the niche world! I'm a fan of Liz Zorn's work, so hope I won this draw. Thank you!

mim666 March 21, 2013

Hi! I liked reading this description, especially the light. Would love to sample! favorite jasmines are : L'Artisan The Pour Une Ete, Natio Jasmine Attar body cream, one of the Tokyo Milk fragrances I smelled today.

Maureen March 21, 2013

Your description was so beautiful and romantic. I would love to sample the fragrance that inspired this post. Thanks for the draw.

Elena March 21, 2013

I really love A La Nuit, but my husband hated it, and he generally doesn't care. Can I claim that Jour d'Hermes is a jasmine scent? It's been on my mind this week. I'm sure you could find a hint of jasmine in there somewhere. I tried Bulgari Jasmin Noir yesterday at Ulta, and I can't say it seems very jasmine-y at all to me, more of a gourmand on my skin.

dinazad March 21, 2013

Mmmmm, sounds gorgeous! I have a split personality where Egypt is concerned - part of me loves the romance of Ancient Egypt, picturing it "as if painted by Alma-Tadema" (did he paint ancient Egypt? He should have, in any case!), an idealised place with doe-eyed dancing girls and sultry lovers. Another part follows the news and thinks poverty, revolution, Cairo megalopolis swallowing the pyramids, very questionable status of women, etc. etc. A third personality part goes belly dancing, loves the music, would like to go strolling in a spice bazaar (second part reminds her that she'd get panic attacks when accosted by countless shopowner trying to make her buy their wares) and own a dancing costume by Madame Abla, even if she (i.e. third part) is way beyond dancing on a stage. It's all rather complicated.... sighhhh.

RVB March 21, 2013

My favorite jasmine is The Different Company's Jasmine de Nuit.Anubis sounds amazing! Thanks for the draw!

dremybluz March 21, 2013

wonderful sounding fragrance. thanks for the wonderful review and sample set

Alexander March 21, 2013

I would love to be the lucky commenter that receives the complimentary trial pack. The name Anubis sounds very sensual and in a way romantic.

Jackie b March 21, 2013

Ooh, just looked at the Facebook page...the bottles look gorgeous! I have my beady eyes on Anubis! I find him intriguing as a deity, not forbidding, and also my husband gave me an ancient little statue made of faience last year which I love. Would love to try all these perfumes!

Nemo March 21, 2013

I haven't tried anything from Papillon, but Anubis sounds wonderful. I had to look up what kunafa was, but it also sounds amazing :) My favorite jasmine (I haven't tried many yet...) is SSS Jour Ensoleille and I am also looking to try more incense-y perfumes. Thanks for the draw!

FearsMice March 20, 2013

Papillon sounds like a great line to try -- and yes, those bottles are gorgeous! Thanks for the draw.

Connie March 20, 2013

Jasmine is oen of the perfume notes I am most interested in trying. I really like Songes, Joy, and Jasmin et Cigarette... I also liked Love and Tears and Nasomotto's Nuda, though to a lesser degree. The Egypt spin sounds really lovely. My dad spent a lot of time in Egypt as a young adult, as well as in other parts of the Middle East, and always insists on sniffing at the perfumes I try that are said to have Middle east inspirations. Today he is celebrating the Persian New Year. Happy first day of spring!

Emily S March 20, 2013

I don't know enough jasmin fragrances, but I'm crazy about EL Jasmin White Moss! Thank you for the drawing!!

Phanie March 20, 2013

My favourite jasmins are: Love and Tears by Kilian, A la nuit and Sarassins by Serge Lutens Thank you for the draw and looking forward to reading more from your reviews

sisterspecies March 20, 2013

Oh yes, I tend to fall for the Egypt theme myself. I would have to say my favorite Egyptian olfactory experience so far is the utterly divine handmade Kyphi incense that Mermade Magickal Arts makes. If you're into incense (the real deal, not the perfume concept) then I can't highly recommend this enough. Thanks for the draw y'all.

Desirae March 20, 2013

I think my favourite jasmine might be Lutens La Nuit, but that one is a bit beyond my price range so I'm always looking for a cheaper subsitute - anyone got any suggestions? Thank you for entering me!

Poodle March 20, 2013

I really like the notes and would love to sniff this one. I love jasmine but I love frankincense and myrrh even more. Put my name in the hat please.

Tara C March 20, 2013

I love love love incense and jasmine, and am thrilled to hear of a perfume company called Papillon, as I have Papillon dogs. :-) My favorite jasmine is Nasomatto Nuda. :-)

Merlin March 20, 2013

Its about time there was a perfume brand called Papillion! As for Anubis, he is one of the more ominous gods out there... Thanks for the draw:)

Elia March 20, 2013

I'm wondering how immortelle will fir in. My favourite Jasmine in a fragrance is Puredistance M, by far.

Datura5750 March 20, 2013

How exciting! The Jasmine is blooming here in southern California, I love to catch it on the breeze...

shaney March 20, 2013

Well, this pretty much couldn't sound any more appealing! Thank you for the draw! I'm glad you brought up Jasmine, as I don't have one in my collection yet (albeit, my very small, in-progress collection), and that is something that could work for me for the summer. I think of Jasmine as having a green aspect to it unlike other fragrances, and I always need a little earthiness mixed in with everything :)

Amy Bella March 20, 2013

I have always loved the Egyptian pantheon, and Anubis is a character in the book I am reading right now! (Neil Gaiman's American Gods - good stuff!) I would love to be entered in the draw, thank you!

maggiecat March 20, 2013

Oh my. These sound wonderful. I love many jasmine scents - it's one of my favorite notes - but jasmine and incense would be...we,, oh my indeed. And Angelique was my name in French class, many years ago, so I need to try that as well. Thank yo for letting us know about this line.

Liz K March 20, 2013

Beautiful review. My favorite jasmines are either Love and Tears or Floral Curiosities Poet's Jasmine.

yellow_cello March 20, 2013

What an evocative review! Really looking forward to trying Papillon scents when I can, lovely to have a new perfumer here in the UK :) Please count me in for the draw, thanks!

Isabelle March 20, 2013

Nice review ! It really paints an attractive picture. My favorite jasmine perfumes are SL A la nuit and Ysatis (Givenchy). Thank you !

Jan Last March 20, 2013

Also a SL A La Nuit fan, so would love to try this one. Your writing skills have not suffered, as I saw myself in Egypt. Thank you

australianperfumejunkies March 20, 2013

DNEM Meredith, glad to see you back. I love a white flower and Egypt. One of the fun things we did there was take a Nile Cruise. At night there are hundreds of cruise boats tied together in a huge 3-4 story raft and you have to hope the boy from your cruise boat remembers you or you have to ask EVERYONE where your boat is. When you do find it you may have to walk through five other boats to get to yours in the middle of the river. Portia xx

FeralJasmine March 20, 2013

I have the loveliest memories of Luxor 30 years ago, and anything that sounds like Ancient Egypt gets my attention. My favorite jasmines have an Arabian slant; Sarrasins and Tawaf are at the top of the list. I'd love to sample these. Thanks for the draw.

Civet March 20, 2013

These sound lovely! My favorite jasmine is ELdO Jasmine et Cigarettes. Anubis sounds great. Oddly enough, I just added Soivohle Anubis to my wish list! Would be fun to compare these Anubi back to back.

Martha March 20, 2013

When I think of Egyptian art and architecture, it's Luxor that represents the whole of it for me. I am completely fascinated by the fact that there was a container of perfumed salve still fragrant after thousands of years when Tutankhamen's tomb was opened in the early 20th century. I would love to win the sample set! Thanks for the draw.

alityke March 20, 2013

Welcome back. Delighted to read you life trials are behind you. You piece is evocative and sensual. Suede and Jasmine notes? Sounds intriguing. Good to know the UK indie scent scene is growing. Please count me in for the draw - these sound a must sniff. Thank you to all concerned for the opportunity

dkchocoman March 20, 2013

I have to say my favorite jasmine fragrance is A La Nuit by Serge Lutens. It is the most natural smelling jasmine there is. It starts out heady, full and indolic, then calms down to a soft delicate skin scent. I have never tried Lust by Guerilla Perfumes. I have heard good and bad things about it, but I am sure it will not surpass A La Nuit in its loveliness.

annielill March 20, 2013

OMG...I just went to their site on Facebook.....DROOL...these 'fumes are to die for....MUST GET SOME....!!

Fatima March 20, 2013

Anubis is the god of the underworld. Jasmine, which can have the scent of decay - lotus, the flower of death and rebirth - immortelle - myrrh, an embalming oil - frankincense, used by the Egyptians in religious rites. Would love to try this.

Steve Tsotras March 20, 2013

Hi, lol

ojaddicte March 20, 2013

Thank you for such a beautiful review. Based on your description alone, I am dying to try Anubis, not to mention the other two perfumes. =)

susan March 20, 2013

Favorite jasmines include A La Nuit and Lush Lust... I like my jasmine intense!! Thank you for the draw. :)

helical gnome March 20, 2013

Definitely my favorite jasmine is CB I Hate perfume Cradle of Light. I just love the tomato leaves and the green strength of it. I on the other hand, cannot stand Songes which I bought for my wife who loves jasmine but she didn't like it either. Thanks for the draw :)

wefadetogray March 20, 2013

my favorite jasmine is grand bal and a la nuit. Any image with Thoth is favorite of mine. I really love egyptian imagery. thanks for this draw. it sounds amazing!

Tiara March 20, 2013

"a gentle breeze lifting your hair as your lover helps you climb in and then settles next to you, his face filled with secret intentions…" **sigh** That sounds so lovely! I love jasmine and my favorite is probably Songes but nothing beats the plant itself in full bloom.

Rina March 20, 2013

Wow! There is nothing there I don't love! And my daughter's fave show is House of Anubis, so it's destiny! Destiny, I say! Thanks for the draw!

Cat Schultz March 20, 2013

Oh wow!! That sounds amazing! I would love to try all three!

Janet in California March 20, 2013

Beautiful story, and the perfume sounds wonderful. "Your senses are on overload and the heat has made you languid and dreamy." Lovely feeling! Welcome back!

Angelique March 20, 2013

Yep. I cussed upon reading the names of the fragrances. Absolutely of course, I *Must* sample Angelique.. It doesn't matter that I have 15 samples of other perfumes (and 65 *wishes* on ) ... This mystical scent of my same name must be experienced. Oh, my blissful hot heavens! Please tell me ... what does this sampler service entail? Love the description, the names, and the bottle sounds divine.

Ann March 20, 2013

Woo-hoo!! So happy to see you here on the Posse, Meredith -- we missed you and are very glad you are back! Thanks for a beautiful, evocative review of what sounds like a gorgeous line. (No draw for me, of course.)