Anne October 8, 2013

I was recently gifted with a sample of Norma Kamali's Incense (Whoa! Let the pining begin!)), so I was wearing a smidge around the house. I had to go out later, so I spritzed on some vintage Coco. A friend said, "OMG - you smell soooooo good." And I realized I had accidentally created a layering of the sacred (Incense) and the profane (Coco). Why separate these things? It's more realistic anyway...

Lynley October 5, 2013

Wow, things I learn about on these posts that make me as depressed as the lack of perfume range here in Aus- Mallomars and Lindt Spekuloos chocolate :-( anyone wanting to send a care package will be loved forever ;-) About the layering though, I know there have been a few but the only one I remember is Bois d'encens with Vanille Absolument, or any vanilla, as sometimes it's just a bit too churchy and cold..

KirstenMarie October 4, 2013

YAY!!!!! My grandma lived in Naperville for years. Glad they came through for you. Savor every chocolately gooey bite!!

Jennifer Smith October 3, 2013

I found that BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist layers nicely with YSL Y when the Y is just a bit too green/dry for that day (or conversely if the BBW JCB is too sticky-sweet it gets it's oakmoss amped up ). On a fail note vetiver type scents don't seem to layer well with clean hairsprayish florals (at least not on me ) I end up smelling like burning hair when I've tried it.Total scrubber. Fresh Pink Jasmine and Rodger & Gallet Vetyver were the culprits in case anyone is wondering.

Laurels October 3, 2013

My only successful attempt at layering is Coco edt (it seemed...thin) with Yves Rocher Vanille Noire. It was my very first attempt, and apparently a fluke.

Sally McSweeney October 3, 2013

Gawd, but them Mallomar thingies look suspiciously like what we used to call "Chocolate Tea Cakes" back in the olden days when I was growing up across the pond. They had a thin cookie base, marshmallow center with a tiny bit o' raspberry jam in the middle, and a thin chocolate coating. Same shape - like little mounds. I havent been able to find them here but maybe Mallowmars would be a good subsititute (if they have them on the west coast). Hmmmm layering - I am generally a weenie when it comes to this these days - I usually do the lotion and perfume of the same name - I have Mitsouko, Shalimar & Samsara lotions and vintage juice which I love. BUT back in the big hair days of the 80s I was an Opium addict (that didnt come out quite right...) and used to single handedly keep YSL afloat. Bath oil, body lotion, powder, then parfum - open those windows!! I had a couple of marvellous orange vanilla candles and thought if I layered Bal a Versailles with Guerlains Spiritueuse Double Vanille, I would smell like them. I can only blame it on all of the Opium having seeped into my brain over those years. Hideous does not describe it. There endeth my brief foray into the world of layering...

Kim B October 3, 2013

Braver soul than I are you!! The most adventurous I get with layering is with Lutens - Chergui & Chene both go nicely with Un Lys, Un Bois Vanille, or Douce Amere. Also Sa Majeste La Rose is great with any of these. Oh, and so is Fumerie Turque. Sorry, can't get into MalloMars - I like my chocolate like my whiskey - straight up, no adulteration!

Musette October 3, 2013


Martha October 3, 2013

Hmmm, Mallomar, Not my thing. But I completely understand cravings for the familiar and the uncomplicated, like my obsession with Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies. I do not buy them because I will just sit down and eat an entire sleeve in one sitting. O.K., I layered SSS Incense Pure with Micallef Rose Extreme. They didn't exactly blend, but they didn't exactly clash either. I was just trying to find a way to sweeten the Incense Pure and tone down the sticky rosiness of Rose Extreme.

Jennifer Counts October 2, 2013

One combo that was really nice for me was SL Bas de Soie with Kilian Flower of Immortality over it. This was with samples I don't have anymore. I didn't like FoI enough by itself to get more of it. Maybe if it were cheap it would be fun to have around for layering. I like layering the Pacifica solids. I have Persian Rose, Mexican Cocoa and Spanish Amber, and I sometimes wear various combinations of those. Cocoa with Amber, Rose with Cocoa, all three together, etc. AC Vanille Insensee and Lush Lust are nice together. I had some Bond No.9 samples and for the hell of it I tried layering New York Oud, New Haarlem and Madison Soiree (I think that was the third one, anyway) together, and it worked pretty well.

Annie October 2, 2013

My only exception to layering is on days when the first hour of ELO's Rien is simply Too Much and I put on some Demeter Gingerale to distract myself until the Rien stops shouting.

KirstenMarie October 2, 2013

Take a look at my email and shoot me a mailing address if you're desperate. I think they have enough preservatives to be ok. ;-)

KirstenMarie October 2, 2013

We have Mallomars stacked up on end caps at the grocery stores here in VA!

eldarwen22 October 2, 2013

The last time I tried to layer perfume is when I used A La Nuit and Arabie. It worked okay. A La Nuit toned down the spice market of Arabie and added a floral aspect.

KirstenMarie October 2, 2013

I layered Putain des Palaces LIGHTLY under a spritz-it-then-walk-through-it of Ambre Russe. Ambre Russe can live in sweaters through spring and summer and greet you the next fall, so layering it with anything required a light touch. But the Putain des Palaces sweetness and luxury got steel bones in her lush satin corset with the Ambre Russe. I want to try the roses in Citizen Queen with AR next. :-)

edpgypsy October 2, 2013

Thanks for the "recipes". I have layered perfumes before but cannot for the life of me remember any of my mixes right now! Sheesh!

Caroline October 2, 2013

Indeed, where in Chicago are you finding Mallomars? Do tell! Or perhaps STC can start carrying them as a winter treat--just ship separately from our perfume samples, please. I like L'Occitane's almond shower oil layered with Une Fleur de Cassie. Also, ISM with Bas de Soie. Really need to layer more if I ever want to make a dent in my stash...

Tiara October 2, 2013

Haven't been brave enough to figure out different combinations. With my allergies, I can't afford to have those pissy 3rd grade girls show up. Chuckled my way through this though. And come to think of it, I can't say I've ever eaten a Mallomar. I'm so deprived. Perhaps you should do a giveway of some Mallomars?!

Mals86 October 2, 2013

I don't layer much. Or often. However, I do sometimes have some crossover with lotion + perfume, and sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn't (though to be honest, I can't remember the "ehhh, no" ones). Body Shop Moroccan Rose body cream is really great with either Chanel No. 19 or Silences. Lovely stuff. Body Shop Moringa cream is nice under just about any white floral (Amoureuse, Carnal Flower, you name it). Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path lotion is wonderful with No. 5. B&BW Aromatherapy Orange Ginger really perks up Jardin sur le Nil.

australianperfumejunkies October 2, 2013

Heya Musette, Lately I've been wearing EPIC body lotion with Bellodgia vintage parfum. The roses are definitely friends and it gets a LOT of compliments. Portia xx

Tavogels October 2, 2013

Where do you get Mallomars in Chicago?!?! I'm in the suburbs, and they briefly appeared on our jewel/Dominick's shelves a few years ago, never to be seen again. They have Pinwheels, instead. As if they could compare to Mallowars! Anyway, my mother drives out from the east coast to visit and brings a dozen or so boxes every fall. The kids and I hoard them all year. Have you ever tried them frozen? Yum! Enjoy your sniffing. Gorgeous weather for a day downtown!

Ann October 2, 2013

Hey sweetie! Love the Mallomar mention -- now you've got me craving them. Think I'll sneak out to the store for some while my son is at tennis practice :) Haven't done much layering lately, but when I remember what I've paired successfully in the past I'll pop back in.

Michelle October 2, 2013

You are so awesome! I've yet to purposely layer, as I don't have body products, but there are those days when I'm decanting, we call it "L'Explosif" with the fake French accent & all.

Tara October 2, 2013

My two favorite combos are Couvent des Minimes orange blossom cream with Carnal Flower, and JPG2 massage oil under L'Artisan Timbuktu. Yum!! I would like to ask for the prayers and positive thoughts of all my fellow perfumistas around the world for my BF's lost suitcase which is filled with a fabulous perfume hall for me - may the baggage handlers find it and return it safely to us! :-)

Marie C October 2, 2013

The only combo I've ever come up with is Guelain's Insolence with PG's Bois Blond. Violet hay... But I like it.

Janice October 2, 2013

You’re brave! I haven’t tried layering much except with the very few things where I have the cream or lotion of the same scent—the safe paint-by-numbers, can’t-mess-it-up kind of layering. But I have to say that just last week I finally bought Encens Mythique d’Orient. I was going to be near a Guerlain boutique and I decided if they actually had it in the store, I would get it. And I was thinking even as I bought it, I wonder if Musette will figure out which laundry product smells just like this and tell me I could have saved all this money… but I’m really glad I got it. Now I’ll have to try it with a rose-based cream.

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