Tara January 4, 2014

Like Ann, I preferred the C for women - enough to purchase it, which is saying a lot. I did get it for a decent price on ebay (at least 25% off list). As for V, it was good but did not make my credit card levitate out of my wallet. I found it quite strong, and not better than the other chypres in my closet.

eldarwen22 January 4, 2014

The price point is why I avoid the Clive Christian and a few other houses. It can be so hard to justify spending some serious money equivilant to a car payment or a good chunk of rent on a perfume. Is it me or does many of Clive's perfumes contain tons of citrus?

Lisa D January 4, 2014

It's not just that CC is stupendously overpriced in a world of already-too-expensive perfumes. On second thought, it is mostly that. Plus the irritatingly difficult to use sample packaging. And the motto. I'd be happier with multiple FBs from several other fine perfume houses for my $800 (or $405).

Ann January 3, 2014

Happy New Year, Tom! I was pretty "meh" about CC for ages and ages, until one day I chanced upon the Clive C for Women. Oh, my -- love at first sniff -- it was so gorgeous! But still way too spendy. Luckily, a very sweet SA friend of mine would spray some in little foundation sample bottles from time to time to keep me in it. I did try the V and thought, like Sherri, that it is a nice-enough classic-style chypre that's a little on the heavy side. I would like to explore several of CC's men's scents one day when I'm in the big city and have spare skin, but I'm not expecting lightning to strike twice.

Sherri January 3, 2014

Well, V Woman is really not a bad fragrance, imho. It's a chypre, very classic, a little retro. It is a heavier perfume, and definitely unisex. Chypres are a hard sell anyway, to me, having Mitsouko, Jubilation 25, and Party in Manhattan as the gold standards. V is different enough, slightly more floral (but by no means soprano). I, too was intrigued by the teeny tiny sample from N-M, enough to order a spend 2 ml spray from STC (even that size was $$) but I think my 2 ml will do me just fine. There are so many beauties (Ashoka, Amouage Fate, the FM's, high-end Guerlains, and a slew of new niche releases) at that price point to compete for my perfume $. This one is still nice, but I'd rank it at about #25 on my "to purchase" list. I do give CC credit in that none of their perfumes have bothered my allergies. Also, in the case of "V", I feel like less is more! It's a heavy perfume and one of the few I prefer dabbed, as I remember.

Musette January 3, 2014

OMG! those prices remind me of my early days shoe-shopping - and we're talking Boul Mich & Oak Street in Chicago. I remember the first time my bf and I saw a shoe priced over $100 - I even remember the shoe (tan and white spectator pump) - we were aghast! Alas, within a year ALL those damn shoes were up over $100 and now....? sigh. What has that got to do with Clive? Nothing. Just nattering down Memory Lane. I have never been able to get with the program re Clive. They all smell really nice. But that's pretty much it for me. xoxoA

australianperfumejunkies January 3, 2014

I spend enough on fragrance at decent prices Tom without having to mortgage my house. These aspirational prices are beyond my purse strings sadly. Happily I will spritz Serge, Hermes, Guerlain, Aftelier, Vero, Mona dO, Olympic Orchids and JPG and not wish beyond my pocket. Portia xx

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