Muschio e Ambra by i Profumi di Firenze

Hi there Niche Nerds, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and I know nothing gets a true perfumistas blood running quicker than the words: hard to find, small batch, historic, limited availability. Well, if you want those words and add in fabulous, fun, wearable and unusual then I think I’ve found a fragrance house just for you. Last year on the Perfume Posse ScentSation bus tour in LA I was lucky enough to spend some time with Miryana who brings i Profumi di Firenze into America. She talked so animatedly and lovingly of the brand and it’s fragrances that I was swept away on her wings of enthusiasm.

Here is the blurb from Isabella Imports: Inspired by original 16th century secret formulas commissioned by Catherine de Medici i Profumi di Firenze perfumes are meticulously hand-blended in small batches with the finest selections of floral and botanical essences from Italy and around the world. In the mid 1960’s, when synthetic perfumes were all the rage, a renowned Florentine apothecary (Ed: Dr. Giovanni di Massimo) carefully re-created these Renaissance fragrances using only all natural ingredients and his exclusive methods of essence extraction. The collection of perfumes includes other Florentine classics originally commissioned for the Medici Family and blends known to have been popular among the Renaissance nobility.

Muschio e Ambra by i Profumi di Firenze

Muschio e Ambra Profumi di Firenze Beauty HabitPhoto Stolen Beauty Habit

Beauty Habit gives these featured accords:
Jasmine, amber, incense, patchouli, coriander

With Muschio e Ambra I love the instant warm furry hit of amber and patchouli that wafts up and completely envelopes me. Rich, cozy and eye rollingly beautiful, Muschio e Ambra is a light amber, an amber fragrance like a chiffon scarf. This would not be out of place in Jean Claude Ellena’s Hermessence line up, yet even more wearable than Ambre Naguille and the incense and coriander adding a lovely cool and herbal counterpoint to the other notes. Not a big fragrance, Muschio e Ambra is still quite noticeable but in a body lotion heft rather than a fragrance weight. Does that make sense? Yes you are fragrant but in such a soft and purring way. For those who still lust after the heavy hitter fragrances of the 1980s then Muschio e Ambra may be a little too reticent, a bit too refined.

Muschio e Ambra Profumi di Firenze Open Office WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I can imagine Muschio e Ambra being the choice of someone who loves fragrance but is unable to go big at work, maybe a mother or father who wants a signature for their family and friends so they are instantly recognisable, a newby to the world of fine fragrance would not find Muschio e Ambra too confrontational and I could see it working as a perfect gift. As far as niche goes lately it is reasonably priced and I love the simple bottle with its old fashioned and hand written name, gorgeous.

Muschio e Ambra Profumi di Firenze HUG you me FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

I get good wear time of around 5 hours, an extra spritz at the one hour mark pushes wear time out to about 8 hours which I think is amazing for a natural. In fact I would NEVER have believed this was all natural. It has the finished, light, beautiful glow of a mixed media fragrance. MMMMMM. I smell good.

Beauty Habit has 50ml /$99
Isabella Imports has a list of retailers in the UK and North America
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/ml

Have you spent any time with i profumo di Firenze? What is your favourite soft wash fragrance that’s good for work or close contact? This is not really a way to wear fragrance that I’ve spent much time pursuing, your input would be appreciated.
Portia xx

  • Elena says:

    Ooh, you’ve made this sound irresistible. I definitely go in for lighter stuff, I love Ellena’s light touch. About the heaviest I go is Prada Eau Ambree, it’s a nice way to do amber for work/general public. Or so I think, it’s hard to tell… nobody ever thinks they’re suffocating anyone else, do they?

  • Kismet429 says:

    I got a decant of Dolce Patchouly and now I’m longing for a full bottle. it’s has a sharp, herbal / leather opening, but then smooths down into a lovely, not-too-sweet fragrance. Reviews mention a violet component, which may be the “dolce” element. Love it!

    • Portia says:

      YAY Kismet,
      I have a bottle of the patchouli. You are the first other person I know who has even heard of it.
      Portia xx

  • Cheryl M. says:

    Portia, this scent sounds delicious, and I’m glad to read some much deserved love for this line. I’ve tried two scents through Beautyhabit’s excellent sample plan, and loved them both. Talco Delicato is a lavish powderpuff of a scent, quite similar to Villoresi’s Teint de Neige, but with a hint more musk, and a slightly more shadowy rose note in the beginning. The entire effect is very downy, very snuggly, yet not infantile. Really nice for lovers of powdery, sweet scents.

    The other scent I tried is one of their more recent releases, Plenilunio. It features a very realistic hint of fresh strawberries hidden in a gently citrus-ed musk- a surprising juxtaposition of succulence and warmth that I plan on grabbing a full bottle of before summer arrives (if summer ever does arrive here in Washington state.) Both scents had decent longevity for me, lasting around six or seven hours. Anyway, now you’ve made me want to try even more from this line!

    • Portia says:

      AHA! CherylM, another fan of the line. Great! Thanks for the advice and as you’re the second to write about Talco Delicato I will put it at the top of my Must Try list for when I am in LA in November.
      Thanks for the heads up.
      Portia xx

  • I think I have a sample of this one that I got in a giveaway. I don’t think I ever got around to actually trying it. I think I need to remedy that situation.

    • Portia says:

      HA! I know exactly how that happens Jennifer Counts,
      This is the problem when we have so much. Do grab it out and have a go.
      Portia xx

  • ElizabethC says:

    I have been lucky to try quite a few of these. I love the Limone Di Sicilia (candied lemon) and Talco Delicato (powder, powder and more powder!). Hmm, now I need to see if I can find my samples 🙂

    • Portia says:

      Hey ElizabethC,
      Lucky you. Where were you to get samples or did you too go have a shop at Surrender To Chance?
      Portia xx

  • tammy says:

    Damn you anyway, I had not gotten any lemmings in awhile, and now here I go again! 😛

    I tend to like big scents, too, though ironically, I am not after sillage. I just happen to like big Orientals!The only light fragrance I wear regularly is Bvlgari Au The Vert, and I wear it because I like it, not because it’s light. Pour Femme is also nice and soft, but now ans then it goes huge on me and I don’t know why! Oh, LA Vert Violet is softish.

    Bruno Acompara Prima T is a skin scent in that it stays quite close ( in the oil) but I’m not sure it counts as light, by any means. It’s one of my Top 10, though.

    • Portia says:

      Hi Tammy,
      SORRY! Perfume Posse is a known lemming multiplier.
      On the plane they had the Bulgari range in the toilets and I fell madly in love with the lotion for Bvlgari Au The Blanc, easy, fresh and pretty. When I’m on long flights I like to grab a thumbnail size spot of lotion, wet the other hand with water and rub them together creating a very wet mixture, then use that to moisturise my face every few hours. The difference it makes to your final disembarkation face is astounding.
      Portia xx

  • einsof says:

    i’ve had the great pleasure of being gifted several items from the skincare line, in particular a rose face cream in a beeswax base i literally wanted to eat. it was HEAVEN. i have not dived into the fragrances as i have simply not come across them in any day to day jaunts. (i didn’t ALWAYS live in wyoming people.) the line is extraordinary! the formulas, as stated, are classic and the ingredients top notch.

    work fragrances? *LAUGH* well, being as most my work has been in the cosmetic, spa industry– I DO WHAT I WANT! i have to agree though– work vs. close wearing. well, the former is probably more related to the occupation itself (i was also a pediatric nurse and wore very citrus-y aromas or simply lavender to calm and be kid-translatable) such as a leather if you’re selling whips and chains to devotees of 50 Shades of Grey, n’est pas? the latter, something of any ilk that you want to draw someone in… close… sniffable… etc.

    • Portia says:

      HA HA HA!! Leather for 50 Shades devotees. Hilarious, and you’re not talking Cuir de Russie are you, I think Lonestar Memories at the very least.
      Nice to work in the beauty industry, scent freedom.
      Portia xx

  • Elia says:

    I’ve only tried Tulipano Nero which I was kindly given a sample of. It’s gorgeous!!!!!
    I can’t relate to ‘work’ scents either… My interest in fragrance started by looking for big fragrances, and I mean B I G!
    I’ve scaled down to being happy with all types, but I still typically want a fragrance to be at least noticeable. I can’t really relate to skin fragrances. ‘Close contact’ also defines a different type of fragrance for me.
    But off the top of my head, a good skin close fragrance would be Ambre Precieux.

    • Portia says:

      Hey Elia,
      Ambre Precieux! Wow! I never think of that being a skin scent but I’ve not any memory of trying it either. I think maybe we are Scent Size Twins. I like them big usually too.
      Portia x

  • Ann says:

    Howdy, Portia! Mmmm … this one looks to be delish. Must try ASAP. I have a bit of this line’s Vaniglia del Madagascar and enjoy it immensely, but I really need to explore their range more fully; they have so many that sound great. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Portia says:

      Morning Ann,
      Nice to see you. Yes, the line is interesting and affordable compared to a lot in the market. the Vaniglia del Madagascar was another that I liked, yes there are a few. I am going to meet with them in November while I’m in LA and spend some real time with the whole line rather than trying to understand it in a 20 minute rush.
      Portia xx