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check out my new halter!

…hey, guess what?  it’s BRUNO!  Hi, everybody!!!   You all look phenomenal!!!!  Yep.  I can see you alll!  I can see!

My mom took me for my CBC on Monday.  Everybody cried.  Except me.  I just stood there, wondering why everybody was crying.  Girls are weird.  Turns out it’s because my platelets are up to 362K, which is low-normal.  Remember last time?  They were at 23K.  I guess they thought I was gonna die.  But I’m BRUNO!!!  There’s no dying on BRUNO!!!

Mom spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear.  I thought she was going to wear Amouage Gold.  Or that vintage No5 she loves so much.  But..hey!  She surprised the heck out of me – she wore that stupid jar of fabulous Diptyque Creme Riche…well, she didn’t wear the jar, though she almost did.  It slipped out of her hand and slid into the sink  like one of those skateboarders.  Wow!  I didn’t know Mommy knew all…..well…wow!  yikes!  Never heard that word before!  wow.

Then she put on a lot of Myrrhe Ardente.  A. LOT!  Wow, did she smell GOOD!  Not as good as that dead squirrel on Main Street – now that’s what I call per-FUME, bay-bee!  But all the humans kept saying she smelled great. I tried to get her to let me rub some of that dead squirrel behind my ears so I could smell good, too, but she’s funny about stuff like that.  and now that I’ve been sick she won’t let me do ANYTHING!  sigh.  She keeps wrapping me up in blankets and just sits there, staring at me.  Skeeves a feller out!  I still get a little bit tired and that makes her cry, too.  She is weird.   But humans say she smells good.  I guess.  She mostly just smells like Mommy to me.

Then she got this massage oil from Aromatherapy Associates.  It’s called Relax.  She likes it a lot and that’s great because lemmetellya, I loves me  some mom but…wow…She. Is. Tense.  A lot.  Okay.  All the time.  Putting this on her shoulders and neck seems to settle her right the hell down.  Betcha that bourbon doesn’t hurt, either!  Spaaaa… so spa-y  – she was asking me why ylang-ylang and chamomile always say ‘spa’.  Why are you asking me?  When I think ‘spa’ I think about that chicken poop, out in the yard.  Oh, yeah.  I could do a facial with that, then have it for lunch.

Anyway, that Relax massage oil is so calming she might just sleep through the night. know… Prednisone. Do y’all know how much water I drink?    But the Relax oil seems to keep her sort of re..(oh, I did not just say that, did I?)…uh….calm, while we stand out there, me peeing my toenails off, her listening to the coyotes, at 1am…and 3am.  And 5am.

She put on a lot of vintage Mitsouko edt today, over that Creme Riche.  I tried to put on some of that squirrel….maaan…my mom is NO fun.

Okay.  I’m pooped!  Heh.  I made a funny there (Prednisone.  Not just for peeing)…if I lie down now, she’ll wrap me up in my blankie and…I think I kinda like that.


Thanks for caring about me.  I love you all.  thank you for loving me back.

aimtx April 12, 2014

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno! So glad you are feeling better, big guy. And resist that squirrel impulse, dude. Trust me.

Mariekel April 12, 2014

Bruno, you know you have been much on my mind. I am so happy and relieved that you are getting better! Now, don't worry your mom so much again, ok? We loves ya!

Liz K April 11, 2014

Hi, Bruno. We sure are glad you are doing better. Bat says that even he and Leopold were sending up purrs for you (although if you ever wander into their yard you should fear the claw). Sorry I am so late to comment. Hope all medical trials are in the past now.

rosiegreen April 10, 2014

<3 to Bruno and Musette, glad you are doing better.

kizzers April 10, 2014

Sweet, sweet Bruno ! So glad you're feeling better. Give your Humans big smooshy kisses for looking after you so well. best news I've heard in a while :) xxx

Laurels April 10, 2014

Such great news! Thanks for sharing it.

Musette April 10, 2014

thank you!!!! you are so sweet! You need a Bruno Smooch. xoxoxoxoB

Suzy Q April 10, 2014

Bruno baby you look HOT in that blue halter!

Kandice April 10, 2014

Bruno, nice to know you are looking good in your new halter and seeing well too :-) I'm so glad you are better, and I know what a relief it is for your mom too. All of us with fur babies know the stress it causes us when you guys are sick. Glad you're almost back to your fine, normal doggy self!

Sanstress April 9, 2014

Love you Bruno! Your halter is quite fashionable. Between you looking good and your Mom smelling good, you are both unstoppable!!!

foxbins April 9, 2014

Words can't express how happy I am to read that you are feeling better, Bruno, and that your vision has returned. Hoping that you will be 100% recovered soon. If you can't have the nice squirrel, maybe make sad I-deserve-a-new-toy-don't-you-want-to-spoil-me eyes at Mom? xoxoxo

Jackie b April 9, 2014

Hey Bruno, newest blogger on the perfume scene. Glad you are back on your four feet!

Ann April 9, 2014

Whoo-hoo, Bruno!! I am SOOO happy to read all your good news (you are a creative, fun writer, just like your mom) that I can't stop smiling as I type this. You and your mom and lucky to have each other and take good care of each other. Keep on sniffin'!! BTW, you are one handsome young man!

Mary K April 9, 2014

Bruno! So glad you are able to see now and that you are getting all better. Be good to your mom and don't get into anything too stinky! You're looking good in that blue halter.

Janice April 9, 2014

Hey Bruno, you are one handsome dog in that new halter. So glad you’re feeling better! You have many fans here, you know, so please keep us posted on how you’re doing—and let us know if you manage to get some of that squirrel! Big hugs.

wefadetogray April 9, 2014

love to you Bruno!

Lauren April 9, 2014

Oh, Bruno, that's such good news.

Elena April 9, 2014

Dear Bruno, my clever, clever dog found some mystery intestines the other week which had been fermenting under a snow bank for a good portion of the winter, and they just peeked out finally in late March. I think perhaps we can go find some for you if there's any left over and decant a bit, if you will. I'm pretty sure it's Iris Gris for dogs. Here's hoping some fresh air and sunshine will help you on your road to recovery!

Kati April 9, 2014

Bruno Baby! You's gots to be patient with your human. She's doing the best she can and loves you so much. You are one lucky dog to have such a great human. Give her a smooch and let her know that it's going to be okay no matter what. We humans are weird and need lots of paw holding.

Lynne Marie April 9, 2014

Really - not even a little bit of "survival squirrel" treat? But even I would draw the line at chicken poop. Hooray for you, Bruno!!! You are a tough, smart guy and your mom is pretty special as well. So glad to hear you are on the mend!

Portia April 9, 2014

Give him the damn squirrel you ole MEANY. Great news Musette. HUG Portia xx

malsnano86 April 9, 2014

I needed some good news today, and this was just the ticket. So glad to hear that you are healthy, Bruno, and please show your mom some affection for all the blankie-love and nighttime pee excursions and medicine and what-not. Bet she smells great.

sweetharmony8 April 9, 2014

Woohooo! Way to go, Bruno! I'm so glad you're better, it made my day.

Nemo April 9, 2014

Hi Bruno! So glad you are doing so well :) You are right, there probably is a niche market for doggy perfumes that actually appeal to dogs (and not silly unappreciative humans)!

Martha April 9, 2014

That halter is perfect for you, Bruno. The contrast between black fur and aqua halter is stunning. Topping off the whole ensemble with dead squirrel aroma would be celestial. Go for it, Bruno! Don't let Musette with her preconceived notions of what smells good stop you. Or, like my dog, you could try a little dead and rotting fish behind the ears. Now THAT is the real deal.

Dina C. April 9, 2014

Bruno, I'm so glad to hear your good news! Great work on getting the platelet count up and taking your meds like a good boy! I'm so glad your eyesight is better, too. That bright blue halter looks very fetching against your black and white fur. It sounds like your mom is treating you like a king -- lucky dog! Thanks for sharing the good report. Take care of that good-smellin' mom of yours. :-)

Elizabeth Watson April 9, 2014

So glad to hear from you Bruno, and your good news too! Your mom loves you very much. You know you're a lucky boy, right? Thanks for the happy news; it really made me smile!

rosarita April 9, 2014

Yay, Bruno, so glad you're getting better! Be patient with your poor stressed out mom, it's good she's found some stuff to calm her down. She does smell awesome tho not as good as that squirrel, obviously. Enjoy the blankie :-)

poodle April 9, 2014

Bruno, I'm so happy you have such a good, wonderful smelling mom. Thanks for giving us all an update on how you're doing. I asked her but she's a busy lady and probably pretty tired so I'm pleased to hear your blood work looks better. I've had plenty of nights with dogs on prednisone so I know exactly what she's going through. And also what you're going through of course. My boy Mel likes to roll in stinky things too and I also do not approve. It must be a mom thing.

Tena April 9, 2014

Bruno sweetie, Hearing from you this AM made me smile a LOT. My greyhounds are very fond of extrait of deer poo, and Ripley tries the "lick off Mom's skin" when I put on MKK . I am so glad that you are feeling better, and I know your Mom is more than willing to put up with Lake Piddle if it means the drugs are working to make you better. You go snuggle under your blankie - I bet seeing that make Mom better too.

Solanace April 9, 2014

Happy to hear that you are doing good, Bruno! Hope your mom can easily sleep again after she takes you out...

jilliecat April 9, 2014

Best news ever!!! We've been worrying about you, old chap, and are very relieved that you are feeling so much better. Now keep it up - and if you are a good boy your mom just might let you roll around in something exquisite! xxxxx

zazie April 9, 2014

Hi, Bruno, there's nothing like dead squirrel extrait, isn't it? Moms just don't get it. I'm glad you're doing fine. The blanket thing sound awesome - you are very much loved. p.s. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the facial? Love the idea! :D I'm sending you lots of scratching under the ears. With love...

thinkingmagpie April 9, 2014

Hey Bruno! I'm sooooo happy to hear about your platelet count result!!! That's great! Thank you Bruno, it's a good new to start the day with. :) Btw, tell your mom, Mitsouko edt over Creme Riche sounds yummy!

taffyj April 9, 2014

Yay, Bruno! Ya gotta fabulous nose! Nothin' beats the 411 you get from sniffing under another's tail, but perfume, especially the skanky stuff, is a good sniff. So happy you are feeling better and peeing and pooping those coyotes away. Can I say that you look so fly in your new halter! Lots of kisses and hugs to you and your Mom!

Gwenyth April 9, 2014

Hi, I'm Mikki and my Mom is Gwenyth (I don't have thumbs or fingers, so I am dictating and my Mom is typing...) I was really, really sick for a while and I was losing most of my fur. My Mom called me Naked Dog and she made me wear sweaters all the time - especially in the winter. After many trips to the vet (I don't like that place, even if the Dr. is good to me) they decided to give me some prednisone. Prednisone made me hungry and thirsty, but it helped me to get better. Prednisone is good. I am now a healthy, happy dog with all my fur! My Mom is very happy, too. She's another one of the strange humans who sprays stuff on her skin All. The. Time. Her stuff smells s-t-r-o-n-g. She loves it, but me and the cats are not so sure..... I kinda like one of the ones she wears - it smells like sweet Turkish candy (I love the taste of it) so when she wears it I try to lick her arms. Mmmm. Tasty! She whispered the name of it to me. It is Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri. From one dog to another, Bruno, I'm very glad you are feeling better. Us dogs need to stick together to watch after our humans, right? Take care and keep on sniffin' P.S. My Mom says she really likes the stuff your Mom writes.

HemlockSillage April 9, 2014

Heya, Bruno! You're totally adorbs, and so's your mum. So glad to hear you're better. This is the bestest news I've heard. Yea!! Thanks for making me laugh on a really dark day. Bruno and Miz Musette are da best. (Hugs!)

Spiker April 9, 2014

Yay for Bruno! So relieved to hear from the big guy! Prednisone is working wonders for my cat as well. And, if the litterbox does need more frequent cleaning, it's worth it to see spring back in her step. Thank you so much for letting Bruno share the good news. How awesome he got his vision back as well. What a good boy!

kelly cross April 9, 2014

You GO, Bruno.