Seven Veils by Byredo Perfumes

seven veilsWell, I finally got around to try this one. Musette said it was finally a Byredo that she could really love. My scent twin was less than thrilled with it, writing it was cloying on her. Seven Veils is of course named for Salomé and her famous dance, which entranced a king to the point that he, at her request, bring the head of the man who spurned her to her on a platter. Harsh.

Unfortunately, I found Seven Veils a bit harsh. I liked the opening sweet carrot note, bit then I get a strange, rubbery accord that I can’t name and the spices just get way too strident on my skin. I don’t get the animalic aspects that Musette gets, but then my skin does tend to neuter musks.

Like my scent twin, I really gave Seven Veils the old college try, but it just didn’t work out for me. If you tried it and loved it (or hated it) let us know in the comments.

Notes (from Luckyscent):

Carrot, pimento berries, Tahitian vanilla flower, laurier rose, glycine, tiger orchid, sandalwood, vanilla bean

Available at the usual suspects at $145 for 50ML, $220 for 100ML or $110 for 3 13ML travel sprays

My sample came from a goodie bag, I believe from Luckyscent. Photo from Luckyscent.

  • Lynley says:

    I tried this a couple of years ago. I loved it on the scent strip but when I went back to try it on skin it smelt like cat pee. My tastes do change a bit so maybe I should re-test. I haven’t had much luck with Byredo though..

  • jilliecat says:

    I don’t think I could fancy a perfume smelling of carrots and pimentos ….. a bit too foodie? By the way, loved your post over on PST about pasta – now that IS the sort of food I am interested in!

  • Ann says:

    Hey, Tom! I tried this one after Musette raved about it and really liked it, especially as a nice cool-weather scent. Do any other Byredos float your boat?

  • Musette says:

    LOL! I always love when this happens! Like with Missy March and that blasted…crap, what is the name of it? Oh, yeah. Courtesan. Yick. But she luuuurves it!

    and I can’t imagine why I read tiger $&8# instead of tiger orchid. I need to get new glasses…