Mary K March 27, 2015

I think anything with neroli or orange blossom would be great for a wedding.

Brooke March 26, 2015

i would love to try this! i think if i were ever to get married i'd wear sl fleur d'oranger...it's traditional!

Hannah March 26, 2015

I love super sweet scents, so I may really like this one! Although I like sweet scents, they may be a little much for a wedding- I think a light floral would be perfect for a bride on her wedding day!

Rachel Luria March 25, 2015

My favorite Guerlain is Cuir Beluga! I have been dying to try "La Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie" so I would be delighted to try a sample!

london March 25, 2015

My wedding perfume was Ellie which isn't too far from Puredistance I.

poodle March 25, 2015

Doesn't strike me as something I'd wear on my wedding day but then again I bet my hubby would love it so maybe I would. I would pick a perfume that was a favorite and not a perfume specifically to be my wedding perfume. I actually wore Angel on my wedding day but that was back before the rest of the world got a hold of it and blew out everyone's nostrils with it. That would be 16 years ago this coming weekend. Yikes.

dremybluz March 24, 2015

i have a love for sweet prfumes

Etom March 24, 2015

I have a deep deep love for gourmands and a huge fan of Guerlain. Believe it or not, this actually sounds very much like something I would go for...

Bunny March 24, 2015

well, I love many of the Guerlains and am particularly fond of the gourmands- Gourmand Coquin and Mon Precieux Nectar are 2 faves. I blind bought "le plus beau jour de ma vie" and I have to say it is even sweeter than I expected. But, I still like it- and my husband Loves it on me- so maybe Guerlain was thinking more of the male reaction to the perfume for a wedding-lol. And I do think the bottle is quite pretty, but I've decanted the perfume to use rather than use the puff atomizer.

Tara C March 24, 2015

I do like gourmands and sweet scents (hello Profumum Vanitas) so I want to try it, but I doubt I would spend that much on it. I wore Atelier Cologne's Silver Iris on my wedding day last summer.

AnnieA March 24, 2015

I love Encens Mythique and Vetiver Pour Elle, but Jane, you are far from the only person who thinks Guerlain isn't currently maintaining its high standards...

Connie March 24, 2015

Your suboptimal reaction makes me want to experience this for myself and see if I'm horrified. My favorite Guerlain is L'Heure Bleue, and I think Rose Absolue by Annick Goutal would be a nice wedding perfume. Maybe not for me, but for someone.

JillM March 24, 2015

I have a weakness for sweet things in life, fragrance included. The sweeter you described it the more I want to try it. My wedding day choices would be Jour de Fete or my fave Guerlain Apres L'Ondee, La Pausa 28 is a close runner up.

Neva March 24, 2015

To me a wedding fragrance is supposed to make you happy and lift you up to the sky. I'd say everyone has something else that would serve this purpose and for me it would be definitely Clinique Wrappings. So, obviously Guerlain's new "wedding scent" is not my cup of tea.

bevfred March 24, 2015

Way back in 1969 I wore Shalimar at my wedding. It was lovely then. Guerlain is not what it used to be on any level.

Jane Bentley March 24, 2015

I admit that I have a knee-jerk reaction of joy whenever I hesr a new Guerlain is coming out. I MUST try this! However, I'm probably the only person on earth who thinks the quality of this house has gone down since Wasser arrived. IMHO a wedding fragrance should be a soft, feminine, not-overly-sweet floral.

Tiffanie March 24, 2015

I'm weak when it comes to sweets from Guerlain, especially when they hit the vanilla. After I read your thoughts on Le Plus Beau Jour de ma Vie, I put on Terracotta Le Parfum. I have been sniffing it for the last few hours, and it makes a nice change. I do love it, but I almost wish it were a bit stronger, hee-hee. Thanks for the fragrant inspiration.

Ingeborg March 24, 2015

This one sounds too sweet for my taste. I don't know what would make the perfect perfume for a bride, I think it would depend on season, personality and should ideally also go with the kind of dress chosen. I love my Chamade edp, I get very little flowers from it, but a nice green scent, also liked by most people. So Chamade can be used nearly everwhere at this time of the year. I bought a sample of Confetto (see Katherine's comment) and it smells just like the sugar-coated almonds sold in French confisseries, all sugar and vanilla. Not what we associate with weddings where I live, traditions differ very much from north to south in Europe.

eldarwen22 March 24, 2015

Truth be told, this doesn't sound like anything special. Kind of sounds like something like something Vera Wang would put out. If I ever get married, I would probably wear something like Shalimar.

puhfume March 24, 2015

My favorite Guerlain is definitely Shalimar. It's very sensual and I love the contrast between the sharp bergamot and the creamy, dark vanilla. As for wedding scents, I always think white flowers are very appropriate for weddings. Not the most exciting but it definitely makes me feel radiant.

thegoddessrena March 24, 2015

If I ever marry my current guy then my perfume will be Sacrebleu-- wore it the first time we kissed and he loves it on me

Katherine March 24, 2015

I love Profumun's conefetto. It smells like weddings to me.

Caroline March 24, 2015

Oy, how disappointing. Sounds like Lancome's La Vie est Belle. The bottle is pretty, though I loathe bulb atomizers. If you look on the N-M site, they have an empty Guerlain atomizer ("prestigious refillable atomizer") that looks just like this one, and retails for $225! Not clear to me whether the empty also has the dang bulb. I'll stick with Chamade and Shalimar, thanks. Pass!

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