Craving Monday: A little Guerlain, a little Amouage

cravingWe perfumistas have so much to love and enjoy, oftentimes so much so that we could go for weeks, months (and for a few of you maybe even longer) and never wear the same scent twice. And I’m the worst, mostly fickle and tend to switch it up on a daily (if not twice daily) basis. But once in a while, a real craving takes hold, like a bulldog with a bone, and it just won’t let go; you want to wear the same scent(s) day after day after day. That rarely happens to me, but lately it’s hit me hard.

I’ve taken to wearing Amouage Ubar on one wrist and Guerlain’s Encens Mythique d’Orient on the other, the Mythique sometimes topped with just a dab of Couvent des Minimes Eau des Mission Cologne, because it is just so darned yummy. (Please don’t shoot me all you EM purists -– I still love it solo.) I have worn these scents for three or four nights in a row –- probably close to a record for me –- and now they are delicoiusly imprinted on the sleeve of my jacket. Ahhhh …

And I’ve discovered a nice side effect, a real silver lining to my craving. Although we can no longer wear fragrance in my perfume-free office, now I am working the scented sleeve angle like nobody’s business. Hanging on the coat hook on the wall of my cubicle, I only have to lean my head over a few inches to drink in some divine scent. My own private sniff session, indulging my craving and not disturbing anyone else. Might sound a little goofy, but hey, it works for me and I get my scent fix without raising a stink (pardon the pun).

What have you found yourself craving lately and wearing day after day? Or what’s your favorite scent to have “up your sleeve”?

  • Lynley says:

    My fickle perfumista heart doesnt allow for many repeat wearings, only a couple of frags a season maybe. Over the course of this summer there has been 3: Wit- because it’s just so bright and happy, AdP Acqua Colonia Oud on endless hot sultry nights, and Mito VdE. Galbanum and Tuberose. This one kept me coming back over and over.

    • Ann says:

      Hiya, Lynley! You’ve got some nice choices there. I’ve not tried the AdP oud, but Wit and Mito I do so like. Need to go revisit them as soon as the weather warms up a big more here — thanks for the reminder!

  • carole says:

    Oh my-I thought this province was the only scent free zone! My trick : I put a dab between the knuckles of my ring finger, and the middle finger, of my left hand. My secret scented spot 🙂 Today it’s Fille en Berlin.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Carole! Unfortunately it seems as if more and more offices and workplaces are banning scent. I’m so glad you shared your “secret scented spot” — will have to try that myself!

      • tarn says:

        I’ve been craving Papillon Perfume’s Anubis lately – all smoke and candlewax, not at all spring-like – and Penhaligons Ostara, which definitely IS spring-like, and rather lovely. Not worn together, though. 🙂

        Re: scent-free offices – I’m an observer from the other side of the pond (and rather worried that the trend will make it’s way here…)
        And I’m wondering, where’s the backlash? Why is nobody saying, ‘Wait a minute, where’s the scientific proof that my perfume is harmful to others?’ OK, maybe people don’t want to make waves at work. But why isn’t IFRA, or the fragrance industry in general, making a bigger fuss about it, instead of just rolling over?

        I recently got embroiled in a online argument about it, and did some research. There’s a lot of propaganda and hysteria, but I am not convinced there’s actually any proper science behind the bans.
        I did find independent scientific articles which debunk the ‘Chemicals are killing us!’ scare stories, but I had to dig through page after page of ‘Chemicals are bad, m’kay?’ results to find them. People do love a scare story…

        I also found a study of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which used double-blinds and other scientific tests to investigate reactions to the substances claimed to trigger symptoms. (MCS ‘symptoms’ include headaches, migraines, nausea, etc.)
        The study concluded that MCS is a spurious diagnosis and symptoms were likely psychosomatic. But on fragrance, it also found that:

        “In no case was there persuasive evidence that any olfactory mechanism involving fragrance underlies either induction of a sensitized state or the triggering of MCS symptoms. Fragrances and other odorants could, however, be associated with symptoms as claimed by MCS symptomatics, because they are recognizable stimuli, but fragrance has not been demonstrated to be causal in the usual sense.”

        That was the American Health Foundation’s Environmental Health and Safety Council.

        Incidentally, the argument I had was over a blog post which explained in great detail why fragrance was so very bad for you, and then went on with a hard sell for the blogger’s unfragranced products. Right…… 😉

  • Tara C says:

    No specific scent cravings, although I have been enjoying my usual orientals. Today is Ambre Russe.

    • Ann says:

      Mmmm, Tara, you smell good! I love it that you’re giving your orientals lots of love 🙂

  • Tiara says:

    I almost wish something would grab me again that I want to wear for days. Boredom has set in and nothing sounds great for a repeat. I wonder if it’s because I have too much perfume, there are too many choices. Or am I so used to trying something new that the old stuff has become ho-hum. Dunno, but glad you’re in a happy place perfume-wise!

    • Ann says:

      Tiara, don’t give up — sometimes when you least expect it, something will hit you out of the blue and it will be instant love. But you are right; there are just so many choices, and we do seem to love the thrill of the chase, always looking to sniff the latest and greatest that comes along.

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  • March says:

    A perfume-free office makes me sad, although I understand the reasoning…. it’s that complete wack time of year when I’ve had to get umpty-leventy things out, trying to find the right thing *grumble grumble* I think I have a decant of that Couvent in a box, now I’ll have to dig it up! LOVE leftover scents on clothing, one of the major benefits of perfume fandom.

    • Ann says:

      Howdy, March — so nice to see you! It is sort of an in-between time and I, too, have been poking around a lot. Hope you find (and like) the Couvent; I’m enjoying the dickens out of it solo and as a nice layer-er.

  • Neva says:

    Ever since I joined the perfumistas club, I have a problem…I secretly long for the quiet days when I had my perfume bottle and I used it up in 2-3 months to buy another one for the next period.
    Now it’s become a constant search for THE PERFECT SCENT. I’ve discoverd a lot of gems meanwhile, but not a single one which would become THE ONE. Nevertheless there are periods when I wear the same perfume for days and right now it’s Wrappings by Clinique, the ultimate Spring scent for me ever since my college days. Luckily the scent has not suffered from reformulations and it is still fantastic.

    • Ann says:

      Oh, yes, Neva! Life was so much simpler back then, but less exciting, too. So glad you’re enjoying Wrappings; it’s one of my favorites as well. And so happy it still smells the same — yay!!

  • Julie L says:

    I don’t really have one right now, but the Guerlain incense mythique sounds like it’s heartbreakingly beautiful!

    • Ann says:

      Hiya, Julie! Do give the Encens Mythique a try sometime. It’s a treat if you especially love dark roses and incense.

  • Jackie b says:

    Too much choice, too litle time! No, I could not possibly stick to one fragrance only…too much of a flibbertigibbet!

    • Ann says:

      I hear you, Jackie — guess I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet, too! (What a great word!) But sometimes a scent gets stuck with me and I’ve gotta give it more skin time.

  • Tiffanie says:

    I’m stuck on Vanille Galante all day every day. I really like the way it feels – calm and relaxed.

    My favorite up the sleeve scent combo is the accidental layering I get when I wear Eau des Merveilles one day and something floral, especially rose, the next day. There is something in the EdM which amps up flowers and makes them extra delicious.

    • Ann says:

      Excellent, Tiffanie! Anything that helps you feel calm and relaxed is a big plus in my book. And your sleeve combo does sound extra delicious.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I have been craving vintage Bal a Versailles. I was a little dissapointed that the PdT bottle was was advertised as new in box, full, wasn’t because since the bottle is that white canister, I held it up to the light and it was only half full. Thought to myself, no wonder it doesn’t feel like a full 2 ounce bottle. Vintage Bal in PdT is hard enough to come by and rarer still that you find one reasonably priced. I’m happy that I was able to get two other bottles (one half full and the other three quarters full) for something reasonable. But still, sinking $150 on what is advertised as full but not is not something I like to do.

  • Eloquaint says:

    Lately, and for reasons I don’t understand, as it’s not like my usual favorites, I want to wear Frederic Malle’s Musc Ravageur all the time. The other one that’s got me right now is Amouage Gold-the men’s version.

    I have a sneaky trick I use when going into scent-free situations. I have all of my favorite perfumes decanted into small rollerball bottles, and when I know I can’t wear perfume, I put a couple of swipes on my wrist. I’ve yet to offend anyone or even be caught at it, no matter what kind of migraineur I’ve sat next to. The scent is so close to my skin and discreet that I can smell it by sniffing my wrist, but apparently no one else gets that close. Resting my chin on my hand is a particularly useful way to get a hit.

    • Ann says:

      That’s a great idea — glad it works so well for you. And I like that you’ve found a discreet way to get a hit of your scent. I’ve not tried the Gold for men, but if it’s anything like the women’s, then it must be quite something!

  • Artist says:

    With the endless cold here in the Northeastern US I suddenly find myself only wearing original Chantecaille Frangipane….I wore it one sunny, warm September in Umbria….and it smells better than ever, and warms my heart ( and bones!!!)

    • Ann says:

      Beautiful scent choice to beat this endless winter! And such a lovely trip back in time for you as well. Must go find my sample …

  • Victoria says:

    I find myself craving Givenchy Ambre Velours. I don’t think I could ever get tired of it, because it always transports me back to sunny days in California. 🙂

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Victoria! What a nice scent memory. We could all use some sunny days in California, right? 🙂