Under the weather Monday: Good comfort scents

weatherSorry to report that I’m feeling a bit under the weather today (back and wrist acting up, among other things) and have decided it’s probably for the best that I just take it easy and lie low for a day or two.

But first, some comforting aromatherapy. I do think that the right scents can help take your mind off your aches and pains. So perhaps I’l indulge in a dab of my happy place Le Labo Tubereuse 40 on one wrist, and Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions Cologne on the other.

Speaking of which, I actually found this a while back at a nearby Ulta. It wasn’t in with the regular spray fragrances, but was over in the bath area. Very cool, and I was so excited to actually see it on the shelf that an SA came over to see if I needed help. After I went on and on about it, I got her to sniff it and she loved it, so think I made a convert.

Anyway, back to comfort: What scent(s) do you turn to when you’re feeling under the weather?

Although, the more I think about it, with this hot, humid weather we’re having here in my neck of the woods, shouldn’t everything be good and warmed up with no problems? I always thought chilly, rainy days made creaky joints, old injuries, arthritis, etc., act up, but I guess not always.

  • Neyon says:

    I feel like a lovely sweet violet fragrance is great for dull days…there is something about violet that is introverted and dewy, making it suited to cloudy rainy days, and at the same time is delicate and magical, making it dreamily uplifting (Penhaligon’s Violetta)

  • March says:

    Oh sweetie! I just saw this. I hope you feel better soon! PS LOVE that Missions cologne.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, dear — am about back to normal now. And I hope your girl is recovering quickly from her injury. When will she get to come home? Am keeping her (and all of you) in my thoughts and prayers. And yep, that Missions is the best. Now I have to get my hands on the soap and see if we can persuade them to do a body lotion, cream, etc.

  • tiffanie says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Le Couvent des Minimes. I stopped by Ulta after a dental appointment this morning and tried two. I came home with a bottle of Eau des Minimes (the white label). The other one I tried was Eau des Matines (turquoise label). I would have liked to bring that one home, too. Self-restraint is stronger in the morning. I’m looking forward to draining my new bottle over the warm summer months, so I can indulge in another.

    • Ann says:

      Very cool, Tiffanie — lucky you!! I have not sniffed those but need to ASAP. I love your theory that “self-restraint is stronger in the morning,” I think you might be right 🙂

      • tiffanie says:

        Heh, besides early morning self-restraint, the other thing that stopped me from bringing home another bottle was that Eau des Missions was out of stock at Ulta, thank goodness for small mercies.

  • Tiara says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’m finding hot weather is great for my back and knee. Hot HUMID weather not so much. Last week we had several days with low humidity and temps were high 70’s, low 80’s. Everything felt great. Back to higher dewpoint days and I can tell. I obviously need to slowly cruise my local Ulta–haven’t seen that here but will certainly look more closely now.

    • Ann says:

      Tiara, I think you’re right — it’s the humidity that’s the culprit! Do go exploring at Ulta and let us know what you think. Hope the temps/humidity let up so you’ll be feeling up to snuff very soon.

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    Sorry you are not feeling well, Ann. I am trying to think of a comfort scent myself… tricky knee, hot & humid weather, plus I don’t think I can face going to work today. Probably Jardin Sur le Nil because I always reach for it in sticky, thunder-stormy weather. Or maybe one of my other summer favorites: Floris Edwardian Bouquet. Feel better soon! XO

    • Ann says:

      Oh, no — sorry to hear you’re under the weather, too. Thanks for your kind words and hope you feel better soon.

  • Portia says:

    Get well Ann,
    Always go with my ultimate faves when I’m ill. Shalimar, No 5, MdO Vanille and Liberte.
    Portia xx

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, dear! I can’t do Shalimar with you 🙁 and haven’t tried the Liberte but I’m with you 100 percent on the MdO — that’s some lovely juice!

  • Sonia says:

    I love all the Le Couvents scents- the price is terrific and I think any of them is great in this humid, hot weather.
    I’m starting to think for some of us, any extreme weather is hard on the body- sigh.

    • Ann says:

      Yep, Sonia, you are right — these extreme temps are hard on the ol’ bones 🙂 I need to try the other Le Couvents scents as well, thanks!

  • leathermountain says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Absolutely great scents help with all kinds of pains and distresses. For me it’s not one particular scent but the fun of experiencing good scents. The closest thing I have to a go-to is Roses jojoba-based roll-on from Enfleurage Inc. It’s just a couple of rose absolutes diluted in the oil, and it’s simply lovely.

    • Ann says:

      You are so right about scents, and thanks for your good wishes. That rose oil scent sounds nice and I would think the jojoba oil would be soothing and moisturizing, too.

  • elisa p says:

    @ Nemo: Yes, very office friendly.All of their colognes are light and good for warm weather, even the vanilla. And they are very affordable.

  • Kate C says:

    Hope you feel better soon – I can relate because my health is precarious too. My comfort scents are: MiKMOI Ao on one wrist and MiKMOI Aldwych on the other. It’s a dreamy combination.

    • Ann says:

      Kate, thank you. And thanks for sharing those two scents — haven’t ever tried them so they are now on my radar. Can you tell us more about them? Thanks!

      • Kate C says:

        MIKMOI is a tiny perfume line by a well traveled perfumer and artist named Mik. He is based in Japan Town San Francisco (I live nearby) His perfumes are very unusual. I got a sample packet and liked Ao right away – it is the softest of the collection and maybe most accessible. It’s kind of like a modern zen aquatic with sharp ozone. Aldwych took me months to come to enjoy. It is sort of a gentleman’s club kind of scent but with a weird kinky London subculture skew. The one I really want to try to like (but have not managed to yet) is Vesper. All I seem to remember about it is a strong rubber and leather. But I highly recommend getting the sample pack and taking yourself on a perfume adventure. http://www.mikmoi.com/

  • Nemo says:

    I have been cuious about Les Couvents products for a long time! It sounds like this one might be okay in hot/humid weather, and would you say it is work-friendly? 🙂

    It is amazing to me still, after being in the perfume world for a few years, how much of a different a teensy bit of perfume can make to the mood (if not the back, unfortunately!). All sorts of things can make my back act funny, even things you would think would help (like exercise, seconding Elisa P above). I hope you feel better soon!

    • Ann says:

      Thank you, Nemo. Perfume really is amazing that way, as you said. And I do think the Couvents dabbed would be fine for in an office, as it does seem to ease into a bit of a skin scent after awhile (on me at least).

  • elisa p says:

    Sorry about the aches & pains and I feel you on that. Aside from some chronic back stuff I have an exercise injury in my back/ribs and as soon as it gets better, I do it again! I always suspected exercise was bad for you 😉 .Fragrance helps 1) because I love it 2) because it’s a passive activity but distracting and stimulating at the same time. As far as comfort scents: I also own and love that Les Couvents. It’s just so easy and friendly without being too sweet or synthetic. It layers well especially with my Tokyo Milk Bittersweet, not so sweet cocoa. Another comfort scent is Rochas Femme which probably sounds crazy. It just hits that G-spot in my brain 🙂 It’s as comfortable after work as taking off the tailored clothes and donning the old sweats. And if I remember correctly from nursing school: heat is better for rheumatoid arthritis, cold for regular “osteo” arthritis. Hope you feel better!

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, Elisa! Feeling much better now. I think you are spot on when you talk about how fragrance is distracting and stimulating; it really does help us take our mind off things. So glad to see another Couvents fan!