Myrrhiad by Huitieme Art Parfums 2011

Hey there Posse, Pierre Guillaume is a very sexy man. I would love to meet him one day. His fragrances make me think he has sweetness, strength of character and subtlety in his own make up. How else could he create these luscious fragrances that quite often sweet me off my olfactric feet. Myrrhiad has had a polarising effect on the scentbloggosphere but I have also been told on more than one occasion that I should try it or that it’s completely me. Why have I hesitated? Who knows but I have a large Myrrhiad decant here and it’s nearly half empty from my constant spritzing over the last couple of days….

Myrrhiad by Huitieme Art Parfums 2011

Myrrhiad by Pierre Guillaume

Myrrhiad Huitieme Art Parfums FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Myrrh, leather, black tea, vanilla, licorice

Firstly, I’d like to say how sad I am that the bottles have all gone black. I know I was in the minority but I thought the white bottles lovely. Does this make my original Ambre Ceruleen bottle a collectors item now? The black is very elegant and I’m sure it will not be nearly as polarising as the white but still.

Sweet, warm, dry and lightly tannic. I find this particular gourmand so easy to wear and habitable, Myrrhiad’s sweetness is there in full force but with the tea/leather cutting through my skin throws a delightful rasp and dryness that is unexpected. Really though, on my skin the star is the amber/myrrh and everything else is just there to bolster and fill. I’m surprised that rose and musk are not in the notes given or maybe I’m reading tea/licorice as a spicy & sugared rose but I really do think there are some smoothing musks here. I don’t get laundry as such but a clean and soapy feel without going as far down that track as so many fragrances do these days.

V0014974 Nymphs holding the new born Adonis next to a myrrh tree reprPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Wear is about 4-5 hours and though it opens large Myrrhiad quickly tames and becomes a soft aura of sweet amber and lightly leather beautifully blended magic that draws me into the complete warmth of the fragrance without really showing me the tricks or pieces of how it was put together. What I smell is an extremely wearable, even for work, soft and welcoming fragrance, maybe a little bit sexy in the dry down but mainly not-raunchy at all.

Just so you know, this is not a new, boundary pushing fragrance. It’s a lovely, solid, beautiful representation of a dry yet sweet myrrh/amber fragrance. I really love it and am thinking about an FB purchase.

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LuckyScent have $125/50ml
First In Fragrance have €110/50ml

Do you love Pierre Guillaume or any of the Huitieme Art series?

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Portia xx

Myrrhiad Huitieme Art Parfums Pierre Guillaume Holidays FacebookPierre Guillaume on holidays, you’re welcome!

  • Musette says:

    hey, babydoll! I LOVE this stuff. I met it at Osswald when last in NY and fell in love with it. Wear it atop Diptyque’s Creme Riche which has a healthy dollop of myrrh in it (I think) – perfect together. Where’d you get that pic of PG? I’d just rolled off that ..erm…floatie…and was swimming to the pool edge to get some suntan lotion for his torso…you must’ve just missed me! 😉


  • carole says:

    God, he is just gorgeous!
    i wondered if you had found a HA to try-I have not smelt this, but your description makes me want to. Love my brother’s Aube Pashmina-think it’s the marigold note.

  • Ann says:

    Howdy, Portia! I was so excited to see this in the spotlight today! Such a lovely, warm, comforting ride. I only have a sample but will be snagging a decant come this fall and cooler temps here. And yes, Mr. Guillaume is quite dishy, but more importantly, I hope he is kind and thoughtful as well. Sounds like from Megan above that he has a good sense of humor, so that’s definitely a plus. Thanks for a yummy post!

  • SamanthaL says:

    This sounds PERFECT. I keep telling myself that I do not need so many decants….and then I read this damn blog!!

  • Hi Portia. I love Myrrhiad – it might not be the most complex perfume out there but who cares when it’s so gorgeous. Don’t get too jealous now but I have sat next to him (well there was someone else beside me so I was one away but it nearly counts) at a dinner this year. I will happily report that he is just as good looking in real life and a complete hoot as well.

    • Portia says:

      Officially GRREEEENNNN with jealousy meganinsaintemaxime.
      I’m so glad he’s amusing; extra points for funny.
      Yes, I agree. Complexity is not necessary when something smells this wonderful.
      Portia xx

  • March says:

    Goodness, he’s delicious looking in his mankini. I’ve not tried this, but I suspect I’d find it delicious as well and it’s probably more obtainable…

  • Tara says:

    Portia, Vanessa met PG and she said he was an absolute sweetheart. I hope you and I both get to meet him too at some point 🙂

    Myrrhiad is lovely and very simple, but I doubt those are the only notes in it. I bet there’s rose and musk if you pick them up.

    “Habitable” is a great descriptor.

    • Portia says:

      I’m SO jealous that Vanessa got to meet PG. We will meet him too one day Tara, and he’ll love us.
      Thanks, you are always so supportive. I’m glad we are buddies.
      Portia xx

  • Jillie says:

    G’day, Portia. and thank you for another lovely pic of PG. I am fond of Caron’s Parfum Sacre, which is a beautiful myrrh cossetted with incense, rose and spices, and I wonder how Myrrhiad would compare with that. It’s hot here right now, and I am beginning to look forward to the autumn and winter months when I can wear Parfum Sacre again – I even have this in hair fragrance!

    • Portia says:

      Hey Jillie,
      Parfum Sacre is a full blown sea witch compared to Myrrhiad. Much more drama and carnation where Myrrhiad is a smoother, softer ride.
      Portia xx