Winners from lame-o me

So….I totally forgot that tomorrow is Friday and I suck because I told you I would have a perfume post and not only do I not have a perfume post I have no sense of smell to even fake it because I drove back to civilization and just took a Benadryl because I  cleaned my incapacitated BFFFE’s absolutely filthy, cat-infested bathroom – it was a late Christmas present; she is prepping for some major spinealator stuff (surgical, probably) and she can barely move, let alone clean a toilet and the floor, etc.   That room is spotless but now my nose is jammed SHUT!

But!  I found a great cleaning ‘hack’  (I hope I am using that correctly.  I’m older than dirt, living in the sticks and have no idea what odd terms like ‘hack’ and ‘bae’ even mean.  Why would a shortcut be called a hack and I can just shut up now, right?…..anyhoo – this is a great one for soap and dirt scum, which I found in multiple postings on Pinterest so if there’s somebody reading this that says ‘ooh!  you STOLE it’ get over yourself.  This is now in the public domain.  You’re welcome.


Okay – here ’tis:  take a cup of white vinegar and about 2/3 cup of Dawn (or its generic equivalent) heat the vinegar in the microwave (or a pan for purists), mix in a spray bottle.  Spray that stuff over anything that is ick.  Let it sit for at least 30 minutes – I forgot about it and let it sit for an hour.  No harm.   Open a window because it is PUNGENT!  Grab the rubber gloves and a scrubby-type sponge – you shouldn’t need a lot of arm power but the scrubby side of a sponge is great because it sort of does that slough thing.  You need the rubber gloves  because ick and also because you will need to get it rinsed well so you don’t fall down the next time you take a shower so super-hot water is essential.  Turn the shower on (if you have a handheld you will be HAPPY) – get the stuff sort of wet then do a light scrub – you can see the soap and ick just slide right off!  What would’ve taken me an exhausting hour took about 5 minutes.

You are welcome.  I use vinegar to clean a lot of thing and the vinegar/Dawn combo is stunning!

But I am whipped and it’s time to go to bed (the Benadryl is starting to work)…so I am going to give you the winners of Tuesday’s post!  I had SO much fun reading all your comments!  This has always been a fun blog – because of YOU.  Seriously.  Your comments make it all worthwhile, since I have no interest in writing in a void.  But enough of that – HERE ARE THE WINNERS!  gmail your deeds to  evilauntieanita and put Daryl Hall in the subject line so I know what to do – and I’ll send you out some beauties!


Feral Jasmine (which autocorrect changes to Freak every time – stupid autocorrect)



  • Tiffanie says:

    Wow! You made my Friday happy. Thank you so much . . . e-mailing you now.

    And thank you for the vinegar/dish soap cleaning tip. I need to work on a grimy tub and shower this weekend.

  • HeidiC says:

    Yay for samples! And bless you for helping your friend — my gift to friends in trouble is stealing all their dirty laundry and returning it all clean and folded.

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Thanks so much! I emailed you my address pronto.

    What you did for your friend is a real act of love. I had a lot of mobility problems for a while until two surgeries returned me to the world of walking, bending, stooping people who can clean things for themselves, and I remember so well how you don’t want to ask for help and go along pretending you will somehow get it under control until things are cruddy enough that you are too mortified to ask for help. You are a real friend.