Perfume Lovers London: An Evening with Portia Turbo

Hey Posse,

Yes, it’s true. I have been invited by the wonderful Lila das Gupta to be the Guest Speaker at Perfume Lovers London and gleefully accepted the invitation.. Now all we need is YOU to come along and join the An Evening with Portia Turbo party.

Perfume Lovers London

An Evening with Portia Turbo

Lila Perfume Lovers LondonLila das Gupta

The theme of the night is Great Women and we have some fun interactive ideas and hope as many of you APJ Crew that are around London and available can come be a part of the fun. Perfume Lovers London has drinks and some food and I will be bringing some famous Australian delicacies for you to try also.

Even if I tried to tell you how excited I am about this gig it would fall well short of the mark. I chat for around an hour and then we all get to mingle and really spend some fun time together. Please come and be the audience, it will make An Evening With Portia Turbo infinitely more special with some of the Perfume Posse in the house.

Portia Turbo Opera House PetezImages1

When: Thursday, January 28, 2016 7pm to 10pm (Doors open 6.30pm)
Where: October Gallery  24 Old Gloucester Street WC1N 3AL LONDON
Cost: GBP34.00

For those that have never been before you need to join Perfume Lovers London and then you can book your tickets. They are already selling like hot cakes so don’t delay.

Jin and I will both be there as well as Birgit and Tara from Olfactoria’s Travels, Val the Cookie Queen and Blondes Wunder from the APJ crew. Some of my mates from Australia and the USA happen to be in London at the time so you’ll get to meet and mingle with them too.

One of the things I’ve loved so much about starting APJ is the amount of incredible people we have met all around the world. We have made some super friends and would LOVE IT if we could add you to that amazing list. Don’t be shy, we are waiting to meet you.

Hopefully see you for An Evening with Portia Turbo,
Portia xx

  • Lisa D says:

    My goodness, that would be the best start to a year, evah! Fifteen minutes in, and the entire crowd will be at your feet, sweetheart. Why? Because Portia.

    Have a fantastic time!

  • SallyM says:

    Oh I am SO envious! London is my original home city but I live in the US. Booooo! I’m sure it will be a night of frags, fun and frivolity and you will absolutely rock it.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    It’s a pity that it’s in London and that I live in the US. But have a lot of fun for me.

  • Tara says:

    As you know, I am so excited about this event that just thinking about it makes me smile.

    For anyone who hasn’t been to a PLL meeting, the group is really friendly and you will be made very welcome. We have a lot of fun.

    I can’t wait for the full Portia Turbo experience!

    • Portia says:

      Having you there will make everything OK I know it.
      Thanks for being such a supportive buddy. It means so much.
      Portia xxx

  • YEY! I would LOVE, really love, to be able to attend and meet you in person (why the hell do I live in Japan?) and am dying to know what perfumes you are going to choose. As you know, I also hosted an event there on vanilla perfumes and petrified though I was, Lila was lovely to me and it ended up going very well.

    I hope yours is a huge success.

    • Portia says:

      I TOTALLY plotzed when I saw your Vanilla night. It looked amazing and I think it’s my favourite note. Then you did that wonderful Vanilla series for Olfactoria’s Travels right?
      That was when I fell madly in love with you.
      Honestly, I’m glad you won’t be there, how could I even speak with you in the room.
      Portia xx