What’s in your shopping cart: What are you THIS close to buying?

I think we all probably do it from time to time. We see a great buy online on something, or decide to splurge on a favorite scent or product, and we put it in our shopping cart. Now whether we… Continue Reading

Post-Halloween fright: What’s your scent nemesis?

Well, Halloween may be over, but there are still a few things floating around of which to be a little afraid, even in the fragrance world. What’s your big, bad scent nemesis? What strikes fear into your perfumed heart? The… Continue Reading

Fetish Parfum by Roja Dove 2012 GIVEAWAY

Hey Posse gang, It’s getting cool down here in Sydney as you all get the warmth. We still have lovely sun filled days but our nights are cool, cool, cool. You probably are still having cool-ish mornings and nights too?… Continue Reading