What I Did On My Birthday, Part Deux: Playing Hookie

Happy July 4th!

Yes, I know it’s only the 30th and still June, but the 4th this year is on Tuesday and I have made the executive decision that I am off Monday. A friend of mine is visiting from NYC so that’s lovely, the birthday dinner on Wednesday was lucullan and once again featured a cake from Hansen’s that was delicious but huge (picture is from my b-day a few years ago, cake from the same place, and same BFF hostess.) My bottle of Serge Noire arrived with a goody bag filled with piles of what Joe Keenan wrote of as “gooke de femme” so between the leftovers, visitors and beauty treatments I think it’s going to be a great weekend.

If you’d like to share your plans, please do so in the comments.
Image: my archives.


  1. Happy birthday! My Fourth of July is very quiet this year. Staying in, catching up on the new Twin Peaks

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