Olfactory fireworks for the Fourth of July

fireworksWith the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner (Tuesday) for our Posse peeps in the U.S., and the parades, picnics and fireworks that go with it, I pondered what, if any, scent has ever set off fireworks in my brain.

It didn’t take long for one fragrance to pop up: Clinique Wrappings. It bowled me over (almost literally) when I first sniffed it way back when (1990, according to Basenotes). “Fizzy,” “boozy,” “effervescent,” and “nose tickling” were a few of the impressions that ricocheted around in my head after my initial spray. I remember thinking, “Mmmm, now this is what champagne should smell like.”

Wrappings is such a great hot-weather scent that I’m not sure why Clinique only sells it around the winter holidays (and only at a select few department store counters). Sure, I get the play on gift wrap, and I can understand that it might be seen as having kind of a winter vibe to some noses, but I think it easily could be a best-seller for them year-round. Maybe they could market it as “the sophisticated girl’s Happy” (or “the tipsy girl’s Happy,” ha!) or something. I know people who simply adore it and would buy it by the caseload in any season.
Another scent that’s got plenty of sparkle and razzle-dazzle (at least for me), is Gucci Rush. This scent’s got such oomph, such personality, that it would have been right at home under the mirror balls of the disco era, and right on through today. But alas, now that I want to sniff it again, I can’t put my hands on the sample. But it’ll turn up sooner or later. Also, Byredo’s Pulp and Clinique’s Calyx, with their effervescent, juicy fruit bombiness, rank right up there also as fireworks scents that tingle my nose delightfully.

So tell me, what fragrance sets off sparks in your brain when you sniff it?

men perfumes July 7, 2017

It smells wonderful! I think I found my new favorite scent. As soon as I used it I realized why it was so cheap.

Ann July 6, 2017

Hi, dear -- so nice to see you! Hope you and all the kids are doing well (are they all in college yet?) :0 I've not tried the HM, but do remember enjoying the Ines scent. Must go dig up my sample of it now. And so sorry that Wrappings went south on you. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. Take care ...

Mals86 July 5, 2017

For fizz, I like Hanae Mori Haute Couture (basically a wine cooler you spray on! :) ) and the first Ines de la Fressange -- sad to say, both are discontinued and the Ines is totally unfindable now, though I think you can still pick up Haute Couture for super-cheap at the discounters. I was surprised to discover that I do not like Wrappings. Something about the base reads "dirty vasewater vetiver" to me.

HeidiC July 5, 2017

I feel fireworks about Neela Vermeire's Ashoka, and I've had that fizzy experience with Annick Goutal's Mandragore.

Tara C July 3, 2017

Andt Tauer Noontide Petals is a lovely effervescent floral. I find several of his scents fizzy: Incense Rosé and Orange Star come to mind. For aldehydic fizz that smells of champagne, there is ELdO Vraie Blonde and Keiko Mecheri Myrre et Merveilles.

rosarita313 July 3, 2017

I'm not sure if I've ever smelled Wrappings, probably because I hate to shop and avoid department stores around the holidays - all the time, actually, and it's easy to do since there's no decent mall anywhere close. But I'm totally with you on Gucci Rush! It's so fun to wear and a sultry summer evening is the perfect time for it. I forget about Rush way too easily and I think I have a bottle somewhere.

bevfred July 3, 2017

Hi Maggiecat! I had the same experience with Aliage. I think they dumbed it down.

Maggiecat July 3, 2017

Back when I was in college (longer ago than I intend to note here), I was shopping with some post-Christmas cash and sniffed EL Aliage. Swoon. Bought perfume and candle. My first true love...and yet when I found and tried it a couple of years ago, I didn't like it at all. Did it change or did I?

pjmcbride July 2, 2017

Azuree! The first scent I ever fell in love with.