Surviving the dog days of summer

dog days La Cologne Du Parfumeur Guerlain Fragrantica
Howdy, Posse folks! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, we are now well and truly into the dog days of summer. Those days when summer’s winding down and it’s nearing back to school time (which many of us have already started), and the long, hot, often humid days have many of us thinking ahead to cooler fall days and chilly autumn nights. Not that I’m complaining about summer, mind you, just getting a little antsy for some seasonal change.

So what to wear during these dog days? During them I tend to avoid anything too complicated or structured; things that are somewhat light, not too bright, but pleasant and easygoing are at the top of my list.

Some of my usual summer staples are just too much/too late right now, a bit too bright and fizzy — much as I love them, looking at you Calyx and Wrappings, among others of their ilk.

So I’ve been pulling out some of my favorite standbys, scents that please and are not too demanding or over-the-top, such as Chanel’s 1932, Guerlain’s Cologne du Parfumeur (perfect even for anti-perfume situations and blends beautifully with just about anything else), and my old summer standby, Aerin Lauder’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle. Each of these makes me feel happy and refreshed and better able to deal with the lingering heat and humidity.

What about you? What scents do you turn to during these dog days of summer? Or is there a particular hair or body product that you enjoy that helps you get over the hump during a long stretch until the next season?

  • tiffanie says:

    The Guerlain colognes are wonderful. Cologne du 68 and Eau de Guerlain are the two I’ve worn often this summer. I also love 4711 splashed cold from the refrigerator.

  • masha7 says:

    I get stir crazy during tropical summers, as outdoor activities are near impossible by August. I think about October, and wear a lot of The Different Company’s chilly De Bachmakov!

  • HeidiC says:

    I’ve been wearing vintage Jolie Madame, which seems like a good bridge scent — it’s got leather, but also very green, like being in a horse barn in late summer.

  • Ann says:

    Hello! I am new here…I’m enjoying your posts! I was interested to hear that you wear wrappings as a summer sent – I have not smelled it yet, but I know it’s issued around the holidays – and I thought maybe it was a winter sent. The SA at my local Clinique counter wrote my name and number in her “little book” and she’s going to call me when she gets it – I found that so cute I think I’m going to have to buy it just by virtue of having my name written in that little book.

  • rosarita313 says:

    We’ve had a spell of pleasant weather in the Great Lakes with lovely cool mornings and I’ve been shopping like mad, as I have been homebound more than I’d like for several reasons. I’ve been playing with samples and neglected decants but my steady companion has been Shalimar cologne all summer. I am really looking forward to fall.

  • Fabs says:

    We haven’t had scorching heat here in the Maritimes but a nice warm dry summer (not much rain). The air is always humid, I live on island that juts out into the Atlantic. I’ve been wearing mostly Eau d’hadrien and L’ombre dans eau. Funny one barely lasts and the other sticks like glue.

  • Tara C says:

    I mostly ignore the weather and wear whatever, but I have worn Bulgari au Thé Bleu, FM Cologne Indélibile and Eau de Magnolia on the hottest days. Thankfully it has been a coolish summer, hoping it will continue this way through September. Last summer was so hot and humid, don’t want a replay of that.

  • Jennifer says:

    Anything with verbena in it gets my vote and I also enjoy my l’eau de Chloe which keeps on going most of the day!

  • verbenaluvvr says:

    All things L’Occitane in this heat, so light and fresh.

  • Maggiecat says:

    Lemon verbena soap, Lush’ s Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner and Silky Underwear Body Powder -these are a few of my favorite things!

  • eldarwen22 says:

    Haven’t had a whole lot of hot weather in Cleveland this summer but have been wearing some of Andy Tauer’s work the past week and a whole lot of Feminite due Bois this summer. Now I am gravitating to Apres L’Ondee at the moment, even though it’s fleeting. There are going to be some massive changes with the Serge Lutens line. I read up on it, starting on NST, then on Kafkaesque’s blog.