Santa, baby, put X under the tree, for me

Santa rich, lush and plush
As I was re-organizing, shuffling, grazing — all right, mostly poking — through some of my favorite samples and deciding which ones I needed a bit more of, I floated into a little fragrant fantasy. What if Santa were to slip a surprise bottle of something wonderful, price no object, under my tree. What would I choose?

Hmmm … tough choice, dear Santa. I would be seriously torn between so many wonderful scents. But after much thought, I think it would come down to Le Labo Vanille 44 (one of those pricey city exclusives), Clive Christian C for Women or Guerlain Encens Mythique. And hey, why not all three while we’re at it? It’s our fantasy, right?

And since it is a fantasy, I could ask Santa for a beloved discontinued scent. But for the life of me, I couldn’t think of any right off the bat. I’m sure one or two will float to the top later, especially after reading some of your suggestions.

I have been in a bit of a fragrance lull/slump lately but ambling through the samples has reinvigorated my sniffer and enjoyment of spritzing somewhat. I used to have this burning desire to smell everything new that came out from the major players, but that fever died down some time ago. But I haven’t given up on exploring entirely and may return to it one of these days.

Anyhoo, what about you? What would you pick if Santa were to deliver? Would it be a long-lost vintage scent or that uber-expensive fragrance that you’ve always longed for a bottle of, but the wallet/budget just would not stretch far enough? Or perhaps a fun sampler from Surrender to Chance, just to play around with and experiment?

Have a great week, folks, and take care out there in the holiday madness!!


  1. SInce I am shamelessly self-indulgent, I snagged myself a bottle of Micallef Vanille Aoud on ebay. Happy holidays to me!

    I really don’t have a wish list at this point, my husband bought me a ton of perfume on his trip to Munich in September. But I am looking forward getting a whiff of the new Zoologist Camel.

  2. Mmm…a whole bottle of vintage Vol de Nuit (I’ve seen some on eBay for like $800+), or a bottle of Chanel Cuir de Russie parfum (NOT the Les Exclusifs). Also, I’m not sure if I covet a bottle of Roja Dove’s Diaghilev just because it’s so crazy expensive, or if I actually like it that much — I used up my teeny sample, and while I love its riff on Mitsouko, I think I might prefer just to have more Mitsouko? For discontinued, I want to find a bottle of L’Artisan Coeur de Vetiver Sacre to give as a gift to a friend of mine — I know she’d adore it!

  3. for pure fantasy indulgence, there are two I would adore: 1) the 2008 No5 parfum. A BIG bottle, unopened 2) an entire bottle of the incredible Coty Chypre I sampled – a friend sent me a little vial and it was transporting.

    Hippo Hollydays, Two Ewes!


  4. A fresh container of Avon’s “To a Wild Rose” dusting powder circa 1970s. Grandma Sarah Caroline’s scent as she hugged me after pulling a cantaloupe, still warm from the impossible black soil of her garden. The blending of stinks-the vine, the melon, her soft skin and the polite back up rose powder fragrance- make me homesick, comforted and joyful all at once.

  5. A bottle (even the refill bottle) of By Kilian Amber Oud for me, please. And, while we’re dreaming, a bottle of Profumum Acqua Viva. And maybe the Thameen Riviere hair fragrance. Thanks, Santa!

  6. I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a bottle of either SDV or Tonka Imperial. It would be a great thing if I got a bottle of Liu under the tree. Yes, I know that all of them are Guerlain but I can dream, right?

  7. I’d like a jug each of Cuir Ottoman and CDG Jaisalmer. And for that dc’ed fantasy wish, I’d like to go back in time for that enormous bottle of original 80s Ysatis my mother-in-law bought for me in Paris that I (wait, you’ll die) poured down the drain because I had too much stuff when we moved. I know.

  8. I would lover a bottle of Ayala Moriel’so Espionage, it’s a very big favorite of mine. For d/c’d, Penhaligon’s Violetta. And hell, why not Victorian Posy while I’m on it. I love this question!

  9. Oooooh, tough question! I started to say: something current and ridiculously expensive. Then I realized, nope, I want Santa to dig around in his bag and pull out a big ol’ bottle of seriously vintage Mitsouko….. really, I can’t own enough Mitsouko.

  10. I am really curious about the Ylang exclusive to Osswalds with the moss and bottle bling. I would like to try this Mitsouko March mentioned. I looked it up and it sounds interesting. I wouldlike a bottle of Champagne from YSL. I wore it years ago and can’t find it any more.

  11. Fun to read everyone’s Santa requests! I would request Bogue Maai, and for vintage Balenciaga Le Dix.

  12. Vintage Dioressimo parfum in a wee amphora bottle I actually bought back in the day

  13. A bottle of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Fleur d’Oranger 2005, 2007, or 2011. See? I’m not even that picky in my impossible fantasy 🙂

  14. My perfume wish list has several Guerlains, so I’d be delighted if Santa dropped any of them off for me. How about Sous le Vent or Vol de Nuit parfum or even Vol de Nuit Evasion? Angelique Noire, Vetiver pour Elle or Mon Exclusif? I’m not picky! 😀

  15. I thought of way too many things but something just popped into my head. Since it is fantasy: three bottles of the same perfume, preferably freshly made and time-transported to here and now. Jacques Fath Iris Gris. Why? Because I am very curious. Why three? One to share, one to use, and one for backup. 🙂

  16. Hey Ann,
    There are a few on my list but I will be buying myself a bottle of Grandiflora Michel. It’s becoming worrying that I might run out of perfume before the 23rd century.
    Portia xx

  17. Dear Santa – i have been a very good girl this year but if you could slip even a small bottle of Puredistance Warszawa under my tree, i would give you many kisses!

  18. Having just discovered that Teo Cabanel has totally screwed up my darling Alahine, I want a bottle of 2010 vintage, please, Santa. I’ve been good.

  19. A big bottle of Slumberhouse Zahd, that discontinued ruby velvet gem. I haven’t found a cranberry note that rich since, and I’m hoarding the last few drops of my tiny sample.

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