Happy Birthday To Me

60’s SL which I didn’t steal

Props if you have seen the bad 80’s slasher movie with the girl from “Little House on the Prairie.”

So today is my 39th birthday. It’s like the 45th 39th, so it’s the Annual Patsy Stone Memorial 39th. Therefore, I am somewhat taking the day off. I did go to the annual car show on Rodeo Sunday and chose this little number as my own, but sadly couldn’t fit it into my knapsack. I did order a little something from Neiman Marcus which should be on the truck on it’s way here, and which came with the most comically sized freebie ever- shipped under separate cover, which oddly arrived Friday.

Silly sized Guerlain freebie

So today, I am posting this and putting in my application to the bus system for a senior pass. They dinged it last week because I didn’t qualify because of age (being only 38?), which I thought was a little pedantic. But what the heck. That and doing some actual work-related work. “How you all work me” as Lucia would say.

So once that’s done, since the June Gloom has parted, I think I will jaunt off, top down, in search of cake.


The cake conundrum is over. A very kind and generous friend not only sent me the loveliest bouquet but also a bunch of Sprinkles’ Finest. I am going to take half of them and put them straight into the freezer. There. Did that seem at all believable? I could also share them with my neighbors. Which i will do right after I learn Serbo-Croation and knit that piano..

If Fed-Ex gets here soon I’ll be cruising wearing the Shalimar and the Katz’s deli hoody that are my present to myself. See, I even got perfume in there, along with both a literary, mainstream and cheesy pop-culture reference! How well-rounded am I?

Photos are courtesy my iPhone

  • Maggiecat says:

    Happy Birthday, Tom! (Late because I managed to return from Germany sick AGAIN, for the second year running. Bronchitis this time. Sigh. ) But I hope you had a wonderful anniversary of your 39th!

  • SpringPansy says:

    A very happy birthday, Tom. I laughed all through your post –at the funny parts, I mean. 😉 Hope it’s a great day.
    I have not seen the bad 80s slasher movie, but I did order the book I’ll Take It from a used bookstore after you mentioned it. I just finished it and I enjoyed it thoroughly, thanks so much!

  • Jennifer S says:

    Happy Birthday Tom! Oooh those cupcakes and flowers!

  • Dina C. says:

    Happy Birthday Tom! Sounds like your bday hit all the right notes! May your next year be full of good health and great scents!

  • March says:

    Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini! I love a car show. They have them on the Plaza here; I know absolutely nothing about cars and they’re still really fun to look at. They had another one elsewhere recently, I was driving by and pulled over for a look-see, great vibes, maybe it’s seeing/knowing all the passion that goes into it? My used copy of Paul Rudnick’s I’ll Take It just showed up yesterday, looking forward to it.

    • Tom says:

      I love car shows, but you know I love cars. It’s funny but the hypercars and the EDD sports cars do zippidy-doo-dah for me. I couldn’t tell a McLaren from a McNugget could not care less, but give me a tailfin or a rumble seat or some 70’s “Hart to Hart” vibe and I am kvelling..

      I hope you like the book!

      • March says:

        Oh, that’s so interesting! Yeah, here they are all vintage cars (from Model T looking things to great 70s muscle cars.) I know nothing, as I’ve already stated, but in my mind I further divide the car-show cars here into two general categories of “old cars lovingly restored” and another category of cars that appear (at least to me) to have been modified in various flashy ways — the low-rider vibe, spoilers, those gadgets on the hood that give your engine more air intake, etc. The people are so nice, and they don’t care that I don’t know diddly about cars lol.

        • Tom says:

          I find that most people at car shows are very nice as well.

          I guess I am a bit practical even in my fantasies- when friends kvell over 14th century manor houses with 83 rooms all I can think of is upkeep, heating bills, and dusting.

          And a million dollar Bugatti? I know I’m shoying my middle class roots, but I’d rather have a Picasso and a 450SL, thanks. I don’t have to commit seppuku if someone spills a diet coke in the SL.

  • Portia says:

    Happy Birthday Tom,
    I will spritz some Shalimar in your honour before going to bed tonight.
    Is Katz’s the place we went with you?
    Portia xx

    • Tom says:

      Those cakes are kind o the living end: White cake with white frosting, dark chocolate with white buttercream and coconut, and red velvet with cream cheese.

      Katz’s is in NY. We went to Canters. Kind of the same vibe, but don’t tell either one I wrote that.

  • AnnieA says:

    Best wishes, and can’t decide whether the bouquet or the dessert was more delightful.

  • alityke says:

    Many happy returns of the 39th birthday. Shalimar Perfume! Woohoo! How big a bottle? In my head I hoping for the full on extra big extra lux million $ bottle

    • Tom says:

      Thanks! I would love to have one of those ridiculously sized bottles. I think I would end up worshipping it like some sort of demi-god, eating cupcakes in tribute and laying roses and orchids from the bouquet at it’s base.

      But I got the smaller one that N-M sells. Can’t go too nutty..

  • matty1649 says:

    Happy Birthday Tom. Have a great day X

  • cinnamon says:

    Happy birthday! Those cakes, that car, those flowers. Sigh… And Shalimar perfume? Wow 🙂

    • Tom says:

      It was a very nice day. And my co-sorker sent me over a healthy (and delicios) vegan meal. I think she was concerned that I would clog my arteries completely shut with all that buttercream unless I consumed some kale to scrape it through. Probably true.

  • Carolyn Ring-Ade says:

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Maya says:

    Happy Birthday! and wishing you many many more!
    Aren’t those car shows fun. It sounds like your day was laid back and nice. Putting your Sprinkles’ Finest in the freezer is believable, if you do it like I recently did. I put extra pastry in the freezer and whenever I had the munchies took some out. They lasted 3 whole days. lol.

  • Musette says:

    Happy Birthday, darling boy!!! If I were a legit Shelley Laurenston honey badger shifter I would totally lift that Benz for you – or maybe upgrade to a Bugatti…?

    • Tom says:

      Oh, I’m practical even in my fantasies. The SL is cool but not so ridiculous you couldn’t use it. I’d take the cash for the Bugatti, and get the r107 SL I’d like and put the rest in t-bills. And perfume..

  • Sandrine Belanger says:

    Happy Birthday !