Kinda Even Briefer

Posse!  So..cinnamon wrote about her lovely birthday in her post ‘Brief’ – and mine is Kinda Even Briefer.

But not really – because y’all know me.  Once I get burbling…

I was stressing about writing a post today – I’ve got some serious skritchies and anxiety that I foolishly did not acknowledge..but it’s (mostly) sorting itself in Very Strange Ways.

  1. After MONTHS of ineptitude and general ‘shrug’ from local doctors my sister got her husband into the KY teaching hospital to find out why he was dropping weight like a rock and his abdomen was distended (one medico had shrugged and said ‘just eat more red meat’…)….anyhoo, he was finally diagnosed with Stage 1 liver cancer – but that wasn’t the origin, so there was the nail biting after the PET scan… Blessed BE!!!  it’s in the small intestine (as opposed to The Bitch of the Body, the pancreas) and both oncologists feel confident they can address this.  I didn’t realized how stressed I was until sis gave me the diagnosis and I shrieked in delight.
  2. I met with my chiro to work on those hip issues and was diagnosed with ‘Drop Foot’ – and he was disinclined to give me a lot of hope that it could be reversed – until I told him I’d been actually dragging it for 2 years before I got over myself and decided to start working on reacquiring the ability to flex it.  It’s no longer dragging but still has a bit of a ‘slap’ – and I. Am. NOT. Here. For. It.  I probably won’t be stomping a runway in 4″ stilettos…but I plan/will it to regain that flexibility.  My PT has given me a series of exercises, 10 reps twice a day.  When asked if I could do more she said ‘sure’.  So every time I plonk my butt down on a seat I do the reps.  Every couple of days I see some improvement – the goal is to be able to do this at a stand – but that’s down the line.  Each micron closer to my seat, though, is good. And… who the hell came up with ‘Drop Foot’ as a description.  Ew.  Not Having It.  Btw – my chiro is…wary.. of me.  Apparently I am a little more aggressive than most of his patients.

    Hey, doc!

  3. This swimsuit.  Okay – so, here’s the thing:  I rarely wear swimsuits, as I do not have a pool.  But I am obsessed with looking good in them.  So every year (or so) I buy some outrageous suit as incentive to stay off the Mallomars and stay on the mat. This one fits – and I look ‘okay’ in it…but not ‘good’. I see so many side planks in my future.  As well as Portable Photoshop! (LOL!  if only).  One thing’s for sure:  I’ll be burning a squickton of calories, just trying to get into the damb thing.  I need an engineering degree to figure it out.

    ah, Mallomars. It was good to know ya!

    Perfume!  Yesh.  A bit of perfume here and there.  We’ve had weird weather.  -5F on Tuesday…then 51F on Friday.  (insert ‘shrug’ – it’s February in Illinois.  Could be anything!).  Yesterday I wore Neil Morris’s gawjuss! ‘Leather Garden’, one of the most successful floral leathers, ever!  It’s best in cool weather – and 50F in February in Illinois is still very cool (that 51F is fighting with a 7″ frostline)….. the cool ground, the brisk breeze and the blazing sun combined to make that thing SING!

    I’m currently in a Suntan mood, so I’m wearing Guerlain Terracotta Voile, which is perfect!  Worn over a bit of that Antropologie Vanille, it’s even more perfect.  Perfecter!  Great for hinting at Summer (and maybe that suit)

So.  That’s me.  Not a lot happening but a lot happening…right?  Whazzup with you?  Let me and Monsieur know – I’ll have him poke a pawnail and get some fun samples to somebody!



  • Koyel says:

    Ok, I definitely want some Mallomars right now. But I also want that swimsuit, and to look good in it. May I have a hint as to where I might find it? I’ll even do some side planks.

    Thrilled that your BIL has a clear course of treatment, and that your drop foot does too!

  • ElizaC says:

    I don’t hear much about Neil Morris lately and I love his perfumes. I have Prowl and it is a sultry, rich, glorious amber! There is absolutely no way I could have boxes of Mallomars in the house – they would be gone in an hour. This is a lasting side effect of my mother’s 1970s health food phase – sweets were a rare commodity that disappeared quickly if you didn’t grab them!

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    All I have been doing is spending way too much time on Tiktok and blowing through Ulta rewards. Had to replenish my Tula vitamins and another back up bottle of Chanel no 5.

    Glad that your BIL and his doctor figured out what was wrong.

  • March says:

    You are figuring it all out! So glad about your BiL, I know how stressful that was, waiting to hear the news … I’d need an engineering degree and some assistants to get into a bathing suit like that. I remember decades ago I had something similar and it took me some time to figure out how it worked! You know I’ve got my own thing going now with the sponge candy, thanks to you lol — it’s nice to know it’s here. And I feel pretty confident you’ll get your foot as fixed as it can be — Jaws doesn’t tolerate drop foot. <3

    • Musette says:

      My former Postmaster, deep into a long-term weight loss, told me there are two types of people in the world: those who, when ‘bad things’ are in the house, will get up at o’dark-thirty to eat them and those who, when ‘bad things’ are in the house, take comfort in knowing they are there – but have no need to indulge (but if they’re NOT there, then they obsess over them).
      You and I both seem to be in the 2nd camp. Floyd help us, though, if you DIDN’T have that sponge, nor I not have those Mallomars!


  • cinnamon says:

    ‘Eat more red meat’. WTF???? Glad she was able to get you BiL the care he needs and hope things move along positively.

    Uh, that bathing suit… More power to you. I bought a short sleeved top and bathing skirt for a trip five years ago and that’s what I swim in now. Good for looking half way decent when chubby and surprisingly comfortable.

    We’re in can’t decide whether for a week or so and I’m mourning my dog tooth violets which seem to have been killed by the cold spells.

    • Musette says:

      Well, to be fair (but really, the medico was a jackass) he originally went to the doc because of tiredness – and knowing him, he probably only gave him half the intel (the sudden weight loss).
      And to be even fairer to the MD community, the first blood draws showed zero cancer markers – how they eventually found it is still mystifying and I don’t want to do forensics with my sister – she has enough on her plate. But it is …odd.
      And that first MD is still a jackass.
      The suit really is hysterical- but it’s also really pretty. And it’s getting me back into side planks so… (Lordt! the ‘shrug’ emojis are strong with this one, today! LOL!)


  • alityke says:

    I wish you BIL well with his future treatments. That’s a long haul he has to go through & every scan is more stress. DH had his end of chemo CT on Sunday & sees the Med Onc Professor on Mon 6th cos we’re having a week away. Can’t get travel insurance at all since he got the clots in his lung & liver as well, so just a cottage in the UK, walks with Mr Jarvis Cockapoo & a week of pub lunches.
    I admire your tenacity with the exercises. I’m wring this looking at my treadmill in the up position & covered in boxes of paperwork & ancient photos from both our mums.
    Mallomars are called chocolate tea cakes over this side of the pond. I prefer a snowball, the centre is gooey rather than bouncy

    • Musette says:

      Hostess (brand over here – do you have them there?) used to (?) have Snowballs – gooier marshmallow around a chocolate cake, covered in coconut. ’twas the coconut did for me – not a fan, except in savory dishes (weird, I know).
      Your cottage with DH sounds absolutely lovely! Glad you two are having good (good-er_ times.
      And yes – it’s gonna be a bit of a slog, going through the surgery and treatments – but it beats the alternative, had it been pancreatic and/or the ‘a’ one that isn’t neuroendocrine.
      M. Jacques sends his love to Mr. Jarvis C.


      • alityke says:

        No Hostess brand here. I like the coconut in sweet & savoury but not the post coconut tooth picking!
        If only they did the gooey mallow covered in just the chocolate. Once upon a time there were walnut whips, THICK Choc round gooey mallow topped with a walnut. Bite off the nut, wiggle out the mallow with your tongue (excellent training for adulthood) then eat the THICK chocolate shell.
        No wonder I would never contemplate that costume.
        In truth round a pool on jollybobs in Europe I wear string bikinis cos….. no one is looking anymore

      • Tom says:

        We were denied Hostess growing up. My mom thought it was trash. The little convenience store that was a few blocks way was owned by my Mom’s friend and our babysitter, so she would not sell them to us. I never had them until I was in Junior High and would pass a store further down that would have sold heroin were it legal. So I became a Suzy Q addict for a while. Now I find them vile.

  • Dina C. says:

    Optimistic about yout BIL and hope his treatment plan is very successful. Sorry to hear about “drop foot” — what an archaic name! Sounds like you are attacking it with vigor and diligence. Hope it also disappears lickety-split! I’m trying to remember when, if ever, I had a mallomar. They have marshmallow and Graham cracker inside, right? Probably when I was a young person. That bathing suit looks like a good way for me to strain a muscle! Better you than me, friend!

    • Musette says:

      The suit is hys-freaking-STERICAL to get into – but once I got it sorted I was able to do so with relative (RELATIVE!) ease.
      I try it on every day or so, just to see where it sits on my body. Interestingly, it doesn’t trigger my dysmorphia (yet another ‘shrug’)… I’m hitting the side planks this morning. Sigh.


  • Tara C says:

    That swimsuit cracks me up. Even 30 years ago I’d be struggling with how to get in or out of it. Best of luck to you! I wear a plain Speedo one piece and let it go at that.

    As for being aggressive, I once had a Plantar’s wart on the bottom of my foot. Doc gave me some salicylic acid gel to put on it but said it probably wouldn’t work and I’d have to have it cut out. So I went home and dug it out with a pocket knife, then poured the gel into it to burn that sucker to death. Went back a few weeks later and the doc was impressed. LOL.

  • Tom says:

    I’ve given up on sunlight. After years of trying and failing to tan I can feel myself about to spontaneously combust after 15 minutes. I’d probably show up in a Caftan or something, and at my age it would go pretty Elizabeth Taylor. Including the hat that looks like a coral reef.

    I hope your foot is 110% soon so you can kick your chiro to the curb.

    VERY glad to read that your BiL was diagnosed and does not have it in the pancreas. I’ve had a few friends who had that and it was not good.

    I haven’t had a mallomar in about 300 years. Now I want one. Or six.

    • Musette says:

      You show up in a caftan and I will buy you a vodka tonic! Men in caftans are HAWT!
      Yes on the BIL diagnosis! She was startled that I was so thrilled – but I suspect she didn’t know I had the 411 on the alternatives. It seems counterintuitive to be jumping around, singing ‘it’s in the small intestine, it’s in the small intestine’ – but that’s just what I did.
      I get Mallomars by the tonne, then freeze them (in the garage freezer) and forget about them. It’s the possessing, rather than the actual eating, that seems to be what needs to happen (insert shrug). If I have them I can go look at them, then go back in the house. The more boxes I have, the less I want to eat. Huh.
      My chiro is cool – just careful. Malpractice suits abound, even in chiropractic care. I took it as a challenge – and I do so love me a challenge…


      • Tara C says:

        This is how my perfume collection is going – the more I have, the less I want to wear. Must stop buying.

    • March says:

      Seconding Musette — I LOVE a man in a caftan, so sexy, thinking about all that skin under there … TMI? Anyhoo, I want to join you and Musette by the pool, preferably somewhere warm and fabulous!