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Axe.  Yes, Axe.

Axe. Yes, Axe.

Every June, El O goes to “The Boogie” – some godforsaken rally in Southern Indiana where they camp and act foolish and then he regrets going because it’s hot and stanky and manky and he just wants to come home.  But before he does all that, he stops (always) in The rest, please…

My Seeeecret. Garden. Beatdown. Winners!

My Seeeecret. Garden. Beatdown. Winners!

Y’all.  Tom is sick.  I am tired.  But I am not sick.  So I’m here.  Hi!!!   Sooooo.  It’s going to be quick and dirty because I am an exhausted, filthy mess because of My Secret.  Which I will now share with you – sorta. A lot of you know that The rest, please…

Giveaway Winners!!!  A buncho y'all!

Giveaway Winners!!! A buncho y’all!

I’m hijacking Tom’s post day because I NEED TO ANNOUNCE SOME WINNERS!   Chloe put her big, pink-nailed paw on the spin and….     You Posse – you are so patient.  OMG!  Back in freaking MARCH! I put up a Mohur Extrait sample for draw – and promptly The rest, please…

What Trumps the Garden? Opus IX  giveaway

What Trumps the Garden? Opus IX giveaway

  Regular Posse know that this time of year is Not for Perfume.  I’m in the garden, ripping out weeds, digging holes…and bees and wasps abound…so perfume is replaced by Avon Skin So Soft (still, in my opinion, the best flying insect repellent on the planet).  Usually I don’t even The rest, please…

Soft Spring - Le Soft Perfume

Soft Spring – Le Soft Perfume

Somewhere in my wicked, miserable youth, I must’ve done Something Good – because we are having a nearly perfect Spring!  After a hectic rollercoaster of unwelcome highs and plunging lows, it seems my little pocket of Garden is settling into one of those mythical, magical Springs.  Warm breezes and relatively soft The rest, please…

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