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Patty White launched Perfume Posse in 2005, and we've been yapping on and on about perfume endlessly since.

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 San Francisco

San Francisco

Darlings – this will be quick.  I’m trying to get out of Hooterville – we’re expecting a possible blizzard and if I miss my flight to SF you will hear the shriekage on the moon. I am still co-hosting (with Brooke) the Party for Tama but now it will be The rest, please…

 Back to Work! Non-Resolutions and a RAOK

Back to Work! Non-Resolutions and a RAOK

Honestly, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Can’t win for losin’ Fartin’ diamonds and STILL ain’t happy! These are all sayings from my vaunted papi.  I don’t know where he got the last one (the others have been in rotation since The Flood)   and why am I spouting The rest, please…

Best Bunch'oStuff of 2014

Best Bunch’oStuff of 2014

Last week I read  Mark Behnke’s excellent post in  Colognoisseur : “Musings on the World’, covering a host of favorite non-perfume things.  Loved it!  Stole it! (the idea, I mean).    His list is pretty wide-ranging and erudite.  Mine won’t be.  I spent most of 2014 …..huh.  You know, I have The rest, please…