de Rosine Rose De Feu

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M reviewed Rose de Feu by Les Parfums de Rosine in November. Go there for an elegant review.

Les Parfums de Rosine is a glorious company dedicated to the wonderful rose, and they turn out perfumes with it showcased in every way imagainable — zesty, boozy, spicy.

Rose de Feu is the spicy version. Notes are cardamom, bergamot, ylang ylang, magnolia and, of course, Rose! It goes on spicy and warm. I was afraid this one would turn too boozy like de Rosine’s Coup D’or or Bois de Paradis from Delrae. As much as I love Bois de Paraids, can’t do the heavy fruity, boozy note.

It goes on fruity and spicy, but not in that overripe, oversweet way that I can’t do in perfumes. It’s a soft, sweet rose, and I don’t get where First in Fragrance (who, along with Liberty, seem to be the only ones carrying this so far) says it’s primarily an evening scent. It’s definitely subtle enough for day and quite lovely. Nothing overbearing about it at all.

I like it, and it adds another facet to the de Rosine Rose dynasty that every Rose lover and even non-rose lovers ought to try. If, like me, you admire the winey, fruity notes of some other perfumes, but can’t take it on the level it is delivered, this may be the one that will work for you.

I’m thinking a couple of spritzes of Coup de Fouet over the top of it will deliver the spice it needs to make it perfect. Then again, I think a couple of spritzes of Coup over my dog makes him better behaved these days.

I’m hoping my obsession with this Caron wanes just a bit really soon, my husband has declared me a freak (well, that has already happened generally, but just on this one issue, a specific freak designation has emerged) for sniffing my clothes or anything Coup has touched and lingers on and then sighing loudly. Well, I’ve been a perfume slut quite long enough, it is time I found something that captures my attention so completely, though I can’t be faithful to any fragrance for longer than a day!

  • Marina says:

    P, you are a genius. That layering idea (with Coup de Foeut) is a great one. It must bring Rose de Fue that oomph and depth that I would just a tiny bit lacking there! :bouncy: