Project Runway — best reality show

fourfour: Beyond the fashion of the dolls

Anyone else watching Project Runway? I seriously love this show. Catty, talented, schizo, overlaid by Heidi Klum’s calm viciousness and that “Auf wiedershen” as she crushes another designer’s dreams. Perfection. Even better than last year.

Santino is the egotistical (and incredibly talented!) one who gets really miffed every time he doesn’t win. Daniel is just a mess — a blubbering overemotional mess. You just want to shake him until the tears dry up and that catty snarly “I totally disagree with you” comes back out to play.

It’s on tonight, but go to the link above to catch up on what you’ve missed. The best thing about this show, even if you’re not a fan of fashion on yourself, and I’m not — one look at what I wear daily will convince you of that — you have to admire the vision these people have and talent to translate that into clothes.

  • Patty says:

    It’s awesome! (said in best I don’t want to be an adult voice):biggrin: It really is just great, campy fun. But I like Big Brother too and just disappear during the summer when it is on.

  • ChristinaH. says:

    I don’t watch the show but my 13 yr old daughter is fanatical about it!!For the life of me I don’t know why!