12th Day of Violets

On the 12th day of Violets…

we have Caron Aimez Moi.

HEAD NOTE: Bergamot, Anise, Violets.
HEART NOTE: Jasmine, Iris, Vanilla & Peach. BASE NOTE: Musk, Amber & Wood.

I’m not sure what’s in this that isn’t necessarily agreeing with me so much. It’s okay, it’s just pretty sweet, and Im not getting a lot of violet, unless it’s there under all that sugar. It reminds me of some candy, like grape Tootsie Pops. This just doesn’t even feel like a Caron. What happened with this?!?! Is someone playing a joke? I went and looked at reviews on MUA just to make sure I had the right thing, and sure enough, we are declaring it candy sweet there. Huh.

How does this compare to N’Aimez Que Moi? Anyone? If I’m not sparkin’ on this one, should I even bother with that? The notes don’t even look the same, except violet, so I’m thinking these two are not even third cousins twice removed on their father’s side.

Escentual has this as do lots of other online discount perfumeries.

  • Qwendy says:

    Patty, if you can just wait past the weekend, your NQM question will be answered, by you! According to me, no not similar in any way to Aimez Moi. It’s just the tricky French naming thing, one is Love Me, the other is Love No One But Me, and in the universe of French romance, I’ll be those two are pretty different!:idea:
    NQM definitely has the Caron undertow, and it sound like this AM doesn’t have it — I remember trying it a long time ago and not liking it, but now I’m on my Caron jag, I thought I’d better try again! Just a few days now!

  • marchlion says:

    Of course, I find this hysterical because it was the one Caron I sort of liked… if nothing else, shoring up my belief that the Caron base is just not for me. It was definitely a big departure from the others.

  • Patty says:

    You know, now that it has dried down into dust, the overly sugary aspects are gone, but I had to make sure it was covered all day. I don’t even mind sweet, but this wasn’t a good fit.

    Me, we are scent related, definitely, you just go astray from the true path once in a while. :angel:

  • Marina says:

    We are definitely scent-related, seriously. This one did not work for me. I haven’t tried N’Aimez Que Moi, so can’t help there:confused:

  • cait says:

    I got a bottle of the parfum and thought: raisins. I got a bottle of the edt and found it more sparkling. For a while, I liked it, but then I realized it’s not my favorite. There is something I like about the sweet tart aspect of it, esp. the edt. And the caramelized aspect of the parfum on drydown is good. I believe N’Aimez que Moi is completely different and thus, worth a sniff. Thanks for all the violets!