Five Weird Things about Patty

Marina has tagged March and me both to list five weird or odd things about ourselves.

This shouldn’t take long, I could be past five easy.

1. I happily drive my son to school in my pajamas and robe if I don’t have to go to the office that day.

2. Desserts do not survive the night in my fridge. If there is something gooey and sweet in the fridge, I will wake up in the middle of the night in response to its Siren Song.

3. Bread, sugar and cinnamon are my Kryptonite. Just put that combination together in any way, shape or form, and I will will beat your butt to get it. We used to make cinnamon bread when I was a kid, toast the bread, slather on some butter, then sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar… yum. Blackjack Pizza has the best cinnamon bread that gets delivered to my house. I hate Cinnabons, but I will stop and buy a box, eat two, then either drop off or shove the rest of the box at my sons and tell him to please take them away.

4. I never use my turn signal, and I am oblivious to this, except my DH and DS keep pointing it out to me every time they are in the truck with me. They don’t get to ride with me anymore.

5. I’m a mouse swirly. When I’m using my mouse, I swirl it around and around before I land it on the thing I want to click on. It’s a good thing I don’t share an office with anyone, this habit alone makes most sane people take drugs.

  • Heather says:

    If you’ve never tried this – its quick and its easy and its gorgeous.

    Get some butter – (not marg) a good lump of it and warm it everso slightly

    According to taste and size of butter lump – add upto a teaspoon of cinnamon and with the back of a spoon work it into the butter – now start adding icing sugar – a tablespoon at a time – until the warmed butter has stiffened up considerably (as you work at it with the spoon it will take quite a bit of icing sugar).

    Put it in a butter patty dish and leave in the fridge.

    Use it to spread on warm toasted brioche and just die with pleasure!

  • Anna says:

    At my previous job there were two guys who liked to play pranks on people. Once they connected a second mouse to my colleagues computer. She didn’t understand why her mouse was swirling around so much on the screen and opening up random programmes! :rotfl:

  • marchlion says:

    Hey, look, I’m not dead! Will be back Weds.


    I run errands in my slippers. The girls find this hugely embarrassing. I’m going to tell them about you and your PJs.

    I worked on my list in my head but it’s too weird.

  • Cait says:

    My mother, God rest her soul, used to hate the sound of her turn signal. Whenever I would drive her car, she’d reach over and turn off the signal or hox me to turn it off if I had it on at a stoplight. It caused many a tussle between us.

  • Victoria says:

    I can relate! Ice cream does not survive overnight in my fridge! As for cinnamon and bread… I am getting hungry.

  • Patty says:

    Anna, I can barely get him to ever put on pajamas. ūüôā At least now he showers regularly without a court order, so I’m happy.

  • Anna says:

    I read 1) a bit too quickly because I thought you let your son go to school wearing pajamas whenever he wanted to! =D

  • Patty says:

    I know, I about didn’t make it through typing that! I can’t do this this late at night, I just can’t!!!!:banghead:

  • Marina says:

    Mmm…cinnamon bread…it’s 11:19pm here and you are making me crave carbs. Evil! :devil: