Where is March? Or We are Family ( actually, it’s HIS family)

Before I put in this post of March’s, I don’t have that good of an excuse, except real job demands are interfering, but should be abating tomorrow, and I hope to get something written then.

From March:

We are in the midst of the Big Cheese Family Reunion, months in the planning. There are 17 people staying here right now, half of them children. If you dropped by you´d think I was running a wildly creative but extremely disorganized preschool, staffed by loud men with drinking problems.

I am cooking food in what I think of as diner quantities. Breakfast: 4 lbs of bacon, 2 dozen eggs. And that was just for the GUYS. (What perfume goes with the smell of bacon-saturated clothing? Chergui. No, seriously.)

So. No perfume blogging. In fact, no computer time, period. I have some notes, but just can´t get a decent perfume post together. I hear these people are leaving Wednesday.

In times like these, I hit the Apres l´Ondee pretty hard. It doesn´t seem to offend no matter how much I dump on, and it comforts me, although right now I´d take a Valium if I could find one.

In lieu of a regular post, here´s a link to a story in the Washington Post called Appealing to the Senses, about the new high-tech marketing approaches of creating scented packages – new scented inks, for example, or scented drink-through bottle caps that improve the customer´s perception of the taste. Interesting stuff.