Cutest Soap in the world

Soap Art Creations Bath and Body: Soaps, Bath Bombs, Candles

I just had to order a bar or two of this soap, but this soap on a roll is just so darn cute! They have soap art with pictures on them and aromatic wicking things way cheaper than the ones I got from Needless Markup. Will review these when they come in, but always want to share the shopping love! This one is Bahama Cherry. Lord, I’m having me some cherry love these days, don’t know why. I crave them, but haven’t indulged — cherry pie, cherry ice cream — so this soap and Rahat are going to have to tide me over.

Do you suppose this is a Menopause thing?

  • Susan B. says:

    Wow, that’s some beautiful and inspiring stuff! I’m still learning in my soapmaking hobby, but looking at that stuff gives me all kinds of ideas… ūüí°

  • Marlen says:

    Don’t forget good ole’ Escada Collection and Givenchy Oblique Rewind! Both wonderful cherry-based scents…(couldn’t comment on meopause, so figured it would be better to comment on cherry-themed fragrances).


  • Marina says:

    I also include almonds/heliotropes in the cherry category.

    On a good day, Korres Bitter Almond smells exactly like Rahat Loukoum, i.e. it smells like cherries. Montale Sweet Orient Dream and Mecheri Loukoum have a hint of cherry.

    But could I also humbly recommend a humble Demeter scent? Chocolate Covered Cherries. Smells exactly like what it says it would. And, strangely, lasts a long time, for a Demeter scent.

  • Patty says:

    That sounds wonderful, Victoria. I must hunt some of that down. Looking at TAPWE (That Auction Place With Everything) now. Not as horrible as I thought.

    March, I always include the almondy heliotropes in my cherry category. I know they’re not the same, but they often trend to that smell, though I much prefer a cherry smell that is not that maraschino cherry one all covered in sugar.

  • marchlion says:

    I can’t think of a single cherry perfume besides that cherry-almond Rahat. What are we missing? There must be others? I googled “cerise” and it’s used a lot for cherry-colored but can’t find a frag.

  • Victoria says:

    Oh, I have a weakness for nice soap. Cherry anything sounds great, except for perfume. Although right now I am wearing Cherry Blossom by Guerlain and it is lovely. The parfum actually smells a bit like cherries in bloom. The EDT is just citrus tea.