Armani Shaping Cream Foundation SPF 20

This is Armani’s newest foundation, the Shaping Cream Foundation with SPF 20. The great thing is this has SPF 20 in it. After my visit to the dermatologist, she made me promise to wear SPF 30 on my face every single day. Well, it’s not 30, but it’s close and gives me protection from the sun, which I am now convinced I have to do every day. And you should do it too. If you ever look under one of those lamps at what the sun does to your skin, you will be a believer, trust me. Dark pigmented spots and broken capillaries are just the beginning of sun damage that you can see without the lamp.

I’ve been using the Luminous Silk foundation for a couple of years and just adore it as it gives good coverage that never looks heavy, but the ruddiness in my skin tends to bleed through after I’ve had it on for a couple of hours, so the coverage has always been great, but light, and I just never wanted to have to go to a a heavier foundation just to get rid of the ruddy in my skin. I like a more natural look in foundation.

The difference between this and the Luminous Silk are minor as far as texture and look, but the Shaping Cream (SC) gives great coverage that, believe it or not, looks as sheer or more sheer. I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around that, but it seems to cover the pores better and just stick longer and give you flawless-looking skin. My sister, who has larger pores, says it is great in helping to cover or fill in larger pores and makes your skin look smoother. I’m lucky to have teeny pores, so I can’t speak to that.

Better coverage that looks lighter and stays all day… um, what’s not to love here? Well, for one, the price tag. $65. Plus the $50 for a brush that you really need to have for this foundation. I have the brush that they recommended for the luminous silk foundation and have always found it to be perfect. I was “told” that I needed the new brush for this one to get the best application so I got it. I didn’t test the differences, but I love the result. I look like I have flawless skin almost naturally.

It also lends itself well to spot coverage, which is how I normally apply my foundation, just doing a bit on the cheeks, nose, chin and middle of the forehead. Word of advice, get a shade darker than you normally do in the Armani foundation (if you’ve been using them) as this goes on lighter. I’m normally a 5.5, and I got a 6, and that shade is almost the exact shade of my skin.

You can get it at Barney’s and selected Saks stores or at the Armani website. It’s better to get someone that knows the shades to help you pick one out, if you can’t get samples to try first, but if you call the Barney’s store in NYC, I know they were sending out samples to try a couple of weeks ago.

  • minette says:

    I just started using the Armani silk foundation, and really like it. I use my fingers, too. Most chemical SPFs make me break out, so I’m a little reluctant to try this one – though you make it sound wonderful. I use a 30 SPF physical-barrier lotion underneath my foundation, and that seems to work. Eucerin for Sensitive Skin 30 SPF is what I use – yes, it goes on blue-white, but if you wait a few minutes, that fades, and with the foundation over it, you can’t see the white at all.

  • CindyN says:

    Do you know how this compares with Hydra Glow from Armani?

  • Patty says:

    Ina, I really love this one. You can do it without the brush? Wow, I’m impressed. Every time I use my fingers, I just make a mess,never looks as smooth, but, if you can save that the money for the brush, that’s awesome!

  • Patty says:

    March, I don’t remember your pores being big at all, but if they are, this should be awesome for you. But do head in to your local Saks to get matched up, especially for this much bux.

    Got an appt for this Wednesday! I’ll write up my experience for my Friday blog. ūüôā

  • Ina says:

    I just tried it last week, Patty, and, like you, I’m ready to convert from Luminous Silk to Shaping Cream. I love the texture and the coverage. I don’t, however, like applying it with a brush. It looks really cakey and sorta artificial. Same with LS. I prefer to just use my fingers but that’s because I don’t put a whole lot, just enough to cover up the paleness and imperfections. Not sure I’m ready to shell $65 either. I asked for a sample, and will probably do so again once I run out. \:d/

  • March says:

    Huh. I have giant pores. I should try this. I have a hard time getting the right color, I always end up looking a little like an oompa loompa.

    So…. you went to the dermatologist? How did that go?