• tmp00 says:

    and thank you both for always making my day go a bit better…

  • Judith says:

    And we are all grateful to you–for your wit, charm, and sense as fun, as well as for your good taste in perfumes!!!

  • Cheezwiz says:

    Love the dancing turkey!

    Happy Thanksgiving Patty & March (and all you other perfume fiends in the States)!

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into creating this blog – it’s my favorite end of day treat. :d

  • Madelyn E says:

    Dear March, Patty and readers ,
    Thank you all for such a wonderful “place” wherer we can all share our common love for perfume – and other related pleasures!
    Happy Thanksgiving !
    Madelyn E

  • sariah says:

    Thank-you for this great blog ladies!


  • chayaruchama says:

    :d:x=d>^:)^<:-p I normally don't go for this stuff, but that turkey made my day... Plus, I had just commented to my DH [with his amazing coffee, while the cherubs are still abed], what a lovely group of people I've met ! And who do I see responding, but my lovely man... Back atcha, Patty. You and March are blessings, too...

  • Leopoldo says:

    We love you right back!

    Though that turkey scares me a little.