Black Friday


Hey, it’s not Trashy Friday, it’s Black Friday!

How many of you have been out shopping today? I haven’t gone shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving for 20 years, at least. And why? Because of the crowds, the fighting, the trampling on small children…


This woman looks happy, but she’s not!


She’s just decked that woman behind her and is cackling madly. So, those of you brave enough to go out, how was it?

  • Veronica says:

    As soon as I get my monitoring anklet off!

    Just kidding. My P.O. lets me do whatever I want. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

  • Emotenote says:

    Ye god, did you actually go out in that? I’m just recovering from MAJOR surgery and wasn’t about to join the madness, although some friends were going to camp out at wally world at 2:30 in the am to try and get one of the nintenxendoboxa666 with vibrating wands. Or something. Hey people, that’s what the internet is for! We like buying in bulk. Find one fabulous thing and send it to everyone who doesn’t know each other. We feel this will eventually lead to peace on earth.

  • anna says:

    I would like to go.
    But i do not have a shopping list made up.
    I wait to the last possible minute to go shopping.
    I just wish i had more energy.
    I think i will go tomorrow and stick to a plan of action and location also.
    I guess it takes around from 5 to 6 hours to buy a few things. That time frame does not include time to eat lunch.

  • Ronny says:

    A former NY-er (now in London), I had to be reminded about Thanksgiving this year by a colleague from Colorado. His theory is that it acts as a mitigating step before the manic-ness of Xmas, and so is helping to lessen the consumerism of the season. I think perhaps not.

    In any case, Xmas decorations have been up here for at least two weeks and I have to say that the SpaceNK window display is very chic and festive indeed.

  • Gary says:


    our culture, so different than others. some african tribe I remember seeing the ritual of knocking an 18 year old males front tooth out with a hammer and chisel.

    Culture – back to the anthropology books

    thanks Patty

    a very pleased customer of F.F.