Jenny from the Block – J.Lo Friday


Did you know that J. Lo perfume is the most frequently searched perfume term on the internet?  Yup, shocked me too.  So given that popularity and our normal propensity for reviewing high end, niche, obscure scents, we’d like from time to time to look at more accessible perfumes and ones that are clearly making a killing in the perfume market.  Someone is buying them, so let’s find out why.

We have some generalizations about the JLo oeuvre, having sniffed seven in a short period of time. First, there´s a unified feel to these that indicates JLo´s involvement in these on some level. Not that she designed them, but they seem united even beyond what you´d expect as a branding effort. Lopez allegedly runs all aspects of her life like a pretty tight ship – congrats to her on the twins – and these reflect that. Whether you like them or not, they tell a coherent story.

JLo loooooves her some fresh accord.   How you build a fresh accord in terms of the aromachemistry is beyond our knoweldge, and it´s hard to describe, but you know it when you smell it – it´s sort of that “clean laundry” or “fresh from the shower” smell, only more gaseous and a little plastic. If Lopez´ fragrances are a tad less sweet overall than you might guess if you´d never smelled them, I´d really, really like to take the vat of Clean away from her perfumers — all perfumers. (March: There are things I hate more in perfumery, but “fresh” smells weirdly stale to me, sort of the antithesis of what it´s meant to evoke. “Fresh” is like too much room spray, when what you really want is to open a window.) (Patty:  I think of this “fresh” thing as TampaxFreshAccord. Artificially bright, trying to cover up with too much freshness things that do exist in nature, except, well, this smell.)

Beyond the “fresh” accord, there´s a curious, synthetic sameness to her scents. Using the word “synthetic” doesn’t really work because most of what we´re smelling in perfume is synthetic anyway, chemically. But a JLo fragrance´s relationship to fruit and florals is like the smell of Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion – or Hawaiian Punch. You can see, if you squint, the original starting point in nature, but what you are smelling doesn´t bear any relation to a real fruit or flower.

March: If I had a complaint about the JLos as a group, it´s their lasting power. In general, I am not one to complain about how long fragrances stick around, because mostly they stick to me like glue. Deseo had the best lasting power, but really, what I was left with was an ambery musk for most of the afternoon. Live goes on quite strong and spicy, but after two hours I could barely smell it. Glow and Still were entirely undetectable after two hours (I asked my kids.) Some of you might consider this a blessing, but I was disappointed. If there´s one thing I admire about Jennifer, it´s her tenacity.

Patty: My main criticism about the J.Los is their sameness. After a few sniffs, cohesive as it might be, they aren’t very memorable or differentiated in the marketplace, except for the celebrity whose name they bear. 

Still – “In the eye of the storm I am still.” Sake note, white pepper, mandarin, Earl Grey, freesia, honeysuckle, orange blossom, rose, wild jasmine, sandalwood, musks, amber, orris.

Patty:  This one worked for me, at least I’m voting it as most likely for me to wear.  I did get more tea out of it and less fresh or floral. Not sure why, but the TFA (tampax fresh accord) disappeared, and the tea stuck around, though the whole concoction didn’t seem to want to stick as long as I would have liked.

March: This was supposed to be her original “mature” scent, by which I assume she means women over the age of 21. The notes don´t sound bad, and the opening is sweeter than I expected (that´s a lot of floral for a Jlo), although the drydown is satisfyingly tart. If I got more Earl Gray I´d be happy, sort of. But the fresh note in this just kills me. (Diva says: it smells like powder. It doesn´t smell like anything important.)

Glow – “fresh and clean, like you just came out of the shower.” Orange blossom, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, soft amber, jasmine, vanilla, musk, orris.

March: The bottle´s sexy, but I´d describe this as the Office JLo – the one least likely to offend anyone in the Cube Farm. A very clean musk with muted florals. Oddly, for the “fresh” one, I get less of that Glade Ozone smell. I´d wear this. (Diva says: I like this one, I´d wear it.)

Patty:  I despised this one. I got more of the TFA in this, like a boatload, and it really grated on my last nerve after about 20 minutes, though I can see how it would work on a younger person who has more nerves to grate on and less frayage caused by age.  And that super-fresh feeling lasted for hours.

Glow After Dark – her nightclub scent, “out with your friends, celebrating and enjoying the nightlife”. Passionfruit, lychee ice, pink peony, orange flower, blond woods, pink musk.

March: You know this is her nightclub scent because along with the blended fruit it has the singular, tangy smell of fresh vomit – like someone threw up a Mai Tai. Ugh. (Diva says: too fruity.)

Patty:  Oh, Lord, just kill me now.  I would have thought that I would like this one, but reminds me of too many long nights drinking cheap fruity cocktails and waking up to regret all the things you don’t remember doing. 

Live, about “living for the moment, celebrating life through my very first love, which is dancing.” Sicilian lemon, orange, pineapple, redcurrant, spicy violet, peony, musk, vanilla, sandalwood.

Patty:  Not that bad at all. It’s a little too much sweet on the open, but that blessedly blows off  a little and gives a nice musky minimally sweet fruity smell.  It’s still much too sweet for me even in the drydown, so I”m sticking with Still as my fave, but this comes in right behind it.

 March: This goes on nicely musky, with a minimum of Glade, and a spicy accord (must be that spicy violet.) The only JLo that registered as spicy, and the musky, woody drydown is sexy. This is my favorite of the bunch. I won´t buy it, but if I owned it I´d probably wear it. (Diva says: that´s fun, I´d wear it.)

Live Luxe celebrates “Jennifer´s excitement for dance and her love of luxury.” Pear, peach, melon, citrus, apple, satiny muguet, amethyst freesia, honeysuckle, precious diamong musk, vanilla, sandalwood.

March: In this case, Luxe means “I can afford enough sugar to bury your entire family.” Too sweet. (Diva says: ewww, that´s really gross, like you threw up something sweet.) The vomit reference – a weird coincidence that in hindsight maybe isn´t a ringing endorsement of the line … I mean, how often do you compare a fragrance to vomit?

Patty:  Fruity sweet TFA. Not sure how they screwed up a Live flanker this badly, but they threw out everything that was good about Live and threw in a gallon of Sucrose-fortified cotton candy.  If you like Pink Sugar and that ilk, you’ll love this.

Deseo means “desire … wish .. dream. I want to inspire people to dream and want more.” Tropical plants accord, bergamot, orange blossom, geranium, mineral accord, amber.

Patty:  Did not smell this one.

March: Deseo is the newest JLo and seems like a bit of a departure for her. The bottle´s more sophisticated and interesting – sort of a lumpy, assymetircal uncut gemstone. It opens on a huge fresh accord, what I am thinking is her idea of tropical plants. Once that goes away, I kind of like it. It´s got decent lasting power, and that musky, sexy, warm-skin drydown that´s like the part of Live I like best. (Diva says: that´s nasty, that´s worse than the throw-up one. It smells like our locker room.)

Miami Glow has apparently been discontinued, although it´s still all over the net. Notes are passion fruit, coconut, orange flower, sunbathed sand, amber, musk and vanilla.

March: I´m sorry it´s been discontinued, because I really liked it – it´s Jenny at the Beach, complete with tanning oil and big white sunglasses (must have been that sunbathed sand note.) It was a great virtual-reality beach fragrance.

Patty:  I didn’t get to test this one this time around, but I know I smelled it when we were doing some blind things a year or so ago. I’d agree with March – from my memory, it’s pretty great.  Why they would discontinue one of the best of the bunch is a mystery.

Love at First Glow — bergamot, Georgia peach, osmanthus, pink jasmine, wild rose, freesia, blond woods, musk, and vanilla absolute.

Patty:  I really didn’t mind this. It’s not something I’d wear, but if someone sprayed it on me while I wasn’t looking, I wouldn’t be horrified or annoyed.  A soft little scent, less of the TFA than most of these, only on the open and then disappears.  Something a young girl could wear without smelling like a tarted-up child-floozy.  It also faded on me pretty fast, so maybe that explains my lack of annoyance?

March: This is probably the most candy-fied of the bunch, and smells the most tweener. Having said that, I still find it less offensive than, say, Pink Sugar. It strikes me as something my 11-year-old would like. (Diva says: too sweet, too girly.) Okay, so 13-year-olds are too mature for this one?

In summary, only a couple of these are pretty atrocious, but even then, they likely appeal to people with different tastes than ours — we lean more towards the odd, ridiculous and skanky.  A couple of them are pretty good and stand on their own merit as a lower-cost perfume that smells decent.  But best selling?  Sorry, I don’t understand that at all.  There is nothing remarkable enough in any of these to be a standout.  The one that might have been close, Miami Glow, is discontinued

  • BBliss says:

    Love the style of this post – very fun and funny – though I have not a smidge to add about the scents. TFA actually makes my stomach queasy sometimes…:-&

    Thanks Patty and March!

  • Robin says:

    Really surprised you guys didn’t like Glow more than you did. When I think of the better celeb efforts, I always think of Glow. Agree Miami Glow is one of the more wearable though, and too bad it was limited edition. They ought to bring it back.

    • Patty says:

      March liked Glow more than I did. It was really awful on me, but I do see how it could work on some people. It was like that TFa was magnified into some monstrous toilet bowl deodorizer creature.

  • ccccccc says:

    To me, most of J Lo’s scents smell like they use the same perfumer as Charmin. That scented toilet paper accord needs to go NOW! The synthetic musk component is not that great, either.

  • minette says:

    miami glow is the only one of hers i considered buying. it actually smelled nice on me. then the discount shop that carried it closed and the thought of buying it went away. if it’s discontinued, i wish it would show up at tj maxx. still and glow and live are there all the time. probably some others, too. the names run together for me.

  • Patty says:

    Sorry for the lack of replies today, I am just suffering from a lot of fatigue, but thanks all! We had fun doing this.

    • kathleen says:

      Maybe a little emotionally spent as well. What with the boys all out. Light a fire and curl up with something comforting.

  • moi says:

    I’m still laughing at TFA. Brilliant!

    I smelled Deseo a couple weeks ago and was nearly bowled over by what to Moi’s nose smelled like a big ol’ rotting pineapple. Yew.

    But I like Still – I’m finding I have quite the affinity for tea in perfumes. Never would of thunk it, but I do, I do!

  • aelily says:

    Opps, I have know idea why that posted twice…but I did get the right emoticon both times 🙂

  • aelily says:

    I’m with Elle. Can’t stand department stores (even the uppity ones like Saks). Online shopping is one of the best things that ever happened to me- somewhere after my husband, my dog, and my Ipod, but before my DVR (which says a lot- I am a tv junkie, I admit it).

    Have nothing to say about J Lo, or her glow…but did want to point out that I saw something recently (more junk TV ) that said that even with all her antics, Britney (do we even need to use her last name anymore?) made 8 million last year, mainly on old songs and fragrance sales. Can’t imagine how much J Lo’s fragrances make for her. /:)I’m with Elle. Can’t stand department stores (especially even the uppity ones like Saks). Online shopping is one of the best things that ever happened to me- somewhere after my husband, my dog, and my Ipod, but before my DVR (which says a lot- I am a tv junkie, I admit it).

    Have nothing to say about J Lo, or her glow…but did want to point out that I saw something recently (more junk TV)that said that even with all her antics, Britney (do we even need to use her last name anymore?) made 8 million last year, mainly on old songs and fragrance sales. Can’t imagine how much J Lo’s fragrances make for her. /:)

    • Patty says:

      Misfires happen. 8-|

      They are cleaning up on the fragrances. Paris, Brittney, JLo, they are making a pile of cash, and that’s why there’s still so many trying to get into it. There’s certainly a ton more money in the mainstream fragrance arena than the niche.

  • pitbull friend says:

    Hmmm. The everpresence of the TFA makes me wonder. My too-keen nose notices that people use the crappy “fresh-smelling” Tide & other nasty detergents a lot. And I’ve noticed that people who have waves of it coming off them are kind of poor-to-working-class, usually African-American. It’s like they use too much detergent on their clothes to prove, “I’m poor, but I’m clean.” So maybe the reason why the JLos & their TFA sell so well is people who are not well off or belong to minority ethnic groups want a perfume that announces to everyone that they have good hygiene? Whereas, we must be a pretty middle-to-upper class bunch here, what with all the BO-type things we wear?

    Enjoyed reading this very much & I appreciate the three of you sacrificing your noses so I wouldn’t have to. (I like the Yosh Ginger Ciao because it reminds me of Bain de Soleil — the orange gel. Then I realized I could just buy Bain de Soleil!) –Ellen

    • Musette says:


      As a mixed-race woman who likes both BO-ish, rose and clean scents as well as decent hygiene I was going to try to respond to this incredible post….but then I realized that there is no way to do so…

      I wouldn’t even know where to start…

      • Louise says:

        Lord, how could you respond to that? I am so sorry that anyone, anywhere could say such things. I feel quite sick. And incredibly sad.

        • pitbull friend says:

          Several days later, I came back to this & re-read it & I am still wondering what you think I said. Please ask one of the board moderators to give you my email address so you can explain it to me. I think you owe me an apology. –Ellen

          • Musette says:

            I’m not sure if you’re sending this to me or to the other poster (the post placement makes it difficult to determine) but if this post is meant for me I’m not interested, thanks. Since you say there’s a class component here that can please itself and not worry about what others think there should be no problem.

            I see this as a fun, entertaining blog and a lovely way to step out of daily life for a hot minute and learn about niche (and not-so-niche) scents; I don’t want to make myself or anyone else uncomfortable addressing issues outside that arena. You are entitled to your opinion and I’m certainly not one for censoring. I see this as a virtual cocktail party – if someone says something I don’t like (or whatever) I can always move on to the next person/post.
            I really don’t have any interest in continuing any sort of discussion about this with you either on or off the blog. I’m back to perfume!


          • pitbull friend says:

            Wasn’t talking to you, sorry, Musette. I think Louise owes me an apology. I’m unable to make the slightest bit of sense out of what you say, but you don’t owe anyone an apology for that, of course! –Ellen

          • Musette says:

            oops! sorry. well, stepping out of it now.



      • pitbull friend says:

        Musette, if you want to take offense, I suppose that’s your prerogative, but it wasn’t intended. (In fact, you have no idea of my racial background, do you?) What I’m saying is, there’s a class component, and the people on this board belong to a class that is secure enough that we are able to please ourselves and worry less about what others think. (Class trumps race every time.) Poor or uneducated people tend to be more insecure. A while back, we talked about differences in perfumes aimed at the Japanese market, for instance, where society as a whole finds it bad form to have scents with any sillage. There are differences between groups, no? –Ellen

        • Musette says:

          this is beginning to border on the surreal for me. This is actually not about race – I only posted my race as a defining agent. You could be black, Asian, whatever… your response here seems (to me, anyway) to be different from a post about the type of fragrances that a particular culture (in the original post, it was Asians)might enjoy. I’m not race-phobic, by the way…this post just mystified me rather than offended me…

          …but the tone of your response and your focus on what you determine to be ‘class’ means this conversation will only escalate or de-escalate..and I don’t believe this blog is the place for it. In fact, I should apologize to March, etc for even responding to the original post! I plan to leave this at this juncture and return to the playful world of perfume!

          • pitbull friend says:

            OK, I still can’t make any sense of what you’re saying. As the young folks say, “Whatever.” –Ellen

    • moi says:

      Interesting hypothesis. (BTW, I’m a pibble friend, too 🙂

      • pitbull friend says:

        Thank you, moi. Glad to hear there’s another pibbles n’ perfume type. And one who doesn’t jump to conclusions, too! –Ellen

    • Patty says:

      I don’t think I’d generalize that narrowly. I think Americans as a rule tend to like these fresh fragrances or at least they’ve been buying them like crazy for the last decade or so.

      I’d like for the trend to be over, though.

    • Wendy says:

      You know – I’ve been interpreting TFA as Tampax Fresh Accord (which seems to be different from Playtex Fresh Accord).

      I think I like my interpretation better.

  • Elle says:

    Might as well just confess now that I hate to shop – like to buy and have certain things, but loathe the process of shopping and the amount of time it can take. Anyway, the point is that I spend as absolutely little time in malls as humanly possible, so I’ve never slowed down enough to sniff any of the J Lo scents. Looks like I’ve missed the Miami one. Can’t say any of the rest of them sound like they’re worth my slowing down for. That’s the beauty of reading posts like this and knowing you’ve done the shopping/sniffing for me. Thanks! 🙂

  • Flor says:

    Her perfumes are so….pleh. They really are very much the same, either super clean (which I don’t mind necessarily, depending, maybe only the first one – Glow ), or they’re tropical coconut fruity concoctions, and in my opinion are either forgettable or annoying. The words “memorable” and “beautiful” are not ones I would use to describe any one of her scents, which seem to multiply like rabbits. Come to think of it, Glow would be best in bath products, nice fresh bath products.

  • Billy D says:

    I find myself completely unable to respond to this post. I just…have nothing to say. But I still like to contribute, so I’ll just add that one of my top 5 South Park faves is the episode where Cartman pretends his hand is J.Lo. Some people think it’s stupid, I think it’s genius. “Taco-flavored kisses for my Ben.” It flirts with (well, more than flirts) racism, but so does the entirety of Lopez’s constructed faux-ghetto divadom. And I actually like her, so go figure.

  • Marina says:

    “We lean towards the odd, ridiculous and skanky”…that should be the motto of pretty much the whole perfume blogosphere :d

  • Dusan says:

    You guys kill me! Who’s up next, Britney, Celine? Ah, all those ouvres to smell through! 🙂
    Have only smelled a handful of JGlows and my memory about them is rather vague but what I do remember (distinctly) is really, really liking Miami Glow, which now I discover has been dc/d. How typical.
    Hey P, dummass here is clueless about the meaning of TFA — The Frooty Assassin? Totally Farting Awful?

    Nevermind, just figured out it’s the fresh accord. Need coffee…

  • Joan says:

    Beautiful picture of J. Lo, she looks like a bottle of Givenchy Organza Indecence with the flowing gown. Interesting to hear what Diva had to say. I assume that the popularity of her perfumes are a reflection of her popularity as a person and performer.

  • Divina says:

    I’m afraid that as much as I hate celebrity scents and especially considering the fact that I don’t like JLo and hate her overpriced clothing line ….Glow works for me. I actually really like it and gladly accepted a bottle when a friend bought one for me cause I liked it so much on her… Then again, it’s just China Musk, isn’t it? I like china musk and this is a very good rendition with excellent staying power. Everything else I’ve smelled by JLo I’ve hated. Still haven’t smelled Deseo though and I’m curious. The bottle is cool.

    • Patty says:

      It sounds like it works on quite a few people, but it was just a horror show on me.

      I do think I need to sniff Deseo next time I’m out.

  • Malena says:

    *wow* JLo has released quite a few frags without that i even noticed – i´m so ignorant :d
    i only know glow (that was her first one, or am i wrong?) which smells horrible -> clean *yikes*
    miami glow is the other one i tested & i´m surprised that they discontinued it 😕 maybe it smelled too good for a JLo scent 😉 ? it was really kind of nice, nothing to write home about but far better than glow!
    if i ever get really bored & am near to perfumery i might sample another one – but probably not deseo if i happen to wear nail polish 😉

  • Wendy says:

    A newbie question for both of you:

    Did you spread out your testing of the JLo oeuvre or did you compress it within a couple of days?

    Just seems like a lot of “freshness” at once. (“TFA Accord” Love it!) =))

    Mad respect for both of you – I’m not sure I could STAND that much JLo in any form.

    • Patty says:

      I think we both did them over the course of a day or two. I had to shower by the end of the testing period, I smelled like a tampax box.

  • Louise says:


    • Louise says:

      Wrong emoticon again…was s’pozed to be sceptical…but now is stubborn [-(

      • Malena says:

        i´m so happy to see another one choosing the wrong emoticon >:d< i thought i was the only one!

        • Louise says:

          I think it’s the emoticons that are making bad choices. They’re laughing at us for working on Leap Day. Actually, it’s been a few days that they’re making their own choices.

          Tech-y Posse? Can you help? :d/

    • Patty says:

      Well, I wouldn’t tell anyone to go running to the store to sniff them, but I do think for mainstream scents, they aren’t all bad either.

  • nava says:

    I’m laughing at Patty’s “TFA” accord, because as a woman, you never forget that initial burst of “freshness” from the very first box of scented tampons you ever bought. It stays with you for a lifetime. Then you realize that what was intended to be “fresh” gave you a raging yeast infection, therefore proving there is one place on the body where “TFA” will never, ever work!

    I really liked Glow when it first came out, but isn’t it a complete rip-off of Body Time’s China Rain perfume? To my nose they are identical.

    • Musette says:


      Nava, you made me spit out my coffee laughing! .. when I read your description of a box of Tampax…..well, I haven’t used a tampon in 30 years (toxic shock then (you think a yeast infection is bad?) and now age) but I gotta tell you – the scent of that box just came rushing back………and now I won’t be able to get it out of my nose for yonks!

    • Patty says:

      I’m not familiar with that one. I still can’t figure out the fresh accord, it’s in everything. Where I dont mind it that much in my laundry detergent and dish soap, where I can ditch it when I want, just don’t want it in my perfumes.

  • Anne says:

    Freesia and/or honeysuckle and/or orange blossom…. I don’t think I could do any of these. You ladies are venturing into scary, whoops, I mean mainstream stuff. I always wonder if I am missing something fabulous by avoiding these. So far……not! Thanks for braving this territory. :)>-

    • Patty says:

      No, not missing anything here. NOthing wrong at all with many of them, but nothing I’d go out of my way to track down. That they are accessible and cheap is the main selling point. And the bottles for Glow and Glo after dark are really cute.

  • MattS says:

    Well, we knew it was coming; you’ve been threatening us with a JLo post for weeks. And it was actually kinda fun. I had no idea she had so many fragrances. Good Lord, I think I’ll become a celebrity, just so I can have my own fragrance line. You guys wanna sign on?

    I loved your blurbs on Glow After Dark; they should add notes of strange beds and regret.:o

    • Patty says:

      We’d love to be the next Frederic Malle, making perfumes based on perfume nuts’ likes and dislikes. Okay, it may be a small target market. 🙂

  • rosarita says:

    I kind of liked Still; someone gave me a bottle several years ago and it smelled nice, but I could spray it on liberally in the upstairs bathroom and not smell a thing by the time I walked down to the garage (and I live in a duplex). The Deseo bottle looks pretty, I haven’t seen it in real life yet. This three-way post was really fun, and I esp. value Diva’s input as a member of the target demographic for several of the JLo’s. 🙂

    • Patty says:

      I do get why that’s the target demographic for a lot of these scents, but it still kind of bugs me that it’s selling them on “trying on a celebrity personality” with every spritz. I’ll get over it, but I yearn for the days of Charlie and all of those where it was just an idea of who we wanted to be, sans celebrity.

  • Lee says:

    ^:)^ A magnificent trawl through a varied oeuvre. Pertinent, incisive, eloquent. A veritable feast. Thank you.:)

  • MarkDavid says:

    Bollocks! I accidentally hit Post before I was done.

    To continue:

    she got her wrist – 2 seconds later she happened to glance at the fingernail on the finger she hit the first time and the nailpolish was completely stripped off of it.

    So word of warning – mind the nails, girls. And boys, if applicable.

    Mom wanted to sue JLo and I was about ready to help her.

    Next thing you know, JLo will be launching a chain of manicure parlors and we’ll discover it was all part of her master plan – one step at a time.

    Has JLo released a fragrance for Men yet? What should it be called? JLo AfterGlow?

    • Louise says:

      This is way frightening…another reason to run away!:)

    • Malena says:

      that´s really a bit scary! but funny as well… :”> – i admit it: i had to laugh 😉
      it might be true that JLo is about to release a scented nail polish remover spray – actually the scent of glow smells already pretty to close to this harsh NP removers – but perhaps deseo fits the bill even better 😕

    • Patty says:

      J Lo will own the world one day, marke my words. I anticipate makeup and other cosmetics right around the corner for her. TFA permeating all of them.

  • MarkDavid says:

    My mother and I were in a department store 2 weeks ago and we came across Deseo, which I wasn’t even aware was coming out. So mom grabbed it and sprayed it but missed and hit her finger instead. So she did it again and this time, she got her wrist. 2

  • Renee110 says:

    Love this post!!!

    Ah…I really like Glow. I don’t mind smelling “clean”, and I’ve actually received tons of compliments with this one! I’ve been wearing Rose Poivee and Bois d’Iris this week and never get a single compliment….sigh.

    The only other one I have tried is Still, and I liked it pretty well but not enough to buy. Didn’t make me vomit though. I DO want to try Deseo.

    • Patty says:

      I think maybe what I have a harder time with is that most people do perceive that fresh accord as being better smelling somehow, and the further I get into perfume, it just seems too generic, but totally inoffensive.

      So we just accept that we’ve turned into weirdoes with the stuff we like to smell. 🙂

  • Maria says:

    “The JLo oeuvre.” You guys kill me. =))

    The DH just walked into the room wearing Yatagan. Talk about a gorgeous fragrance. JLo can keep her Glow after Dark.

  • Erin / Tigs says:

    I really enjoyed this three-handed (nosed?) run-down. Have been meaning to try Still, becuase someone mentioned liking it on NST, and the notes looked interesting. Just tried Deseo and although the heart and base didn’t seem bad, there was that scary opening. My skin hangs on to grapefruit like grim death – I have enormous grapefruit-amplifying powers, I don’t know, maybe from acidic skin pH? It’s like a superpower! – and the “fresh” note just kept rolling along, obscuring everything in its path. Never tried Miami Glow that I can remember – mostly, I think, because Mr. Burr liked it, and while I like and respect the man, we almost never agree on favourites.