Cowgirl Candy

Posse readers – I bring you glad tidings! I, your devoted perfume cowgirl, am quoted in the current Time magazine in an article about perfume! Me! in Time! Not that I’m tooting my own horn or anything! (Now Smell This, Sniffapalooza and Vetivresse are in there too.) That’s me over there to the left in Time’s cover illustration recreating my discovery of the smell of Diptyque Essence of John Galliano — look at my tiny waist! (Okay, that last sentence? a total lie. Hillary whatsername’s on the cover.) I must have talked to the reporter for 30+ minutes about the world of fragrance freaks, and am amused to see the quote she used from me is a random aside about shoes (I was making a point about perfume having its culty devotees, similar to those for shoes, wine and handbags, and how each has blogs devoted to the topic). I am kind of pleased she didn´t quote me as to the country of origin of Juozas Statkevicius. I said – are you ready? – “Moldavia,” as in the Moldavian Massacre on that 1980s TV classic, Dynasty. Also I am pretty sure I said “I have more vials than a crack addict,” or possibly “crack dealer,” and wouldn´t that have made my loved ones proud, seeing that in print?

Anyway, here´s more stuff. Less fluff. I got a package in the mail from Tigs …

Bois 1920 Sandalo e The. What a crushing disappointment. Lots of tea, no sandalwood, a pinch of cumin. I´d be all over that cumin-y goodness if it weren´t bolted to a snooze-inducing fougere. This is like sniffing Brut in your average guy´s freshly showered armpits.

Hermes eau d´Hermes. Heh. Show of hands, please – how many of you bought this unsniffed based on my rave from-memory review? And how many of you have now quietly put the bottle up for swap? I adore this even more being able to spray it, but seriously, this is borderline non-public-fragrance territory on me. The Holy Grail of sweat scents.

Christian Dior Cologne Eau Noire. And can we talk about the wonder of the immortelle in there? It´s oneiric, is it not? Not the sweet maple-syrup-on-Mars of Annick Goutal´s sables, but a darker, honeyed, curried, woody richness. If you were to ask me, why are you obsessed with fragrance? I´d stick this under your nose.

Diptyque Essence of John Galliano (room spray) and I am the only person who giggles at the idea of the “essence” of John, everyone´s favorite funky little fashion troll? Or is that just my dirty mind wandering?

Digression: there is the Bandit Principle, which holds that if you smell something repeatedly, your tolerance for its basic weirdness increases. The first time I smelled Piguet Bandit, I thought, you must be joking, who would wear that horror show? Second and fifth times – ouch, no thanks. Ninth time — hmmm, that´s kind of … pretty! Last time – whoa, this needs something to butch it up a little.

John Galliano’s “essence” is supposed to smell like an orthodox church in St. Petersburg, and having never been there, I can´t attest. All I could ever smell was the famous birch note, which is to say: Campfire. This smelled like heavy campfire smoke, period, end of sentence. Sniff the end of a charred log and there you have it. This time out I got – St. Petersburg! I got the incense, vanilla, old waxed wood, the whole gnostic shebang, which becomes much more apparent after the first fifteen minutes, after Campfire settles down.

And then! We had a fragrance accident! The best kind! Because I also got a little bottle of Organza Indecence. And I sprayed it on. And I was enjoying the full flower of its vanilla-woods glory, when I realized…

Eureka! I was filled with aporia, until I realized I had found the ultimate Smoky Vanilla! I, March the Maleficent, pronounce the Smoky Vanilla Holy Grail: Organza Indecence (which has NOT been discontinued, as many of you took the trouble to tell me) layered with Essence of John Galliano. I think that incense note makes all the difference in the world.

Hermessence Poivre Samarcande – she is me! And I am her! And she blooms on my skin like a thousand tiny peppercorns laced with green dew, upon a frail bark boat, blown through the regions of my imagination by the most delicate winds of skank… whoa, reel in the jib of frothy verbiage, cap´n! Seriously, Tigs, what does this do on you? How does it go wrong? Because it is so very, very right on me…

Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Rouge. I have the green and the white, and I never quite fell for the The Rouge. It´s supposed to be based around rooibos and as I recall when it came out, all of us tea/frag nuts felt like the tea element wasn´t strong enough. I am now beginning to wonder, re-sniffing this – has my nose recalibrated in the direction of more delicate notes? Or has Bvlgari subtly tweaked this scent after its introduction, in response to those complaints? It´s still not a ringer for rooibos, and there are other notes in there (including fig, bergamot and musk) but it´s definitely rootier than I remember, almost chthonic, with more pepper and less florals. It goes a little soapy on me, and the drydown doesn´t stay “true” to the fragrance somehow – kind of muddy. Hmmm. I need to retry in hot weather, which is when The Blanc and The Vert get their heavy rotation.

I Profumi di Firenze Incenso – hey, this is fun. A lively, sparkling incense as opposed to a churchy one, maybe incense for non-incense-lovers? It´s got a tart lemon top note that´s a ringer for – no kidding – Guerlain´s gorgeous Philtre d´Amour – and then it´s a resiny (pine resin, not copal resin) incense. I don´t see this anywhere online … and while I´m complaining, can I add that a) I wish they exported more of their line to the U.S. (particularly the more interesting, non-bouquet fragrances), and b) I swear they sell these for $20 – $25 in Florence, and that is some serious markup on the U.S. bottles.

Kenzo Jungle Le Tigre – bergamot, kumquat, davana, osmanthus, ylang-ylang, Massoà¯a wood, cinnamon. Okay, this is really … um … what is this? Hey, again – quick show of hands – how many of you bought L´Elephant unsniffed after I raved about it and then you hated it? I told you not to buy it unsniffed! Because until it settles down, L´Elephant has all the subtlety and annoying enthusiasm of a sugar-addled toddler. I love it, but I have a small decant and I think carefully before I put it on. Le Tigre is the more wearable scent, and based on the notes I thought I´d love it. I loathe the first two minutes — there´s a lot of peppery citrus in the opening, and a macerated fruity sourness, the fragrance equivalent of the taste of postage stamps. The transition from that to the osmanthus and spicy woods is jarring and unappetizing to me. It wasn´t a scrubber, but it was odd. The drydown, though, is the star, and (like L´Elephant) you just have to grit your teeth and wait for it. To my nose it´s reminiscent of KenzoAmour, spicier (which I like) but also more floral and sweeter (which I don´t). KenzoAmour is one of my winter comfort stand-bys, and if you like the concept but find it a snooze, you might like this better.

There was some other stuff in there, but that´s probably all we can take for today, yes?

Today’s giveaway — Spring Round-up! Seriously, I need to get that Wen Fig Oil (ack!) out of my closet before it escapes and strangles all my Guerlains. I’ll send a box of stuff to the first person who can tell me: which words appeared on here today as a dictionary challenge? You know — the ones you think, what the he– does that mean? Hint: five or fewer words. U.S. residents ONLY on this draw, please. Shipping smelly little boxes out of the country under current regulations involves an amount of bureaucratic b.s. bordering on the surreal. Besides, I am pretty sure shipping Wen Fig Oil violates rules set by the DEA, FDA, ATF, NAFTA, PETA and the Geneva Convention, for all I know.

image — I have no idea, I nabbed that off the internets so long ago, it was in my archives. Cute, no? Also, my Fragrance Princess orchid from my Valentine’s day review is still going strong, same blooms! Yowsah! What is that, three weeks ago?

  • noi says:

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  • zara says:

    i can feel your pain 😉 i guess people like me will never learn that unsniffed is dangerous territory, but i’ll be a bit more careful, for…at least a few months 😀

  • zara says:

    i do admit, i’m one of those who have brought the hermes eau d’hermes unsniffed and now quietly put the bottle away ’cause i can’t handle it, i raise my hand full of shame. although, it’s not that i hate it as such, it’s just that it reminds me more of old ladies’ fur coats than sweat…but well, a lesson learned 🙂

    • March says:

      Well, there you go. Maybe you could swap the bottle? Sorry. 🙁 My unsniffed track record is terrible, if that makes you feel any better (and it probably doesn’t.)

    • MattS says:

      “I’ll take that bottle off your hands, ma’am,” said the filthy boy in the back of the room. “Name your poison.”<):)

  • clare stella says:

    the only words i was not familiar with were chtonic, oneiric, aporia, davana, and copal. i’m new to perfume so some of the ingredients are not familiar ones.

    • March says:

      Davana and copal are two perfumery terms, but you’ll run across all sorts of odd words on here, no doubt. And feel free to ask us if you don’t know. Copal is a resiny incense smell. Davana is a flower and turns up in essential oils a lot.

  • Vasily says:

    There is a little town in the state of Virginia (my birth state) named Buena Vista … pronounced, of course, Byoona Vista. As in, “Fetch me my thirty-ought-six, Eustace, I’m headin’ over to Byoona Vista.” And here in Illinois the southernmost part is called Little Egypt, which features a town named Cairo … pronounced KAY-ro. We have a Dez Playns here in Illinois too.

    Wen Fig Oil … huh … I always think of sebaceous cysts when I hear the word Wen, so I’m glad I missed the drawing on this one. A most unfortunate name for a company vending skin care products, I think.

    The cowgirl image is, well, VERY saucy. I’m sure the original title was something like “Come and get it!” And the Freudian in me wants to comment on the size of the triangle, but let’s not go any further in that direction …

    • March says:

      I love Byoona Vista! Although I think it should be BooWeenavista. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

      And now that you mention it I may be thinking of Dez Plains IL.

      “Come and Get it!” was no doubt the title of the image, although I suspect “Come’n Git It!!” may be the correct spelling. Not going anywhere near the subject of the triangle. :d

    • Musette says:

      And don’t fergit, in the great town of Chicaga there is a street called Gothee (hard “o”)! I remember one commentator marveling that an entire town could pronounce Ivan de Jesus’s name correctly – but hadn’t a clue about Goethe.

      • Debbie says:

        Yeah, that is horrible. I’m partially of German descent, with a last name of Roelle, with that oe pronounced the same as in Goethe. It’s much easier to say in that name, however, and, and, GET IT RIGHT, PEOPLE! :d

        BTW, I saw your question about the Nazgul. Personally, I think it references the creatures in Lord of the Rings. You know, the faceless monsters in all black that chase Frodo.

        • Musette says:

          I obviously wasn’t paying attention when I watched the movie (the books were read too long ago to count :”>…I thought the Nazgul was that flying-lizard thing that the Big Dark Lord (the one Miranda Otto kills) rode. That’s where the ‘beast’ came in. I gotta get with the program!

          Thanks for the clarification, Debbie…except now I’m even more confused (perhaps it’s better that way:-)

          • Vasily says:

            The Nazgul are the Wringwraiths who are pursuing the ring (in the Black Speech of Mordor, nazg = ring, gul = wraith or spirit) and their winged mounts are called Fell Beasts. OK, now I *really* must seem like a total geek. 🙂

      • March says:

        Gothee! You’re killing me with this!

        Patty hates Ambre Narguile and has been calling it The Nazgul on here for as long as I can remember — in fact if you search there’s probably the original, primordial post where she explains her feelings (which, frankly, I share, not being an amber gal myself.) It’s very strong.

        Having said that, we both admire it. When people ask me for some stunning amber to try, having discovered their love for the note, I always mention AN. Really strong amber is just … not my thing. Makes me queasy.

        • Musette says:

          I’ll bet if you ran a post on mispronouced names(or ‘alternately-pronounced’, if you wanna get all PC about it) it would go on forever! You went to school in MO? Me, too, in StL. Do you remember how they pronounce ‘Gravois’?

          Re amber scents. I gathered up the courage to try the L’A Eau d’Ambre last night, figuring if it really was cobra venom I would probably sleep though it….and … I imagining it or does it smack of an early Estee Lauder scent? I didn’t think I knew of any ambers yet I’ve smelled this, in a much earlier incarnation….and it was a Lauder perfume! …have I lost my mind?

          beyond all that I’m not at all sure about the scent itself, as I can’t get the EL memory out of my nose. Not sure if I’m an amberista, either. I do know that M. Lutens’ amber nearly brought up my lunch :-& L’A seems okay – it would have to be a really COLD day to wear this, though…

          I’ll look for the Nazgul post – that should really spike my day!=))

          • March says:

            GravOISE, right?!? Am I right?

            I am not sure I have smelled the L’Artisan. :”> Or I blocked the memory. Seriously, bottles labeled “amber” I tend not to pick up.

          • Musette says:

            Dingdingding!!!…and there are a thousand such examples in the City of the Sainted Louis….alas…and you will get funny looks if you pronounce names in French fashion.

            I’m thinking, reading other posts, that the EL reference might be Youth Dew but I may be thinking that because I remember the juice was amber-y. I don’t remember ever smelling it but considering I’ve been on the planet for a significant number of years ’tis likely I did.

            oh, well. Like I said, it’s okay – but I think there’s a weird, cough-syrupy (cough drop?) note in there that’s a deal-breaker.

  • Very late in this and no intention on entering the draw of course(it would be unfair, anyway, since they’re all Greek words! btw, I do hope do not correlate “oneiric” with religion, nothing of the sort)

    Just..CONGRATS for the mention!! A most respected publication.

    • March says:

      Helg, thanks very much! And I am always amazed at the knowledge and education of folks on the perfume blogs. I think I’m reasonably intelligent, but there’s always something more to learn.

  • minette says:

    well, oneiric and chthonic were the only ones that jumped out at me but i have a feeling you threw in gnostic for fun, too.

    i love the the rouge – i think it’s the nutmeg that puts it over the top for me, as i don’t especially like rooibos tea. is that another one of your words? i haven’t paid attention to the comments, sorry.

    i found the entire bois line disappointing. and i would love to know why they pronounce bois “boyce” rather than “bwah.” when the sa told me that i thought she was crazy, but she said the trainer told them it was boyce. sounds like a bit of pretentious counter-pretentiousness to me.

    congrats on being quoted in time. that’s the big time!

    • March says:

      You’re right on oeniric, chthonic and gnostic — but you missed aporia! 😉 Kim up there got the guess yesterday… a lot of people guessed rooibos, which surprised me. And it’s always nice to meet another fan of Rouge.

      But I can’t focus on that any more because I am laughing about Bois. BOYCE? Are you funnin’ me??!?! That’s like some practical-joke level thing.

      • Debbie says:

        The way French names are pronounced around here is unbelievable. The lastest example: Ver-sal. Yep, for “Versailles”. (scream) *It’s not that hard to pronounce!!”

        • March says:

          I went to college in Missouri, which has a lot of French place names, with Americanized pronunciation. As in Ver-SALES. And Dez Plains. There were some others too.

          OTOH in New Mexico the old mining town near us was MADrid, even though everyone there was good at Spanish accents. I mean, the city in Spain was muhDRID. Local tradition.

          BOYCE is just dumb, though.

  • BBliss says:

    WOW – congratulations on the article, March – will go hunt it down! Love the word games – and your style is always amusing and educating!:x

  • Dain says:

    Organza Indecence was once my signature scent, back in high school. I find it more celebratory than comforting, so the addition of incense (a more solemn celebration) makes complete sense–a little more mature, perhaps. Thanks for the idea. I’ve branched out and away from Indecence but I keep a bottle for nostalgia’s sake and I must go and try this out.

    • March says:

      I love reading people saying “I smelled this back in high school.” It’s so much fun to hear fragrance memories. Of course it’s a new discovery to me. :”>

  • Jana says:

    Here is a link to the Time article (I think).

  • evilpeony says:

    Hey! (de-lurking again here)

    I read that article on Time yesterday, and I thought: Whee!!! (Our) addiction is going on primetime. :d/

    The Bandit principle rocks!

    BTW, WTH is Moldavia? (Not to be confused with Monrovia in Sierra Leone?? or was it Liberia??) I had to look up that up on Wiki.\

    • March says:

      I am glad you enjoyed The Bandit Principle.

      Moldavia. That’s where … somebody on Dynasty was from, and I think Blake’s daughter got married there? I thought it was entirely fictional but it existed for 400 years or so — cool coat of arms, yeah?

      Juozas Statkevicius (or Joe Stat, as we call him affectionately) is from Lithuania, I believe that’s the name I was struggling for.

  • violetnoir says:

    Aporia and oneiric. WTF, March!!

    And, would someone please tell me one more time what the heck a “fougere” is???


    • March says:

      I know, I am loony. It all started with me looking up chthonic… long story.

      Fougere. It’s that ultimate guy-cologne smell. The name, I believe, is the French word for fern. Lots of old soap lines have a fougere or fern soap too. The standard bits (in my amateur understanding) are citrus/herbal top notes, geranium, coumarin and oakmoss. It’s the green/herbal smell of old-school stuff like Brut and Paco Rabanne.

  • Maria says:

    Congratulations, March!!! Now I have to go buy Time magazine before it flies off the shelves.

    As an avid student of early Christianity, I must protest at your use of “gnostic” in connection with a Russian Orthodox church in St. Petersburg. That has nothing to do with gnosticism. [-(

    There was a dictionary challenge in the post? I didn’t notice. :-b

    • March says:

      Protest away. I kept putting it in and taking it out in various places, and I have no doubt my usage is off, if you tell me it is. :)>-

  • tmp00 says:

    oneiric, gnostic, aporia, rooibos, chthonic?

    I know I had to look up the last two.. 🙂

    • March says:

      You’re close, but Kim up there won. It’s your list minus rooibos. It’s funny, it never occurred to me people wouldn’t know rooibos (it’s used in a tea, among other things, and I’m very fond of it.) But other people named it as well. Sorry.:)>-

  • Debbie says:

    Hey, and congrats on the Time article. I need to go buy that issue!

  • Debbie says:

    People are coming up with good lists. In fact, some of these words I just breezed over, without realizing that I didn’t know what they meant. But here’s my guess, taking Lee’s suggestion:

    oneric, chthonic, gnostic

    I *need* to try that Dior Cologne au Noir. It sounds so right for me. And I’d love to try that fig oil. Someone asked me recently if a sample had a fig note in it, and I had to reply that I didn’t know. Sure, I know what a real fig smells like, but what if the fig fragrance note is actually different?

    • March says:

      The fig oil wouldn’t be your best bet for a fig note. It’s really strong smelling, like a bath oil with other musky stuff in it. It’s not terrible, but it’s not me.

      I did Figmania I and II awhile back if you search on the blog, I think I covered 30+ scents. :”>

  • Tigs / Erin says:

    Well, you see, that’s why us perfumiacs up here in Frozen North love swaps – until we can convince our Cheeses that going on Sniffa trips is a sound financial investment, swaps are the only way we can truly appreciate the mystery that is skin chemistry.

    So sorry I disappointed you with the Sandalo. Like Louise, I get lots of wood. (Why does that sound so wrong?! Sorry Louise!) I grant you that the first cuminy minutes are the best. Ditto on the The Rouge, which I love in the first 15 minutes, but which goes a bit overblended and clean musky in the drydown. Layering it with the lotion helps. Also – hoping my husband isn’t lurking here, since he bought it for me – it makes a *fabulous* room spray.

    The Galliano is one of my favourite layering agents ever, but I haven’t tried the Smoky Vanilla Holy Grail – must go now, as it sounds delish. The Eau Noire is one of my favourites, end stop. I don’t regret my Eau D’Hermes at all, but after trying it I kind of laughed when I reread your initial review that said it was “less sweaty” than Declaration (which I like & find very similar, but more citrusy, less skin-like).

    The Poivre smells PUTRID on me. Like a grubby subway station corner, stale sweat mixed with urine, like McQueen Kingdom without the humorous bits. No lie. Smells great on the card (and I love your description of it on you.) I have gradually come to the realization that I do soul-stirring things with citrus (I get the postage stamp FROM HEAVEN!), but objectively criminal things with pepper. Sad, really.

    Kind of sad you didn’t get quoted on “Moldavia” – the Fug girls would have been delighted.

    • March says:

      Ahahahahaha!!! And another More Wood joke! Seriously, I need to grow up.

      Or not.

      Hey, I figure using it as a room spray is actually a good thing. They smell it, they figure, hey, that’s the fragrance I got mah woman! And it makes them happy…

      Yeah, well, I am an idjit. “Less sweaty” my … gymsocks. Declaration is like L’Air du Temps next to Eau D’Hermes.

      I did that whole smoky vanilla post, you saw that, right? Here, I’ll paste it in again. It’s a combo I happen to love.

      That is very interesting about the pepper. That’s the relationship I have, clearly, with certain cedar scents (say that three times fast.)

      Yeah. Moldavia. The Fug girls would laugh.

  • Jenavira says:

    Add me to the draw. Words: orthodox, gnostic, verbiage, and chthonic.

    I’ve been wanting to up the smokiness of Organza Indecence too, but I have been wondering about the layering it with CB Burning Leaves, Fire From Heaven, or his smoke accords.

  • Anthony says:

    I just wore Eau d’Hermes out for the first time two weeks ago and I felt totally fine doing so, will full sprays from the bottle and all! The spiciness turned sweet-ish throughout the day. But smelling it a) inside the cap and b) on first spritz can be an “are you SERious?”. I love Eau Noir. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      “will” full sprays = “with” full sprays… oops:)>-

      • March says:

        Well, as usual I *read* with the first time, so no worries.

        It was sweeter, it seemed to me, in New York. Ah, but then, everything is sweeter in NYC, isn’t it? Sigh. /:)

  • MarkDavid says:

    well, shoes ARE boring.
    (though that hasn’t stopped me from amassing a collection of them, as well)
    Congratulations. Now that you’re famous, how bout buying a round of Hermessences for the whole bar, ok?

    I love The Rouge. And I’ll admit, it took me a while. But its fabulous in the heat. I recall mentioning it to a friend once and her reply was “It was all I wore on a trip to Thailand in the summer.”

    Just checked, the Wen Fig also violates rules from NASA, NBC, CBS, KFC, PNC, LSD, and JLC – Also known as Jamie Lee Curtis.

    • March says:

      Um, me too. :”> I have a lot of shoes. But I have more fragrance. I am a particular victim of the cheapo, less than $100 kicky sandal.

      I suspected the Wen Fig Oil triggered additional violations, thanks for checking. I notice you didn’t try for the win… 8-|

      Well, there you have it. Will have to try Rouge this summer, it’s very Thailand-like around here, heat/humidity-wise.

      • MarkDavid says:

        Darling, I’d love to enter myself in the draw but I just dont know what the hell Wen Fig Oil is, haha.

        Oh what the hell, sign me up!

        I feel duty-bound to warn you – That KFC violation is a particularly serious one, so proceed with caution.


    • March says:

      PS KFC!!! snerk ~:>

  • Robin says:

    Too distracted by the oneiric possibilities of Galliano layered over Organza Indecence to go any farther. No free arm space at the moment, but must try that.

    • Robin says:

      And must add: chthonic, what a great word! Here is the wikipedia entry for anyone who wants it:

      • Debbie says:

        Thanks. A new word discovered; probably not added because when, on earth, would I ever use this?

      • March says:

        It’s one of those words I’d see written in some journal and it prompted an automatic eye-roll for reasons I’m not clear on. I finally looked it up, like you did, but had a heckuva time figuring out how to use it.

        Nice work with oneiric there :d

        wonder what you’re wearing? Okay, that sounds freaky. What PERFUME… and I think you’d like Galliano with OI a lot.

  • donanicola says:

    I do love Eau d’Hermes – bought a bottle of it last year but I agree, it is the HG of sweat scents. I am actually relieved to read your words on it since I thought it might be just me and everyone else got a mildly skanky floral leather suitable for wear on many occasions. PS is one of my top 3 Hermessences. It is a perfect foil to the richness of the Nazgul. Teehee I have a bottle of JG’s essence – yum and double yum with a vanilla, right? Will try that later at home.

    • March says:

      You have a bottle of JG’s essence?!? :d See, this is what a goofball I am, still laughing over that. Double yum.

      You layer Poivre with the Nazgul? Hmmm. Actually, that sounds great. It would cut the sweetness.

      • Musette says:

        March –

        Forgive my ignorance…but what, exactly, is the Nazgul? I see it referenced here all the time…but can’t quite identify it! One assumes that it is beastly, whatever it is!

        • Tigs / Erin says:

          Musette, no need to ask for forgiveness. The Nazgul is Hermessence Ambre Narguile and is beastly depending on who you talk to. 🙂

          • Musette says:

            Ahhh….it’s one of the Hermanessences! Thank you!! That is not one I’ve tried. I’m just breaking into the concept of Amber with the L’Artisan Amber (and Ambre Extreme),both of which are still-untried samples. I’m still a bit stunned to be so in love with Bois de Paradis and Tea for Two, after so many years as a citrus/light floral gal (with a little Fracas and Bal a V thrown in for yucks)so I’m approaching the Ambre a little carefully. The way the SAs talked about them…you’d think I was going to sample cobra venom:o

            Is the Nazgul a Good Beast or a Bad Beast? I guess I’ll have to try it and find out firsthand!

  • Lee says:

    Dump the aporia people – that’s a March longtime fave!

    (I’m only spoiling cos I’m doubly ruled out the competition and acting all huffy).

    Man, it’s windy.

    Sandalo e The – sniffed in store, tried on skin, memory blank.

    Eau d’Hermes – clearly an inspiration to JCE, I prefer the modern versions like Declaration and Poivre Samarcande. A little too thick for me, but I know that’s an idiosyncratic take. Has one of those ‘Hell’s bells, am I suffocating?’ drydowns like Fumerie Turque. Admire it immensably though.

    PS – like Elle, my favourite Hermessence. Perfection.

    The Rouge – like you, I find this a little murky. I too will retry.

    The others – never tried em. That’s me done then! Kisses, sweetness.

    • March says:

      It’s … windy?

      Dude, are you referring to the brilliance of my POST?!? [-(

      heh heh

      Declaration is beginning to grow on me. Don’t tell anyone, I’ve ragged it so much. I do think I prefer the Essence (?) though, the one with the immortelle.

      Speaking of essences. 😉

      Really, you like Poivre that much too? I’d sort of blown it off (she said, with shame.) It’s yummy.

  • Kim says:

    gnostic, oneiric, aporia, chthonic

    Your post says “five or fewer” so I am going with fewer. And I think the threading and emoticons are over helping the poor spell check. Poor thing is overwhelmed by these words!!

    I also wish I Profumi had more on this side of the Atlantic. But then same with Guerlain. Yes, I am rapidly becoming one of those for whom a perfume of Guerlain’s is a perfume of my soul (whew, waxing poetic in a double genitive this early on Monday morning?).

    • March says:

      AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! Are those words hilarious or what?

      Good guess.

      Also, you get a (*) and a >:d< for paying proper ^:)^ to Guerlain. There, that'll keep the website busy... let's see if it works...

  • Mellisu says:

    Okay, here’s mine: how about oneiric, aporia, maleficent, and chthonic?

  • Divalano says:

    I’m back at work after 10 days vacation so no time for more than a rushed wave but
    TIME MAG??? Whoa, you little rock star!!

    Organza Indecence. Decided last wk that this is my “cheap tart mood” scent. Not sure when or how that mood manifests but if it does, this is the scent. Love the idea of adding incense, will have to think on how that’d work best for me.

  • Theresa says:

    Btw, we talked about chthonic gods/goddesses in Greek/Roman mythology in college so if I remember correctly my two cents is that you pronounce the “ch” as a hard “k.”

    • March says:

      Ah, so now I’ll know how to SAY it at afternoon toddler playgroup — “my, your son certainly is in touch with his chthonic side!”

      whaddya think? will that dog hunt?

  • Theresa says:

    Love word games. My guess: gnostic, aporia, verbiage, chthonic, oneiric. And I’m pretty sure you used chthonic correctly:-)

  • court says:

    Hm, I’m guessing oneiric, aporia, maleficent, chthonic, and gnostic. I love the word chthonic, btw, but it’s not an easy one to slip into a sentence. Good work!

    • March says:

      And you are SO CLOSE! Three of you are so close…. if nobody hits it right on the nose, I’ll do a draw.

      Well, I slipped chthonic in a sentence, yes, but not sure I did so correctly. 8-|

  • Judith says:

    OK this was supposed to be a reply to March’s reply to Elle. Serves me right for trying to be “smart.”:”>

  • Judith says:

    Comes up in lit crit, too, especially in reference to the theories of Julia Kristeva. (I think I should apologize for having posted that).:o

    • March says:

      Hee hee hee! Between you and Lee … you did that awhile ago and I laughed then, too — will have to go look up Julia Kristeva.

      My arcane knowledge is limited to things like the names of the Seven Dwarves, and the lyrics to the song for the cartoon Kimba the White Lion.

  • Judith says:

    Well, I immediately got into a split on Eau d’Hermes after reading your review(actually, I smelled it in the store first) and I LOVE it. Not only do I wear it in public, I got a (rare) fragrance compliment the first time I wore it (friend: “what’s that perfume. I usually hate perfume, but yours is always really great”–she seemed to be under the impression that I always wore the same thing, and this was it). I guess I just have weird skin (for some reason, Eau Noire doesn’t love me). I have always wondered about the Essence of JG, particularly how they, um, obtained it. Nevertheless, I have a candle and I love it! Congrats on Time! I can say I (almost) knew you when.:)

    • March says:

      Giggling again over JG’s ESSENCE, I wonder how the candle compares to the room spray? Of course I figured you’d have it, you and your leather and your skank…

      Really? I love hearing that about Eau d’Hermes. You got a compliment? It is, essentially, perspiration on me. Both the girls ran, screaming. I might layer it with a little floral … see, and this is where I’d insert my WHISTLING emoticon, if he still worked. /:)

  • Elle says:

    Congrats on the mention in Time! Next you’ll be bumping Hill off the cover. 🙂
    Always makes me happy to see love given to Poivre Samarcande. It’s my favorite Hermessence – just speaks to my soul. Was so shocked when it first came out and got such negative press on MUA. Mystifying! And of the others you mentioned today, Essence (yes, it is amusing) and eau d’Hermes are my faves. I know I have a sample of the IPdF Incenso, but don’t think I’ve tried it yet. Must rectify that. And will have to revisit the The Rouge.
    Enjoyed the dictionary challenge. Chthonic is the one that I had to run look up. Don’t know how, but I *will* work that into a conversation today. 🙂

    • March says:

      And did you read the long discussion about whether the first ch is *silent* or whether you try to sneak in a little “k” sound? I’m anticipating blank looks all around. I think it’s one of those Grad School words, like something you’d read in a Ph.D. religion or philosophy paper. So, you go, girl! Let me know what happens!

      Tigs sent Poivre because she said it was awful on her. Sweet little Poivre… runs just fine on me. And I liked Essence before, but now that I can smell something more complex I love it.

      Hmmmm… do you think I scared everyone off with the Fig Oil?

  • eliza says:

    i thought oneiric, aporia and chthonic. i was cool with jib and gnostic and rooibos (and figured with the tea theme rooibos can be figured out lol)
    i am a very big fan of kenzo jungle l’elephant–my secrets: apply only one spray and do this alone under cover of darkness HOURS before you want to be smelled up like an Indian courtisan…love it!
    congrats on time mag–more to come i am sure!elizablue

    • March says:

      You too are so…close…. on your list.

      Hmmmm…. maybe I made this too hard?

      Yeah, riding the Elephant. Even when I decide I’m going to wear it, yes, I put on at least a half an hour before I leave the house. I don’t get it on my clothes, either. ;))

  • Patty says:

    Eau d’Hermes is unwearable in public. Is that even a question?

    Whilest Poivre Samarcande, which I did not love the first time around, slowly stole my heart.

    I’m going to get my dictionary, sheesh!

    • March says:

      Picturing you decanting it with a clothespin on the end of your dainty little nose.

      Don’t worry, Thursday it’s back to my usual short words.


      Although … what if nobody gets the challenge? I’ll just give it to someone, I guess.

  • MattS says:

    I go out of town for a week and you end up in Time magazine; you’ll do anything to get my attention. 🙂 I’m proud of you, my little superstar.

    Sandalo e The was a disappointment here also. Every time I put my sample on, I think, “Full bottle, right here.” Thirty minutes later, I think, “Why the hell bother?” It becomes so uninteresting so quickly, but I do love the opening.

    I ordered a decant of Eau d’Hermes based solely on the Robert Mitchum/Grace Kelly reference in your review. Full bottle–got to have it. But I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you, you know I’m a filthy boy.

    I missed you guys last week and again I’m so proud of you. Time magazine, today, Star and Enquirer tomorrow. :d

    • March says:

      Heh heh. Did I say this already? I smelled Eau d’Hermes and I thought, Matt. Tom (tmp00). Filthy boys.

      Sandalo e The made me cross. Same drill you had — I’m all rolling around purring, then …. WTH? And remember, I am (ahem) female, so that Brut transformation *really* bothers me. I don’t want to smell like Eau de Office Man. I ended up scrubbing.

  • Louise says:

    Oh no! Yer Famous! And not for what I would have guessed…no bail involved :d Will you still be seen in public with me???

    I’m going at lunch to get that magazine!

    Look-up words. Jennifer got all mine, ‘cept rooibos.

    Wonderful grab-bag of fragrances you’ve reviewed. I only know a few, am inspired to track down the others. I do like Sandalo e The (I get the wood on this one), OI in small doses, and Eau Noire…thanks to your introduction to the Dior men’s triumvirate.

    • March says:

      I *know*, right? At least I’m not on the front of the Washington Post in the wrong type of article…

      Really, Eau Noire in small doses? I thought it would rock your world. I guess everyone on the planet doesn’t love immortelle as much as I do, strange as that seems…;)

      • Louise says:

        No-OI in small doses (it’s very sweet on me)-Eau Noire in huge tubs. Bet I love immortelle as much as you…

    • Lee says:

      Louise likes to get the wood…:d:”>

  • Jennifer S. S. says:

    Except for jib. Sorry. Have you been reading about religion lately?

  • Jennifer S. S. says:

    Oneiric, Chthonic, jib, gnostic, and aporia. They have to do with religion, and I wondered what you were talking about. I love your site.

    • March says:

      Close, so very close! But not…quite…the list I was looking for. Hey, half the time, *I* wonder what I’m talking about…