‘Nuff Already

 OK, I apologize for my absence, but I seriously am now just recovering from the nastiness that is Winter’s last dig.  She got me, people, but good.  I should have gone to the doctor much earlier than I did, but alas, I pick my battles unwisely.  I am often mocked for my ability to overreact to minor cuts and scrapes and ignore the truly atrocious.  I am sorry for missing last week too.The good news is this…Spring is on its way, whether winter likes it or not.  Just imagine Zephyr up there in Botticelli’s masterpiece keeping the frigid winter winds away.  This is my favorite painting in the history of art.  I am a romantic, ’tis true.  This isn’t going to be a post speculating what Venus and the Graces are smelling in the eternal Spring garden.  I don’t have the energy quite for that.  Simply a Spring favorites post, at least those new, seasonal flankers for which I have a weak spot.  You know the ones, tweaked juice, prettier bottle, don’t last too long.  Or the scents we wouldn’t normally spray, except it’s March and we can’t take the winter blues ANY longer…ahem…just sayin’. I adore big brash florals year round, so I’ll try not to talk too much about the beauty of tuberose. I don’t want to bore you guys any more.  I do reach for them, though, just to be clear.  I also love L’artisan’s La Haie Fleurie du Hameau, or La Haie Fleurie as it’s now called, though I believe the juice is the same.  This was one of the earlier scents in my perfumed life.  I adore this ode to jasmine with the honeysuckle tenacity.  It shouldn’t in theory last very long, but it just does.  I bought it years ago for the hyacinth note, but it only likes to pop up when I least expect it.  This is a soft jasmine with a lush, quietly green undertone.  Quite springy if you want something other than, say, La Chasse, which is everywhere right now.  (Which is fine by me, by the way). One of my favorite lines ever has to be Annick Goutal.  I love the nonconventional juices and the gorgeous attention to detail.  I am sorry she passed and I will always remain loyal to her.  She really did get me started in perfume obsession.  For that I’m grateful.  I have only seen pictures of Mme. Goutal, but if her photos are 1/2 as beautiful as she was, she must have been stunning.OK, Ok, I’ll quit gushing.  I love Grand Amour with all of my heart.  I can truly get the hyacinth here, but it isn’t an obnoxious green scent.  Here it is blended beautifully and effortlessly with lily and honeysuckly.  It’s a gorgeous spring scent that I wear year round.  The body cream is what a body cream should be….rich and decadent/good for the skin and the heart. Petite Cherie has been released in a new bottle and there are some new products to go along with the anniversary of its launch.  This is an example of a scent that speaks softly, but carries a big (fabulous) stick.  A softly fruity floral that almost mocks the heap of forgettable phrutie phlorals with its beauty.  The sillage is stunning.  I sprayed it on, left the room and came back and I kid you not, asked who that was.  Yeah, I do things like that.Passion is my other favorite, with its tuberose/vanilla/jasmine infusion.  This is what I fell in love with back in the day and it is as current now as ever.  These are timeless scents that always make me smile.  Merci Annick, et Isabelle (Doyen of course).Thanks everyone for thinking of me, and I hope you are all well.  Until next week.By the way, I owe a few decants to….Chaya.  This is from a drawing from WAY back when.  Contact us and I’ll hook you up.  I will be late on the comments, but they will come, I promise.  I just will be babysitting much of the day.  Check back after six…XOXO.

  • shari says:

    I’m a longtime AG Eau de Ciel fan myself. Also, Dusan, I agree with you and love Kenzo’s Parfum d’Ete. It is a shame that no one mentions it anymore. Lastly, my Spring fragrance nominee is Creed’s Fleurissimo.

  • Shannon says:

    Thank you for posting on some of my favorite Goutal scents! Both Petite Cherie & Grand Amour are perfect for springtime. I love the fresh pear mixed with cut grass in Petite Cherie, and I’m always a lily & hyacinth fan, so Grand Amour is another I love. It is a shame that Mme Goutal passed away at such a young age, but thankfully her daughter Camille has taken over the business and continues to release unique fragrances. For me, her perfume will always be linked with spring – maybe because of her butterfly bottles!

  • tmp00 says:

    Glad to read that you’re feeling better!

    Annick Goutal will always have a place in my heart- they were the original “niche” house and were the true start on my smelly journey. I’m sorry that Mme. Goutal died so young, but I am glad that the house is continuing to put out such beautiful scents.

  • moi says:

    Welcome back! And, I must confess, I’m an Annick Freak myself. I adore everything that I’ve sniffed so far. Just wish they lasted a little longer on my skin, ya know? Oddly, they last longest on my clothing. I have a scarf I refuse to wash because it just wafts Le Chevrefeuille.

  • donanicola says:

    Just a quick note to say hi and to thank you for mentioning one of my favourite L’Artisans – La Haie Fleurie. She really is a beauty. Stay well!

  • Joan says:

    Glad to know you are better, welcome back. Love the painting. I am babysitting this weekend also, and have adopted a honey of a new kitten named Nala whose owners house collapsed and had to go to a shelter; (the people and the kittens). Stay well.

  • rosarita says:

    Hi, Bryan, I’m glad you are finally getting better. The winter viruses have been especially tenacious this year! Nice to know about the hyacinth in AG Grand Amour, too, I’m always looking for this note in the springtime. Enjoy your day 🙂

  • Dusan says:

    Glad to see you up and about, B! We too are having our first spring spells here, but still not warm enough for me to completely thaw out, I’m afraid. Need. More. Sun.
    Speaking of florals (and overdue emails! – put it down to my laziness and overall despondency), what’d you make of Kenzo Parfum d’Ete? A misnomer if you ask me, since it’s all about spring – dewy greens and early blossoms, just lovely.
    Petite Cherie is nice but a little too pearish for me and would prefer it in a candle. Would love to explore other frags in the line though since I love Eau de Monsieur, the only other AG I’ve tried.

  • chayaruchama says:

    Oh, Bryan !
    glad you’re better…

    I’m a Grand Amour fan, myself.
    If you layer it w/ Myrrhe Ardente, it amps up the base quite a bit.

    How cool, to have won something !
    Give me a jingle, my sweet.

    Keep smilin’…mwah !

  • Catherine says:

    Welcome back to health! Last year, I waited two weeks to go to the doctor for a cold and spent over a month with a sinus infection from h***! I’m glad you went to the doctors. Snow remains on the ground, but every day the layers gets thinner. There are splotches of dead grasses, and the wet ground oozes that over-ripe smell. I love it. Just this week I found myself reaching more for the summery OJs, which I had put away a few months back. A la Nuit and Gris Clair are batting their eyes. And I’m waiting in wild excitement for Mona’s new, green scent to appear on my doorstep (hopefully this week, in perfect time for Spring). But I’ve also been pacing back and forth–order La Haie Fleurie, not order La Haie Fleurie, order it, not order it. I love jasmine, and there is room for a green one with hyacinth.

    Have fun babysitting…

  • Katie O says:

    :)I’m glad to know you’re better. And I looooove AG too. Almost all of them. Have a nice day !

  • Lee says:

    I’m so busy with spring jobs (sowing seeds, moving plants, cuttings – I’m a regular gardener type) that scents have taken something of a back seat… I’m bad, I know. Lovely to know you’re better, and you’ve got a spring (ahem) in your step…