A Package from Maria

Item One: Sniffa attendees — you should all have gotten your email itineraries. I didn’t realize it was such a full schedule. What say we try to hook up during the two-hour cocktail deal Saturday night (6:30 – 8:30) at BlueMercury, assuming we haven’t met already? Everyone in the Posse wears a scarf or bandanna? How does that sound? I’m thinking about wearing a tiara. Too much?

Okay, today’s post. Maria sent me a package — with a typed letter, organizing her thoughts. I thought it would be fun sharing it with you.

“Dear March,

Here are a few things in various categories.

Some Scents You May Not Yet Know

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Thé EDP, discontinued several years ago. “Don´t worry about your blood sugar level! CSP used to produce some fragrances with character. Lapsang souchong is at the base of this strong scent. Warning: this is the most powerful sillage monster we own. Very hard to find, I understand.” March says: wow, that´s beautiful. I get a camphorous lapsang opening, then straight into a sweet-tea and other interesting bits (suede and musk?) This is reminding me of something, a men’s scent with tobacco? I can’t think of what and it’s driving me nuts.

Fendi Theorema (shimming body lotion) and Esprit d´Ete (EDT) – “Less complex and not as deep as our beloved Theorema, this summer version is a nice fragrance in its own right. Imagination Perfumery sells it for $16.99 while supplies last. The lotion puts down a subtle golden shimmer. I wonder if the plasticky quality of the scent comes from the tube it was packaged in.” March says: I see this online occasionally dirt cheap and never bought it. Smelling this summer version of Theorema I realized: Theorema ruined light, sweet orange blossom scents for me forever. The stunning beauty of Theorema´s dark, almost liquored, spicy candied orange peel has made almost every other orange scent seem pale and soapy. Here, let me list regular Theorema´s notes just so I can drool on my keyboard: nutmeg, pepper, orange, rosewood, rose, ylang-ylang, carnation, cinnamon, labdanum, patchouli, sandalwood, benzoin. There – are you drooling too? Anyway, I can´t find the notes for Esprit d´Ete, but it´s a much lighter, much less spicy, more linear orange scent — a good choice for someone who likes the slightly powdery, soapy floral sweetness of orange blossom rather than the sweet-tart acidity of the fruit. That regular Theorema body lotion, though – ugh. It smells like mildew to me.

Trussardi Jeans EDT “At first I liked this. Then I thought it was meh. I can´t decide.” March says: Wait … this is a men´s fragrance? It smells like heliotrope! Hang on … researching … oh, okay, this must be the women´s. Notes: green notes, fruits, almond, violet, tuberose, white lily, heliotrope, musk, vanilla and woods. I do think it´s pretty, a delicate powdery scent. It´s got a nice, light musk, and it´s a little bready, which I also like. Too much powder for my taste, but you powdery comfort-scent people might love this, and it´s a screaming deal online.

Scents I Cannot Hack and I´m Not Ashamed to Admit It

CB Musk Reinvention absolute “It asked me to send it to March.” March says: That´s because it knows it´s coming home to the Mother Ship. It can sit next to my own personal bottle of CB Musk Reinvention on the shelf, which I keep in its special airtight container designed to keep the XXXL skank from tainting everything around it. One of the very few scents I´ve seen people sniff and literally jerk their heads away from, like they´ve been bitten. Can I say I think it´s beautiful?

Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman “It will be more appreciated by you. I hate it violently.” Notes: Cardamom, coriander, grass oil, black hemlock, violet, jasmine absolute, vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber (and thank you Basenotes, I missed you!) March says: Wow. Oh, wow. Having tried this several times, I´d already typed a lead-in sentence about admiring OJ Woman´s masculine beauty while finding it unwearable – the only one of the OJ line I´ve not been able to love. Then I popped open the vial. You just never know, do you? Because all my murky Black Forest fears with this one, that primeval bit that creeps me out just enough that I can´t relax and enjoy it, seem to have vanished, replaced by something still dark but playful – a fairy tale involving an evil witch but with a happy ending. I still wouldn´t spray this thing on with abandon – on me it´s very strong, definitely a dabber. That resin/urine note which I´m guessing is hemlock can be (interestingly) modified by adding a dab of CB Black March, although it sounds a little sacrilegious to me, layering an OJ, frankly. It´s like touching up a masterpiece. I keep doing the first fifteen minutes over and over again, just for that rush of spicy violet. I wish the drydown were a tad sweeter, but nonetheless. I feel like I´ve finally gained admittance into some exclusive club.

Rochas Femme edp “I’m glad you like the reformulation more than I do.” March says: what, too much armpit? I have the vintage too, and it´s gorgeous, but a completely different scent, a woody chypre. The cumin in Femme was apparently added to try to achieve the same kind of shock level. I find the combination of cumin and the macerated peachy sweetness quite seductive.

Parfums de Nicolai Maharanih EDP “You´d think it would be my sort of thing. It isn´t.” March says: and I am surprised, because I would think it´s your sort of thing. I did a brief impression of Maharanih on my PdN post here, and can I say yet again what a woefully underappreciated line PdN is in my opinion, due in no small part to the fact that you almost never see them in a retail location? Clyde´s Pharmacy on Madison Ave. in NYC has some, but I have never seen them anywhere else outside the PdN store in London. Maharanih´s notes are orange essence and bitter orange peel, rose essence, carnation, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, civet. Interestingly, this doesn´t even register to my nose as particularly orange-y – it´s a spicy pomander type of scent, unsweet, and that woody civet base combined with the florals is lovely. Some of the PdNs wear a bit sharp on me, but considering what an unusual flaw that is in current perfumery – not sweet enough! – I´m not going to complain about it. March the Maleficent decrees: everyone should love at least one PdN. I´m very fond of this and Balkis Light, which of course is impossible to find. Maria, I wonder if you like any of the others better? Have you tried Eau Exotique? New York? I know there are some PdN nuts on here!

Anyway, Maria, thanks very much for reminding me why I love perfume, and the people who love perfume.

cartridge wrappers: sullivanpress.com

  • tmp says:

    There’s an absolute of CB Musk? Is it stronger? Squeee!

    • MattS says:

      I believe it only comes in the absolute. Just checked the CB website. Absolutely. BTW, loved your Andy Tauer/ScentBar post today. I was anxiously awaiting, figuring you would ultimately post on it. I’m way too jealous. Can’t wait for the rose chypre thing or the vetiver. I have a teensy lil’ bit of the In the Metro Scent on the way. Glad to hear it was big fun. I guess. As I pout dejectedly in the corner…

      • tmp00 says:

        well, he will be coming back, maybe you can plan on being there for that?

        I wonder if Aedes will have him drop in for the East coasters..

        (now returning to the regularly scheduled comments)

        I am so tempted to get a bottle of that Fendi unsniffed I cannot tell you… :((

        • March says:

          Tom, I saw it somewhere else for ridiculously even cheaper (10 bucks)? I think you are referring to the Ete? If you haven’t tried the regular ol’ Theorema, please consider doing so. I am hoping your unsniffed track record is better than mine. 🙂

    • March says:

      Giggling at you. Dude. You need a STRONGER CB musk? Like extrait de extrait? It would have to come in some sort of special vacuum-sealed container, with a gas mask … 😉 As Matt said, CB calls it an absolute.

  • Lee says:

    The Californian angel also sent me a package with one or two overlaps with yours. It included Haramens. Am I wrong in thinking it smells like Charogne?

    I’ll have to blog a lottle about them…

    (got a 6 day old puppy pic today. Oh my).

  • violetnoir says:

    March–You can order the PdNs through Luckyscent, and buy them at their store, Scent Bar (Hey–come on out to LA, woman!). I have Maharanih, and think it is a lovely, lovely fragrance, highly underappreciated and little known. I detect a touch of lavender in it.


  • donanicola says:

    I want to try that CB musk thingy – sounds right up my, er, street. Love love love the reform Femme every bit as much as the old, in fact maybe more so. Thank goodness this is an example of a good reform (though I appreciate not everyone thinks so). PdN is genius. I haven’t chosen my first purchases very well (Balkis just is too sweet) and I can’t stand the VT anymore now I’ve smelled it up against the Hermessence VetT. March, I know you’ll get that. However I love Sacrebleu every now and then and the (what I think of as) summer ones generally are just perfection. I think Ormande Woman is strong dark beauty personified (love someone’s idea of Helena B-C as embodiment). I had to give away my bottle as the scent reminds me of a very unhappy time so I can’t wear it but I love smelling it on others. I’ve introduced two friends to it and they both say they get the MOST compliments when they wear it. I feel smug.

    • March says:

      Oh, I so know what you’re talking about scent association. I’m sorry, but someone else made out well from that, it sounds like, so I am happy for them. The new Femme is radically different from the old, as you know, so I understand people’s complaints. But yes, I think it’s a kick of a scent.

  • Divalano says:

    Hmmm. March, just for you I have hunted down a snapshot of me in the tiara, lo those many years ago (I’d guess maybe 6 or so of them). I could email it to you so that you’d know what I look like in a tiara, sort of blurry, and rather younger? Post it to my MUA profile?


  • Divalano says:

    The notes on that CSP sound perfect for me but the silage monster aspect scares me to death. I think I’ll appreciate from afar. Very afar. From here, via the blog. Right now I have a Thurs Headache (my wkly “hangover” from working 3 twelve hour shifts) & can’t think about anything further scent related.

    Tiaras. Well, I do have a little plastic thingie from several Halloweens ago (worn with leathers, to the Castro) that has flashing lights & poofy rabbit fur on it but I’m not sure I have the enough panache to pull off actually wearing it. Looking fwd to meeting you all anyway.

    • March says:

      Oh, wish you’d wear the flashing tiara to the BlueMercury thingy! I’ll wear my pink feather antennae, how’s that?

      I’m going to email you, I think we are going makeup shopping?

      Hope your headache is better soon.

      • Divalano says:

        Re headache – I’ve given up on ibu, have moved onto hot cocoa. Fiori d’Ambra doesn’t seem to be making it either better or worse.

        Re tiara – I am considering it. Do you think it would negatively impact our credibility to be seen running about in pink feather antennae & light up tiara, respectively?

        Makeup shopping, woo hoo!!

        • March says:

          Wait … we have credibility?


          Let’s risk it. I’m going to dig up the antennae and explore my tiara options at Claire’s this weekend.

  • Debbie says:

    You know I love skank. The goings-on about Musk Ravageur…well, just a nice skin scent. But Musk Reinvention….aack. Sorry.

    I have a sample of Theorema, and now I am so excited to try it out! Thank you for the encouragement!

    Trussardi Jeans has a bread note? Sounds like that has to be checked out! Thanks for the heads-up, March.

    • March says:

      Hold up … you have not TRIED the Theorema?!?! Honey, go put some on! If you dig around on here for my post on Theorema, it started off with a complaint, I believe, along the lines of, YOU PEOPLE PRETEND TO CARE ABOUT ME SO WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THEOREMA?!?!?! It’s an orangey spicy comfort scent, and there is nothing else quite like it, IMHO.

      • Debbie says:

        No, I haven’t. I’ve been sampling like mad. I will do it first thing tomorrow, with that encouragement. It sounds very beautiful.

        • March says:

          I hope I haven’t oversold it now, leading to disappointment. I remember popping open the vial someone had sent, thinking, vaguely, orange (all I knew), and finding it absolutely delicious.

  • Patty says:

    CB Musk… why does it just not smell that skanky to me? I think i’ts great. am I wrong? I got a package from maria too, which I got right before I left (thanks, maria, don’t have your e-mail here!!!), can’t wait to sniff those when I get back.

    good plan on the scarves.I may be wearing my Jayhawks hat and my Hermes scarf, just to make it easier for people to find me.=p~

    • March says:

      Oh, I hope you are having fun! I want to hear ALL about it. And I’ll wear the antennae if you wear the Jayhawks hat. 🙂

      It doesn’t smell that skanky to you because you grew up on a farm and know what true barnyard skank smells like (that JAR, or Miller Harris Rien.) I have no such excuse. :”>

  • Carol Sasich says:

    We won’t need scarves…follow the sillage , girlfriend !!
    But a tiara…now that I like…yes , antennae , like my favorite martian.
    You will be able to smell by bedtime, but you’ll have a crick in your neck from trying to smell odd places on your and other peoples bodies…visualize that.

    • March says:

      One of the funny taglines I love I think on POL is two posters on there, and one says “smell my finger” and the other one says, “okay.” I grin every time I see it.

      Yep, anticipating a lot of hoovering going on. I’m thinking of some sort of camisole-type-deal for myself for maximum skin. I’m also thinking Hecate’s pink feather antennae might complete the outfit.

  • Elle says:

    What a fun package she sent you! Certified PdN nut here. Can’t even list all my faves – I consider at *least* three quarters of them to be FBW. So underrated, undermentioned on the boards. Took me over three years to fully appreciate OJ Woman. Always did love it for the first few minutes and then it just went flat or something. Now it has miraculously become pure magic for the whole ride on my skin. Could mainline it. OJ is a line I adore beyond all reason. Can’t *wait* for her US site to open up. And The. Deep sigh. That and Eau Grise are my fave CSPs. The is actually one of only two scents DH has ever given me – the other was a dupe he got from some random street vendor who assured him I’d never know the difference. Ummm…right. And it’s always nice to see CB’s Musk getting the love it deserves. 🙂

    • March says:

      He gave you a DUPE?!?! Laughing. Yeah, she won’t notice! :-\” Think of all the money you won’t be wasting … okay, I’ll stop now. What was it a dupe of? I’m thinking he maybe won’t be doing that again.

      I wish you would follow my jokey suggestion and just email me a list of your favorite favorite favorites so I can try them, you’d be I think my closest FT commenting on here.

      Hey, I’m not allowed to say anything about it until next week, but reading Perfumes: the Guide right now and loving it.

  • rosarita says:

    What a nice package to receive. I have decided just this week that OJ Woman isn’t for me. It smells like wet grass clippings on my skin; I’ve gone through half of a sizey decant trying to *get* it, and, well, I just don’t. Although maybe I’m having an off week? I retried SL Fleurs d’Oranger yesterday and could swear I got the grape Koolade note I smell in the original Poison. Go figure. Maybe once Spring decides to settle in for good, things will smell better; Femme and it’s cumin-y goodness sounds like a refreshing change for today. As for PdN, I love several, the most recent being Vanille Tonka (even better w/a spritz of Passage d’Enfer.) That lime note is perfection!

    • March says:

      Well … OJ does smell a bit like grass clippings, doesn’t it? I get a lot more than that but can’t really argue with your assessment.

      Grape Kool-Aid in the SL, though, I find a lot weirder. I know exactly what you’re talking about in Poison (which I happen to like, because I am just that twisted) but would not be delighted to find that note in the Serge.

  • MattS says:

    Poor CB Musk–it gets so little love and respect. I’m going to start a home for rescued perfumes, gathering all the unloved vials of this scent and bringing ’em home to nurture and love. Ya’ll will be able to find me, my house will smell of slut for miles around. Come home to papa.>:d<

    • March says:

      I don’t even think it smells that *bad* but clearly I am in the minority. I love to layer it with things, I think you do too. I mean, Kouros is way stinkier. How did you feel about Kouros, I can’t remember?

      • MattS says:

        I’ll layer it with just about anything, especially when I want to dirty things up. Funny story–one night, after a couple of glasses of wine, I decided to experiment with layering. Jicky, CB Musk, and Reverie Au Jardin. I called it Jicky Extreme. I haven’t tried it again sober, but at the time, it didn’t smell half bad.:d

        Kouros? I love it, of course. Is it a sign of depravity when the scents everyone thinks are vile and disgusting are usually your favorites?

        • March says:

          Wow, you are really living on the edge there with your layering. Brave boy.

          I was talking to the nice lady at the perfume discounter where I go sniff Kouros for grins and giggles. She says older men buy it. She also says there is a certain type of man (I’m not sure what type) on whom it smells heavenly, she says it disappears into his skin. I would love to get me some of that smell. :-\”

      • MattS says:

        God, I’m commenting so much today; can you tell I’m home alone and bored? CB Musk Layering Update–today I layered it with Dzing! which took the carnival aspect and turned it into carnie. Throw in a gasoline note and I’d feel like I had greasy hair, tattoos, and a criminal record. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.:d

        • March says:

          Lord. Carnies. I went through a stage of lusting hopelessly after them but never got my courage up. Wonder if you did the same, maybe a step further. :d

          • Lee says:

            You smutmonkeys. People are reading and tut-tutting. Sorta…:d

          • March says:

            Do you have travelling carnivals in the Yoo Kay? Have you seen Homo Erectus Carnivalus up close and personal? 8-| Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Patty says:

            I got crushes on carnies every summer, was much, much too shy to do anything other than bat my eyelashes and smile, then scoot in the opposite direction.

  • Gail S says:

    What a lovely package!I’ve not tried CSP The or Trussardi Jeans. Maharanih is very pretty, but I think my favorite PdN is Baladin. Thyme, tarragon, vetiver and leather…..yummmmm….

    Have several of the older CSP’s, Eau des Artes is kinda nice, light and summery. Is Theorema Esprit d’Ete the same as Theorema Leggero? Probably not, so I haven’t tried that either. Love the original, but didn’t care for the Leggero. …..there’s a bottle of Rochas Femme around here…..don’t know if it’s the old or reformulation, but one spray oughta do the trick…..never mind, it’s Madame Rochas (aldehydes,mmmmm). There’s also a decant of Ormonde Woman around but it’ll probably take me longer to find that. I don’t remember having any particular feelings about it though, was I wearing wild and strange and not even noticing? 😮

    • March says:

      I totally missed the CSPs when they were interesting. :-\” Given all the scents out there, I’m not going to kill myself trying to dig them up either.

      There’s a Leggero? Huh. Wonder if that is the same thing, it would make sense (probably Italian for light, right?)

      Smiling at your: aldehydes,mmmmmm! I think aldehydes are one of your favorites, yes?

      OJ Woman I find very dark and (until recently) vaguely alarming, I think in the same way Black March bothers some people. It’s green and grassy and resiny and masculine. Having said that, you like green notes. I think you might dig it up, it could be love.

      • Maria says:

        The Theorema Esprit d’Ete and the Leggero are different, I believe. I’ve seen them listed separately. The Esprit d’Ete supposedly has a reduced alcohol amount–I guess to minimize photoreactivity in the summer. It does have SOME alcohol though.

        • March says:

          Thanks. There are some other Fendis I haven’t tried, browsing the online sites. I need to check the notes and see what might appeal. Have you tried Fendi original? Can’t remember the notes but it sounded good.

  • mimmimmim says:

    Ah, I love Ormonde Woman. There is something of the wild woman about her, but she’s more Morgan le Fay than Ophelia. Helena Bonham Carter’s Bellatrix Lestrange would wear OJ Woman!

    • March says:

      Helena Bonham Carter as her own bad self is the perfect Ormonde woman, I think they should hire her and do some ads, wouldn’t that be great?!?

      • MattS says:

        Helena Bonham Carter is one of the few celebrities who should have her own scent. It would have to be amazing, she incredible beyond words.

        • March says:

          Can you imagine?!? I wonder what it would smell like. Although if she did something dull it would break my heart.

          • MattS says:

            I can’t imagine it smelling dull. It would have to be dark and somewhat brooding with a hint of something wistful somewhere in the mix.

          • Disteza says:

            Does anyone else equate Helena Bonham Carter with violets? Don’t know why, maybe some latent synesthesia?

          • MattS says:

            I could totally smell her in violets, violets done very darkly.

          • March says:

            My votes: CB I Hate Perfume Violet Empire, Laura Tonatto Eleonora Duse, or Les Nez’ Unicorn Spell.

          • risa says:

            violets and black orchids, over here. maybe i should make a scent for her…

          • March says:

            That sounds delicious.

          • mimmimmim says:

            The woman has – or certainly had – her own line of bloomers, camisoles and mob caps stocked in Harrods. (She says they’re the ideal thing to wear ‘between getting up and getting dressed’.)

            I think she cares so little about fashion, she would do her own thing and the rest of the world could get knotted if they hated it.

  • Louise says:

    Agreed-Maria waaaay rocks@};- !

    I was the recipient of a nice gift package from her as well, and am hugely happy with the choices. What a gal!

    The only overlap scent was the CSP The’ which I adored-and love for its power. Hate a wimpy scent. Maybe I’ll spray it heavily before work 😮

    I like the CB Musk, and don’t find it scary, though you all have ruined my metric on stinky, so I can’t really evaluate that aspect. Same on the Femme-I have old and new, like them both, but as truly different perfumes. My only knowledge of Ormondes is Ta’if, which I like (but has been eclipsed by other saffron-roses of late), so I’ll need to test Woman. Roar.

    I am a huge fan of the PdNs that work for me-VT, Figue Teaand especially Vie de Chateau Maria-twinny again!)-the latter is just amazing. And the others, well, just don’t work so well, including Balkis, Maharanih, New York.

    I’ll be wearing a scarf for Sniffa-only question with our quirky weather is whether it will be worn tied Sarong-style, or in a thick wool version, or in gossamer silk. So excited to meet you folks!

    • March says:

      It’s always fun to test drive things with you, because your skin performs so differently. I think your skank metric would have changed on its own! 😉 Hey, is your office-mate still speaking to you? The one with the fragrance issues?

      Which saffron-roses are you sniffing?

      Yeah, what will the weather be like? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week. I predict cool and rainy, BUT it’ll probably be hot inside the buildings with all the action, so I’m thinking: layers.

      • Louise says:

        As I’ve noted, you love me as a guinea-pig:@) ! Yup, different, weird skin.

        For rosey saffron, I been loving me my Rose Kashmirie, some Montale Rose Ta’if (actually think there’s some civet in there), my Arabian Oud rose stuff that you already know.

        Yup, layers will be best. Sarong over/under Shetland pull, perhaps? *-:)

        • March says:

          I know your scent-eating skin drives you nuts, but there are things like those saffron-roses that I wished smelled on me like they smell on you. @};-

  • dinazad says:

    Maria rocks! What a great package from a great lady, congratulations!

    CSP did make some great scents before it descended into the valleys of cotton-sugarplum-candy, didn’t it? I love Bois de Filao, Rizières and *sigh* the sublimely strange Eau Grise…. Thé I’ve never had the opportunity to try, but I do wish CSP would re-issue all of these lovely fragrances!

    Love both Femmes and am a declared PdN fan. New York is sublime elegance, and I’m hankering after Balkis, which is theoretically much too sweet, but in practice takes me back to hot afternoons in the fruit-laden raspberry bushes on that clearing only we knew about…. Maharanih? I think I have a sample somewhere, but I won’t be able to find it for some time – I’m moving house next week, so almost everything is packed and it will be ages before I find the right box again! And you make me want to try the OJs again.

    Oh gee, I have to go to Paris. And London. But first – new apartment. Less fragrant and sexy, but much more practical 😉

    • March says:

      Oh, moving! I hope we’re done temporarily, we moved a lot. On the other hand, there’s something refreshing about starting over in a new place as well. I wish you happiness in your new place.

      We could argue the CSPs have found their niche, and I think they’ve been wildly successful at it, so who am I to begrudge them? But like you I would much have preferred to smell their early, interesting stuff, most of which I missed.

      That’s the great thing about Balkis. It SHOULD be too sweet, only somehow it isn’t.

    • Maria says:

      I prepared a sample for you just in case. I’m so glad to know it will be new. Expect an e-mail from me soon. 🙂

  • Catherine says:

    I feel that Ormonde Woman should only be sent as samples between March and May, depending on which “zone” one lives it. I’ve never been able to decide if it is best in cold or just-not-cold weather. But, this year, I (surprisingly) believe it is perfect when the tulips start really pushing forth and, yet, snow keeps trying to fall. (People, I live in IOWA–what do you expect–real seasons???!!!) It is in this moment, when the green of the new year is surging forth, yet bitter cold re-emerges, that Ormonde Woman feels exactly right. I’ve lived with my bottle for a year, and most of the time, it *isn’t* right. Too thick, too bizarre, too sweet, too whatever. Right now–when everything wanting to *live* is pushing out against all odds–this is my favorite perfume.

    Goodness, I love spring!!!

    • March says:

      Catherine, I lived in Missouri for three years. The seasons always fascinated me. It was like, you want weather?!? We’ll show you WEATHER. >:) 5 degrees, 105 degrees, maybe a tornado, or how about three feet of snow?

      And giggling about your OJ Woman shipping instructions, although I think there should be a matching shipping window in the fall, when I also feel it would appeal. Maybe it would kill me in the summer, although who knows? I’ll try it on some 92-degree day and see if it cools me off.

  • Maria says:

    That CSP The’ is something. Warning to anyone who gets his/her hands on a bottle: It’s safer to dab than to spray. Otherwise you can sit in the back row of a theater and be smelled in the front.

    The Theorema shimmering lotion is not a version of the Esprit d’Ete but of the regular Theorema, believe it or not. It came in a set with the classic Theorema edp. The lotion is unwearable. For those who have found Theorema too much, give the Esprit d’Ete a try while it’s around. It’s the kind of fragrance that fits in well at work.

    Trussardi Jeans is for women. There’s nothing wrong with it and can be enjoyed, but there are so many fragrances in that category I enjoy more.

    More power to you with the CB Musk and Ormonde Jayne.

    I wore the original Femme when I was a teenager. If the new version had been called something else, I wouldn’t object to it. They’ve desecrated a fond memory by calling the new juice Femme.

    Yes, PdN Maharanih should have worked, but it goes too sharp on me. I’m a big booster of the Nicolai oeuvre otherwise. I love Sacrebleu and its witty takeoff on L’Heure Bleue. (BTW, the drydown on the new Parfumerie Generale Louanges reminds of of LHB.) I enjoy Fig-Tea and Vie de Chateau. I would enjoy New York if it stayed around for longer than five minutes. Balkis is very pretty. I have not tried Eau Exotique; I probably should.

    I’m glad you got so much out of the package, March! 😡

    • March says:

      Whoops, sorry about the Theorema! You’re right, I misread your note. I’ll pop up there and fix it. It was a great, interesting array. And it’s kind of nice to know someone else occasionally finds the PdNs a little sharp, I was starting to wonder if it was just me. As I said, I hate to complain about something not being sweet enough.

      And you’ve reminded me if I get over to Clyde’s, which I probably will in NYC, I need to retry Sacrebleu, I think somehow I’ve missed it.

      Thanks again for the goodies!

  • Arhianrad says:

    Ahhh March! oh I wish I could meet you! I was at the Sniffa last year (when I had a job and was working…). It was the awesomest time ever. People are so nice. You’re going to have a great, great, great time….

    and that The sounds interesting. The only CSPs I know of are sugar variations.


    Have a great time!!

    • March says:

      I am SOOOO looking forward to it! I know from our one DC Sniffa that meeting a bunch of people from the blog is a riot. And I admire the intensity of the scheduling. Wonder if I’ll be able to smell anything by that evening. :-\”

  • Erin says:

    *sigh* The CSP Thé. Impossible to find. Oh how I have tried. I need to learn to like at least one CSP, right? (Oh, okay, Aqua Motu is not horrible, grumblegrumblegrumble.) I think this might be the one, I’ll just never smell it.

    Otherwise, I’m feeling good, cuz I can totally hack all those last ones. In fact, I like them all a great deal. CB Musk is still frightening, I admit, but I am always proud of myself when I wear it, because it’s such an interesting scent. And may I say I love Maharanih and Balkis Lite (as well as the full fat version)? Of course I may! I love PdN. Oh, how I do. Nicolai Pour Homme, Fig Tea, New York, and perhaps my favourite, Odalisque. Ooooo. Just bought me some. Vunderful!

    • March says:

      The Aqua Motu is yeah, not terrible, the lady at Bendel chased me around with that last year saying, it’s different! And it is, but I still haven’t ponied up for any… yep, let’s preach the gospel of PdN. I truly believe more regular Jane and Joe folks would wear it if they ever saw it anywhere and didn’t have to dig around to find it.

  • risa says:

    if i go to Sniffa, i’m completely into wearing a scarf of a particular color, or a headband that could be mistaken for a tiara.

    you should wear a tiara regardless. 😉