Byzance by Rochas 2020

Hey there Posse. One of my young adult fragrant loves was Byzance by Rochas 1987. My sister was given a bottle to wear to her Formal. That’s our version of a Prom but WAY less important as a right of… Continue Reading

Dehydrated Decants

Dehydrated Decants

Hi Posse, I’ve been cleaning up my shelves a bit this week. Actually, I was looking for a specific Surrender To Chance decant which seems to have been gifted, emptied or lost. The search isn’t over yet. What I did… Continue Reading

What Are Your Old Favourite Memory Fragrances?

Heya Posse, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and today I’d like to take a wander down Memory Lane, Memory Fragrances Lane anyway. I have chosen five Memory Fragrances that are mostly changed a bit but they are all wonderful and give… Continue Reading

Madame Rochas Intense EdP by Guy Robert 1960

Hello Stinky Fragrant Peoples on the PERFUME POSSE!! It’s dirty old Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies back in the Posse for another tremendous Thursday. We have had a sudden downpour and cool snap here in Sydney. It was boiling today and this… Continue Reading

Vintage Femme by Rochas LIVE Video Sniff 1943

POSSE!! YAY!! Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies here with another installment in the what can they render impenetrable through the medium of video. Yet again Margeaux and I stumble blindly through a LIVE Video Sniff having a wonderful time and imparting swine… Continue Reading

Light and dark: Rochas Femme and Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Chéri, par Camille (Anne-Marie)

My name is Anne-Marie and I am making my debut on Perfume Posse. I write regularly for the perfume blog Beauty on the Outside ( Other than that I’m just your regular ol’ perfume lover, except that I live in… Continue Reading