Smells Like Summer – MattS

Summer’s here, my friends, and as much as I love the beach and cut-off shorts and flip-flops and fun in the sun, there’s a whole heap that I ain’t so crazy about. Humidity. Here in North Carolina, it’s thick and it’s bad and it’s no friend to me and my scents. Chances are, in addition to working hard to please the tourists who provide my paycheck, I’m going to be sweating. Not glistening, mind you, but sweating, and that means, unless I’m wearing an absolute powerhouse with the staying power of family visitors at Christmas, by late morning, anything I spritzed before leaving the house will be gone and all my efforts to smell intriguing or interesting or exotic or whatever mood I was aiming for will have been in vain. Add to this the fact that what are usually considered appropriate summer scents are generally the ones I find least interesting of all. I don’t really like to do clean, fresh, or citrusy; eau de colognes are just wasted on me. These fragrances will last all of an hour, maybe, and I’ll be stuck smelling like everyone else around me. I like heavy. I like intense. I like loud. Last week, temps here were pushing 100 degrees and I found myself craving leather scents all week long. Go figure. Needless to say, I’m already ready for fall.

But we soldier on, doing whatever it takes to survive, finding comfort in those scents that can go the long haul and take us where we need to be. There’s a handful that I’ve found in heavy rotation lately, some that might not always be a good judgment call on my part, some that have may have abandoned me come quittin’ time, but all somehow getting me through the fire.

I don’t know why I ordered it blind, other than the fact that it was on sale and only a 30 ml bottle, but Parfums de Nicolai’s Eau d’Ete ended up arriving on my doorstep just in time for summer. Lord knows the name alone sounded like something I would hate, but I think I just threw it in my basket in an attempt to have something in my wardrobe seasonally appropriate. Turns out, I kinda love it. No, it doesn’t last all day, but will anything with eau fraiche written on the bottle? Yes, it’s got the blast of citrus to be expected, lemon, lime, grapefruit, pretty much everything except Sprite and, yes, I guess it is fresh and that’s not such a bad thing after all. But underneath it all, there’s something just a little bit skanky that holds my interest and keeps me coming back for more. As the citrus burns off, there’s jasmine bringing in the funk and just enough musk to take it on home. Clean and fresh just like a summer day should be, but enough extra there to remind you how much fun summers nights can be, too.

My go-to beach scent has become Estee Lauder’s Azuree and if anyone understands the necessity of a fragrance to wear to the beach, I’m sure it’s you, dear readers. It smells like lounging by the pool in the Poconos in the 1960s, drinking sloe gin fizzes and smoking cigarettes, playing canasta with old ladies. And I mean that in a good way. It was love at first sniff. Every sunny Sunday finds me unfolding my beach chair, grabbing a book, and reeking of Azuree. The citrus business covers the obligatory summer stuff and all that glorious leather satisfies the jones I’ve had for that as of late. Nothing beats getting a whiff of it when I’m putting on my shirt and loading up my truck after a lazy, leisurely day at the ocean and just so you know, it layers quite nicely with sunscreen.

Off topic somewhat, but related to beach reads, I’ve hit some good stuff lately. I usually have a theme for my summer reading, be it Jane Austen or true crime or Patricia Highsmith, as the last few summers have run. This year I decided to lighten things up a bit and I’ve gone for humor. Chelsea Handler has become my new celebrity obsession and her books are funny as hell. My Horizontal Life details her history of one night stands and Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea? continues with all the absurd details of a sharp, shrewd comic with a very crazy life. To make the summer even sweeter, David Sedaris has a new book out, When You Are Engulfed in Flames and, as is usual with his stuff, I find myself laughing out loud with strangers looking around to see who the crazy man cackling is. I love it. Anybody know of anything else good for a laugh?

So I latch on to whatever I can to survive the sticky chaos of this season. I try to think it through and make smart choices, but sometimes I just gotta do what I love. So if you’re walking along the coast one day and you find yourself thinking, “My God, someone reeks.” Just know that it’s Matt and he’s been in the Muscs Kublai Khan or the Kouros or the Eau d’Hermes, remembering just how impatient and impractical he can be. And pray for fall to hurry and arrive.

  • Vida says:

    Ok, ROTFL @ The Android Dream by John Scalzi, my new fave sci-fi writer. So, it’s like Carl Hiaasen, but science fiction. Scentaholics would SO get this book, about an alien race that communicates by scent. What a mind this writer has!

  • MattS says:

    That’s a plus I’d never considered, the possibilities of reapplication. I could start sporting a fanny pack stocked with vials for freshening up. If life hands you a lemon…

    Hmmmm…California has low humidity and a lot more scent shopping options…I’m on my way. :d

  • Elizabeth says:

    Great post, Matt! I used to live back East, and I will never forget the heinous summers. The only good thing about sweating all your scent off is that you can wear more than one each day! Or maybe you should just move out to California. 😉

  • sylvia says:

    love david sedaris too! something else you might consider, in the same memoir/short story/essays vein is “we’re just like you only prettier: confessions of a tarnished southern bell” by celia rivenbark. its hilarious.

  • Lucy says:

    Hey M, have you tried the Diptyque colognes – L’Eau des Hespérides was really great the other week when it got to be over 100 humid degrees in NYC for the second day straight — it stays, too. Supposedly unisex, has that nice sharp bite to it.

    • MattS says:

      I haven’t tried any of the Diptyque stuff. I’ve got a sample of Eau d’Elide and L’Ombre dans l’Eau sitting here in front of me. I might have to give them a go this evening. I don’t mind the idea of colognes; I just need them to hang around awhile, which seems to go against their very nature.

  • moi says:

    “I like heavy. I like intense. I like loud.” You go, you.

    And what an evocative description of Azuree! I always liken it to speeding down the PCH in a Mercedes Benz SL series convertible, but your Poconos is better.

    I just finished Gigi Anders’s Be Pretty, Get Married, and Always Drink TaB: A Memoir. Hilarious.

    • MattS says:

      Subtlety is wasted on me, generally. Usually the quieter scents are what I wear when I’m home alone in a contemplative mood with no distractions. When I’m facing the world, I want my fragrance to do my talking for me.

      Aww, I’d forgotten all about Tab. Do they still make that? Any book that references it in the title has to be good.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I don’t care much for subtlety either. Then again, I wear fragrance for myself only. It’s unfortunate for those who are stuck next to me when I’m wearing Carnal Flower. Hee hee.

  • Disteza says:

    YAY! I’m glad to read that there are others who proudly wear the strong and skanky in the heat! I should also sign up for the ‘Summer-time Wearers of Arabie’ club. Seriously though, with all the humidity here around DC, it’s a miracle if I can get something to last more than 2 hours, and that’s if I’m NOT sweating. I’ve only met a couple of frags that were just too overpowering in the heat (yes, YOU, Miel de Bois, and that harlot Cuir de Russie). For everything else, it’s a matter of application. BTW, have you tried Vol de Nuit in da heat? If you’re OK with chypres, this might do for you. It’s got the citrus bit to pay lip service to the idea of summer scents, but then there’s that deliciously dirty dry-down. The lasting power isn’t half bad either.

    • MattS says:

      Funny you should mention Vol de Nuit. I just got a tiny little decant of the extrait and I want a full bottle more than I want oxygen. I love it and I think it’s a perfect example of the heavy hitters that can hang around for awhile in this blasted humidity. It’s right up there with Jicky and Mitsouko for me in terms of perfection. I need it in my life.

  • Anthony says:

    Matt, this article made me uneasy!!!! 🙂 I sat here imagining walking outside in the Florida sweaty wet hot heat wearing thick, intense fragrances and I got a little woozy 🙂 I couldn’t do it but more power to YOU! Right now about all I can stand is Hermes Nil and sometimes THAT’s too much but I’ve been using up a sample of Virgin Island Water and when that goes away I think your words on Soleil have inspired me to get Bronze Goddess. Damn that name! Damn it! 😀 No one else will have to know 😉 P.S. Have you tried Bond’s Fire Island? I don’t know what it is about that one but it’s just perfect… You say to yourself, “why is this so good? It just smells clean and like hairspray?” Well I don’t have the answer, it just is… but if you haven’t tried it, it might be another one to take with you to the beach!

    • MattS says:

      Don’t be uneasy, just lose yourself in it. I don’t get woozy, but I like the idea of a little fragrance-inspired delirium maybe. A thick cloud to carry you through the haze…

      I’ve yet to try the Bronze Goddess, but I want to. We could always put a piece of tape over the -dess and just tell people we’re wearing Bronze God. A salute to George Hamilton maybe?

      I’ve not tried Fire Island. My only experience with Bond #9 has been Silver Factory (incense–big surprise) which I love and wore just the other day in the heat. I figured the iris and violet notes would cool things down nicely. It worked out just fine.

  • Catherine says:

    Hi, Matt–great post! Summer heat brings out the best of some of my scents. On the few days so far that have been hot and humid (Iowa has been really mild, temperature-wise–probably because of the storm systems bringing all that water), I’ve instantly reached for a Mona di Orio’s Lux and Orio. They are both too sweet for me to wear during cooler weather. Lux is a lemony scent that last long in the heat. Orio’s jasmines are balanced with immortelle, giving it a slightly dirty edge. The biggest, most wonderful surprise was to find out how Roja Dove’s trilogy of scents bloom in the heat. They are even better now than in the winter. I thought them too big and rich to work in the summer–I was wrong, so wrong. The Chypre, Unspoken, is glorious.

    • Musette says:

      Catherine –

      I do hope you’re okay over there in Iowa (I’m just over the river a little bit, in IL). Every day we look at the weather and are grateful that it’s not raining.

    • MattS says:

      I just received some samples of Mona di Orio, basically out of curiosity based on some, um, recent reviews. I got samples of Carnation, Amyitis, and Nuit Noire. I’ve only tried the Nuit Noire so far, but, man, I love it!! I can’t believe something so gloriously skanky slipped by me for so long. Why didn’t someone send me a memo? I’m really ready to spend some more time with her stuff and I gotta get my nose on Unspoken as well.

      • Catherine says:

        Enjoy those Mona di Orios–those three are my year-round favorites. Perfect for any occassion, day or night. (I love Mona’s skank.)

        • MattS says:

          I’m glad I got those samples; I’m now really excited about her work. I can totally see the versatility of Nuit Noire. It and Vol de Nuit have been my most thrilling discoveries as of late.

  • Shelley says:

    What to wear in the heat? That which will not make you hurl, of course.

    Honestly, unless I’m on a testing binge, I kind of enjoy the excuse to NOT wear scent to start the day. Dig in the dirt (smells good), wrassle with vegetation that needs adjustment (feels good), amend the living picture that is my garden (looks good)–and all time I can spend imagine what I might choose to put on later. That’s probably how I’d deal with your location + working with tourists situation…and assuming a veneer of “I am capable of smelling VERY interesting, but don’t need to do so for you or me right now.”

    Perhaps that will affect how you view my humor book suggestions…but here goes…John Hodgman, “The Areas of My Expertise”; Bill Bryson in general (dry humor, in a cultural observation vein); Julia Philips, “You’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again” (an older but gooder, in the vein of your Vodka chick, Hollywood-style); Norman Juster, “The Phantom Tollbooth” (why did nobody have me read this book when I was a kid???, yes, it’s a children’s book). If you want to go back to crime stories, and counteract the Carolina heat, Henning Mankell has a series about a cop in Sweden who is always in existential crisis. (He needs to learn about perfume, that character.)

    Such are my thoughts, here in the cool-morninged midwest. 🙂

    • MattS says:

      Wow. My To Read List is now almost as long as my To Sniff List. I’ve always wanted to read You’ll Never Lunch in This Town Again and have somehow never gotten around to it. I need to find a really cool used book store and just stock up on some stuff.

      It’s funny and maybe a problem/obsession, but there’s really seldom a time when I’m not wearing a scent. I almost feel like it’s a waste of time and skin. I put something on just to go to the grocery store and I’ve actually showered just to try something else on. Maybe I should get a life…nah, it’s too much fun not having one.

  • Musette says:

    Matt –

    Are you wearing PdE’s Cuir Ottoman these days? I find that,along with Chanel’s Cuir de Russie are my go-to summer leathers. Creed’s CdR may be gaining favor with me, not quite sure yet.

    Unlike you, I LUUUURVE citrus – the sharper the better – but recently fell completely and incredibly in love with Agraria’s Bitter Orange, which falls into the spicy category. It smells like Constant Comment Tea, with a little extra spicy twist. It lasts not very long, alas but it’s still just a lovely summer scent – I’m in the Midwest where temps can soar in a heartbeat so nothing stays for long unless it’s something I spritzed and then immediately regretted (I was in an older person’s home yesterday and sampled a bit of Evening in Paris. I so wish I hadn’t. wouldn’t you know it, it took a scrub AND a shower to get that stuff off me).

    One of the funniest, best-written books of my existence is Metzger’s Dog by Thomas Perry – all the early (I’m talkin’ EARLY) Perry is incredibly witty and funy with just enough darkness to keep the wit fresh. I loved MD so much that when it was reprinted I bought 6 of them and sent them to discerning friends, all of whom adored it.

    Another extreme oldie-but-goodie: Edmund Crispin. The Moving Toyshop is hysterical, as are all of his books. Don’t know if he’s currently in print but used copies abound. Well worth your time and laugh-out-loud witty.


    • MattS says:

      Hey love! I gotta dig out my Cuir Ottoman decant; I totally forgot about that. You’re a biker chick, right? So leather in the summer makes perfect sense to you maybe.

      I don’t mind citrus, per se. I just don’t want a scent that’s ALL about citrus. Throw something dirty in there with it.

      Just out of curiosity, were you raiding the older person’s perfume cabinet when you tried the Evening in Paris? I do it all the time. Some guests hit their hosts medicine chests; I sneak spritzes.

      • Musette says:

        I’m a blushing biker chick right now. Yes, I STOLE A SPRITZ (or, in this case, a dab). Worst of all? I wasn’t even invited as a guest in this house – it was an open house; a retired couple want to downsize, etc,etc…anyway, in this funky little 50s bathroom there was a nicely displayed collection of Evening in Paris bottles. Who could resist? My real estate agent was a bit unnerved – even moreso when she got a whiff o’ da juice. Man….well, that stuff is…well……ummm….

        do let me know how you like CO in the heat. It takes a few minutes to settle down (more than in colder weather) but then it floats along nicely.

        Oddly enough, I wear little leather this time of year, though I do own a glove-leather evening gown that is perfect for transitional seasons (I’m not kidding – it’s cut like a classic evening gown – deep Vee in the back and more demure Vee in front – it’s actually very conservative to look at it from afar…but if you touch it…:o

        I wear CO with that gown.

        • MattS says:

          No shame, baby, no shame. We all do what we gotta do to survive.

          A leather gown with CO, you are The Hotness, lady. 😡

  • Elle says:

    Oh, I so empathize. Have been spending a lot of time in Phoenix this summer and 110 degree temps there actually don’t bother me, but here in NC it’s the string of expletives deleted sky high dew point numbers that drive me nuts! Agree w/ you about that PdN and Azuree – both are brilliant at this time of year. I don’t like light and fresh (just that word associated w/ perfume makes me back away making the sign of the cross to ward it off), but I do love 60s and early 70s style green chypres in the summer (Diorling, No. 19, Ma Griffe, Givenchy 111, Y, Calandre, etc). I also go for incense scents to cool down in these temps – they remind me of cool, dark cathedrals and just seem like a great escape from the humidity. And I literally can’t get enough of MH’s Fluers de Sel – it somehow truly reminds me of the ocean and is just bliss in summer.
    I normally turn to mysteries for fun reads, but I do love Sedaris and recently got a kick out of Jonathon Miles’ Dear American Airlines. I’d also recommend Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay – great read.

    • MattS says:

      I’ve heard so many good things about the Kavalier and Clay book; I’ve gotta check that out.

      I’ve really need to explore chypres more; I’ve not sniffed any of those you mentioned. But incense–that’s right up there with skank for me. Last summer all I wore was Avignon and Kyoto. Am suddenly thinking it might be interesting to give Messe de Minuit a whirl one day this week. Isn’t it interesting when you start planning out what scents you’re going to wear for the week? I usually don’t stick with my plan, but I’ll map it out anyway.

  • kathleen says:

    I knew this was going to be a good read when I saw your name. I will preface with I hate the summer. Not the first days, mind you, when the air is still fresh and just beginning to heat up. It’s what we are in now that I want to hide from. I’m writing from hot, humid, sweaty Virginia. This is difficult weather for those of us who like the dark scents. When I want a cooling scent, I go to Eau d’Italie and Bond’s Fire Island is a no brainer, but lately I’ve been craving more heady scents. I was delightd to discover that Delrae’s Amoureuse, which I couldn’t smell at all in the cooler months, gets truly serious in the heat. I’ve combined Chanel No.5 with Prada Infusion d’Iris body lotion and that lasted a few hours. Also, Neil Morris’ Intimate Lily has become a favorite. In truth I haven’t met one of his scents that I didn’t like. He does lovely things with aldehydes. Looking forward to the cool, crisp, days of Autumn when I can bring my incenses out to play again.

    If you were by the pool in the Poconos in the 60s, I was that little girl with the skinny legs and the “Moe” bangs.

    • kathleen says:

      Oh s**t! Just heard that George Carlin died, man after my own heart. What could be funnier than anything written by George Carlin?

      • MattS says:

        First Harvey Korman, now George Carlin. The world needs more funny people, not less.

        It’s funny; I’ve never even been to the Poconos, but something about Azuree conjures up that whole image for me. Of course, I’ve never been to Morocco, but Chergui takes me there, so I guess it all makes sense-perfume as transport.

    • MattS says:

      Thanks Kathleen, that made my day which has otherwise seemed kinda crappy. As a Virginia gal, you’re pretty much in the same boat as me with the humid summers. When it first arrives, I too love it, but by July, I’m praying for snow.

      Seems like Prada’s Iris would be pretty nice for the summer. Lately I’ve been coming home at the end of the day, showering and hitting the Iris Silver Mist.

      Isn’t it funny how some scents really need the heat to show their colors off? I wasn’t crazy about Incense Extreme until I wore it on a hot day, now it’s one of my favorites.

      • kahleen says:

        As it goes, I’m not that crazy about Incense Extreme either. I’ve only tried it in the cold. I’m going to try my sample in the heat now.

        • MattS says:

          I think you’ll have a whole new appreciation for it. I was on the fence about it in January, but I reach for that bottle all the time now. Andy Tauer’s stuff really handles hot weather better than anybody else’s, IMHO. I could probably just wear his stuff exclusively during July and August, if I had to limit myself. They’d be the bottles I’d grab if a hurricane was coming in, anyway, and I knew I was gonna be deprived of the comforts for awhile.

          • kathleen says:

            I needed to come back in to correct myself. It wasn’t the Tauer Incense Extreme that didn’t move me(that I do like). It was the Mathew Williamson Incense that I found mediocre, and after taking it out for a jog I haven’t changed my mind. Tomorrow I will jog in Tauer.

  • Silvia says:

    These PdNs tendo to be a bit deceiving. I have been wearing Eau du Lude a lot lately in the sweltering British heat, and its lasting power is surprisingly good for a concentration that is a notch down from eau fraiche. Eau d’Ete is lovely too.
    On the reading front Divina’s suggestion of David Lodge is a great one: funny and addictive. Much like your posts !

  • Silvia says:

    These PdNs are a bit deceiving. I have been wearing Eau du Lude a lot lately (jasmine + other flowers): it’s a light thing, beautiful, transparent but with very decent lasting power and its concentration is even a notch down from eau fraiche (making it extremely cheap, yippieee). Eau d’Ete is great too.
    On the reading front, Divina’s suggestion of David Lodge is an excellent one (and so is your post

    • MattS says:

      I’ve just discovered the PdN line–New York, Eau d’Ete, Carre d’As, Nicolai Pour Homme, and Vetyver. I like ’em all, the Vetyver being the one I’m having to learn to appreciate the most, but I have a feeling that the hotter it gets, the more I’m gonna be interested in exploring it. And I love the fact that she does 30ml bottles.

  • Divina says:

    Hey Matt,

    If you like enjoy British humor, then I have to recommend David Lodge. I find his brand of humor roll-around-the-floor-laughing funny. James Hamilton Patterson’s “Cooking with Fernet Branca” is laugh out loud funny too 🙂

    • MattS says:

      I love British humor, but I’ve never experienced either of these authors. I’ll definitely be checking them out, though. I’m amazed that I never thought to explore humor as a Summer Beach Read Theme, but it really is the perfect way to go.

  • Nava says:


    OK, the heavier the better. I get it, I get it. But, even here in NY, the humidity can be so stifling that an eau fraiche can be suffocating. Nothing worse than the NYC subway system at the height of summer. Trust me…

    Have you tried Nanadebary Green? The new EDP is pretty fabulous. Also, if you can manage to locate a bottle of VIP Room, I think you’ll fall in love. Leather and pineapple. Nothing says summer better than that.


    • MattS says:

      The humidity here is miserable, but I’ve never really experience Big City Humidity which could be a whole other ballgame when you factor in asphalt and exhaust as well. I’ve not tried either of those scents but the idea of pineapple and leather sounds like something I wanna smell. Pretty darn bad.

  • Marina says:

    It is not my kind of thing either, but I too like and own Eau d’Ete.

  • Louise says:

    Darling Matt-so nice to see you here this morning >:d< Summer is challenging, isn't it? I have found myself headed in a new scent direction because of the heat this year-and like to believe I am developing new knowledge. As in delving into various vintage chypres (most with skank), and some sharp green florally numbers. Right now I have some Madame Rochas on one wrist and Ivoire on the other. Oy! That said, I have also been loving my orientals, which morph amazingly in the heat. My Cinnabar parfum plays very well right now. And then there's the age-old question-can I wear Arabie in the heat? I say yessssss:d/ Have you tried PdN New York? I got some for my son, and it is mahvelous :d

    • MattS says:

      Hey sunshine! I just recently got a bottle of New York and I adore it. It’s one of those scents that I would assume aren’t necessarily summer appropriate, but I’ve been spritzing it like a madman and lovin’ every minute of it. I’m just learning the world of chypres and I think it may be a world that I wouldn’t mind living in. And I’m with on orientals in the heat; they just kinda open up and bloom to me. But Arabie…I can’t wear it on the coldest of days. I sprayed my dad with it just to sniff it on someone else and I respected it a whole lot more.

  • Anne says:

    Thanks for the summer read idea… finishing up David Sedaris’ new one. As usual his stuff has me laughing out loud on the morning train… just to blend in with the other crazies of course. Tried Bronze Goddess this weekend. No beach, just lawn mowing. Surprised to like it. :)>-

    • MattS says:

      David Sedaris is my hero; he’s who I wanna be when I grow up. Is Bronze Goddess the one that’s kinda like Azuree plus suntan lotion? Might not be such a bad thing…

  • annie says:

    /:)Matt,my sweetie…jus’ loooove your glad you’re around.I’m celebrating my summer of retirement by just changing ‘the whole me’;I will elaborate:I’ve had my hair done in a rather subdued red,and ‘gently’ spike it(would love a teeny purple streak.Hmmmm….maybe next week).I’m swimming & major tanning at the complex pool,while playing canasta.(the big C,be damned),and for some reason am wearing Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere, Norma Kamali’s Ceremony,and BPAL Bordello…go figure!I have spared people in elevators,and am not in a hospital anymore,so in essence,I’M FREE…so please don’t give up skank…it becomes you….carry on fragrance maven:)>-

    • MattS says:

      Much thanks love; I’m glad to be around you wonderful people. Happy retirement; you’ve played by the rules long enough, now it’s time to make them. Go with the purple and soak up the sun. I’ve never experienced any of the Kamali stuff, but I’ve had a long time cravin’ to get my nose on her Incense. Pricey stuff, as I recall.

  • tmp00 says:

    Well, I’ve had the same situation this weekend here, it’s been well into the low hundreds here all weekend. But you know that I also don’t go for the fresh and clean. Usually. I did go for Hadrien this weekend, knowing that I was going to the local mall to respritz. Because in the heat Hadrien lasts about three minutes.

    But yes, I’m going to wear MKK as well as other Lutens on days like this- after all, he’s lives in Morocco, right? He knows best! 😡

    • MattS says:

      You guys don’t usually have to contend with the humidity in CA, right? That’s really what makes it unbearable here.

      I’ve yet to test drive Hadrien, but I think I’ve got a sample around here someplace.

      And all these heavy orientals are inspired by hot locales, so why shouldn’t we wear ’em in the heat?

      Happy belated birthday, btw.


    • jtc says:

      Yes, happy belated birthday, Tom!

      I love Musc Koublai Khan, too. Currently plotting as to how to obtain a bell jar.

  • Bryan says:

    I have to say, I’m a skank in the summer too. I don’t give a rat’s arse about seasonal fragrance rules, I just try to keep it interesting, so I can definitely relate. I love the heat, though, and I loathe the fall/winter. The cold is brutal, but I gotta say, traditional cold weather scents do rock. Thank you for the fabulous reviews. I love Chelsea too, by the way….so if anyone tells you that you need to lay off the musc, well, tell them to, “suck it…suck it hard.”


    • MattS says:

      Hey B. Chelsea Lately is pretty much the only television I’ve been watching lately; she kills me. Cold weather scents are my favorite too, so I generally wear them year round. Luckily our winters here are usually pretty mild, so I get to enjoy the scents and seldom have to deal with the snow.

  • jtc says:

    Hi, MattS — I enjoyed this essay, as well as your “Perfume Slut” piece last month. I’m intrigued by the PdN Eau D’été — a stealth eau fraiche that brings in da funk on the sly.

    I also think there are some vetiver compositions that work to “funkify” the usual summer citrus. I’m thinking particularly of TDC Sel de Vetiver — the grapefruit on top is sunny and summery, yes, but the scent of salt drying on skin with the vetiver has a bit of languid sexiness to it. (The scent of salt drying on bare skin at the beach seems to lead, in my mind, to the taste of salt drying on bare skin).

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    • MattS says:

      Thanks so much. I’d forgotten all about Sel de Vetiver. I very quickly worked my way through a decant of that last summer. I love it and need to get some more.