Best 25 Perfumes – Reader’s Choice

Now for something completely different.

MUA used to do a Best 25 Perfumes list every year, and one hasn’t been done in over a year, and it doesn’t look ike anyone is going to do one…. so!

Let’s do it!  Pick your Best 25 Perfumes – Women’s and/or Men’s Scents (We’ll have them separate, but there will be several unisex that could go on either list). If you can’t come up with 25, send in the number you want less than that.  Either post them in comments or e-mail them to me at pgeissler at gmail dot com (inserting the correct periods and @ signs).  We’ll open up the voting for 30 days, until the end of July.  Once we get to the end of July, I’ll compile all the votes and publish your top 25 for Men and your top 25 for Women.  They don’t need to be new, they can be old, vintage, don’t care.

I’ll have Best 25 Perfumes all tabulated by August 15, so look for the list then. As an incentive, there will be a prize or maybe more if I can round up more prizes.  I’ll draw one entry for men’s and one for women’s, and the winner will get all the samples in their respective top 25 list. So the women’s winner will get the Top 25 for Women samples.  Any questions?  Yes, they must be currently made fragrances, no discontinued (that leaves out Chaos, etc.)  Feel free to vote in both men’s and women’s polls, regardless of gender, but do note which poll you want to enter your list for, men’s or women’s.

Vote in comments or at p geissler at gmail dot com.  My top 25?  Hmmmmm….. in no particular order:

  1. Guerlain Apres L’ondee
  2. Guerlain Mitsouko
  3. Guerlain SpiriteuseDouble Vanille
  4. Guerlain Bois d’Armenie
  5. Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan
  6. MDCI FK2 (the rose one)
  7. CdG Zagorsk
  8. Le Labo Vanille 44
  9. Le Labo Patchouli
  10. Serge Lutens ISM
  11. Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande
  12. Gucci EDP (brown bottle)
  13. Bvlgari Black
  14. Hermes Parfum des Merveilles
  15. Caron Tabac Blond
  16. Caron N’Aimez Que Moi
  17. Caron Parfum Sacre
  18. Shalini
  19. Estee Lauder Cinnabar parfum
  20. Frederic Malle En Passant
  21. L’Artisan Dzing
  22. Lostmarc’h Lann-Ael (guilty cereal pleasure)
  23. Ormonde Jayne Woman
  24. SIP Lady Day
  25. NOOOOOOO!!!!  I have at least five more to put in here!  TBD
  • kenchan says:

    1. Chanel Bois de Iles
    2. Art of Shaving Sandalwood
    3. Marrakech (Aesop)
    4. Chanel Sycomore
    5. Paloma Picasso
    6. Sisley Eau Du Soir
    7. Chanel Coco
    8. Miss Dior
    9. Dioressence
    10. YSL Opium
    11. YSL Rive Gauche pour homme
    12. Aramis 900
    13. Chanel Anteaus
    14. Chanel Egoiste
    15. Chanel Egoiste Platinum
    16. Dior Eau Savauge Extreme
    17. Romance (men) Polo Ralph
    18. Serge Lutens Datura Noir
    19. Serge Lutens Arabie
    20. Chanel Pour Monsieur
    21. Tommy (T Hilfiger)
    22. Dior Farenheit
    23. Chanel No 18
    24. CK One
    25. Lou Lou (Cacharel)

    ps: I am a guy but i like all kinds of perfumes (female ones I tend to spray my bedroom). But I am ok with wearing the more unisex scents like Chanel’s BDI.

  • cedric says:

    My list in no particular order
    1- Terre d’Hermès, Hermès
    2- Bois d’argent, Cologne Dior Homme
    3- Série 2, Comme des Garcons
    4- Infusion d’Iris, Prada
    5- Cologne 68, Guerlain
    6- Angelique Noire, Guerlain
    7- Osmanthe Yunnan, Hermès
    8- Spiritueuse double vanille, Guerlain
    9- Iris Silver Mist, salon du palais royal Lutens
    10- Dior Homme Intense, Dior
    11- Eau Noire, Cologne Dior Homme
    12- Acqua di Gio, Armani
    13- Scent, Costume National
    14- Pour Homme, Lolita Lempicka
    15- Cuir de russie, Chanel
    16- Rive gauche pr Homme, YSL
    17- Shalimar, Guerlain
    18- Fleur d’Oranger, Serge Lutens
    19- Masculine, D&G
    20- Musc Ravageur, Frederic Malle
    21- Eau de Campagne, Sisley
    22- Coromandel, Chanel
    23- Le male, JPG
    24- Higher (not energy), Dior
    25- Paprika brazil, Hermès

  • Alicia says:

    My list in no particular order:
    1. N’Aimez Que Moi
    2. Amouage Gold
    3. Ormonde Woman
    4. Dioressence
    5. Or et Noir
    6. Murasaki
    7. Le De Givenchy
    8. L’Heure Bleue
    9. 31 Rue Cambon
    10. No. 19
    11. No. 22
    12. No. 28 La Pausa
    13. L’Air du Temps
    14. Bellodgia
    15. Joy
    16. Coeur Joie
    17. Private Reserve Snow Rose
    18. Camellia Superieur
    19. Chant du Coeur
    20. Aromatics Elixir
    21. Fidji
    22. Calandre
    23. Must de Cartier
    24. H’Iris
    25. Caleche

  • Melissa says:

    Late to the party, but here goes:

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Chanel 22
    3. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    4. Caron Tabac Blond
    5. Caron Poivre
    6. Guerlain Cuir Beluga
    7. Vero Profumo Onda
    8. Ormonde Woman
    9. Montale White Aoud
    10. Divine L’ame Soeur
    11. Mona di Orio Carnation
    12. Neil Morris Sprectral Violet
    13. Serge Lutens Chergui
    14. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    15. I Profumi di Firenze Magnolia Dolce
    16. Ineke Chemical Bonding
    17. Rochas Tocade (powdery vanillic guilty pleasure)
    18. Neil Morris Midnight Tryst
    19. Juozas Statkevicius
    20. Le Labo Vanille 44
    21. Creed Angelique Encens
    22. Frederic Malle Iris Poudre
    23. Tauer, L’air du Desert Marocain
    24. Molinard Habanita
    25. YSL Rive Gauche

    Running from keyboard before I change my mind!

  • obscented says:

    A heroic feat for you to take on, Patty.

    And so, with a deep breath, my 25:

    1 Profumum Tuberosa
    2 Caron Bellodgia extrait
    3 SL Bois De Violette
    4 SL Borneo 1834
    5 SL A La Nuit
    6 Profumum Olibanum
    7 SIP L’Invisible
    8 SIP Lady Day
    9 Le Labo Rose 31
    10 CdG Hinoki
    11 Guerlain Sous le Vent
    12 Guerlain Mitsouko perfume
    13 Amouage Jubilation 25
    14 Dioressence
    15 Diorling
    16 L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
    17 Rochas Femme
    18 Tauer Perfumes L’Air du Desert Morocain
    19 Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    20 Montale Aoud Rose Petals
    21 The Different Company Sel de Vetiver
    22 M. Micallef Black Sea
    23 Parfums MDCI Rose de Siwa
    24 Chanel 19 perfume
    25 Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman

    *screeches to a halt*

    Many thanks!

  • PlaysbyScent says:

    Some of these wouldn’t change under torture, some will change by the time I get my next cup of coffee, but here goes…

    1. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    2. Guerlain Attrape Coeur
    3. Guerlain Chamade
    4. Guerlain Apres l’Ondee
    5. The Different Company Sel de Vetiver
    6. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    7. Clive Christian #1
    8. Robert Piquet Bandit
    9. Dior Forever and Ever
    10. Ormande Jayne Ta’if
    11. Chanel 19
    12. Chanel 22
    13. Patou 1000
    14. Etro Messe de Minuet
    15. Comme des Garcons Avignon
    16. Philosophy Amazing Grace
    17. Comme des Garcons #2
    18. Creed Angelique Encens
    19. Parfum de Rosine Rose Diabolo
    20. Agent Provocateur
    21. Parfum de Rosine Ecume de Rose 
    22. Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Royale
    23. SIP L’Invisible
    24. Montale Aoud Rose Petals
    25. Etat Libre d’Orange Encens et Bubblegum

  • arch.memory says:

    Hello all,
    This is my first post on this blog; I’ve just started reading it a few days ago. I caught the perfume-bug seriously only recently, and as a novice, my list is inevitably shorter. It also doesn’t include any niche perfumes, as I’ve only started exploring that world (god help my bank account!) and I’m only including perfumes that I’ve worn (and re-worn). So it’s primarily a “for men/unisex” list; I just needed to get a mention for some of my favorites that I feel have been unjustly excluded in these Chanel/Guerlain/Caron/niche-heavy lists:
    1. Boucheron Jaipur pour homme (Boucheron)
    2. L’instant de Guerlain pour homme
    3. Gai Mattiolo pour homme
    4. Givenchy Insense
    5. Givenchy Pi
    6. Jean Paul Gaultier 2
    7. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
    8. Nikos Sculpture pour homme
    9. Must de Cartier Essence
    10. Prada Ambre pour Homme
    11. Thierry Mugler Cologne
    12. Benetton Colors for men

  • A Wench says:

    Not too late, you said we’d got until the end of July, so here goes:
    1. Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile
    2. AG Le Chevrefueille
    3. Balenciaga Le Dix
    4. Bulgari Voile de Jasmine
    5. CB Black March
    6. CdG Avignon
    7. FM Angeliques Sous Le Pluie
    8. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    9. Gucci (the original)
    10. Gucci Pour Homme
    11. Hermes Eau des Merveilles
    12. Hermes Hiris
    13. Jalaine Patchouli
    14. JAR Diamond Water
    15. Kenzo L’eau Par Kenzo
    16. L’Artisan Passage d’Enfer
    17. L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
    18. LezNez Unicorn Spell
    19. LV Garofano
    20. MH Noix de Tubereuse
    21. SL Iris Silver Mist
    22. SL Douce Amere
    23. Rochas Femme
    24. Rochas Madame Rochas
    25. Yosh Ginger Ciao

  • Amy H says:

    In alphabetical order…
    1. 10 Corso Como
    2. Amouage Jubilation XXV
    3. Caron Farnesiana
    4. Caron Tabac Blond
    5. Chanel Bois des Iles
    6. Delrae Amoureuse
    7. Diptyque Philosykos
    8. Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose
    9. Frederic Malle Bigarade Concentree
    10. Frederic Malle Une Fleur de Cassie
    11. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    12. Guerlain Bois d’Armenie
    13. Jean Patou 1000
    14. L’Artisan Bois Farine
    15. L’Artisan Dzing
    16. L’Artisan Mechant Loup
    17. L’Artisan Oeillet Sauvage
    18. Miller et Bertaux #3 Green Green Green
    19. Montale Black Aoud
    20. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    21. Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond
    22. Parfumerie Generale Cadjmere
    23. Rosine Un Zest de Rose
    24. Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger
    25. Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental

  • Marian says:

    Alphabetically is easiest for me. Thank goodness for Excel’s sort tool!

    1. Arabian Oud- Al Ameera
    2. Arabian Oud- Al Mashaheer
    3. Arabian Oud- King Fahed
    4. Arabian Oud- Nad-1
    5. Arabian Oud- White Musk Superior
    6. Balmain- Jolie Madame
    7. Caron- Or et Noir
    8. Chanel- Coromandel
    9. Chanel- Cristalle
    10. Commes des Garcons- Hinoki Monocle One
    11. Dior- Diorella
    12. Dior- Diorissimo
    13. Frederic Malle- Le Parfum de Therese
    14. Frederic Malle- Une Rose
    15. Guerlain- Jicky
    16. Guerlain- L’Heure Bleue
    17. Guerlain- Mitsouko
    18. Guerlain- Muguet
    19. Guerlain- Quand Vient la Pluie
    20. Henry Jacques- Jane
    21. Henry Jacques- Snow Rose
    22. Jean Desprez- Bal a Versailles
    23. Serge Lutens- Un Lys
    24. Shisheido- White Rose
    25. Tom Ford- Noir de Noir

    Reading everyone’s list is so much fun. So little time and so much to sniff……

  • Allyson says:

    OK – mine for today…

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    3. Guerlain Shalimar
    4. Guerlain Chamade
    5. Guerlain Jicky
    6. Hermes Kelly Caleche
    7. Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil
    8. Hermes Eau D’Orange Verte
    9. Clinique Aromatics Elixer
    10. Gucci
    11. Gucci Eau de Parfum II
    12. Gucci Rush
    13. Chanel No. 19
    14. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
    15. Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise
    16. Prada Infusion d’Iris
    17. Estee Lauder Pure White Linen
    18. Missoni Acqua
    19. Boucheron
    20. Dior J’Adore
    21. Robert Piguet Fracas
    22. Givenchy III
    23. Mauboussin
    24. Marc Jacobs
    25. Jil Sander No.4

  • Dain says:

    A little late on mine, but… my list isn’t a full 25.

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    3. Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle
    4. YSL Opium
    5. Caron Parfum Sacre
    6. Guerlain Vetiver
    7. Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    8. Chanel No. 19
    9. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    10. Serge Lutens Chergui
    11. Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese
    12. Guerlain Jicky
    13. Robert Piguet Bandit
    14. Narciso Rodriguez
    15. Chanel Cristalle
    16. Montale Crystal Flowers
    17. Serge Lutens Bois et Fruits
    18. Jean Patou Joy
    19. Dior Eau Sauvage
    20. Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum
    21. Givenchy Organza Indecence
    22. Montale Black Aoud
    23. Diorissimo
    24. Caron En Avion
    25. Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman

  • Stephen says:

    Top 25? and currently available? Tall Order, but here goes……!
    In no particular order except for the top 5
    1.Caron Yatagan
    2.Lutens Ambre Sultan
    3.Guerlain Vetiver
    4.Lutens MKK
    5.Tauer L’air du desert……
    6.Chanel pour Monsieur
    7.Caron L’anarchiste
    8.Caron Royal Bain De Caron
    10.Guerlain Jicky
    11.Guerlain Eau Imperiale
    12.Monsieur Rochas
    13.Guerlain Eau de Guerlain
    14.A Different company Sel de vetiver
    15.Commes des Garcons Vettiveru
    16.Dolce et Gabbanna By Man
    17.Muelhenns 4711
    18.Chanel Allure pour Homme
    19.Hermes Terre d’Hermes
    20.Mugler Cologne
    21.Acqua di Parma Collonia Assoluta
    22.Creed Siver Mountain Water
    23.Creed Zeste Mandarine et Pamplemousse
    24.Guerlain Pampelune
    25.Tauer Maroc pour Elle (I object to the Elle!!!)/Lutens Fumerie Turque

    These are all full bottle worthy!!
    Sorry about doubling 25….had to do it

    All the Best Stephen

  • delvin says:

    any ideas where i can purchase dior bois d’argent?

  • DianaWR says:

    I’m a very new perfumista, so I only have 20:

    1. L’Artisan Dzing!
    2. L’Artisan Iris Pallida
    3. Chanel No. 5 EDT
    4. CB I hate Perfume Smokey Tabacoo Accord
    5. CB I hate Perfume Wild Hunt
    6. Red Flower organic Guaiac
    7. Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle
    8. Annick Goutal Songes
    9. 100% Love
    10. Bond no. 9 New Haarlem
    11. INeKE After My Own Heart
    12. Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut
    13. Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance
    14. DKNY Black Cashmere
    15. DSH The Vert
    16. Costume National 21
    17. Domenico Caraceni Ivy League
    18. DSH Beach Roses
    19. La Maison Vanille Vanahe
    20. Acqua di Biella Ca’ Luna

  • Olfacta says:

    Oh there are so many I haven’t tried! I’m a relative noob. Anyway here’s what I’ve got so far…not in order…

    1. L’Air Du Desert Marocain
    2. CDG Kyoto
    3. CDG Jaisalmer
    4. Paloma Picasso EDP
    5. Guerlain Pour Elle
    6. Guerlain Vetiver
    7. Bal a Versailles (parfum, EDP and vintage cologne)
    8. Un Jardin Sur le Nil
    9. Jean-Louis Scherrer # 1
    10. Jean-Louis Scherrer # 2
    11. Parfumee Au Te Vert (and the Extreme version)
    12. Jicky
    13. Kelly Caleche
    14. Dior Eau Noire
    15. Dzongkha
    16. Must de Cartier (vintage only, EDP)
    17. Idole (Lubin)
    18. Premier Figuer
    19. Arpege (vintage, very old)
    20. CDG Auvignon
    21. CDG Zgorsk
    22. Chanel No. 5 (vintage)
    23. Oxygene, Lanvin
    24. Bulgari Blu Notte Pour Femme

  • Top 25
    1. Frederic Malle Musc Raveguer
    2. Frederic Malle L’Eau de Hiver
    3. Creed Angelique Encenens
    4. Creed Fleur de the Rose Bulgare
    5. Le Labo Iris
    6. Chanel No. 5
    7. L’Artisan L’Orchidee Blanche (sadly discontinued)
    8. Guerlain Insolence
    9. Guerlain Vol a Nuit
    10. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    11 Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    12. Jo Malone French Lime Blossom
    13. L’Imperial Oppopononax
    14. Serge Lutens Rahat Loukhoum
    15. Vivian Woodward Boudoir
    16. Luctor et Emergo People of the Lab. (POTL)
    17. Houbigiant Quelquelfleurs
    18. Marc Jacob Blush
    19. Serge Lutens A La Nuit
    20 Acqua Mirabile Odorosa Ambra del Nepal
    21. Thierry Mugler Angel
    22. L’Artisan Tea for Two
    23. Bond No. 9 Chinatown
    24. Prada Prada
    25. Santa Maria Novella Ginestra

  • girlsodeadly says:


    YSL Rive Gauche edt edp parfum **
    Serge Lutens Tubereuse Crimimelle
    Serge Lutens Fleurs d ‘Oranger *
    Serge Lutens Sarrasins
    Guerlain Nahema parfum **
    Guerlain Chamade edt *
    Guerlain Mitsouko edt parfum **
    Guerlain Shalimar parfum *
    Patou JOY parfum **
    Patou Caline edt *
    Patou Chaldee parfum *
    Chanel No 5 parfum
    Caron En Avion parfum & huile parfumee *
    Caron Narcisse Noir *
    Caron N ‘Aimez Que Moi parfum *
    Caron Tabac Blond parfum *
    Dior Diorella edt *
    Givenchy Givenchy III edt *
    Estee Lauder Pleasures
    Shiseido Nombre Noir edp parfum *

    * vintage
    ** vintage and new


  • mimmimmim says:

    If discontinued perfumes were allowed, a few of the Patou Ma Collection scents would be in here.

    1 Guerlain Mitsouko
    2 Guerlain L’Heure Bleu
    3 Guerlain Shalimar
    4 Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman
    5 Ormonde Jayne Frangipani
    6 Caron Narcisse Noir
    7 Caron En Avion
    8 Caron French CanCan
    9 Caron Parfum Sacre
    10 Caron Nuit de Noel
    11 Mona di Orio Nuit Noire
    12 Annick Goutal Songes
    13 Lorenzo Villoresi Dilmun
    14 Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige
    15 Boucheron Trouble
    16 Molinard Habanita
    17 Serge Lutens A La Nuit
    18 Etro Messe de Minuit
    19 Calvin Klein Obsession
    20 BPAL Hell’s Belle
    21 Estee Lauder Youth Dew
    22 Piguet Bandit
    23 Rochas Femme
    24 Parfumerie General Ilang Ivohibe
    25 Cadolle No 9

  • Evel says:

    *Shiseido Fem.du Bois
    *Miller et Bertaux # 1
    *Hermes Un Jardin de Mediterranee
    *Teo Cabanel Alahine
    *Stephanie de Saint Aignan Embruns d’Ambre
    *Ex Voto Eau de luxe Ambre
    *Pantelleria Dammuso
    *Pantelleria Tanit
    *l’Artisan l’Ete en Douce
    *Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille
    *Serge Lutens Douce Amere
    *Serge Lutens Chergui
    *Serge Lutens Cedre
    *Chanel Coco
    *Narciso Rodriguez EDT for Her
    *Chanel # 5 Eau Premiere
    *KM Loukhoum
    *Nicolai Sacrebleu
    *Nereides Imperial Opoponax
    *Profumum Dulcis in Fundo
    *Creed Virgin Island Water
    *MPG Bahiana
    *Aqaba Spring

  • Mariekel says:

    Oh Wait!! I forgot SIP L’Invisible — my new lemming!! Argh!

  • Mariekel says:

    ooooohhh, how to choose just 25. It won’t be easy but…

    (no order)

    1. Montale White Aoud
    2. Andy Tauer Orris
    3. Caron Tabac Blond
    4. Parfumerie Generale Querelle
    5. FM Noir Epices
    6. Delrae Bois de Paradis
    7. I Profumi di Firenze Agrumi di Sicilia
    8. Montale Golden Aoud
    9. Delrae Eau Illuminee
    10. Le Labo Vetiver 46
    11. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    12. Lorenzo Villoresi Yerbamate
    13. Matthew Williamson Incense (original)
    14. Bella Bellissima Perfect Night
    15. Andy Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain
    16. Guerlain Chamade extrait
    17. AG Mandragore
    18. FM Une Fleur de Cassie
    19. SL 5 O’Clock Gingembre
    20. Delrae Amoureuse
    21. Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    22. Lorenzo Villoresi Garofano
    23. Caron Alpona
    24. SL Fleurs de Citronnier
    25. SL Chergui


    • Mariekel says:

      Ooops. never write lists when under-caffeinated. i forgot that all of these had to be in production, which cuts out the Tauer Orris and MW Incense (old). These are therefore replaced by SIP L’Invisible and Olivier Durbano Amethyst.

  • Solander says:

    Hmm, can I play for the men’s team? Or is that cheating with my technically female skin chemistry? You said you needed more men to vote and I wouldn’t mind being in the drawing for the men’s top 25… Or wait a minute, I’ll probably just get a lot of doubles if I were…
    Anyway, here’s one version of my everchanging list, in completely random order:
    1. Lalique Encre Noir
    2. Caron Tabac Blond
    3. CB I Hate Perfume To See A Flower
    4. Miller et Bertauz Green green green and green
    5. L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing!
    6. Comme des Garcons Sherbet Rhubarb
    7. Montale Black Aoud
    8. Miller Harris L’Air de Rien
    9. Creative Universe Te
    10. The Different Company Sel de Vetiver
    11. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    12. Nasomatto Absinth
    13. Parfumerie Generale Cuir d’Iris
    14. Serge Lutens Five O’Clock Au Gingembre
    15. Parfums d’Empire Ambre Russe
    16. S-Perfumes Lust
    17. Tauer Incense rosé
    18. Cumming
    19. Robert Piguet Bandit
    20. Juozas Statkevicius
    21. Etat Libre d’Orange Jasmin et Cigarette
    22. Bond no 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory
    23. Guerlain Jicky
    24. Les Nereides Oriental Lumpur
    25. Hermes Eau d’Hermes
    My sacred rule this time, simply to keep the list down, is ONE fragrance per house, so I have to pick my absolute favourite to represent the house. Tragic, I know.

  • Calypso says:

    This is a fun assignment but challenging. It’s interesting to try to discern patterns in people’s choices (but so far I’m not having much success at that). Here’s my list, alphabetical:

    1. L’Artisan Premier Figuier
    2. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    3. Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale
    4. Bond No. 9 Chinatown
    5. Caron Parfum Sacre
    6. Commes des Garcons Palisander
    7. Commes des Garcons #2
    8. Parfums Delrae Bois de Paradis
    9. Parumes Delrae Amoreuse
    10. Frederic Malle Parfum de Therese
    11. Frederic Malle Noir Epices
    12. Guerlain Mitsouko
    13. Guerlain Insolence (yes, really)
    14. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    15. MPG Ambre Precieux
    16. Montale Aoud Velvet
    17. Montale Blue Amber
    18. Montale Orient Extreme
    19. Serge Lutens Bois de Violette
    20. Serge Lutens Chergui
    21. Serge Lutens Datura Noir
    22. Serge Lutens Santal Blanc
    23. Tauer Reverie au Jardin
    24. Yosh Ginger Ciao
    25. Yosh Omniscent

  • Marilynn says:

    Hey, Patty! Thank you for this huge undertaking. My list in no particular order after the first one:
    1. Guerlain Bois d’Armenie
    2. Serge Lutens Chergui
    3. Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque
    4. Serge Lutens Fleur d’Oranger
    5. Serge Lutens Chene
    6. Parfum de Nicolai Sacrebleu
    7. Parfum de Nicolai Juste en Reve
    8. Frederick Malle Musc Ravageur
    9. MPG Fleur de Commores
    10. MPG Secrete Datura
    11. Keiko Mecheri Osmanthus
    12. L’Artisan Ambre Extreme
    13. The Different Co. Jasmin Nuit
    14. Miller et Bertaux Green
    15. Bond No. 9 Fire Island
    16. Caron Poivre Extrait
    17. Floris Malmaison
    18. Caron Narcisse Noir Extrait
    19. Calypso Chevrefeuille
    20. Laura Tonatto Oropuro
    21. Laura Tonatto Magnifico
    22. Guerlain Mayotte
    23. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    24. Idole de Lubin
    25. Etro Vicolo Fiori

  • Norna says:

    Nice idea. Here’s my full-of-incense list:
    1. Donna Karan Black Cashmere
    2. Norma Kamali Incense
    3. Serge Lutens Gris Clair
    4. Serge Lutens Borneo 1834
    5. Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    6. Durbano Black Tourmaline
    7. Durbano Rock Crystal
    8. L’ Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha
    9. L’ Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two
    10. Heeley Cardinal
    11. Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    12. Frederic Malle Une Rose
    13. Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee
    14. Etro Messe de Minuit
    15. Molinard Habanita
    16. Frederic Malle Ageliques sous la pluie
    17. Armani Prive Bois d’Encens
    18. CdG Ouarzazate
    19. CdG Avignon
    20. Josef Statkus EdP
    21. Il Profvmo Patchouli Noir
    22. The Different Company Bois d’Iris
    23. Ginestet Le Boise
    24. Bond no. 9 New Haarlem
    25. Tauer Incense Extreme

  • Lisa says:

    :dOk here goes: This list could change at any moment! Thanks for doing this.

    1. SL Chergui
    2. Bogner Woman 1
    3. Chanel Bois des Iles
    4. SL Sarassins
    5. Kai
    6. Guerlain Spirituese de Vanille
    7. Guerlain Cuir Belgua
    8. Kenzo 7:15 in Bali
    9. Lacome Poeme
    10. SL Un Lys
    11. Antonia’s Flower Tiempe Passate
    12. Chanel La Pausa
    13. Andy Tauer L’ Air du Desert Marocain
    14. PTOL
    15. SL Fumerie Turque
    16. Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese
    17. Yosh Ginger Ciao
    18. Tom Ford Oud Wood
    19. Tom Ford Tabaco Vanille
    20. Tom Ford Moss Breeches
    21. Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    22. I Profumi di Firenze Mirra
    23. Worth Courtesan
    24. SL Bois de Violettes
    25. Creed Virign Island Water

    I could still go on.

  • Melissa says:

    Wow, this was actually painful! I’m sure I’ve left someone out but here goes…

    1) Mitsouko
    2) Halston
    3) Obsession
    4) Dior – Dolce Vita
    5) Shalimar
    6) YSL – Paris
    7) Miss Dior
    8) TABU
    9) Lubin – IDOLE
    10) Caron – Nuit de Noel
    11) Coty L’origan (OK, the good is vintage but you can technically still get it)
    12) L’air du Temps
    13) Estee – Azuree
    14) Estee – Azuree Soleil (to be worn alone or with Azuree)
    15) Joy
    16) Chanel #5
    17) YSL – Rive Gauche
    18) Clinique Aromatics
    19) Lancome Magie Noir
    20) Revlon – Intimate (Oh poo, is that just vintage?)
    21) Ivorie Balmain
    22) Estee – Private Collection
    23) Femme
    24) Pecksniff’s Chypre
    25) Antica Farmacista – Ambra

    Sad, but I could probably come up with 25 more. Hmmm, they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. “Hello Perfume Posse, my name is Melissa & I have a perfume addiction.”

  • mahanta says:

    After more than two years of sniffing, reading and exploring, I can finally stop lurking in the shadows, and here is my list (no particular order):
    1) SL Daim Blond
    2) Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    3) Lalique Le Parfum
    4) Guerlain Nahema
    5) Guerlain L’Instant Magic
    6) Desprez Bal a Versailles
    7) Weil Zibeline (The one still produced in Canada)
    8) Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut
    9) Caron Tabac Blond
    10) Sisley Soir de Lune
    11) Creed Angelique Encens
    12) Molinard Habanita
    13) L’Artisan Mure et Musc
    14) Parfums de Nikolai Sacrebleu
    15) Agent Provocateur Maitresse
    16) Laura Tonnato Dama
    17) Balenciaga Cristobal
    18) Parfum d’Empire Eau Suave
    19) Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond
    20) Roberto Cavalli Oro
    21) Roja Dove Scandal
    22) Lanvin Arpege
    23) Chanel No.22
    24) Etat Libre d’Orange Vraie Blonde
    25) Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais

  • Rhonda says:

    My list, in no particular order:

    1. Montale Golden Aoud
    2. Montale Steam Aoud
    3. Montale White Aoud
    4. Montale Red Aoud
    5. Bond No. 9 New Haarlem
    6. Ave Luxe Cafe Noir
    7. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Cafe Noir
    8. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Oeillets Rouges
    9. Diptyque Tam Dao
    10. Dolce & Gabbana By Woman (this may be discontinued)
    11. Donna Karen Gold
    12. Donna Karen Wenge
    13. Eau D’Italie Paestum Rose
    14. Fresh Cannabis Santal
    15. Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    16. Il Profumo Patchouli Noir
    17. Les Parfums de Rosine Rose de Feu
    18. Liz Zorn Waterflower
    19. Miller et Bertaux For You No. 1
    20. Mona di Orio Nuit Noire
    21. Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman
    22. Parfumerie Generale Aomassai
    23. Serge Lutens Rousse
    24. Corso Como
    25. Thierry Mugler AngelMEN Pure Coffee (my current favorite – I love coffee scents!)

  • lisa says:

    My current Top 25 (some are weather-influenced, but most are year-round faves):

    1. Miller et Bertaux: #1 Trouve
    2. Serge Lutens: Borneo 1834
    3. Guerlain: Bois d’Armenie
    4. L’Artisan: Passage d’Enfer
    5. Serge Lutens: Chergui
    6. Guerlain: Cuir Beluga
    7. Parfumerie Generale: Iris Taizo
    8. Profumum: Ichnusa
    9. Parfumerie Generale: Cadjmere
    10. Serge Lutens: Fumerie Turque
    11. Comme de Garcons: Avignon
    12. Donna Karan: Wenge
    13. i Profumi di Firenze: Mirra
    14. Le Labo: Labdanum 18
    15. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz: Egyptian Musk
    16. Lostmarc’h: Lann-Ael
    17. Shiseido: Feminite du Bois
    18. Montale: Patchouli Leaves
    19. L’Artisan: Navegar
    20. i Profumi di Firenze: Brezza di Mare
    21. Frederic Malle: Lys Mediterranee
    22. Parfumerie Generale: Corps et Ames
    23. Liz Zorn: Solstice
    24. Ava Luxe: Johri
    25. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz: Tamarind/Paprika

    • lisa says:

      Ok, if it’s not too late, can I (very reluctantly) withdraw Lostmarc’h Lann-Ael (#16) and replace it with Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir ? I love Lann-Ael, but Orris Noir is just drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Klara says:

    Here is my list (please bear in made that here where I live the perfume range is really poor so I order most of the samples/full bottles online):
    1. L’artisan: Safran troublant
    2. L’artisan: La chasse aux papillons
    3. L’artisan: Ambre Extreme
    4. Frederic Malle: En passant
    5. Frederic Malle: Parfum de Therese
    6. Parfumerie Generale: Aomassai
    7. POTL
    8. Andy Tauer: Le Maroc pur Elle
    9. Montale: Aoud Rose Petals
    10. Montale: Intense Tiare
    11. Serge Lutens: Un lys
    12. Serge Lutens: Chergui
    13. Divine: L’Inspiratrice
    14. Divine: L’ame souer
    15. Parfums d’Empire: Ambre Russe
    16. Bvlgari: Eau the Blanc
    17. Ormonde Jayne: Ta’if
    18. Ormonde Jayne: Woman
    19. Chanel: Coco
    20. Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle
    21. Narciso Rodriguez: For her
    22. L’Occitane: Ambre
    23. YSL: Paris
    24. Dior: Poison
    25. Donna Karan: Black Cashmere

  • Anne says:

    An extremely difficult but painfully wonderful process. Here goes…

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Caron Coup de Fouet
    3. Le Labo Patchouli
    4. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    5. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    6. Miller Harris L’air de Rien
    7. Amouage Jubilation 25
    8. Guerlain Bois d’Armenie
    9. Bella Bellisima Perfect Night
    10.Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan
    11.Serge Lutens Bois Oriental
    12.Dior Diorella
    13.Dior Diorling
    14.Ambergris Ambre et Diamant Noir
    15.Neil Morris Gotham
    16.L’Artisan Iris Pallida
    17.Parfums de Nicolai Eau Exotique
    18.Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    19.Parfumerie Generale Iris Taizo
    20.Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel

    ON HIM
    21.Yves St. Laurent M7
    22.CdG Avignon
    23.Ormonde Jayne Man
    24.Tauer L’air du Desert Marocain
    25.Hermessence Poivre Samarcande

  • Val says:

    I`ve discovered your beautiful blog several months ago and for the first time I have the heart to leave a comment. I`m not a newbie to fragrances but to discuss them in a foreign language is a new challenge for me. So I thought a poll is a good possibility to start with.
    First I was like “25? No problem!”,after hours of sniffing it was “25! Big problem!!!”
    Womens Top 25 (no particular order)
    1. Caron Tabac Blond
    2. Caron Narcisse Noir
    3. Caron Coup de Fouet
    4. Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    5. Guerlain Apres l`Ondee
    6. Chanel No.22
    7. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    8. Balmain Jolie Madame
    9. Dior Miss Dior
    10. Patou Joy
    11. Creed Angelique Encens
    12. YSL Yvresse
    13. Diptyque Eau Lente
    14. Diptyque Jardin Clos
    15. L`Artisan Dzing
    16. Hermes Eau de Merveilles
    17. Nicolai Vie de Chateau
    18. Nicolai Maharanih
    19. Malle Noir Epices
    20. Frapin “1270”
    21. Keiko Mecheri Myrrhe&Merveilles
    22. Etat Libre d`Orange Secretions magnifiques
    23. Ayala Moriel Ayalitta
    25. Parfums d`Imperfiction Alice in Wonderland

    Mens Top 15
    1. Caron Yatagan
    2. Guerlain Habit Rouge
    3. Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme
    4. D`Orsay Le Dandy
    5. Creed Cuir de Russie
    6. Hermes Terre d`Hermes
    7. Courvoisier L`edition Imperiale
    8. d`Rosine Rose d`Homme
    9. Gaultier Le Male
    10. Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac
    11. Nicolai New York
    12. Annick Goutal Duel
    13. Annick Goutal Mandragore
    14. Villoresi Piper Nigrum
    15. Lubin Idole
    This was pretty hard work!!!#:-s

  • Kathryn says:

    A year ago, before discovering the Posse and other blogs, I wore only two perfumes–still on my list. Now my bureau is awash with samples, decants, and eBay finds, and my cats are looking at me funny because my scent changes from day to day. It will be interesting to look back at this a year from now…
    1. Joy
    2. Diorissimo
    3. Parfums Delrae Debut
    4. Parfums Delrae Amoureuse
    5. Caron Narcisse Noir
    7. Caron Parfum Sacre
    8. Ormande Jayne Woman
    9. Ormande Jayne Champaca
    10. Ormande Jayne Osmanthus
    11. Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan
    12. Ineke Ruhland After My Own Heart
    13. L’Artisan L’Ete en Douce
    14. L’Artisan Dzing!
    15.. L’Artisan Dzongka
    16.. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    17. Chanel Coromandel
    18. Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan
    19. Frederic Malle Musc Ravaguer
    20. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    21. Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese
    22.. Andy Tauer La Maroc pour Elle
    23. Andy Tauer L”Air du Desert Marocaine
    24. Liz Zorn Solstice
    25. CB Just Breathe

  • Betsy says:

    Here goes, in no particular order:

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain Jicky
    3. Guerlain Atrappe Couer
    4. Guerlain Quand Vient L’Ete
    5. Guerlain Plus Que Jamais
    6. Caron Tabac Blond
    7. Caron Narcisse Noir
    8. Frederick Malle Carnal Flower
    9. Frederick Malle Musc Ravageur
    10. Miller Harris L’air de Rien
    11. L’Artisan Dzing!
    12. Dior Diorissimo
    13. Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia
    14. Piguet Fracas
    15. Serge Lutens Chergui
    16. Serge Lutens Tubreuse Criminelle
    17. Serge Lutens Bois de Violette
    18. Parfums de Nicolai New York
    19. Parfums de Nicolai Odalisque
    20. Parfums de Nicolai Le temps d’une fete
    21. Agent Provocateur
    22. Bulgari Black
    23. Tom Ford Black Orchid
    24. Ormonde Jayne Frangipani Absolute
    25. Ormonde Jayne T’aif

    Thanks for taking this on! What fun to read everyone’s lists.

  • Vasily says:

    OK, mine is male/unisex with the caveat that I’m not even sure any more what those terms mean. 😉 I’ve tried to order them so #1 is truly my favorite – but picking favorites is always hard (and if I did this again a week from now the list might be a little different):

    1. Ava Luxe Midnight Violet
    2. Tauer L’air du Desert Marocain
    3. Ava Luxe Cafe Noir
    4. Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    5. Guerlain Vetiver
    6. Miller Harris Terre d’Iris
    7. Knize Ten
    8. Comme des Garcons Series 2: Red Sequoia
    9. Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque
    10. Tauer Incense Extreme
    11. Miller Harris Figue Amere
    12. Creed Orange Spice
    13. Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe
    14. Creed Bois du Portugal
    15. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi
    16. Serge Lutens Arabie
    17. Comme des Garcons Avignon
    18. Serge Lutens Bois de Violette
    19. Ava Luxe Johri
    20. I Profumi di Firenze Limone di Sicilia
    21. Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande
    22. Serge Lutens Mandarin Mandarine
    23. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    24. Serge Lutens Chene
    25. Frederic Malle Noir Epices

  • Linda B says:

    Thanks for doing this! Mine in the Women’s category (not in order of preference):
    1. L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
    2. L’Artisan Premier Figuier
    3. L’Artisan The pour un Ete
    4. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    5. Bond No. 9 Chinatown
    6. Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory
    7. Bond No. 9 New Haarlem
    8. Bond No. 9 Saks Fifth Avenue for Her
    9. Ginestet Botrytis
    10. Annick Goutal Les Nuits d’Hadrien
    11. Etat Libre d’Orange Rossy de Palma
    12. Ajne de Lavande
    13. Eau d’Italie
    14. Eau d’Italie Bois d’Ombrie
    15. Eau d’Italie Sienne l’Hiver
    16. Anne Pliska
    17. Parfums Delrae Bois de Paradis
    18. Thierry Mugler Angel
    19. Thierry Mugler Violet Angel
    20. Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia
    21. IPdF Ambra del Nepal
    22. Caron Aimez Moi
    23. Piguet Visa
    24. Tauer L’Air du Desert Morocain
    25. Frederic Malle L’eau d’Hiver

  • basenotes says:

    Its a lot harder to pick 25 in production fragrances (sob Cuiron), but here goes (no partic. order)

    1. Ormonde Man
    2. M7
    3. Le Male
    4. French Lover
    5. Herrera 212 Men
    6. Dunhill Desire for a Man
    7. Millesime Imperial
    8. Green Irish Tweed
    9. A*Men
    10. Vetiver de Guerlain
    11. Mouchoir de Monsieur
    12. Caron pour un Homme
    13. Monsieur de Givenchy
    14. Xeryus Rouge
    15. English Lavender by Atkinsons
    16. Emporio Armani He
    17. Eau Sauvage
    18. Timbuktu
    19. Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir
    20. Tempore Uomo
    21. Bulgari Black
    22. Mugler Cologne
    23. Declaration de Cartier
    24. Rive Gauche pour Homme
    25. Body Kouros

  • watoto says:

    Only doing Top Ten ’cause I’ve only been sniffing for 6 months!

    1. Chanel Coco
    2. Chanel No. 5
    3. FM L’Eau d’Hiver
    4. FM Musc Ravageur
    5. Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman
    6. Tauer L’air du Desert Marocain
    7. TDC Jasmine de Nuit
    8. Hermessence Vetiver Tonka
    9. SL Un Bois Vanille
    10. L’Artisan Dzing!

  • Janet in California says:

    Harder than I thought to narrow it down!

    1. Chanel Bois des Iles
    2. Tauer Incense Rose
    3. Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    4. L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons
    5. Goutal Songes
    6. Lutens Un Bois Vanille
    7. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    8. Serge Lutens Tubéreuse Criminelle
    9. Guerlain – Spiriteuse Double Vanille
    10. Ormonde Jayne – Champaca
    11. Ormonde Jayne – Fragapani Absolute
    12. Bela Bellisima Perfect Night
    13. Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Tonka
    14. Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia
    15. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
    16. L’Artisan Tea for Two
    17. CB At the Beach 1966
    18. Frederic Malle Parfum de Therese
    19. Piguet Fracas
    20. Prada Infusion d’Iris
    21. Hors la monde Shiloh
    22. Carla Fracci
    23. Satellite Padparadscha
    24. Jo Malone Pomagranite Noir
    25. Divine Divine

  • Jam says:

    Thanks you for your poll, love sharing my list of perfumes that excite me.
    1 LV Yerbamate
    2 LV Dilmum
    3 Stephanie de St-Aignan Le Pot Aux Roses
    4 SdS-A L’Hiver Blanc
    5 SL Fumerie Turque
    6 SL Bois et Fruits
    7 Ginestet Sauvignonne
    8 Anné Pliska
    9 L’Artisan Dzongkha
    10 CdG Ouarzazate
    11 FM L’Eau d’Hiver
    12 FM Iris Poudre
    13 OJ woman
    14 OJ Orris Noir
    15 OJ Champaca
    16 Parfumerie Generale Jardin de Kerylos #16
    17 Heeley- Mint
    18 Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan
    19 SL Daim Blond
    20 Biehl Parfumkunstwerke mb02 (for a MB that’s discontinued)
    21 Montale Musk to Musk
    22 Chanel Bois des Iles
    23 Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    24 SdS-A Voleur de Ciels
    25 Demeter Beet Root

  • Catherine says:

    Thanks, Patty for doing this!

    Well, several names are going to appear more than once, and there’s nothing I can do to stop that. :d

    1. Ormonde Jayne Ta’if
    2. Ormonde Jayne Champaca
    3. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    4. Vero Profumo Onda
    5. Mona di Orio Nuit Noire
    6. Mona di Orio Carnation
    7. Mona di Orio Amyitis
    8. Serge Luten Tubereuse Criminelle
    9. Serge Luten A la Nuit
    10. Roja Dove Unspoken
    11. Guerlain Iris Ganache
    12. Guerlain Jicky
    13. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    14. Frederic Malle Parfum de Therese
    15. Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire
    16. L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
    17. L’Artisan La Chasse
    18. By Kilian Liasons Dangereuses
    19. Miller Harris L’air de Rien
    20. Aftelier Fig
    21. Aftelier Tango
    22. Hermes Vetiver Tonka
    23. Le Labo Tubereuse 40
    24. CBIHP Cradle of Light
    25. Dior Cologne Blanche (to me, it’s unisex)

  • sarahsoo says:

    Another newbie delurking! There are so many I haven’t smelled yet, but these are my favorites so far (somewhat in order).

    1. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    2. Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere
    3. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely
    4. FM En Passant
    5. FM Lipstick Rose
    6. L’Artisan Voleur de Roses
    7. Tauer Incense Rose
    8. Guerlain L’Heure Bleu
    9. Miller Harris Geranium Bourbon
    10. Bond No. 9 West Side
    11. Jean Patou Joy
    12. Washington Tremlett Black Tie
    13. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    14. L’Artisan Drole de Rose
    15. Bond No. 9 Chinatown

  • London says:

    Longtime reader de-lurking. Women’s (ie my) Top 25 (in order in case it matters):

    1. Guerlain – Vol de Nuit
    2. Acqua di Parma – Iris Nobile
    3. Hermes – Eau/Parfum des Merveilles (if they count as different, put me down for the Eau)
    4. Ellie D – Ellie
    5. Guerlain – Chamade
    6. Caron – Parfum Sacre
    7. Annick Goutal – Le Chevrefeuille
    8. Chanel – 31, Rue Cambon
    9. Le Labo – Rose 31
    10. Caron – Nuit de Noel
    11. Caron – Alpona
    12. Robert Piguet – Baghari
    13. Etat Libre d’Orange – Vraie Blonde
    14. Chanel – Bel Respiro
    15. Parfums MDCI – Promesse de l’Aube (FK1)
    16. Jean Desprez – Bal a Versailles
    17. Chanel – Cristalle EDT
    18. Guerlain – Metalys
    19. 10 Corso Como
    20. Miller Harris – Fleur du Matin
    21. Annick Goutal – Les Nuits d’Hadrien
    22. Hermes – Hiris
    23. Guerlain – Quand Vient l’Ete (If this is discontinued, I will substitute with La Myrrhe)
    24. Frederic Malle – Musc Ravageur
    25. Jean Patou – Joy

    Men’s Top 25 (this one is in no particular order)

    1. L’Artisan Parfumeur – Mechant Loup
    2. Acqua di Parma – Colonia
    3. Annick Goutal – L’Eau d’Hadrien
    4. Christian Lacroix – Tumulte Homme
    5. Creed – Royal English Leather
    6. Juozas Statkevicius
    7. Parfums de Nicolai – Maharadjah
    8. Heeley – Cardinal
    9. Tom Ford – Moss Breches
    10. Montale – Vetiver des Sables
    11. Parfumerie Generale – Querelle
    12. Amouage – Jubilation XXV
    13. Frederic Malle – Vetiver Extraordinaire
    14. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier – Iris Bleu Gris
    15. Serge Lutens – Rousse
    16. Hermes – Un Jardin en Mediterranee
    17. Le Labo – Vetiver 46
    18. Lorenzo Villoresi – Spezie
    19. CdG – Palisander
    20. CdG – Kyoto
    21. L’Artisan Parfumeur – Fou d’Absinthe
    22. Parfums de Nicolai – New York
    23. Caron – Pour un Homme
    24. Parfums M Micallef – Yellow Sea
    25. Guerlain – L’Instant pour Homme Extreme

  • Samantha L. says:

    Hi Patty & everyone..I’m usually a total lurker, I couldn’t resist the chance at a drawing or a chance to list 25 favorites though! I did this earlier and it didn’t seem to work, so I apologize if it posts twice.
    1.CB Black March
    2.CB Wild Hunt
    3.CB Burning Leaves
    4.Russian Caravan Tea
    5.Winter 1972 (CB does dirt so beautifully..I love that smell!)
    6.L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
    7.L’Artisan Tea For Two
    8.CDG Avignon
    9.CDG Zagorsk
    10.Serge Lutens Chergui (man, this Serge guy is so popular ; )
    11.Serge Lutens Daim Blond
    12.Nelly Rodi ScentFactory-Incense
    13.Ava Luxe Incense
    14. Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman
    15.DSH Halloween
    16.DSH Celestial Smoke
    17.DSH MInuit
    18.Bulgari Black
    19.Fracas (for whenI feel fancy!)
    20.Profumum Olibanum
    21.D.K Black Cashmere
    22.Etro Messe De Minuit
    23.Eau D’italie Sienne L’hiver
    24.Parfumerie Generale Haramens
    25.Demeter Thunderstorm


  • Sarah says:

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    3. Chanel No. 5
    4. Bvlgari Black
    5. Hermes Caleche
    6. Piguet’s Fracas
    7. Bvlgari Blv Notte pour Femme
    8. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (Yeah, I know, but it’s great for what it is)

    That’s all…sorry, still a newbie here…that’s all I’ve had a chance to sniff, but I can certainly see/smell why they’re masterpieces.

    • Debbie says:

      Great list! Just wait until next year, Sarah. You’ll probably have a hard time limiting it to 25!

  • Mariannetm says:

    I have a list too, in random order:

    1. Shiseido, Relaxing Fragrance
    2. Shiseido, Energizing Fragrance
    3. Issey Miyake, Le Feu d’Issey
    4. Rochas, Byzance
    5. Rochas, Fleur d’Eau
    6. Armani, Armani Femme
    7. Laura Biagiotti, Laura
    8. Estee Lauder, Pleasures
    9. Estee Lauder, White Linen
    10. Giorgio Beverly Hills, Ocean Dream
    11. Yves Saint Laurent, Opium
    12. Sonia Rykiel, Sonia (orange)
    13. Clinique, Simply
    14. Givenchy, Ysatis
    15. Hermes, Eau de Merveilles
    16. Hermes, Kelly Caleche
    17. Hermes, Caleche Eau Delicate
    18. Frederic Malle, En Passant
    19. Andy Tauer, L’air du desert marocain
    20. Andy Tauer, Incense Rose
    21. Montale, Powder Flowers
    22. Serge Lutens, Bois de Violette
    23. Chopard, Mirabai
    24. Prada, Infusion d’Iris
    25. Boucheron, Boucheron Femme

  • Cathleen says:

    Not grouped by preference.

    1. SL Iris Silver Mist
    2. SL Chergui
    3. SL Chene
    4. SL Fumerie Turque
    5. SL Daim Blond
    6. SL Un Lys
    7. SL A La Nuit
    8. Caron Nuit de Noel
    9. Mazzolari Patchouli
    10. Mazzolari Marina
    11. Mazzolari Musk
    12. Mazzolari Lei
    13. Mazzolari Alessandro
    14. Guerlain Shalimar
    15. Guerlain Mitsouko
    16. Bulgari Voile de Jasmin
    17. Creed Fleurisimo
    18. Tann Rokka Kisu
    19. Tauer Reverie au Jardin
    20. Private Reserve No. 5
    21. Private Reserve Semaramis
    22. Private Reserve Peluche
    23. Chanel Bois des Iles
    24. Chanel No. 19
    25. FM En Passant

  • OliviaB says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m new to the perfume blogging world, but have learned so much from you all already!
    Here’s my list –

    1. Cacharel Loulou (my favorite and signature scent)
    2. Chanel Allure
    3. Chanel Coco
    4. Parfums de Nicolei Sacrebleu
    5. Prescriptives Calyx
    6. Agent Provocateur
    7. Dior Hypnotic Poison
    8. Guerlain Apres l’ Ondee
    9. Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    10. Ormonde Jayne Frangipani Absolute
    11. TDC Jasmin de Nuit
    12. SL A La Nuit
    13. Tauer Le Meroc pour Elle
    14. SIP Lady Day
    15. Bulgari Blu Notte
    16. Guerlain Nahema
    17. Caron Narcisse Noir
    18. Bond No. 9 Chinatown
    19. Parfums DelRae Amourouse
    20. Frederic Malle Musc Ravegaur
    21. Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose
    22. Piguet Fracas
    23. Rochas Femme
    24. Coty Muguet des Bois
    25. Chanel Pour Monsieur (I prefer the Concentree)

    I would also have Dioressence and L’ Interdit, but the reformulations just don’t do it for me.

  • alba says:

    1. Chanel Cristalle
    2. Chanel Coromandel
    3. Lubin Idole
    4. Serge Lutens Daim Blond
    5. CdG Kyoto
    6. Piguet Bandit
    7. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    8. L’Artisan Tea for Two
    9. Guerlain Mitsouko
    10.Guerlain Eau de Shalimar
    11. FM L’ Eau d’Hiver
    12. FM Vetiver Extraordinaire
    13. Institut Tres Bien Tres Russe
    14. Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    15. Caron Violette Precieuse
    16. SMN Città di Kyoto
    17. PNicolaï Vanille Tonka
    18. PNicolaï Odalisque
    19. Hermessence Ambre Narguilé
    20. Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan
    21. TDC Bois d’Iris
    22. Dior Bois d’Argent
    23. Diptyque Philosykos
    24. L’ Artisan Timbuktu
    25. L’Artisan Patchouli Patch

  • cjj88 says:

    Good luck with the new project P:) Here’s my list and would love to be in the drawing..

    1. SL Fumerie Turque
    2. Putain des Palaces
    3. Chanel Bois des Iles
    4. Chanel Coromandel
    5. DK Cashmere Mist
    6. Ambra di Venezia
    7. Fifi Chachnil
    8. AL Shisha
    9. DSH Cimabue
    10. DSH Winter White
    11. Guerlain Bois d’Armenie
    12. Musc Samarkand
    13. Must de Cartier
    14. Penhaligon’s Artemisia
    15. Stephanie de Saint-Aigner Berberiades
    16. L’Artisan Jatamansi
    17. L’Artisan Jour de Fete
    18. LUSH Snowcake
    19. DK Wenge
    20. Solange Stoned
    21. Lostmarc’h Lann-Ael
    22. AL Angel Face
    23. AL Kama
    24. Le Labo Rose
    25. Chanel No 22

  • Robin says:

    Hey P, I did the first or second (can’t remember now) Top 25 on MUA — you’ve got your work cut out for you! Just wanted to say nice of you to pick up the ball, and good luck 🙂

  • Courtney Clayten says:

    1. Ambre Narguile
    2. Fifi Chachnil
    3. Chanel Coromandel
    4. Stella McCartney
    5. Costes
    6. L’Artisan Passage d’Enfer
    7. Eau de Zum Frankincense & Myrhh
    8. POTL Luctor et Emergo
    9. Ramon Molvizar Sol/Sun
    10. L’Artisan FdO
    11. Tumulte Pour Homme
    12. Stoned
    13. Guerlain Champs-Elysees
    14. 10CC
    15. SL Fumerie Turque
    16. DSH Minuet
    17. Boucheron Trouble
    18. L’Artisan White Aoud
    19. PdE Osmanthus
    20. Chanel No. 19
    21. Guerlain SDV
    22. Amouage Dia
    23. Hermes Un Jardin en Méditerranée
    24. YR Neonatura Cocoon
    25. NR Musc for Her

  • Disteza says:

    Here’s my asexual, non-ordered list:
    1. Guerlain Angelique Noire
    2. Guerlain Double Spiriteuse Vanille
    3. Serge Lutens 5:00 au Gingembre
    4. Serge Lutens La Myrrhe
    5. Serge Lutens Borneo 1834
    6. Serge Lutens Rose De Nuit
    7. Serge Lutens Bois et Musc
    8. Olivier Durbano Black Tourmaline
    9. Parfumerie Generale Un Crime Exotique
    10. Parfumerie Generale Louanges Profanes
    11. Parfumerie Generale Coze
    12. Miller Harris L’Air de Rien
    13. Mandy Aftelier Cepes and Tuberose
    14. Amouage Jubilation XXV
    15. Strange Invisble Perfumes Tosca
    16. Strange Invisble Perfumes Magazine Street
    17. Profumum Olibanum
    18. Profumum Ambra Aurea
    19. CB I Hate Perfume Cradle of Light
    20. Montale Wood & Spices
    21. Ormonde Jayne Champaca
    22. Hermès Ambre Narguilé
    23. Hermès Vetiver Tonka
    24. L’Artisan Dzing
    25. L’Artisan Tea for Two

  • Teri says:

    (takes a deep breath) Ok, here goes. From memory, off the cuff, no shoulda-coulda-wouldas. And bearing in mind that tomorrow’s list could be completely different. And in no particular order.

    1. Bois de Paradis – Parfums DelRae
    2. Amoureuse – Parfums DelRae
    3. Mure et Musc Extreme – L’Artisan
    4. Ume – Keiko Mecheri
    5. Jasmine – Keiko Mecheri
    6. Divine – Divine
    7. Botrytis – Ginestet
    8. Element of Surprise – Beth Terry
    9. Autumne – M. Micallef (this may be discontinued, not sure)
    10. Osmanthus Interdite – Parfum D’Empire
    11. Orient Extreme – Montale
    12. L’eau de Kasaneka – Menard
    13. Idole – Lubin
    14. Voleur de Roses – L’Artisan
    15. Gold – Donna Karan
    16. La Chasse Aux Papillons – L’Artisan
    17. Sauvignonne – Ginestet
    18. L’ame Soeur – Divine
    19. Anne Pliska
    20. Red – Giorgio
    21. Odalisque – Parfums de Nicolai
    22. Iris Taizo – Parfumerie Generale
    23. Chypre Fruite – Montale
    24. Velvet Flowers – Montale
    25. Cashmere for Women – Cristiano Fissore

    Many thanks to everyone for the lists. You’ve reminded me of many things I realy should try and many things I should retry as a more experienced parfumista.

  • Six' says:

    Wonderful, I’ll play!

    Usual caveat: no perticular order, mommy loves them all equally 😉

    01. Guerlain – L’Heure Bleue
    02. Caron – Farnesiana
    03. Guerlain – Mitsouko
    04. Guerlain – Sous le Vent
    05. Guerlain – Attrape-CÅ“ur
    06. Guerlain – Après l’Ondée
    07. Caron – Tabac Blond
    08. Caron – Bellodgia
    09. Caron – Nuit de Noël
    10. Chanel – Bois des ÃŽles
    11. Chanel – Coromandel
    12. Chanel – Cuir de Russie
    13. Jean Patou – Sublime
    14. J-L Scherrer – Nuits Indiennes
    15. Herm̬s РCal̬che
    16. Ormonde Jayne – Ormonde Woman
    17. Armani Privé – Bois d’Encens
    18. Christian Dior – Eau Noire
    19. Serge Lutens – Muscs Koublaï Khan
    20. Serge Lutens – Un Lys
    21. Serge Lutens – Chergui
    22. Serge Lutens – Miel de Bois (why, I am totally serious!)
    23. Christian Dior – Hypnotic Poison
    24. Jean Patou – Joy (extrait)
    25. Robert Piguet – Fracas

    Loved reading everybody’s lists!

  • Kathy says:

    In no particular order…

    1 Guerlain Attrape Coeur
    2 Guerlain Shalimar
    3 Chanel Coco
    4 Chanel Coromandel
    5 Bond No 9 West Side
    6 Bond No 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory
    7 Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    8 Frederic Malle Musk Ravageur
    9 Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille
    10 L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    11 L’Artisan Tea for Two
    12 Serge Lutens Fleurs de Citronnier
    13 Ava Luxe Gardenia Musk
    14 Ava Luxe Palisander
    15 Cartier Must de Cartier
    16 Chopard Casmir
    17 Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil
    18 Hermes Ambre Narguile
    19 Montale Sweet Oriental Dream
    20 Montale Crystal Flowers
    21 Stella McCartney Stella
    22 Olivier Durbano Amethyst
    23 Annick Goutal Petite Cherie
    24 Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur
    25 Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

  • MarkDavid says:

    1. Chanel Bois des Iles
    2. Chanel No. 19
    3. Chanel 28 La Pausa
    4. Caron Tubereuse
    5. Caron Pour un Homme
    6. Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    7. Guerlain Metalys
    8. Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman
    9. Amouage Dia
    10. Frederic Malle Iris Poudre
    11. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    12. Frederic Malle Une Rose
    13. The Different Co. Rose Poivree
    14. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    15. Serge Lutens Arabie (for my Louise)
    16. Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle
    17. Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    18. Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia
    19. L’Artisan Dzing!
    20. L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
    21. Caron Aimez Moi
    22. Annick Goutal Mandragore
    23. YSL Opium
    24. Neil Morris Gotham
    25. Jean Patou 1000

    In no particular order, of course.

  • Debbie says:

    Everyone’s posting like madwomen on MUA. I, er, kind of mentioned that you were doing it for us, the MUA community, since no one else was. I put it in capital letters that the lists have to be here too (or emailed to you, Patty) to be included…..I just hope everyone is getting the message!

    Ah geez, I hope it all works out.

  • Judith/lily says:

    Mr. Lily’s list (AKA, things he has liked well enough to steal from me):):

    Montale Cuir d’Arabie
    Le Labo Vetiver
    Ormande Jayne Man
    Frederic Malle French Lover
    Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire
    SMN Peau d’Espagne (he broke this one on the bathroom floor; our place smelled, um, leathery for days)

  • mercurygirl says:

    These aren’t strictly in order, but close enough …

    1. Chanel Cristalle
    2. Chanel No. 19
    3. Patou Câline
    4. Caron Farnesiana
    5. L’Artisan Bois Farine
    6. L’Artisan Mûre et Musc
    7. YSL Rive Gauche
    8. YSL Y
    9. Ava-Luxe Roses
    10. Ava-Luxe Loukhoum
    11. Ô de Lancôme
    12. Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis
    13. DSH Tubéreuse
    14. Thierry Mugler Cologne
    15. Dior Cologne Blanche
    16. Bond West Side
    17. Le Labo Iris
    18. Chanel No. 5
    19. Penhaligon’s Violetta
    20. Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Colonia
    21. Diptyque Tam Dao
    22. Annick Goutal Le Chèvrefeuille
    23. Ayala Moriel Ayalitta
    24. L’Artisan Safran Troublant
    25. Je Reviens

  • Suze says:

    This would be for the women’s list!

  • Suze says:

    1. Montale White Aoud
    2. SL Chergui
    3. Molinard Habanita
    4. Tabac Blond
    5. 31 Rue Cambon
    6. SL A La Nuit
    7. Montale Aoud Damascus
    8. Montale Aoud Blossom
    9. Bvlgari The Vert
    10. Chanel Allure
    11. TDC Sel de Vetiver
    12. L’A La Chasse Aux Papillons
    13. SL Cedre
    14. Vol de Nuit
    15. BPAL Whip
    16. Fracas
    17. BPAL de Sade
    18. TDC Feuilles de Tabac
    19. Guerlain Shalimar
    20. SL Un Bois Vanille
    21. Cuir Ottoman
    22. Nina (Nina Ricci)
    23. Bvlgari Black
    24. OJ Ta’if
    25. SL Fleurs de Citronnier

  • Billy D says:

    After about 10, the order doesn’t really matter, it’s all a big jumble!

    1. Iris Silver Mist
    2. Cuir Ottoman
    3. Bond No. 9 Silver Factory
    4. Bois d’Iris
    5. L’homme de coeur
    6. Avignon
    7. Terre d’Hermes
    8. Noir de Noir Tom Ford
    9. Sequoia
    10. Nuits de Noho
    11. Chene
    12. Fumerie Turque
    13. Cuir de Russie (Chanel)
    14. No. 2 Oiellet from Prada
    15. Ava Luxe Hong Kong Garden
    16. Tuscan Leather, Tom Ford
    17. Moss Breches, Tom Ford
    18. Red Aoud
    19. Tom of Finalnd, etat libre
    20. Le chevrefeuille, Annick Goutal
    21. L’eau d’Hadrian, Annick
    22. Le labo Iris
    23. Chanel Bel respiro
    24. Serge Lutens, Borneo
    25. Chanel Eau de cologne

  • Monica says:

    Faithful reader de-lurking here–it’s been fun to read everyone’s lists. Here’s mine:

    1. Chanel 19
    2. L’Artisan Passage d’Enfer
    3. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    4. Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    5. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Or des Indes
    6. Guerlain Jicky
    7. Dior Diorella
    8. Caron Tabac Blonde
    9. Caron Nuit de Noel
    10. Serge Lutens Bois de Violette
    11. Delrae Debut
    12. Shiseido Murasaki
    13. Guerlain Apres l’Ondee
    14. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    15. Creed Angelique Encens
    16. Montale Aoud Roses Petals
    17. Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    18. Donna Karan Black Cashmere
    19. Acqua di Parma Profumo
    20. The Different Company Bois d’Iris
    21.Parfumerie Generale Corps et Ames
    23. Commes de Garcons Kyoto
    24. Ava Luxe No. 23
    25. Neil Morris Midnight Tryst

  • marika34 says:

    My Top 25:

    1.Guerlain Plus Que Jamais
    2.Guerlain Attrape-Coeur
    3.Serge Lutens Bois de Violette
    4.Caron Farnesiana
    5.Caron Acaciosa
    6.Frederic Malle Iris Poudre
    7.Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir
    8.Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond
    9.Chanel Bois des Iles
    10.Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant
    11.Patou Sira des Indes
    12.Annick Goutal Neroli
    13.Annick Goutal Mandragore
    14.Guerlain Nahema
    15.Serge Lutens Five O’Clock Gingembre
    16.Diptyque Tam Dao
    17.Guerlain Quand Vient la Pluie
    18.Caron Bellodgia
    19.Ava Luxe Madame X
    20.Diptyque Eau Lente
    21.Carthusia Ligea la Sirena
    22.Serge Lutens Un Lys
    23.Versace Blonde
    24.Lancome Magie
    25.Lancome Cuir de Lancome

  • nubs says:

    Arpege -Lanvin
    Diorissimo -Dior
    Fleurs de Citronnier -Lutens
    A la Nuit -Lutens
    Un Lys -Lutens
    Chanel #19- Chanel
    Chanel #5 -Chanel
    Donna -Lorenzo Villoresi
    LHB -Guerlain
    Shalimar -Guerlain
    Jolie Madame-Balmain
    Paloma Picasso
    Opium -YSL
    Lolita Lempicka
    Youth Dew- Estee Lauder
    Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia -Estee Lauder
    Tabu -Dana
    Femme – rochas
    Caleche- Hermes

  • Amy says:

    My top 25:

    2. L’Heure Bleue
    3. DSH Ambre
    4. Kai
    5. L’Instant
    6. L’Aimant
    7. L’Interdit
    8. 31 Rue Cambon
    9. DSH Tamarind Paprika
    10. Eau Imperiale
    11. O de Lancome
    12. Sikkim
    13. Bois de Violette
    14. Cristalle
    15. Diorella
    16. Diorissimo
    17. Institut Tres Bien Cologne a la Francaise
    18 Jolie Madame
    19 Chant d’Aromes
    20 Plus Que Jamais
    21. Temps de une Fete
    22. Fracas
    23. Azuree
    24. EL Tuberose Gardenia
    25. Aromatics Elixir

    Since I had to stick with scents in production, I had to take out the JM Fleurs de la Foret and Guerlain Winter Delice that I had on my MUA list. And then there are Chypre and my other discont. beauties….


  • Devon says:

    (no order)
    1. CB Black March
    2. Guerlain Djedi
    3. Guerlain Vetiver
    4. Lostmarc’h Lann-Ael
    5. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille
    6. L’Artisan Dzing
    7. Memoire Liquide Cafe Royal
    8. Creed Virgin Island Water
    9. Bourbon French Huiles 85
    10.Bourbon French Vetiver
    11.Annick Goutal L’Eau de Hadrian
    12.Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche
    13.Dana Canoe
    14.Jalaine Patchouli
    15.Comme des Garcins Avignon
    16.Chanel Coromondel
    17.Caswell Massey Musk Oil
    18.Memoire Liquide Gateaux
    19.Miller Harris L’Air de Rien
    20.Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    21.CB Burning Leaves
    22.Belle Bellisima Perfect Night
    23.Roger Gallet Extra Veille
    24.Jean Despre Bal a Versailles

    It’s fun seeing other’s lists to help me recall fave scents I haven’t smelled for ages e.g. Fracas and Diorella.

    • Devon says:

      Woops *-:). Djedi is discontinued so please “replace” with Must de Cartier. Thx.

  • juliaforsberg says:

    1 Serge Lutens Tuberose Criminelle
    2 Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Kahn
    3 Montale Highness Rose (extrait)
    4 Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare
    5 Creed Virgin Island Water
    6 Bond no 9 Silver Factory
    7 Bond no 9 Chinatown
    8 Guerlain Shalimar (extrait)
    9 Chanel No 5 (elixir sensuel)
    10 Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance
    11 L’Artisan Premier Figuer Extreme
    12 Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman
    13 Tom Ford Moss Breches
    14 Serge Lutens Chergui
    15 Guerlain Rose Ikabena
    16 Frederic Malle Iris Poudre
    17 Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver
    18 Ava Luxe No 23
    19 Satellite a la Figue!
    20 Caron En Avion
    21 Estee Lauder Private Collcetion
    22 Worth Courtesan
    23 L’Artisan Iris Pallida
    24 Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    25 Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie EDT

  • Francesca says:

    1. MDCI Promesse de l’Aube
    2. Goutal Eau du Sud
    3. Guerlain Jicky
    4. Guerlain Sous le Vent
    5. Guerlain Après l’Ondee
    6. Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    7. Tauer l’Air du Désert Marocain
    8. Hermès Ambre Narguilé
    9. CdG Hinoki
    10. CdG Avignon
    11. CdG Kyoto
    12. EFM En Passant
    13. EFM Angéliques sous la Pluie
    14. EFM Carnal Flower
    15. By Kilian Beyond Love
    16. By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses
    17. Caron Tabac Blond
    18. Diptyque Eau des Hesperides
    19. SL Un Bois Vanille
    20. SL Bois de Violettes
    21.10 Corso Como
    22. Montale Black Oud
    23. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    24. Chanel Coromandel
    25. Sisley Eau de Campagne

    That was fun, and so interesting to read everyone else’s list, too. I’d have Annayake Miyako there, except I think it’s been discontinued. Although my list is mostly in no particular order, I must admit Promesse de l’Aube is my current favorite.

  • Debbie says:

    1. Balmain Jolie Madame
    2. SL Chergui
    3. SL Fumerie Turque
    4. SL Miel de Bois
    5. SL MKK
    6. NM Dark Season
    7. NM Midnight Tryst
    8. NM Midnight Sea
    9. NM Izmir
    10.Montale Sweet Oriental Dream
    11.Montale Red Aoud
    12.Montale White Aoud
    13.Ginestet Botrytis
    14.DSH Mahjoun
    15.DSH Oeillets Rouges
    16.Parfums DelRae Amoureuse
    17.Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    18.Guerlain Iris Ganache
    19.Parfums DelRae Eau Illuminee
    20.Lostmarc’h Ael-Mat
    21.FM L’Eau d’Hiver
    22.Etro Messe de Minuit
    23.Lorenzo Villoresi Incensi
    24.Lorenzo Villoresi Spezi
    25.PG Aomassi

    For men:
    LV Incensi
    LV Spezi
    Histoires de Parfum 1969
    Creative Universe Mare
    NM Midnight Sea
    NM Dark Season

    Mine are not in order. However, without weighting by order, I think you might run into a real problem. For example, you may not even have 25 that have two votes. Which of the one-voters do you pick? However, with weights, if someone said X was a #1 for them, then that would have more weight than someone who said X was a #24 for them. Heaven knows–if they were ordered, the Guerlains and the Parfums Delrae would be much closer to the top….if not right at it.

    • Debbie says:

      AAACK! Please remove one of the LV’s (don’t care which one) and put in Mitsuoko! What an egregious oversight!

      • Debbie says:

        For cryin’ out loud. I forgot about Etat Libre.

        Please take out the other LV and the Lostmarc’h and add:

        Etat Libre Putain
        Etat Libre Vraie Blonde

        How frustrating. I thought my notepad had all my bottles on it, but obviously NOT.

    • Louise says:

      Debbie-thanks for covering two of my other favs-NM Dark Season and NM Midnight Tryst-can we count these twice;) ???

      • Debbie says:

        You’re welcome! I had no idea it would be hard to limit it to 25. When I first started this, I would have thought more than 10 would be unlikely. Oh to be so naive again–not really. :d Although my budget would be better for it, my life would be poorer.

  • Musette says:

    I’m going to be late for my meeting, fooling around with you people but….what the heck! I do love the Posse so! Here’s my Very Rushed List, in no particular order:

    1. Joy
    2. Diorissimo
    3. Guerlain Attrape-Coeur
    4. Ava Luxe Film Noir
    5. Hermessence O. Yunnan
    6. Guerlain Mitsouko
    7. Desprez Bal a Versaille
    8. Calyx
    9. H. Jardin Sur le Nil
    10. PdE Cuir Ottoman
    11. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    12. Fracas
    13 Schiaparelli Shocking
    14 Guerlain Mitsouko
    15 Chanel No 19
    16 Coty Muguet des Bois
    17 Guerlain L’Heure Bleu
    18 L’Artisan Dzohnghka
    19 L’Artisan Passage D’Enfer
    20 Annick Goutal Mandragore
    21 Frederic Malle Angelique Sous la Pluie
    22 Caron Montaigne
    23 Dior Miss Dior
    24 Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver
    25 Chanel Bois des Iles

    you know this list could go on:-?

  • Maura says:

    Patty…you ~RoCk~ for doing this 😡

    Here are mine not ranked…can’t do that!

    1. SL Chergui
    2. SL Fumerie Turque
    3. Fifi Chachnil
    4. Guerlain Bois d’Armenie
    5. Guerlain Cuir Beluga
    6. Guerlain Spirituese Double Vanille
    7. Tauer L’Air Du Dersert Morocain
    8. L’Artisn Fleur d’Oranger
    9. Beihl eo03
    10 Nasomatto Narcotic Venus
    11. Le Labo Jasmine 17
    12. Le Labo Vanille 44
    13. Le Labo Rose 31
    14. Montale White Aoud
    15. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    16. Gianni Champaga Vente Canale
    17. Guerlain Cruel Gardenia
    18. Mazzolari Musk
    19. Chanel Coromandel
    20. Profumum Confetto
    21. Profumum Alba
    22. Profumum Fiore d’Ambra
    23. Micallef Note Vanille
    24. Guerlain Plus Que Jamais
    25. Shiloh

  • 2scents says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever done this…

    1. 10 Corso Como
    2. Bois D’Encens Armani/Prive
    3. Black Bulgari
    4. Coromandel Chanel
    5. Cuir de Russie Chanel
    6. 28 La Pausa Chanel
    7. No. 19 Chanel
    8. Kyoto Comme des Garcons
    9. L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Diptyque
    10. Tam Dao Diptyque
    11. L’Homme de Coeur Divine
    12. Bois d’Iris The Different Company
    13. Sel de Vetiver The Differnt Company
    14. Iris Poudre Frederic Malle
    15. Une Rose Frederic Malle
    16. Mitsouko Guerlain
    17. Osmanthe Yunnan Hermes
    18. Dzonghka L’Artisan
    19. Passage D’Enfer L’Artisan
    20. Black Aoud Montale
    21. Bois de Violette Serge Lutens
    22. Chergui Serge Lutens
    23. Fumerie Turque Serge Lutens
    24. Feminite du Bois Shisheido
    25. L’Air du Desert Marocain Tauer

    Oh, that’s hard to do. I feel sad now.

  • Masha says:

    In no order:
    1. Guerlain: Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain: L’Heure Bleue
    3. Serge Lutens: Chergui
    4. TM: Angel
    5. CdG: Avignon
    6. CdG: Zagorsk
    7. Hermes: Terre d’Hermes
    8. Lalique: Flora Bella (hey, it’s a Duchaufour!)
    9. Kenzo: Jungle L’Elephant
    10. Flower by Kenzo
    11. Gucci Pour Homme I
    12. Serge Lutens: Encens et Lavande
    13. Niki de Saint Phalle
    14. Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    15. Shiseido Basala/Basara
    16. L’Artisan Dzongkha
    17. L’Artisan Timbuktu
    18. Hermes Jardin Sur le Nil
    19. Roja Dove Unspoken
    20. PG Cadjmere
    21. Barbara Bui
    22. Hanae Mori Magical Moon
    23. Lolita Lempicka
    24. YSL Nu
    25. Guerlain Shalimar

  • Elle says:

    OK, deep breath…no order:
    1) Amouage Jubilation 25
    2) Caron Tabac Blond extrait
    3) Caron Alpona extrait
    4) Caron En Avion extrait
    5) Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque
    6) Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan
    7) Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    8) Chanel Cuir de Russie
    9) Chanel 31 rue Cambon
    10) Serge Lutens Chergui
    11) Dior Diorling
    12) Dior Miss Dior parfum
    13) Ormonde Jayne Champaca
    14) Ormonde Jayne Woman
    15) Ormonde Jayne Orris
    16) Mona di Orio Nuit Noire
    17) Strange Invisible Perfume L’Invisible
    18) Norma Kamali Incense
    19) Miller Harris Vetiver Bourbon
    20) Parfums Del Rae Amoureuse
    21) Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba
    22) Parfums M. Micallef Automne
    23) Hermes Poivre Samarcande
    24) Regence Kolnisch Juchten
    25) Dorissima Goldmund
    Wait…need to add Montale ouds!!! CB Musk Reinvention! AAARGH!!!! OK…must press “Save” now or I’ll be here agonizing forever and trying to figure out creative ways to make 25 actually be 50.

  • Dane says:

    I love a good list…

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. S-Perfume S-ex
    3. Guerlain Derby
    4. Dior Eau Sauvage
    5. Dior Diorella
    6. Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    7. Serge Lutens Sarrasins
    8. L’Artisan Mure et Musc
    9. Thierry Mugler Cologne
    10. Comme des Garcons Sequoia
    11. Chanel No. 5
    12. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert
    13. Guerlain Jicky
    14. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    15. Chanel No. 19
    16. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    17. Chanel Pour Monsieur
    18. Dior Dior Homme
    19. Issey Miyake Le Feu d’Issey
    20. Parfums MDCI Enlevement au Serail FK03
    21. Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle
    22. Different Company Rose Poivree
    23. Deprez Bal a Versailles
    24. Gres Cabochard (prior to being ruined)
    25. Jean Patou Joy

  • Farah says:

    Hello, I’m always reading this blog, so I thought I’d give you my rushed list…
    1. L’Artisan Ete en Douce
    2. L’Artisan Fleur d’Oranger
    3. Hermes Hiris
    4. L’Artisan Drole de Rose
    5. Frederic Malle En Passant
    6. FM L’Eau D’Hiver
    7. FM Angeliques Sous La Pluie (is this unisex?)
    8. Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare
    9. Creed Original Vetiver
    10. Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond
    11. Nina Ricci Love in Paris
    12. Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile
    13. TDC [Divine] Bergamote
    14. Philosophy Amazing Grace
    15. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    16. Guerlain Mitsouko
    17. Dior Tendre Poison
    18. Parfums de Nicolai Petit Ange
    19. Clinique Happy
    20. Ormonde Jayne Seraphim
    21. Ormonde Jayne Frangipani
    22. PdN Mimosaique
    23. Paul Smith Story (lots of girls wear this right?)
    24. Chanel No. 19
    25. Serge Lutens 5’O Clock Au Gingembre

    I’m not sure if Tendre Poison has been discontinued, if so, I’ll substitute SL Sa Majeste La Rose.


  • Theresa says:

    Shorter list. And definitely influenced by the weather.

    1. Un Jardin sur le Nil
    2. Guerlain Angelique Noire
    3. FM Une Rose
    4. FM Musc Ravageur
    5. FM Parfum de Therese
    6. CdG Kyoto
    7. Yves Rocher Pur Desir de Gardenia
    8. EL Bronze Goddess
    9. Kai
    10. Chanel No. 22
    11. L’artisan The Pour un Ete
    12. Diptique Philosykos
    13. Prada Infusion d’Iris
    14. Chinatown
    15. Guerlain Cuir Beluga

  • sara says:

    Here are my favorites:

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain Shalimar
    3. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    4. Chanel Coco
    5. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    6. Serge Lutens Chergui
    7. Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit
    8. Balenciaga Rumba
    9. Tom Ford Moss Breches
    10. Tom Ford Japan Noir
    11. Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique
    12. Caron Tabac Blond
    13. Caron Narcisse Noir
    14. Montgomery Taylor Ambra di Venezia
    15. Comme des Garcons Zagorsk
    16. YSL Opium
    17. L’Artisan La Haie Fleurie de Hameau
    18. Etat Libre d’Orange Putain des Palaces
    19. Andy Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain
    20. Vivienne Westwood Boudoir
    21. Dior Addict
    22. Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles
    23. Bond #9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory
    24. Parfums del Rae Amoureuse
    25. Paco Rabanne La Nuit

    My favorite men’s scents are:

    1. Versace The Dreamer
    2. Caron Troisieme Homme
    3. Dior Dior Homme
    4. Crown Eau de Quinine
    5. MPG Eau pour un Jeune Homme
    6. Divine L’Homme Sage

  • Elizabeth says:

    My not-so-balanced list 🙂

    1. Caron N’Aimez Que Moi
    2. Caron Tabac Blond
    3. Caron Narcisse Noir
    4. Caron Bellodgia
    5. Caron Farnesiana
    6. Dior Diorissimo
    7. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    8. Caron Parfum Sacre
    9. Caron Or et Noir
    10. Caron Alpona
    11. Caron En Avion
    12. Jean Patou Joy
    13. Chanel No. 5
    14. L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons
    15. Dior Miss Dior
    16. Chanel Bois des Iles
    17. Chanel No. 22
    18. Caron Muguet du Bonheur
    19. Yves Saint Laurent Opium
    20. Yves Saint Laurent Paris
    21. Estee Lauder Youth Dew
    22. Estee Lauder Beautiful
    23. Caron Pour un Homme
    24. No. 4711 Cologne
    25. Serge Lutens A La Nuit

    • Elizabeth says:

      Whoops…one of mine is a nominal men’s fragrance. In that case, #23 is really Serge Lutens Fleur de Citronnier

  • moon_grrl says:

    Not in order . . . let’s hope I don’t forget any *g*

    1. Carven Ma Griffe
    2. Christian Dior Diorella
    3. Piguet Fracas
    4. Guerlain Chant d’Aromes
    5. Yves Saint Laurent Y
    6. Guerlain Mitsouko
    7. Estee Lauder Azuree (original)
    8. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    9. Balmain Jolie Madame
    10. Piguet Bandit
    11. Guerlain Shalimar (EDT)
    12. Mugler Angel
    13. Gucci Rush
    14. Estee Lauder Youth Dew (bath oil)
    15. Monyette Paris
    16. J. Lo. Glow
    17. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely
    18. Narciso Rodriguez EDT
    19. Sarah Jessica Parker Covet
    20. Bulgari Black
    21. Body Time Egyptian Musk oil
    22. Balmain Miss Balmain
    23. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl
    24. 4711
    25. Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert

    My favorite men’s scents are:

    1. Comme des Garcons 2MAN
    2. Gendarme Gendarme
    3. Bulgari pour Homme
    4. Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    5. Cool Water
    6. Christian Lacroix Tumulte pour Homme

  • Divalano says:

    Wheee!! Thanks for the poll … mine, in no particular order:

    For Women:
    1. Guerlain: Cuir Beluga
    2. Parfume D’Empire: Cuir Ottoman
    3. Serge Lutens: Cuir Mauresque
    4. Serge Lutens: Datura Noir
    5. Serge Lutens: Un Bois Vanille
    6. Guerlain: Spirituese Double Vanilla
    7. Annick Goutal: Ambre Fetiche
    8. Caron: Tabac Blonde
    9. CB I Hate Perfume: Burning Leaves
    10. Diptyque: Tam Dao
    11. L’Artisan: Tea For Two
    12. Givenchy: Organza Indecence
    13. L’Artisan: Dzing!
    14. L’Artisan: Premier Figuier Extreme
    15. M. Micallef: Note Vanillee
    16. Memoire Liquide: Souk Nocturne
    17. Serge Lutens: Bois et Musc
    18. Annick Goutal: Le Jasmine
    19. Hermes Hermessences: Ambre Narguile
    20. Guerlain: Bois d’Armenie
    21. Nelly Rodi: Bois
    22. Serge Lutens: Cedre
    23. Serge Lutens: Fumerie Turque
    24. L’Artisan: Poivre Piquant
    25: Chanel Exclusif: No 18

    For men there are only 3 I like:
    Christian Dior: Bois D’Argent
    Comme des Garcons: 2 Man
    Gucci: Gucci Pour Homme

  • Xnyorkr says:

    In no order except the first 3

    1. Paloma Picasso (vintage)
    2. Gucci No. 3
    3. Diorling
    4. Jolie Madame
    5. Chanel #22
    6. Windsong
    7. Arpege
    8. Dioressence
    9. Miss Dior
    10. Franch Can Can
    11. Nuit de Noel
    12. 31 Rue Cambon
    13. Narcisse Noir
    14. Bourbon French Forever New Orleans
    15. Patou 1000
    16. Patou Joy
    17. Miss Balmain
    18. Liu
    19. Vol de Nuit Evasion
    20. Vega
    21. Patou For Ever
    22. YSL Y
    23. Montaigne
    24. Kai
    25. Michael Kors

  • jtc says:

    Here’s my list. I’m relatively new to this, so there are a lot of things I have not yet sniffed. For example, I have not yet sniffed Guerlain Après L’Ondée, but I suspect it would be right at the top of the list. Ok, in no particular order:

    1. Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan
    2. L’Artisan Dzing!
    3. L’Artisan Timbuktu
    4. L’Artisan Iris Pallida
    5. Hermès Osmanthe Yunnan
    6. Hermès Vetiver Tonka
    7. Fréderic Malle Une Fleur de Cassie
    8. Fréderic Malle Eau D’Hiver
    9. Fréderic Malle Bigarade Concentrée
    10. Fréderic Malle Carnal Flower
    11. The Different Company Sel de Vetiver
    12. The Different Company Osmanthus
    13. Chanel Cuir de Russie (parfum)
    14. Chanel 28 La Pausa
    15. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    16. Chanel No. 18
    17. Chanel Egoiste
    18. Jean Patou Joy
    19. CdG Zagorsk
    20. CdG Kyoto
    21. Guerlain Mitsouko
    22. Guerlain Derby
    23. Dior Eau Sauvage
    24. Amouage Jubilation XXV
    25. Costes EdT

  • jJustineJones says:

    In no particular order:

    4.FM Carnal Flower
    5.FM Une Rose
    6.FM Parfum de Therese
    7.SL Sa Majestie La Rose
    8.SL Sarassins
    9.Guelain Naheme
    10.Guerlain L’Heure Bleu
    11.Paco Raban Calandre
    12.YSL Rive Gauche
    13.FM En Passant
    14.Hermes Un Jardin de Nil
    15.SL Rose de Nuit
    16.Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan
    17.Chanel No 19
    18.Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
    19.Dior Cristalle
    20.Caron Violette Preciouse

  • Erin T says:

    Oh, cool, thanks! See, unlike the others, I appreciate the ordering, but I asked my husband for the equation and it’s kind of a pain in the arse – plus you get all those ties. Hmmm, gotta think. I’ll be back b-)

    • Debbie says:

      Oooh, what’s the equation? I am a math/stats nut. :d

      • Erin T says:

        Debbie, you and my hub would get along – he’s a math wonk, too. I’m a literature nerd and forget the equation. :d

        Hmm, hard to keep the men’s fragrances and original versions out. Trying to stress what I really wear:
        1. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee
        2. Caron Third Man (surely it counts as unisex!)
        3. Gucci Rush
        4. Parfums de Nicolai Odalisque
        5. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
        6. Tauer Perfumes L’Air du desert marocain
        7. L’Artisan Timbuktu
        8. Bond No. 9 Chinatown
        9. Guerlain Jicky
        10. Estee Lauder Azuree
        11. Serge Lutens MKK
        12. Rochas Tocade
        13. Chanel Bois des Iles
        14. MDCI Enlevement au Serail
        15. Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan
        16. Frederic Malle Une Rose
        17. OJ Frangipani Absolute (or Champaca or Woman – help!)
        18. Chanel No. 5
        19. Armani Prive Bois D’Encens
        20. Comme des Garcons 2 (women’s)
        21. L’Artisan Dzing!
        22. Etro Anice (unisex? right?)
        23. Serge Lutens Chene
        24. Kenzo Ca Sent Beau (a surprise – smelling better each try)
        25. Bvlgari Black

        • Debbie says:

          Great list! I particularly love Apres L’Ondee at #1.

          *Please* get the equation to me. I’ve been googling and can’t find it. How can I not find that? I must not know the right words or there are too many things being pulled up. If not here, you guys could moo me on mua at debrsl. I would be so grateful.

          Literature, huh? I love that too. I practically did a Womens Studies major–the classes had us read really interesting things. And I’m always looking at lists of what I should read. I don’t read enough, sniffle.

  • sariah says:

    Shorter List #2 – faves for men (some unisex, but leaning towards masculine for me):

    1 Guerlain Vetiver
    2 CdG Zagorsk
    3 Amouage Jubilation
    4 Chanel Anteaus
    5 Dior Eau Sauvage
    6 Dior Eau Noir
    7 Le Labo Vetiver
    8 Cartier Declaration
    9 Angle Men
    10 SL Borneo

  • MattS says:

    Okay. This is hard, especially first thing in the morning, with only one cup of coffee. Plus I’ve tried to keep my list all masculines/unisex, so you’re gonna see some glaring omissions. Here goes, but I’ll probably update it within an hour. No certain order at all here:

    1. SL Muscs Koublai Khan
    2. Eau d’Hermes
    3. Jubilation XXV
    4. Kouros
    5. Lonestar Memories
    6. L’Air de Desert Marocain
    7. Incense Rose/Incense Extreme (can I do that?)
    8. Arabian Oud Black Musk
    9. Messe de Minuit
    10. Avignon
    11. Yatagan
    12. Habit Rouge
    13. Dior Homme
    14. Jicky (I can include that as unisex, right?)
    15. SL Chergui
    16. Bond #9 Silver Factory
    17. Grey Flannel
    18. PdN New York
    19. Cartier Declaration
    20. Chanel Egoiste
    21. SL Iris Silver Mist
    22. Montale Black Aoud
    23. CB Musk Reinvention
    24. Bvlgari Black
    25. Muscs Ravageur/Fahrenheit/Halston Z14

    I cheated a little. But I didn’t even mention Mitsouko, Vol de Nuit, Bandit, Black Orchid, Parfum Sacre, and nobody’s mentioned Fracas yet.

    • MattS says:

      Hooray! While I was working on my list, Sariah included Fracas!!

      • Musette says:

        Of course she did! I did too! Everbody should include Fracas, whether they wear it or not!^:)^ It’s such a…..BOMB!

        I love the House of Piguet.^:)^ I didn’t include Bandit only because I ran out of numbers, dangit!

  • Sariah says:

    Hey Patti, so glad you’re doing this! In not particular order:

    1 SL Cherguie
    2 SL Douce Amere
    3 SL Iris Silver Mist
    4 Hermes Ambre Narguile
    5 Dior Dune
    6 Guerlain Jicky
    7 Guerlain Shalimar
    8 Guerlain Shalimar Light
    9 Guerlain Attrape Coeur
    10 Santa Maria Novella Muschio
    11 Bond No 9 West Side
    12 Bond No 9 New Haarlem
    13 Caron Parfum Sacre
    14 Fracas
    15 Malle Une Fleur de Cassie
    16 Malle Carnal Flower
    17 L’Artisan Tea for Two
    18 Etat Libre Encens et Bubblegum
    19 Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    20 POTL Amaze
    21 Nicolai Vanilla Tonka
    22 Diptyque Eau d’Elide
    23 Tommy Girl
    24 Ormonde Jayne Woman
    25 Calvin Klein Obsession

  • Gail S says:

    I’ll add my voice to those thanking you for not insisting that the list be in order of most favorite. Please keep in mind that this list would be completely different in the winter. It’s flippin’ HOT here!!!

    1. Vero Profumo Onda
    2. Parfum d’Empire Osmanthus Interdite
    3. Stephanie de St. Aignan Un The au Sahara
    4. L’Occitane Green Tea with Mint
    5. Guerlain Jicky
    6. Eau d’Italie Sienne l’Hiver
    7. Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver
    8. Liz Zorn Writing Lyrical Poetry
    9. Liz Zorn Solstice
    10. Guerlain Shalimar (parfum)
    11. Annick Goutal Neroli
    12. Caron Coup de Fouet
    13. Penhaligon’s Lily & Spice
    14. Carthusia IO di Capri
    15. Carthusia Mediterraneo
    16. Origins Shedonism
    17. YSL In Love Again
    18. Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois
    19. i Profumi di Firenze Limon di Sicilia
    20. Hermes Ambre Narguile
    21. Nicolai Eau d’Ete
    22. Divine L’ame Soeur
    23. Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande
    24. Montale Embruns d’Essaouira (sp?)
    25. Potter & Moore Orange Flower & Amber

    Whew! That was hard! I tend to get in a rut and wear the same things over and over for several weeks and forget about the other goodies. :d

  • Judith says:

    OKey-dokey! 🙂 I love these lists–particularly when I don’t need to order them (the numbers are simply to help me count). Of course, if I remade this, it would come out different–not completely, but definitely somewhat!

    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Caron Poivre
    3. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    4. Caron Tabac Blond
    5. The Different Company Rose Poivree
    6. Molinard Habanita
    7. Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque
    8. Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit
    9 Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    10. SL Chergui
    11 Andy Tauer L’Air du Desert Moracain
    13 L’Artisan Fleur d’Oranger
    14. L’A Fleur de Narcisse
    12. Regence Kolnisch Juchten
    15. Etro Messe de Minuit
    16. Dior Diorling (OK, the vintage is much better, but even the reissue makes it for me).
    17. Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande
    18. Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Tonka
    19. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    19. Miller et Bertaux # 3, Green, Green, Green, and Green
    20. The Different Company Sel de Vetiver
    21. Le Labo Patchouli
    22. SL Muscs Koublai Khan
    23. SL Bois de Violette
    24. Le Labo Rose
    25. Montale Aoud Rose Petals

  • Louise says:

    Wot fun! But wait…no d/c’s?…can I just sneak (vintage) in like this :)? No? OK, then-

    1) Guerlain Mitsouko
    2) Karan Black Cashmere
    3) Chanel Bois de Iles
    4) Chanel Rue Cambon
    5) Caron Tabac Blond extrait
    6) Caron En Avion extrait
    7) Caron Bellogia extrait
    8) SL Datura Noir
    9) SL Arabie
    10)SL Ambre Sultan
    11)Bela Bellisima Perfect Night
    12)Norma Kamali Incense
    13)Norma Kamali Ceremony
    14)Etro Messe de Minuit
    15)Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    16)Divine L’Inspiratrice
    17)Rosine Rose Kashmirie
    18)Montale Patchouli Leaves
    19)Montale White Aoud
    20)Estee Lauder Cinnabar extrait
    21)Arabian Oud Prestige
    22)Balmain Ivoire
    23)Desprez Bal a Versailles
    24)Bruno Acampora Sballo
    25)De Nicolai Vie de Chateau

    Ouch:(( that was hard! And now I am going to spritz and dab vintage Dioressence, Quadrille, Chaos, various old Patous, Coty Chypre, vintage Shalimar, Rykiel Septieme Sens, Suis le Buis and all their sisters all over me…:d

  • Silvia says:

    What a great idea ! Here we go:

    1. Bulgari – Black
    2. Caron – Parfum Sacre
    3. Chanel – Bois des Iles
    4. Chanel – 31 Rue Cambon
    5. Dior – Diorama
    6. Donna Karan – Black Cashmire
    7. EdP Frederic Malle – Une Rose
    8. Edp Frederic Malle – Eau d’Hiver
    9. Guerlain – Bois d’Armenie
    10. Guerlain – Spiriteuse Double Vanille
    11. Guerlain – Mitsouko (parfum)
    12. Guerlain – Apres l’Ondee
    13. Jean Patou – Joy (parfum)
    14. Le Labo – Patch 24
    15. Le Labo – Rose 31
    16. Miller Harris – Fleur de Sel
    17. Mona di Orio – Carnation
    18. Montale – Aoud Queen Rose
    19. Ormonde Jayne – Ormonde Woman
    20. Ormonde Jayne – Champaca
    21. Ormonde Jayne – Orris Noir
    22. Parfums MDCI – Rose de Siwa (FK2)
    23. Parfums MDCI – Enlevement au Serail (FK3)
    24. Patricia de Nicolai – Le Temps d’une Fete
    25. Serge Lutens – Daim Blond

    I’d love to be entered in the draw, many thanks !

  • carmencanada says:

    This is my current top 25, NOT the 25 I consider the most important in history… Hence glaring omission of some classics.
    In no particular order, then:
    1. Guerlain Mitsouko
    2. Guerlain Jicky
    3. Guerlain Sous le Vent
    4. Guerlain Attrape-Coeur
    5. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    6. Chanel Bois des Iles
    7. Chanel 31 rue Cambon
    8. Chanel N°18
    9. Robert Piguet Bandit
    10. Serge Lutens Tubéreuse Criminelle
    11. Serge Lutens La Myrrhe
    12. Serge Lutens Muscs Koublaï Khan
    13. Frédéric Malle Une Fleur de Cassie
    14. Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower
    15. Bulgari Black
    16. Ormonde Jayne Woman
    17. Miller Harris L’Air de rien
    18. Christian Dior Diorling (cheating, it’s the vintage I love)
    19. Hermès Eau d’Hermès
    20. Divine L’Ame Soeur
    21. MDCI L’enlèvement au sérail (FK3)
    22. Estée Lauder Private Collection
    23. Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia
    24. Vero Kern Onda
    25. Vero Kern Kiki

    Several of my Chanels are now sulking now (22 and Sycomore especially), most of my Lutens aren’t talking to me (Fleurs d’Oranger, Un Lys), Fracas is threatening to hurl itself at the cat… Nahéma is feeling quite indignant and plotting a coup with Derby. Femme is staying out of it: she knows I only love her in the vintage. But I suspect that ALL my vintages are planning to turn on me now…

  • Alica says:

    1. Alfred Sung Shi
    2. Serge Lutens Myrrhe
    3. Serge Lutens Bois d’Encense
    4. Serge Lutens Un Bois Sepia
    5. Aramis New West for Her
    6. Armani Privee Amber
    7. Amouage Reflections
    8. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    9. Montale Black Oud
    10. Montale Red Oud
    11. Montale Golden Oud
    12. Chanel Sycomore
    13. Chanel Allure Sensuelle
    14. Sonia Rykiel – Sonia Rykiel (orange)
    15. Chanel Rue Cambon
    16. Clive Christian No. 1
    17. Caron Tabac Blond
    18. Caron Poivree
    19. Child perfume
    20. Kiehl’s Musk
    21. Delrea Roth Bois de Paradise
    22. Ellie D – Ellie
    23. Lorenzo Villoresi Musk
    24. M. Micaleff – Gaiac
    25. M. Micaleff – Note Vanilee

    Thanks for entering me in the drawing 🙂

  • Kim says:

    Yah, I know I have a bias but here goes…

    1. Chanel No 5
    2. Chanel Bois des Iles
    3. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    4. Chanel No 22
    5. Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    6. Chanel 28 La Pausa
    7. Chanel Coromandel
    8. Guerlain Mitsouko
    9. Guerlain Shalimar
    10. Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    11. Guerlain Chamade
    12. Guerlain L’Instant
    13. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    14. Guerlain Nahema
    15. Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    16. Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    17. YSL Opium
    18. Lutens Un Lys
    19. L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons
    20. Goutal Songes
    21. Paloma Picasso
    22. Lutens Douce Amere
    23. Lutens Ambre Sultan
    24. Lutens Un Bois Vanille
    25. Guerlain Angelique Noire

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for doing this – it is so much fun to read everyone’s lists!! I think it is interesting that many people seem to be a big fan of 2 out of three of Guerlain or Chanel or Caron. What fun!!

  • Veronica says:

    Yay, let’s do it:
    1. Caron Tabac Blond
    2. Caron Acaciosa
    3. Liz Zorn Sinti
    4. Arabian Oud Rahil
    5. Liz Zorn Writing Lyrical Poetry
    6. Liz Zorn Misetu
    7. SIP Fair Verona
    8. Serge Lutens MKK
    9. Caron Or et Noir
    10 Guerlain Jicky
    11. Mona di Orio Carnation
    12. Mona di Orio Lux
    13. Ava Luxe Cafe Noir
    14. Laura Tonnato Amir
    15. Bruno Acampora Musc
    16. CB Fire from Heaven
    17. Caron Parfum Sacre
    18. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
    19. Bal A Versaills
    20. Etro Messe de Minuit
    21. Bruno Acampora Sballo
    22. Caron Narcisse Blanc
    23. Caron Pois de Scenteur
    24. Caron En Avion
    25. Aftelier Linden Blossom
    Phew, that took a while:)