London shopping

Before getting onto my shopping trip last Friday, I just want to share some travel advice with you. If you´re longing for oakmoss and miserable at its disappearance from our perfumed lives, look no further than a trip to south west Scotland, at least until the anti-scent brigade bomb the place. I´ve never been to a land so full of lichens. Every tree seemed to have a furry green trunk and greybluegreen branches (mostly due to oakmoss and its buddy, Old Man´s Beard). And given that a woodland was outside our holiday home, I got a heck of a lot of close-up time with oakmoss, even if the smell is – huh – hardly there in its unprocessed state. The bluebells and wild garlic compensated in the fragrance department though, I can assure you. What a wonderful juxtaposition of the intoxicatingly floral and the earthily acrid. Just perfect.
We stayed in the lodge below, sea one side, woodland on two, dairy pasture the other. We only ever saw cows and perhaps, on a busy day, a solitary walker heading from the small bay tucked deep in the woods, to the ruined castle, half a mile to the south of us. Bliss, I tell you.



Anyway, onto London. I don´t shop much, as I´m increasingly intolerant of crowds. I love people in ones, twos or threes, but any more than that and I start to get the jitters. It´s why I started in Nicolai, as the shop is so small, fitting any more than two people in there plus the SA is nigh-on impossible.


As much as I love the perfumes, I went to Nicolai for home fragrance lamp burner oil, the scents of which knock Lampe Berger into the shade (geddit?). I was after summery´ and though their new Gardenia wowed me, and though I was tempted by the Mimosa, I ended up with three bottles that were far less femme. After all, my home is Georgian straight lines and it gets chintzy enough from the oh-too-many sweet peas that start appearing in the next few weeks. I ended up with Lavande Pays ( a staple – lavender, a touch of mint, and woody depths), Fleurs d´Agrumes (so much less shrill than the lemon, grapefruit and mandarin ascribed to it – essentially a woody scent with citrus topnotes) and Ocean (the lovely SA convinced me of this. I was expecting a calone / seaweed hellzone. I got eucalyptus, pine and open windows. Lovely, actually).


I also bought a bottle of Eau Turquoise as it seemed to be discontinued and 30 mls was going for the equivalent of $15; 100mls for $22. I supersized. It smells remarkably similar to the (also discontinued?) Eau Exotique, although softer in the drydown. They´re fruity scents for people who don´t enjoy fruity scents. Anyone fancy a large sample?


I also tried scents I hadn´t sniffed, or can´t remember sniffing. Cedrat and Cedrat Intense – both wondrous. But it was Odalisque that stole my heart. I didn´t know that green floral scents could be so seductive. If crowds smelled like Odalisque, I think I could be happy among them. The jasmine rounds off the high-pitched facets of the muguet (I didn´t want another of´ in the sentence – my only reason for fanciness) It has none of the shrill screech that green florals seem to make (to my ears´ at least). Instead, it´s the low thrum of a young Bacall whispering temptations. I think I might just need a small bottle.


Onto Harrods, which was hell, as usual: SAs wielding the latest blap as 21st century weaponry, crowds moving like a febrile convulsion, and a noise level antithetical to perusal. I sniffed many things – enjoyed trying Donna Karan´s Fuel for Men at last (and it´s a maybe autumn purchase) and was sorely tempted by an Amouage Dia giftset, though I wasn´t quite ready to part with the $$$. I also finally tried Homage, and it bloomed and opened a new world in that hectic room – lush and beautiful. It sorely needed to be worn elsewhere.


Finally, onto Liberty, for my bottle of Geranium pour Monsieur, and peace and quiet. I love Liberty for perfume – it´s had the same understated SAs for years and never draws the crowds of Harrods or – worse! – Selfridges. Diptyque´s Oyedo made me laugh, and I momentarily wondered if I´d be happy going round smelling like Haribo all day (it´s kind of like a cartoon version of Clinique´s Happy for Men, with all the dihydromyrcenol replaced by laughing gas).


I quite liked the rather ordinary Nuits de Cellophane but don´t really remember much of anything else I tried. I was suckered into splurging out on a Cire Trudon candle – Balmoral. Hell, grass makes me as allergic as a sneeze-machine on its highest setting – fake grass, not at all.


And so my shopping trip ended, with a small whimper of acquisitiveness, and some satisfaction.


So, what have you bought recently – to scent yourself, or to scent your home? And what would you buy if you had all the time and money in the world for a leisurely, chauffeur-driven tour around London´s perfume hotspots?

And how about the view from the holiday cottage living room, to end…?



  • Laura M says:

    Turquoise? Exotique? Sample(s)? Well, I’d love a sample, but at this point I think your bottle is dry. A friend was just in England, London, Bath, and various parts, and said the weather was lovely. Looks like you got it too!
    To heck with the samples, how about a plane ticket? Looks goooorgeous!

  • Jarvis says:

    Hello, Lee. I love Odalisque as well, and am planning on getting myself a bottle very soon. Gorgeous. I’m not familiar with those PdN home fragrances — I do like Vétyver de Java, Au Coin du Feu, and Havane.

    But the big discovery of my week is Géranium Pour Monsieur. The tester is now available at the Barneys in Boston, although they are not allowed to sell any bottles until next week.

  • rosarita says:

    Oh, soooo beautiful *happy sigh.* I must try Odalisque. My dear husband bought me a bottle of Le Temps d’Une Fete for our wedding anniversary and I’m loving it (speaking of green florals.)

    Lovely to hear your voice, and see your pictures. 🙂

  • tammy says:

    Forgot to add that I am scenting the homefront lately with Bond No. 9 Chelsea Flowers and Park Ave candles, and trying hard not to buy Broadway Nite unsniffed.

  • Tara says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I am green with envy. I am also envious of your Geranium pour Monsieur – I am dying to sniff this and there is no Barney’s anywhere near me. Maybe I can twist the BF’s arm into taking me into San Francisco some day so I can sniff. Do you think a woman could pull it off, or is it hopelessly masculine?

  • tammy says:

    My ancestry is Scottish, and it’s my dream to visit Scotland someday…. thanks so much for the lovely photographs! I hate crowds as well…their myriad of noises do not trouble me, but I am always terrified that they will suddenly start in stampeding.

    If you are still sharing, I’d love a sample….. but please do not short yourself!

    • Lee says:

      I think I can squeeze you in, Tammy.


      • tammy says:

        MANY thanks….I am just starting down the road of this perfume madness, but I have lots of samples…I don’t remember your preferences, but if you clue me in, I’d love to return the favor!

  • Lavanya says:

    I love love the picture at the end! Wish I had a view like that from my living room!
    I just retried my sample of PDN’s Sacrebleu yesterday and liked it more than I usually do..It smelt more ‘blue’ than usual..sort of a powdery, misty blue- a ‘snowy’ blue..Usually it smells slightly orange to me-with a slight ‘coca-cola’ quality to it..So, yes, I’m always ready to try a PdN that I haven’t(especially, since you said it is a fruity floral for people who don’t love fruity florals.)..So, if you’re still sharing-I’d love a teeny sample.
    And I must make a trip to Scent Bar sometime and try Amouage Homage..It sounds gorgeous!

  • Nava says:

    Hi Lee,

    Lovely post and amazing pictures.

    Let’s see…London; hmmm, the last time I was there in ’04, Roja Dove’s Haute Parfumerie had not yet opened in Harrods, so that warrents a thorough investigation. I hadn’t yet heard of Ormonde Jayne, so definitely there, and of course, I would satisfy my longing for Le Labo Poivre at Liberty. Quite a pricey shopping list, isn’t it?

    Sadly, my husband’s sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are headed your way this weekend. I say “sadly” because none of them have the slightest idea what gorgeousness they’re missing out on in the London fragrance arena. I thought about asking them to bring me a little something, but a little something to them would be one of those London phone booth, bus or taxi miniatures. If you happen to be anywhere near Hyde Park over the course of the next week, look out for a thirty-something, pudgy, balding blonde bloke commandeering the Speakers Corner booth. He lives for that. And I want to dive under a rock with embarrassment that my sister-in-law has not cut the umbilical cords on her over-30 children.

    Ahh, family…:-D

    • Lee says:

      Oh, they’ll have fun doing their own thing though, won’t they? Horses for courses, and all that…

  • Aparatchick says:

    Discontinued? “Oh,no” she wailed. I have a small samp of Exotique; obviously I need to break down and buy a full bottle.

    Lee, love your pictures and description – that holiday sounds like heaven.

  • Hilda Rosa says:

    I discovered the tiny Patricia de Nicolai shop in London about 10 years ago and ended up buying several of her perfumes, room scents and body oils. I even went back in the morning before the plane left to buy one of the little Sacrebleue minis. I am distressed to hear that two of my favourites, Mimosaique and Eau Turquoise, are being discontinued. How I wish I had a trip planned to London in the near future to be able to get these two before they disappear!

    Thanks for the comments about your perfume shopping!

    • Lee says:

      You’re welcome HR. It’s a great shop, with or without discontinuations, isn’t it?

  • Who can abandon the wild beauty of Scotland for hectic London eh? (even if I LOVE London myself). And the view to the sea is lovely 🙂
    My latest purchase for the home was a L’artisan candle, which I knew I liked from before, Sous La Glycine, just because the glycine season is almost over here and the sweetly spicy-powdery note would be so nostalgic come summer. I would like to think I am leaving all windows open, gauzy voile curtains to the wind and having the room smelling like glycine/wisteria…I’m this close to getting some Mizensir fragrances, I am eying the Lilas Noir something crazy!! (yup, call me season-end crazy, I was blogging about the end of the lilac season the other day)

    Hope you’re very well, you certainly seem to be!

    • Lee says:

      What a lovely smell. Yeah, the wisteria is fading here too and the hyacinths are long-gone. Though so much beauty around the corner – all the roses!

      I’m terrifically well thanks – I’ve been outdoors tending the veg plot the whole day. (plot – more like a soccer pitch…)

  • Disteza says:

    I love your description of your vacation–makes me wish I had one coming up. Y’all are killing me with the Cire Trudons though; I’ll have to work extra to be able to afford those beauties. I just invested in FBs of Sous Le Vent and Magazine St., and will probably need another bottle of L’Air de Rien (you know, before they rip its oakmossy heart out). Am trying to leave some $$$ free for the upcoming Meet the Perfumer event this Sunday at Art W/Flowers, but it’s cruel hard.

    • Lee says:

      They’re cheaper here than there, methinks…

      But still way too pricy. It was a splurge.


      • Musette says:

        Vida clued me in to them on the way out of Barneys so I only had a chance to sniff the moon one – they’re nice but candles ook my sinuses so gorgeous or not I don’t have to worry about spending the dough.

        Cover me. I’m goin’ in (to the PdN site)


        • Lee says:

          Oh, that moon one smells like feet and metal shavings to me.

          Did you make it back out?

          • Musette says:

            Ha! I’ll have to keep that imagine in mind when next I’m in Barneys.

            Made it out – but it’s gonna cost me, I just know it.


  • Janell says:

    I really enjoyed your description of your recent adventures in London. I’ve been meaning to get some room sprays for some time now. I too would be interested in a sample of Eau Turquoise.

  • helenviolette says:

    Love-lee Lee!!! Always a pleasure to happen upon your prose…Cuir Trudon Candles are one thing I would buy if I had gobs of money. Would love to try some Eau Turquoise 😉

  • mals86 says:

    Lee, what lovely photos – the bluebells made me sigh deeply with pleasure. Your holiday description brought back my honeymoon to me: Mount Desert Island/Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor in Maine, in early spring before the summer season started. It was ocean, rocks, and woods, a quiet resting place for the soul.

    I am a fan of de Nicolai fragrances as well, having gone on a PdN bender over the last month or so with samples. Vanille Tonka makes me giddy with delight, although it’s not summer-appropriate and I’ve stashed my large decant away for cool weather. And my eagerly-awaited, happy-making Fete should arrive TODAY, I’m so excited! Odalisque might be the fragrance that teaches me to love chypres; I find it both elegant and comfortable. Just un Reve is a bouquet of tropical flowers, with a cool breeze whispering of coconut. And Maharanih was an intoxicating orange-carnation sangria, wonderful until the drydown, when it began to smell of well-worn boxer shorts. I checked the scent on my wrist against a reliable reference, and yep, dead on: cojones. So I won’t be buying that one unless I can talk my husband into wearing it.

    (Anybody got a clue what note(s) create that impression? I mean, it was utterly fascinating, but I really don’t think I want to smell of sweaty b- um, THAT.)

  • Tania says:

    I want to be there – right now! 😉 *Looks out window at busy Blackfriars Road and sighs…*

    I was in Liberty recently. I agree, it’s so much nicer as a scent-trawling experience than Selfridges and Horrids. And I bought a few things on my shopping trip. (OK, I splurged! But so far, Buyer’s Remorse has not set in. Maybe when I get the credit card bill).

    I got the smallest bottle of Vetiver and the next size up of Bergamote from Le Labo, Bandit in edp and parfum, and Fracas solid parfum. I fell for the sell on Cire Trudon too 😉 – I bought Vespers, which is great for meditation. I resisted Le Labo Poivre 23. I like it quite a bit, but I can get much more of other perfumes for that price.

    In Selfridges I got their last remaining bottle of Opone (yeah, the ‘discontinued panic’ set in…), and Explorer from the fantastically named Boadicea The Victorious.

    An interesting experience, that! OK, I know it’s probably a gimmicky Britishness thing designed to sell to tourists (apparently Michelle Obama bought three bottles, and the SA told me they are getting ready for the Middle-Eastern customer influx).
    But the perfumes are actually good. Don’t go by the site description though. Explorer is described on their site as an ‘enervating’ citrus (‘you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’ LOL), but actually it’s a very nice warm patchouli. Other scents also seem to bear no relation to their descriptions. They range from citrus to floral to musky/woody, and I really liked several.

    Bad things about B the V would be the $$$, (if you think £130 for 100 mls is too high), their lack of editor and accuracy for site copy, and the fact that the bottle caps don’t fit, if mine is anything to go by. The bottle is beautiful, but the cap is so loose it’s as if it doesn’t belong.
    Good things – the scents! I tried several, didn’t find a dud. And the bottles are very striking.
    The SA (very helpful) suggested I come back the next day to meet the designer, Michael Boadi. She described him as ‘very artistic’ – wonder what that’s code for… 😉 But, since she said he’s so ‘artistic’ that he wouldn’t be pinned down to a time, I decided to forgo the pleasure of spending the day hanging around in Selfridges’ beauty Hall waiting for him!

    I can recommend a look at these scents, if anyone is passing through Selfridges (Harrods have them too). The B the V ‘stall’ is in Selfridges Beauty Hall, not the fragrance section.

    • Lee says:

      Enervating. Snarf.

      But I must must try those Boadi babies. Thank you for reminding me.

      Oh Blackfriars Road
      How grim you seem
      When will you quieten?
      In a dream?

    • Lee says:

      Artistic. Hmmm. I wonder…

  • Musette says:

    Wow. Those lamp oils sound phenomenal. Not as phenomenal as your holiday but still….I’m a Lamp B gal meself only because it’s what we’ve got here but may have to check out PdN…

    funny that Lamp Berger doesn’t tear up my sinuses the way candles do – wonder why that is?

    Eau de Turquoise – if you really are in a sharing mood I would love just a little bit. I am in LUUURVE with her Maharanih and Shelley is going to seduce me with Temps d’une Fete, I just know it….

    You people need to quit!

    Hey, you KNOW what I bought, because I sent it to you – what did you think of my beloved DN and V&Rainwater?

    ps. the bluebells are gorgeous! I wait all year for the blue scilla (we call them bluebells around here – what you are showing we call Virginia Bluebells0 – the hill on the outskirts of the next town is covered in them – they are a bright blue and are so startling in their beauty, under the trees. The V Bluebells, with their hint of lavender and pink, are much more subtle and calming – but no less beautiful!

    xoxoyour worshipful>-)

    • Lee says:

      I guess it’s the much touted / tootled cleansing effect of the burner???

      You’re down for the sharing.

      Y’know, Spanish bluebell or Hyacinthoides hispanica (which might be Virginian bluebell) is something of a pernicious weed here, and it’s killing out the native bluebell – Hyacinthoides non-scripta. That woodland was all native, baby.

      And as for your fumes. I much preferred DN to V&R (which I shall forthwith send onto D). V&R is quite lovely but a little too powdery and caloney for me. At least, it seems caloney…


      Love YOU, though.

      • Musette says:

        Oh, I can easily see how V&R wouldn’t work for you but I thought you should have a chance to schnozz it anyway – I don’t get any calone but I do get dirt, which is what really does it for me. The dirt kicks in just as the sweetness has lost its charm and is veering into ‘getting on my next-to-last nerve’ territory.

        Honey, just a leetle of the samp – Carter is right; you will end up with NONE! and that just wouldn’t be right.

        I think all those on this post who want PdN but don’t want to go FB should get together (you can do it via my email) in this next week and do a Posse swap. I want a little bit of everything (or nearly so) but can’t do the whole bottle thing.

        If anyone’s interested, let me know.


    • Shelley says:

      Yayy!!! I’m a seductress!!!

  • March says:

    That Balmoral is really something, isn’t it? Very tempting, particularly if it doesn’t provoke the sneezies like real grass. And thanks for your introduction to the wonderful PdN shop when I was there, that was great fun.

    • Lee says:

      I had fun with you too. The Swedish lady who served us has gone back to Sweden apparently. Her replacement is just as lovely…

  • Aubrey says:

    They have discontinued Turquoise and Exotique?! No no no! I just fell onto PdN last week and can’t bear the idea of missing any of her fragrances! No! And her pricing– it’s so affordable!

    Because I am so in love with her frags, I now really want to try the lamps and the room sprays. If I love Juste un Reve and Eau de Ete, any recs on a home fragrance? And I’ve never used a lamp before. How do they work? Do they last? I normally prefer burning oil in one of those (cheap and unappealing) type of containers you get at BodyShop. I prefer oils to candles and sprays, but have never used a lamp. Any advice, all you experts out there?

    • Musette says:

      I’m a fan of Lampe Berger – I use their simple style but they have some really ornate lamps if you’re into that. The oils: I currently use their unscented, into which I decant a drop or two of Bitter Orange essential oil. I have giant Rottweilers – need to keep the frags simple and fresh.

      But now Lee has me thinking……Ocean which, done wrong, could bring up your lunch, sounds like it is done right! If it’s compatible with the Lampe B I may have to …… BUY IT!

      dang. More money out of the wallet.


      • carter says:

        Lee’s description of Ocean sounds very much like what I smell in my head when I think of the Vineyard. I think pines, mostly, or specifically pine needles underfoot, and cool gusty breezes. Ormonde Woman has that hemlock thingy going on, which is somewhat reminiscent, but the notes in Ocean sound spot on to me.

    • Lee says:

      Have a look thru the Lampe Berger and Nicoilai sites at the lamps. You simply pour the fluid in, the wick soaks it up and that is in turn absorbed by the catalytic burner on the top – which you then light and blow out after a minute or so, and leave running for up to an hour. Perfect. I think you might like some of the floral scents – there’s a great hyacinth, an awesome jasmine and a just glorious honeysuckle…

  • Shelley says:

    Ah, Lee…the sea and Scotland…not difficult to get lost in a happy reverie, especially with your beautiful photos. Did I mention once in response to an earlier post of yours my experience in Edinburgh after having spent a few days on Shetland? It took my fully 24 hours to get used to the “enormous” city, and not have to just sit every five minutes in order to contain being overwhelmed by the crowds. I am from a big city, mind you; it was the weirdest thing. So, I understand.

    PdN is such a happy place for me, too, perfume speaking. Yes, Odalisque is a small fabulosity. Carter, I think maybe it hasn’t been getting attention lately just because everybody was caught in spring greenery. But I love Odalisque just as much, for very different reasons…which is a nice thing to be able to say, because in the case of a Parfumerie Generale, for example, I find that I am drawn to scents that share a certain element in their drydown. When it comes to Nicolai, that doesn’t really apply…but I’ve a while to go before I’ve experienced anything qualifying as “breadth” in that line.

    (I am trying to think of a term that would be the equivalent of mouse sex, I mean, mousse de saxe, or Guerlinade, for PG…)

    What a score on the Eau de Turquoise! Put me down as interested in a sample, absolutely. And if I were to have a chauffer in London? I don’t know much about London, so I think I’d ring you up and have you escort me on a tour. 😉

    • Lee says:

      You’re down for a sample. Y’know, I think we’d stroll arm in arm to all the right places…

    • carter says:

      Oh. Gosh, I go right for the Odalisque come spring. Seems the very essence the season to moi, but of course Fete is sublime now, too 🙂

      • Shelley says:

        Odalisque is L’Heure Bleu-y to me…both weather and mood influenced…and quite subject to as-yet unnamed vagaries of either. 😉 Love them both–except when I don’t.

  • Elle says:

    OMG. Those photos! I will be retreating to them in my mind all through my day. Thanks for posting them! What an absolutely idyllic vacation. And you have multiple sweet pea vines? SOB! It’s almost impossible to grow scented ones around here and I simply adore them. Couldn’t ever have too many.
    PdN’s Ocean was a wonderful surprise for me as well. She does great home scents. My fave new candle this spring is Cire Trudon’s Abd el Kader (gift from absurdly generous friend). And if I had all day to spend at London’s perfume hot spots? And funds as well? That’s the key part. My focus would be on Scent Systems and Roja Dove’s boutique. I *so* want to try those numbered exclusive scents RD has created and I’d love to see what vintage scents he has. At SS I’d hope that George Dodd would be in and I’d simply like to be able to talk to him for a few hours and have him create a customized scent for me. Love him!

    • Lee says:

      Yeah, I grow a lot of sweet peas. This year, it’s all about Black Knight, Matucana, Zorija Rose and a few other dark / brilliant, headily scented varieties…

      I wonder what George’d create for you… Something extraordinarily gorgeous, no doubt.

  • Louise says:

    Oh, how sweet to find Lee in the morning!

    The view and lovely description of your holiday has me drooling a wee bit. My best coastal memories are of an isolated camping ground above the Oregon coast, sometime back in college. Now quite so bucolic as your view, but a good reminder how I love the ocean. And hills. And pasture.

    I am loving PdN more and more with each sniff. I bought a bottle of Le Temps d’une Fete, and find easy and lovely to wear in our up and down spring weather. I love my Vie de Chateau in the heat, and Vanille Tonka is always pretty (except on Dear March….). My son wears New York very well, and I think its sweet edge serves a young man well.

    I think I’ll soon grab a bottle of Odalisque, but am wondering-does the Cedrat Intense lean just enough femme for me (not so very terribly high a bar, you know ; )?

    I’ll soon be in London, will deliver my post-report if it turns out of interest…

    Kisses, doll

    • Lee says:

      Cedrat Intense could be worn by you, no probs. It’ll last, oh, 15 minutes a spray. But hey, such things need refreshing anyways.

      You know what I forgot to smell – the new Mona di Orio, which seems to be as rare as hen’s teeth in the US now – that so???

      So, you’re coming to London are you? 😉

      • Louise says:

        Well, London for a bit, then a charming village a bit out of the beaten path…I’m not so good with crowds, anymore, either 😉

  • carmencanada says:

    I think we’re getting an Amouage counter here in Paris pretty soon… It’s so annoying to read all the gushing about Homage without knowing what it’s about!
    I spoiled myself a bit at the new Paris concept/charity store Merci (all profits are sent to NGOs in Madagascar). The owner is the late Annick Goutal’s sister, and there’s an Annick Goutal counter where you can get re-editions of discontinued candles (I got “Dans les foins”, a hay-lime blossom-honey) as well as a selection of scents in various formats, in plain bottles, for 40% off. So I bought L’Heure Exquise and L’Eau du Sud.

    I agree with you about Odalisque: to me, it’s one of the three Parfums de Nicolaï that are really outstanding, with New York and Le Temps d’une Fête, though many, of course, are excellent. I bought their Vetiver de Java roomspray last summer, and it is excellent value for the money.

    But hey, to me, Odalisque is mostly a gardenia?

    • Lee says:

      Sounds like a cool shopping experience.

      Gardenia, eh? Now I’m befuddled…

    • carter says:

      Denyse–the Turtle Vet just arrived from Les Nez! I had also purchased a $10 sampler of Manoumalia and instead of charging me for it they sent it gratis, along with an entire sample set of all of the frags! How cool is that? Thanks, Sweetie, for that invaluable review — I have worn TV every day now for two weeks and show no signs of stopping; it has totally gotten under my skin…or should I say, shell? 😉

    • carter says:

      I am all over the place here today — sorry, people, really 😀 Denyse, I just checked the Amouage site to see if they offer samples and they list two stores in Paris, Bon Marche and
      Parfumerie De Valois Madame Michaud. Let me know if you can’t get your hands on it and I will get some to you.

      • carmencanada says:

        Carter, the Amouage people are off base for Le Bon Marché, it was only there for a month… As for Madame Michaud, for aesthetic reasons it’s very hard for me to go to a perfumery owned by a person bearing such a name (it’s a very French thing — it’s more like the name of a fishmonger…). But they’re coming to the Galeries Lafayette next month so I should be all set.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying the Turtle (apparently René got tons of orders after my post). Just got my order for Manoumalia, which was full of free samples as well!

        I’m re-sniffing Odalisque as I type. I’m still getting something gardenia-ish, but also tuberose-like (lots of salicylates) and quite a bit of iris.

        • carter says:

          I have it on now, too, and I’m sitting outside in the garden on this gorgeous warm afternoon, but someone is using industrial strength cleaning products a few doors away so alls I’m gittin’ is eau d’toilette — literally! With notes of pork from the knee caps that Lark & Dash are cracking on at the moment. Hints of tuberose and gardenia don’t stand a chance, I’m afraid 😉

        • carter says:

          I love the fact that they actually cancelled my $10 purchase for the sample and threw it in for free, and then topped it off by sending their entire line. That’s a company — and an attitude — that I can wholeheartedly support. Plus the Turtle Project itself, and their refusal to knuckle under to the oak moss police. You’ve got to admire them all the way ’round — what a great find! BTW, my bottle was #27, so if there were 80 made they still have a few in stock before moving on to edition no. 2. Kinda hard to believe, if you ask me, because this is a genuinely unique and wonderful scent.

  • carter says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I lived for a winter on a cliff overlooking the ocean on Martha’s Vineyard and your photos immediately took me back there. Next door to the house I was living in (*next door* meaning the next house over on the cliff, which was a healthy walk from mine) was a house called Clethra, which I believe is a Scottish plant of some kind, is it not? Anyway, there wasn’t anyone there during the winter so I was free to roam the land surrounding it and one day, overcome by curiosity, I peeked in the kitchen window. Someone was evidently expected in the next few days because on the kitchen table was a note which read “Welcome to Clethra — the closest thing to heaven on earth”. Obviously you have found a place just as close.

    And thank you so much for the Nicholai review, which I have been very much looking forward to. Isn’t Odalisque fantastic? So much is made of Fete, which is all that and then some, but Odalisque just rocks my world. And Cedrat is another one in her line that doesn’t get enough attention or love IMHO.

    I am dying to get a few of the home frags — this is what I have been so curious about but have never known anyone with first-hand knowledge of them — and please, if you don’t mind, I would love to try Eau Turquoise, which is another little item about which I have been very curious.

    And finally, the photo of the bluebells! Every spring I quite literally run up the block to Central Park to see the first bluebells because it simply isn’t official until they’ve appeared.

    • carter says:

      Oh, and the Homage. This, for me, is holy grail material. The first fragrance in many years with which I have been completely and utterly head over heels in love. Other than the price, I cannot find a single thing wrong with it — it is perfection.

    • Lee says:

      I’ll be sending plenty of Eau T out I think. Will be in touch…

      And Clethra. You know, I think that might be more a southern States plant… Will have to go google…

      • carter says:

        Thanks, Lee, but just a very small splash, please or you will be left with a large empty bottle in no time. It is still for sale on the website, but with no discount whatsoever.

        Did you by any chance stick your schnoz into a tester of the Sacrebleu Intense?

        • carter says:

          Eeeek…sorry to bombard you with questions, but I just flashed on another one: I don’t suppose you caught a whiff of MH Rose en Noir as you meandered through Liberty did ya? I am lemming it unspritzed, and I would be most grateful to anyone who can talk me down from the ledge.

          • Lee says:

            I’ve sniffed Rose en Noir before and it is lovely but that base is covered quite easily by other rosey scents, I think.

            Sacrebleu Intense is exactly what it says it is… 🙂

          • carter says:

            Thanks, Darlin’.

      • Shelley says:

        Clethra is “bottlebrush” in the states, I think…a shrub/shrubby plant…