La Prairie Life Threads

La Prairie Life Threads

Unfinished business — I’ll be at Sniffa on Saturday, if you’re going to be there please come up and say hi! We’re wearing name tags, I am pretty sure.  I have zero face-recognition skills, I can barely identify my own children.  Please come up and stick your paw out and say hello, meeting folks from the Posse makes me so happy!

Okay, today’s post — La Prairie Life Threads fragrance collection.

Browsing in Saks on my recent sniffing trips, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful new bottles displayed at the front of the La Prairie counter.  I know nothing about La Prairie – I’m under the impression they make skincare products I’m too cheap to buy, and a perfume (Silver Rain) I don’t care for – but these seemed worth stopping for, if just to look at.

I’m going to talk about the Life Threads bottles first, although I hope you’ll read past that.  The photo does not do them justice at all, they are gorgeous – heavy, sleek and elegant.  Just when I get to a point that I think I’ll never see another interesting, lovely bottle again, something like these show up.

At the counter they are displayed side by side in a matching Lucite stand, so the first funny piece of the puzzle is: I thought the Lucite exterior surfaces of the bottle were part of the stand, and the wire-wrapped glass bottles inside were what needed to be removed.  But they’re one piece, and the Lucite cap pops off.   The Lucite panels are on the front and back, with the sides open to expose the wired bottles, and again – if you have any sort of sleek, modernist sensibility in your bottle desires, you might want to look at these.

The Life Threads collection is about celebrating “the most cherished connections of our lives,” according to the lengthy brochure, if you’re into that sort of thing – hey, I’ve read worse.   A celebration of the many roles women play in the course of their lives, etc. They are called Gold, Silver and Platinum, with the threads reflecting the names (Platinum is the green-ish one with the darker threads).

So, how were the fragrances?

Platinum is the unisex frag, “an elegant and edgy chypre floral,” notes of plum, violet leaf, galbanum. jasmine, Persian rose, leather, cardamom, iris, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, golden amber, oakmoss, labdanum.  It’s the one the SA told me women are buying for their menfolk, to go along with whichever of the other two they select for themselves.  Obviously a woman could easily wear this, and obviously yours truly did not find it “edgy,” a word I’d reserve for something … well, a lot edgier.  It’s cut somewhat from the same cloth as EL Jasmine White Moss, and/or Miyake A Scent.  I am now curious whether all the different companies are taking this opportunity to trot out their new faux-oakmoss patented ingredients now that (I think?) IFRA has banned oakmoss?  Or whether this is just a mini-retro trend now in perfumery.  Anyway, I approve.  It ain’t Cristalle, but it ain’t half bad.

Gold is “a seductive spicy floral” featuring tangerine, plum, clove, pepper, cinnamon peel, coriander, Kyoto rose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, cedar, patchouli, golden myrrh, vanilla and incense  It’s quite nice, if a little staid and not spicy enough for me.  I wish I got more plum, I adore plum.  I would consider this as an elegant fragrance gift for another woman who had more modernist but still conservative tastes.   I’m going to guess this will be their big seller.  It didn’t blow me away, but it’s very pretty and doesn’t smell like a vanilla gourmand, so hey – two thumbs up.   I’m going to retry it a couple more times because I love the list of notes.

Leading up to Silver, the one I personally found most interesting and compelling, although not necessarily on me.  I got a clue when the SA hesitated in that this-isn’t-for-everyone way as she was introducing the line.  She also put this last, which usually tells you either: it’s terrible, or the SA personally hates it.  In this case, I was grateful, because this thing is huge.  “An enchanting woody floral,” notes of bergamot, green leaf, tuberose, Indian jasmine, ylang-ylang, pepper, orange blossom, sandalwood, vetiver, solar musk, peppery moss.   Yo, shout-out to you White Flower Freaks – seriously, make me smile and go try this.  I know that I am sometimes the stank magnifier, but this is a parade-float-scale tuberose doing the dirty with a dirty, dirty jasmine.  Also it is a bit Roquefort-ish, like gardenia can be, although that isn’t listed.  The whole thing made me giggle; my teenager jerked her head away as if my forearm had bitten her.  It has some serious sillage, so I wouldn’t be spraying this all over on your lunch hour before you head back to the office, either.  It’s sort of Fracas-ish in feel… I mean, I’m not here to judge, but I wouldn’t wear this to most work places.  It’s very, very sexy.  Also, have I mentioned the sillage?  How about the extremely ripe jasmine?  It was like running errands in a silk peignoir and ostrich mules.  It is deeply fabulous, if very much not me, although I kind of want it to be me.  I really struggle with tuberose, but this I found lovely, and I admire the courage of whoever had the nerve to make such a big, niche-y scent.  If you’d told me this was from, I don’t know, The Different Company, I’d have believed you.

These are EdP, 50ml for $125 at La Prairie counters.  I don’t know whether they’re exclusive to Saks or not.

  • zeezee says:

    Just got round to testing these, and I concur wholeheartedly with your observations.
    Silver brought A Scent to mind immediately (and Chanel-whichever-number-it-is, the galbanummy one), Gold was tuberose + fruit + powder, and sure enough Platinum made me recoil in disgust with its gorgonzola vibe. Srsly. Gorgonzola. Perhaps essence du bottom of a compost heap. Me and ylang don’t play nice ever, but this is BAD on me. Scrubber supreme.

  • Lindsey says:

    :d:d:”> the videos are seductive…

  • Tara says:

    Just testing my gravatar..sorry

  • Kate says:

    Have a wonderful time at Sniffa, March. I tried these recently and rather liked the Platinum. Agree not that edgy but rather nice. Groovy bottles all right!

    how do I get a cool icon like you?

    • March says:

      At the bottom of the comment box there’s this link that says sign up for gravatar, it’s free — click there. Or I assume it’s something really edgy like anyhoodle you just sign up with the email address you will use to comment on here, and you pick an image from your file or whatever and then mumbo jumbo alakazam some drama happens that I don’t understand and the next time you post you’re not an angry crosseyed sphere any more. :d

  • Robin says:

    Well! These sound more interesting than I expected (the videos are some of the worst I’ve ever seen), and a huge improvement over Silver Rain, which is *ahem* not a favorite of mine. Will have to go give them a shot.

    • March says:

      I was only being polite to the Saks lady, who’d been polite to me. I was obviously quite pleasantly surprised. That doesn’t happen as often as I wish it did. 🙂

  • carter says:

    Petey Party Animal FAIL!

    • carter says:

      TESTING Harry HC =d>
      TESTING Petey PA <:-p

      • carter says:

        Carter FAIL! l-)

        • March says:

          I love your gravatar, you vixen.

          • carter says:

            YOU’RE the one in the peignoir ^:)^.

            Okay, this is just very weird. I posted a comment in response to yours and Francesca’s up there about Sniffa, and it posted and then vanished into thin air! The inane comments about the emoticons pertain to that post, so they make absolutely no sense hanging out there all by themselves like that. Sigh (sighing guy doesn’t work, does he? I’m afraid to try now.) And yesterday I posted a response to one of Patty’s comments and it too went poof in the night :-. I’m going to try again now to post after the Sniffa exchange and see what else I can manage to screw up :d

          • March says:

            Carter — even weirder — I can SEE IT IN MY COMMENTS. Just not on the screen. How fricking weird is that?!? Maybe the spam filter has caught you because you’ve posted so many times today they think you’re a spammer? Let me go look.

            BTW do you have the Sniffa schedule? I do, so you know where we are, when. I think I have your email address — never mind, I can get it from the blog.

          • carter says:

            It was only posted once when it vanished. I have attempted to
            repost several times since, and finally got it to show up. But it did the same thing yesterday when I tried to respond to Patty and I had to repost that one, too. In both instances I did use a number of emoticons, so I just figured it had to do with that. Maybe they are fighting amongst themselves and ruining it for everyone ;)) or maybe it’s >:)

          • carter says:

            Oh, and yes, I have the schedule. I am hoping to catch you guys at BG, at the restaurant before lunch, or maybe at Tak. It’s just shaping up to be a pretty hectic (and wet!) day, so I’m going to have to play it by ear. We’re planning to try to catch a performance of Billy Elliot if we can snag some tix, so everything sort of hinges on that and whether it’s a matinee or evening performance, which will determine what gets done the rest of the day, and when.8-}

          • March says:

            Spammer. You got caught in the spammer slammer. Yeah, drop by and see us sometime. Isn’t that Mae West?

          • carter says:

            Yes, to Cary Grant, hubba-hubba 😉

  • carter says:

    Harry Handclapper FAIL!

  • Flora says:

    Oh noes – I sense a Silver obsession coming on….:x

    You make ALL of these sound irresistible, but you had me a White Flower Freaks.

  • Gretchen says:

    I keep meaning to ask: has anyone thought of organizing a sniffathon in San Francisco? That’s probably as far as I could readily go to attend. I couldn’t even get to the LA event!

  • elizablue says:

    Yes–Silver sounds intriguing–and it doesn’t sound as though the world will be wearing it! I will definitely go have a sniff!

  • Sweet Sue says:

    Must have Silver.;)

  • Mim says:

    I get that too. I walked up to the wrong man at the airport after my honeymoon!

    Everyone looks the same, they just smell different 😉
    BTW I love your blog!

  • Fiordiligi says:

    O0h I love minimalist, so the bottles will be right up my street, and Silver sounds enticing, but I’m thinking it isn’t anything I need desperately; my peignoir and mules already have Fracas to accompany them, thank you!

    Have a fab time at Sniffa; unfortunately the coffers are not sufficiently full to allow me to come to NY this time around.

  • Shelley says:

    Remember how, when I first started yapping in the comments, there was a discussion of bottles/bottle lust, and I was all “Hey, just give me a well executed simple bottle, I’d rather have good innards?”

    I might have been a bit hasty… :-$

    If those vessels look better in person than in the photo, they are pretty darn groovy. Not too flimsy, or too thick-n-cheap, that Lucite? (wait, what’s that…talk about the perfume, silly??) Oh, yeah; sounds like I’ll enjoy checking them out.

    But if the salesperson has attitude, I am totally pulling off my trench coat to reveal peignoir and ostrich mules, and breaking into song–“Make new friends, but keep the old….” ;))

    • March says:

      I thought they were very elegant, Louise and my comments about not being able to figure out how to extract them from the display stand notwithstanding. They didn’t seem too tippy, and had a nice heft without being clunky.

      The only bottles that truly annoy me are the ones that are hard to spray. You’d think that would be an important detail, but I find this fairly frequently.

    • Gretchen says:

      “. . . one is silver and the other gold!” But where does platinum fit in?

  • Melissa says:

    Oh, Silver sounds sooo tempting. I would so wear this to work. And hide in my office with the door closed, pretending to be on important phone calls.

  • DinaC says:

    Very interesting, March. Thanks for reviewing those. The platinum sounds like it’s up my alley. I love galbanum and chypres.

  • Louise says:

    Oh, those bottles are sooo pretty. I too tried to disassemble the display to smell the perfumes 8-| , but didn’t have time to more than sniff the bottles. They’ll get a fairer try next visit…

    Have a blast at Sniffa :d/ !

  • Francesca says:

    March, I’m going to cover my name tag on Saturday and make you guess who I am.;)

    • March says:

      Hah, you laugh. I feel I’m borderline with that neurological disorder where I can’t recognize faces … roads/locations are the same, my husband finds it so irritating. For instance, I got lost on the way to taking a kid to soccer (after not driving her for three weeks) because I could no longer recognize where to turn. It’s like I’ve never been there before. Oh, well, I have other charms.

      • Mim says:

        I get that too. I walked up to the wrong man at the airport after my honeymoon!

        Everyone looks the same, they just smell different 😉

      • carter says:

        I am going to try to pop in at some point on Saturday for just long enough to say hi >:d< to you guys. I won't have any trouble recognizing your faces March ~:> and Francesca :(|) (yay, you’re coming =d&#62;) but I’ll probably forget your names, and since I am completely blind without my glasses I won’t be able to see the tags, much less read what’s on them :-b. But I’ll be the one crashing the party in the peignoir and ostrich mules < :-p, having misplaced the three visiting children o-+ o-> o=> I’m supposed to be keeping an eye on and guarding with my life @-).

        • March says:

          Okay, you were in the spammer, you sweet thing. I recovered you.

          • carter says:

            Ooops! Now I’m up twice with the original effed-up post plus the screwy re-post. Please pick one and shove it back into the spammer from whence it got unstuck. Better yet, take both. You sweet thing, your own damn self 😡

      • carter says:

        Okay, this second attempt worked (sort of) but with question mark guy and party guy FAIL. I think it has to do with sticking them in the middle of a sentence, or perhaps overcrowding :d

  • Liza says:

    Whoa – “running errands in a silk pegnoir and ostrich mules”! Great line! Sounds like my alter ego but definitely not for the office (I could maybe get away with it on a Friday).

    Reading your review, I don’t think any of the Threads are for me. I’m not too keen on spice and dirty jasmine makes me gag. And the one time I tried a chypre, I almost gagged too! So … obviously I have a rather limited range of smells that I enjoy, but that won’t stop me from dropping by La Prarie to check them out.


  • hongkongmom says:

    yay…finally something big…hopeing it comes to this end of the world:d

    • March says:

      It likely would, wouldn’t it? I have no idea how their distribution works.

      • hongkongmom says:

        nope, not necessarily…i don’t think it is to do with their distrubution…it’s to do with the hong kong; amouage has just arrived in hong kong (a couple of months) and the only one that is really selling is dia and then ciel. asians tend to like light clean, fruity, sheer feminine…
        the narcico rodriguoz musc is selling like hotcake as is the new lighter stella…

  • carter says:

    “It was like running errands in a silk peignoir and ostrich mules.” Hey now! =))