There are Those Days

I’m not a fan of Daylight Saving Time at all.  Fall is okay, but I don’t care that much about it because I never sleep in – my internal clock springs me up by 6 a.m. at the latest. Spring forward?  Just kill me.  Sunday is okay since I don’t really care what time it is, and I don’t really notice that it’s an hour later, I don’t have to get up at a particular time on Sunday, but as my normal 9-10p bedtime stretches to 11p and I have a 5 a.m. wake-up call for Yoga Sculpt, which is really 4 a.m. in old time, I get so jumpy, unhappy and panicky.  Sleep is important to me, especially enough of it.  Functioning, mood and reasonableness goes downhill quickly if I’m more than an hour short of 8 hours of sleep. Am I alone in that? I used to do great with less sleep, but adrenals get exhausted over the years and cranky and insist on a sufficient amount of time unconscious.

Too little sleep, and I get ill fast, which is where I am today.  Part of it is spring – the buds and pollen are starting to pop out everywhere, just providing some low-level allergy aggravation. The rest is the lack of sleep.  After almost throwing up during Yoga, not finding anywhere to slip in a 30-minute nap today, I’m facing the computer thinking:  What the hell am I going to write about?  I’m sick, I’m tired, and I want something to make me feel better.

Aha!  Lostmarc’h Lann-Ael, the delicious comfort fragrance that takes me to every happy place I’ve ever known.  Lucky Charms, milk, but tied up in an impossibly elegant concoction that is better than the sum of its parts.  That always makes me feel better in every way possible.  Its persistence is just enough to let it cling, but to never get annoying.

Off to the perfume drawers to find it – so happy, so happy, just anticipating the comfort and pleasure it will give me.  I keep thinking none of you really want to hear some of these stupid stories of mine, but then I’m pretty sure all of you have experienced this to some degree or another.  I keep forgetting all of you are like me in this fragrance obsession.

Because all my perfumes are part of a business, I hire people to do the decanting. I just couldn’t do it, I have a whole other job and only so many hours in the day.  At some point, the filing system for perfumes got away from me.  They know where everything is, but sometimes I’m at a loss and just meander from drawer to drawer, hoping I get lucky and recognize the top of the bottle.  Where the hell are the L perfumes?!?!?!  Shouldn’t they just go down in order.  J-K is here, then the smaller Hermes drawer, the rolly-around Montales, then we are at M-N-O?  After some period of time of looking in the same drawers 35 times and frustranicking, I looked in the next column of drawers and found — yes, Lolite Lempicka, the rest of the Ls should be here. And there it was, and soon I was magikly delicious with sweet fruity cereal that is so perfectly warm and embracing, it makes you weep. And I felt better, comforted, like my tiredness will pass, my bad mood will pass, as will my temperature.

What perfume does that for you?  And how long have you searched for a missing sample, decant or bottle before you either gave up or found it? And what was it?

  • CynthiaW says:

    Hmmm… I haven’t lost any bottles or samples yet. It might take me 5 – 10 minutes to find a sample though because I can’t remember which container it’s in. I do need to update my spreadsheet though – the decant/FB one is fine, but I need to remove samples that I’ve swapped away from my sample spreadsheet.

    Comfort scents include Kenzo Amour, Back to Black, Shalimar, and Jicky, as well as vintage Emeraude. Pick-me-up scents include Pamplemousse Rose, Fleur d’Oranger 27, Cristalle Eau Verte, and Bergamot Tea.

    I loathe DST – actually, I like it being light later because it’s more convenient to walk the dog. However, I hate switching – just pick a damn time. I don’t even care which one it is. I almost wept from gratitude when I realized that DST was happening at the beginning of Spring Break and I’d have a week to adjust before heading back to work. Most years, I’m just miserable.

  • nozknoz says:

    I had a lay-down bottle of Lauren for decades, through many moves, and now I’m not sure whether I haven’t unpacked it yet or whether I gave it away before the last move. Or maybe I know deep down that I gave it away and I’m in denial, because now that was such a dumb thing to do. Every time I think of that red glass bottle with the round brass top I’m annoyed with myself. Whew – glad I got that off my chest! #:-S

    Comfort scents: seconding Theorema, which is ideal, along with the related Armani Prive Ambre Soie, also SL La Myrrhe and Bois de Violette, Guerlain Vol de Nuit, and AT L’Air du Desert Marocain. PG Coze is perfect for winter, but I feel it’s too strong to wear to the office. Nicolai pour Homme is a perfect lavendar fall asleep scent. For warmer weather, I second Tocade, and find that L’AP L’Ombre dans L’Eau is great when I need reinforcement.

  • mariekel says:

    I think it very cruel that Spring is my favourite season for so many reasons — winter’s demise, flowers budding, warm sun and cool air, bassets pouncing after imaginary bunnies (there i go with my hound obsession again. sorry) but also my very worst allergy season. I am frequently a puffy-eyed, sneezing, throat-clearing hot mess (and i mean hot — can never get the temperature in my bedroom right at this time of year).

    My comfort scents are citrusy and similar: Miller Harris Tangerine Vert and IPdF Agrumi di Sicilia. For some reason, these are the only two scents I can wear when under the weather.

    I have reached a point when absentmindedness has become a way of life. also, given the extreme chewy tendencies of said basset, who has destroyed more than one perfume sample by gnawing the plastic stoppers(she chose my tiny decant of Seraphim last time I caught her), I no longer hunt for anything for very long. I assume If I cannot easily find something, it went the way of countless pens, bottle tops, furniture, etc. — chewed by dog, never to be reclaimed.

  • Disteza says:

    I have yet to lose a sample, much less a whole bottle, but I’m sure my time will come. I’m very OCD about putting things where they belong though, to the point that I get peeved if my SO puts clothes away and hangs something on the wrong hanger. I suppose that’s the price you pay for knowing where things are, though.
    I also hate the time shift, as I don’t ever get to bed when I want to anyway; the situation has been exacerbated now, and my poor fencing partners will be bearing the brunt of my bitter wrath.
    Fearing said wrath, my SO decided to take proactive measures and made my favorite comfort food: poached pears in vanilla sauce over warm brie and fresh bread. He is wise, and it was verrrry tasty. 😡

  • Mals86 says:

    What am I doing wrong here? I hardly ever lose a sample, much less a bottle… The bottles are in one of two places: current rotation in the two hatboxes on the dresser (one of big bottles, one for minis/decants), and out-of-season in the bedside cabinet. Samples are either a) in the divided craft boxes, organized by house or b) in the little basket on my dresser or c) in my purse. So I may have to hunt a *little* bit, but I don’t turn the house upside down looking for smellies the way I do my keys.

    Could just be OCD, though.

    Hope your allergies settle soon, P. It’s getting bad around here too; my household is sneezing to beat the band. Comfort scents: Shalimar Light, Tocade, and TFBO Voile de Fleur, or Petite Cherie in the summer.

    • Shelley says:

      Hey, to be clear, I rarely if ever LOSE something. What happens is, when I move things to a “more logical place,” I have more trouble finding them… :-w :”>

    • Joe says:

      Mals… you CLEARLY need to acquire more samples and decants! >:)

  • Tommasina says:

    Sorry you’re in a bad way, Patty. It’s the beginning of allergy season here: the windshields of cars now have a light dusting of pale green pollen in the morning. In another week or less, it’s be a 1/4 inch layer, and then it will wash in great, green streams down the streets when it rains.

    My usual comfort scents include Trouble, KenzoAmour + Le Parfum, and LM Vanille Gourmande when I can stomach the intensely-plasticky vanilla (sometimes I love it, sometimes it sets my teeth on edge; Amour is like this but to a much lesser degree). I also used to favor Yves Rocher Cocoon for these times; but for some reason I’ve not been drawn to it at all lately. Must investigate that.

    The only things I regularly lose are decants and samples I’ve seen the previous day, promised in a swap – and then the pixies run away with them. I thus often end up sending much more, and more more precious juice than I’ve offered, to make up for the lack of (insert name of worthless-to-me ‘fume) which has temporarily disappeared. Of course, said worthless-to-me fume turns up the moment I’m back from the PO having sent of the precious substitutions. Damn pixies. As a friend of mine says, the best way to find something you’ve lost around the house is to buy a replacement. I’m not saying I’d necessarily replace worthless-to-me- fumes just in order to send them away again; but the principle is true.

    • zeezee says:

      “As a friend of mine says, the best way to find something you’ve lost around the house is to buy a replacement. ”
      That’s what I say too. It always works, except in the case of a pair of Birckenstock sandals, of all things. Not like you could leave the house with them on, only to return a few shoes short without noticing, right?

      Generally speaking though, I don’t just lose things. My “to keep” samples are meticulously organised and I keep an up-to-date list of my “to swap” ones. Decants & bottles are only ever in one place. Boring, no? Then again, the difference is sheer volume, of course.

      Allergies, ick. I’m glad I don’t live where Tommasina does, I’d die. And taking antihistamine makes me soooo… drowsy… |-)

  • Leslie says:

    I’m with Tiara above; I love DST, once we’re past the transition. I love the longer evenings, and I greatly appreciate the fact that we make a somewhat difficult adjustment in our lives in order to adjust to nature. And really, the birds are noisy by 4:00am with DST; I wouldn’t relish an earlier clock time on *that* concert. And DST gives me more time to be outside, relishing the outdoors while the weather permits.

    It helps that my kids are old enough that the bedtime/sunshine argument no longer occurs, though. Those were tough days.

    So far as comfort goes, I pull out Demeters: Pink Lemonade (I have a thing for lemon) or Egg Nog (thanks for the recommendation, March!). If I’m generally fragile, I crave simplicity. I haven’t tried Lann-Ael; it might well qualify.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Lynne1962 says:

    Isn’t that wild? After a fitful night,,I looked to my comfort drawer (my perfumes, what else?) and pulled out the last dregs of Mazzolari Alessandro. The honey, almond, vanilla took me to a place of comfort and helped me face the day:) It’s similar to Lan-Ael for sure. Maybe I was just hungry??

  • kathleen says:

    Lann-Ael, for me, as well. I’ll not wear it for a while, and then I rediscover it, with a long, drawn out, Ahhhhhhh….

  • Shelley says:

    When I was teaching, we’d often nod knowingly at a behavior and say “transitions are hard.” Then, half the time, someone would pipe in “for the kids, too!” and we’d generally chuckle.

    I love many things about Ben Franklin, but sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t rather have the turkey as our national bird than this knocking the clocks about means of “controlling” time.

    Ah, comfort. Kenzo Amour is a good choice. Depends on the season; Chergui sometimes takes me there, but generally in the fall. True comfort smells are often beyond the bottle for me. As for *locating* bottles and/or samples, for heaven’s sake. Are you trying to out me? Have you been a fly on the wall, laughing at my search for keys, the book I was just reading, the sample I located last week and had a feeling it would be Just Right as soon as the weather turned, like it did today–but now can’t remember where I moved it TO, for easy finding, even though I darn well remember its deep storage spot??? /:) ;);) :”> 🙂

  • BPerf says:

    I feel for you. I seem to be going the same way with the lack of sleep. Also been dragging a sort of sinus infection for the last three weeks. Not really smelling a lot.
    The problem for me is lack of sleep usually kicks off a little headache, which, if not taken care of, turns into a big ugly migraine. Now, there is the god-given Imitrex for that, but since I am still nursing my 6-month-old, I try to take it only in extreme emergencies (and pump and dump, urgh). Of course, whenever faced with even a touch of headache, scents are a no-go for me. Make that any scent. Right now I am detecting a whiff of my hair conditioner and not in a good way. Stupid DST just enhances this pretty picture.
    As far as lost samples – my collection is not that big yet. 🙂

  • Silviafunkly says:

    I am constantly misplacing things, recently lost Vanille Galante (the little travel spray) for a month or so and 2 sets of Tom Ford musks samples are still at large in my (not large) flat. The items normally appear out of the blue in a place where I looked 100 times. Pixies, it must be.

    Speaking of things showing up, I have a decant of vintage Magie Noire for you. I prepared it after you came over but never sent it… apologies !

    For comfort lately I have turned to Vanille44 and Sonia Rykiel Woman.

  • chayaruchama says:

    Poor Snooger 🙁
    Feel better, sister.

    Womenopause makes sleep thorny anyhow, but DST don’t help at all…
    I “Oriental Lumpur”-ed myself last night, for ‘curried sleep’…
    Maybe NOT such a great idea ;-0

    Roses, spices, and musky, creamy stuff help me sleep.
    Anything too green and stimulating, and I’m AWAKE 🙂

    That, AND Pema Chodron droning on in my ear;)

  • Tiara says:

    I seem to be in the minority — I love DST! The neighbors venture out after dinner and we catch up after yucky winter weather. I don’t get the reasoning behind it, though. My father (who worked on a family farm when young) swore the whole thing was cooked up by Congress only so they could play golf in the evenings! He said in the summers on the farm they were in the field shortly after sun-up and headed in shortly before sundown and it didn’t matter what time that happened.

    I don’t have a comfort scent but after reading how Lann-Ael makes you feel, I wish I did.

    Out of curiosity, does Lann-Ael mean (if anything).

    • Tiara says:

      Make that “Out of curiosity, WHAT does Lann-Ael mean (if anything).”

      • Claudia says:

        According to Basenotes, Lann-Ael means “angel heath” in the Breton
        language. What that has to do with the perfume, who knows?

        • Shelley says:

          Well, I’m not sure what it has to do with it…but it seems to hit closer to the mark than my associations with some Ricardo Montalban-like character in a Star Trek movie. Or a species of Rainbow People in the Avatar sequel.

          Actually, come to think of it, that second one *does* kind of tie in with Froot Loops….

  • Astra says:

    Gah, pollen! I am feeling it now but moreso am feeling the dread of knowing that April/May approaches when I am rendered completely inert. My current comfort scent, which I put on yesterday to get through the time change, is Delrae Mythique. Such a lovely, buttery presence.

  • Kim says:

    I have blended methods – the ‘love it – hate it – let me think about it’ drawers each are organized by house. And who knows where those lost ones go but a sure fire way to make them appear is to hit the purchase button on my new order to repurchase them!

    For comfort scents I go to my long-time pre-perfumista loves – Chanel No 5 (EDP or extrait) & Paloma Picasso. They don’t sit ON me but WITH me. They are so familiar that I don’t have to think about them if I don’t want to do so. I know them well, I don’t have to pay attention to how gorgeous they are, how they change as I wear them, what they will do next – I can just let them be with me through the day. Yet they are lovely, calming, at times even amazing, and make me feel so ‘me’.
    That is comfort to me 🙂

  • Ann N. says:

    Yep, DST is a real bear. “Wahhhh …. why do I have to go to bed when it’s still light out? It’s not fair!” whines my son. I’m holding tight to my beloved comfort scent, Theorema, to help me ride out this wretched adjustment. As for my storage system, it’s pretty simple: one dresser drawer for spring/summer scents and one for fall/winter. Not very sophisticated, but I can usually find what I need somehow. Patty, hope you’re feeling better. Remember, this, too, shall pass. Hang in there!

  • DinaC says:

    I also hate daylight savings time. To me, there is no justification for it anymore since we aren’t an agrarian society. We have electricity people! When it gets dark, we can turn on the lights! Ugh.

    My perfume collection isn’t large enough to lose track of anything unfortunately. For a comfort scent, I often turn to Kenzo Amour.

    • Mals86 says:

      Just wanted to point out that farmers hate DST starting THIS early, because it’s still dark at 7:30am (normal start-of-the-day time). In another six weeks it’ll be fine.

      If DST is supposed to reduce electricity usage, why are we getting up in the dark??? Arrrgh.

  • Erin T says:

    I think I could get to like DST – I need those extra hours around dinner time – if only I could just give in to the crankiness, like my daughter. She acts like a little bear for the first two hours, like most children. It’s hell becoming an adult. Or a female adult anyway. Hubby just sleeps in and blames his thyroid.

    I will tear this feathering house apart looking for a sample – for days. The most recent one to escape my clutches is Heeley Cardinal.

  • Louise says:

    I am a fairly poor sleeper, with a school teacher schedule (hi, Rosarita!), so DST just adds an acute element to my chronic crankiness :-w

    I have only a vague organizational system for my perfumes. And life. So I do misplace scents, but they usually come back to me when I least expect it. My decant of Tonka Imperiale got wily with me a few weeks ago, then showed up on my bedside table where I’d looked at least 5 times. F-ing house elves, playing mischief =:)

    I have been getting phantom sniffs of incense for a few days (one of the nicer side effects of migraines is that I get olfactory auras), so I’ll go with Black Cashmere or Messe de Minuit today. No crypt on the latter, btw, on my skin-just incense and a touch of vanilla.

    Happy Adjusting, Americans :-b

  • Fiordiligi says:

    We haven’t changed our clocks yet over here, so for the next two weeks the time differences are an hour less – very confusing all round. I just can’t stand the time change – really pointless.

    I am not terribly organized with samples or even perfume bottles. I think I am in denial about how many there really are. I have a display of Guerlains on my dressing table and also have two deep drawers full of other Guerlains (mostly bottles but also some precious decants of Ancient Wonders and Patty, what do you mean, they aren’t all lovingly decanted by the morning light into precious handmade glass…..etc etc….??); everything else is more or less disorganized. I lost my Dioressence for a few weeks a while back.

    Comfort scents? I’m not sure I use perfume in that way, but Spiritueuse Double Vanille would be the type of thing, as well as the Etro and Piver Heliotropes and probably Loukhoum Eau Poudree.

  • rosarita says:

    DST – don’t get me started. I’m in IN where we’ve never done it and we’re on the cusp of EST and CST; now we are on EST all the time. I get up @ 4:30 for work, so when I need to go to bed, the sun’s shining and the neighborhood kids are playing. Argh, I hate DST. :-< Barbara Bui is my cuddly comfort scent, and Niki de St. Phalle my lost bottle (I still have the box for some reason, but can't find the bottle anywhere.) I need to try Lann-Ael, it sounds so nice right now. Hope you feel better soon, P |-)

    • Musette says:

      You are in the weirdest state, A, as far as DST goes. Isn’t (wasn’t) there part of the state that did and part that didn’t? Or maybe it’s that you didn’t but everybody else did so I was always screwed up about what time it actually was in IN.

      Or maybe I’m just screwed up!:-?

      xo >-)

      • rosarita says:

        Nah, you’re right. The part closest to Chicago was on CST; the rest of us were on EST half the year and CST the other half. I kinda liked it bcs TV shows were on an hour earlier in the summer, so whatever I missed in the winter I could catch up on. But with DVRs and Hulu, those days are gone. 😡

  • Winifreida says:

    My samples are baggie-d according to house and organised into two boxes: the ‘use this up because there are hundreds of dollars in there pile’, and the favorite houses pile amongst which reside future full bottles. And so far I am remembering where everything is. Full bottles and large decants , which grew exponentially as the mania took hold, are in a tall shelf-y thing that I have covered with black-out drapery. I am gradually lowering the ‘WTF did I buy that fors’ to floor level, there is a full Guerlain shelf, a couple of nice general shelves, and a top shelf with all the little ones and decants.
    Now summer is on the run Downunder, I am already feeling the need to rotate the winteries to the front (to me the drys, spices, woods, ambers, and the ‘caramel breads’ as I call those related to the lovely and unique Lan-ael!
    Perfume, clothes, food, and wine are so closely allied to the seasons…

    • Shelley says:

      Mmmmm, “caramel bread”…I think I know just the type you mean…and those would be comfort-in-winter for me. 🙂

  • Eric says:

    My sentiments exactly on Daylight Savings Time. I don’t really lose much technically (I’m a college student so my auto-awake is 7:30 on a bad day), but it’s so jarring. “Isn’t the sun supposed to be… up…?” “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY IS THE SUN IN MY EYES WHILE DRIVING TO SCHOOL FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS?!” Not to mention having to sit elsewhere for lunch because the sun just ever so slowly creeps directly where I sit and blinds me every time I lift a fork. Etc. Etc.

    I counted my samples yesterday (against my will, of course) and I only had 70+*. So misplacement is pretty rare, though those samples are such tiny buggers…. But I was driving and, at a stop light, realized that I was naked (or scentless, same diff). So I pull out my brand new Vetiver by Lubin sample(This is going to be my next FB purchase. Now that I’ve bought China White, nothing’s going to side-track me this time) and apply. As soon as I cork it, I drop it. Between my seat and that division-between-the-driver’s-seat-and-the-passenger’s-seat-where-the-stick-shift-and-cup-holders-go thingie. Never saw it again. Not to mention the love-of-my-life PG Cuir d’Iris sample that fell in the same way. Perfume-related automobile accidents just leave me devastated. 😉

    I don’t really have a set comfort scent. I guess I’m just comforted by wearing what I’m craving?


    *I have so much work to do….

    • Eric says:

      Actually, that reminds me, I had a teensy sample of (current/somewhat current) Mitsouko in extrait that I misplaced and, though based on the two hardly-test tests I would swear the EDP is as good if not made better by the price, I would LOVE to give it a proper testing. That’s another bottle I need. x3x

  • Arizona does not do Daylight Savings Time, but we have a cat that does. He can divine where the sun sits, just below the horizon, and demands to be let out. Each morning, I hate myself for having permitted him the run of the yard. After 10 years of peeing in a litterbox, he has completely forgotten what they are for, and if I am not fast enough to let him out in the morning, there is a price to pay. So in the dark, I wish for a cat whisperer. Someone who will keep me from getting up at 5, not for yoga, but for Buster.

    I will never find a perfume when I need it. I’ve tried various methods, but either I can’t remember who made it, or what the name is, really, so I have a filing system of “love it” “not so much,” “would rather eat glass than wear this” (well, if you don’t keep those, you are doomed to ordering them again.)

    I wore 31, Rue de Cambon all winter. Now that it’s warming up, I’m thinking something green. I have a sample of Ninfeo Meo (who came up with THAT horrible name? Slap them with a frozen carp) coming, and I hope it works. I’m not a big fig fan, so we’ll see.

    • Musette says:


      Hi! have you tried Jacomo? I wore that yesterday (I replied last night – today is gonna be the silvery-green Charmes y Feuilles. It’s a rough day here today (my dad fell last night – he’s fine now but it was a rough morning). A very quiet green that has that tinkly little brace of mint. Another great green is No 19 as you no doubt know. I’m not One With the Fig either, preferring grassier/slicier notes.

      I’ve lost many a sample, only to have them show up later in the EXACT spot I looked for them!:o Some friends have these tiny little bronze figures – they are the sprites who come out and snag your earrings, samples, etc – once they’ve enjoyed them for awhile they usually return them.

      Good an explanation as any!

      xo >-)

      • Ohhh, thanks for the Jacomo tip. I haven’t ever worn that. And yes, it’s the grassier, slicier (what a great image!) of green I like. A bit of mint is clever, a lot makes me smell like a Doublemint Twin (I’m big enough to be both of them). So, off I go to find Jacomo!

    • Maggie says:

      Quinn, Your cat story made me laugh. My two are the opposite, refuse to “go” outside & have to come in to use the litter box. This can cause problems if somebody gets too distracted playing with bugs or leaves & there is a mad last minute dash through the back door to the laundry for much needed relief.

      I’m fairly good about knowing where all my perfumes are but I have trouble with books – I have more than once bought something which I realise after a few chapters I have already read.

      • My worry is that this is a 10-year old cat who has used a litter box all his life. He was attacked by another cat who climbed over the fence and I think it’s a psychological thing. I don’t care, it still smells like industrial cleaner in my house.

        I’ve done the book thing, too. I don’t want to tell you how many samples of Bois Farine I have. Each time I read the description, I think, “Oh, lovely,” and each time I wear it, it’s “Yechh, again1”

        The same is true of that summer one from L’Artisan that smells heavenly for 10 minutes and then drags some wet mildew into the mix, totally confounding me.

        • Maggie says:

          No that doesn’t sound good, poor puss & poor you. Does your vet have any suggestions? These weird psychological tics cats sometimes develop are the worst.

  • Joe says:

    Oh! You’ve shattered my illusions! Here I thought every decant was affectionately metered out personally by you… like those gifts of preserves with a calligraphy label that reads, “Handmade with Love by the Haettenschweilers.” 😮

    Have I misplaced a vial or decant? Lately that seems like all I do, but luckily I’m distracted by some other shiny smellie before I get too agitated. What’s terrible is that feeling of I-know-I-just-saw-that-damn-thing-yesterday. I’ve been toying with Monica’s idea of cataloging every decant. Insanity.

    As for comfort scents, I think they change for me, but often I’ll grab something like Bois Farine or TDC Bois d’Iris (which always soothes me). Or heliotrope scents like Etro or even Rahat. Or something richly warm and luxurious that makes me feel like I’m wrapped in cashmere blankets: Jubilation XXV.

    (PS: I HATE how dark it is at 6am again, but I love the evening light! Feel better!)

  • Flora says:

    Aargh, I HATE DST so much, and I am feeling every second of that lost hour today!

    I once lost a gift Montale sample for a year (Aoud Queen Rose!) – that was before my local store got it – I looked everywhere, and one day it magically showed up – shortly after my boutique got the line in, of course! Also, if someone can PLEASE tell me what the heck I did with my Jan Moran book, I have been looking for it forever, and every time I think I know exactly what box I packed it in, it’s not there. Not sure if I am just now going crazy or if that ship sailed a long time ago.

    My comfort scent for sleepless nights – or any night – is Joy EDT. I spray it on my sheets and it really does affect my sleep – I sleep like a baby and have really great dreams. 🙂

  • Lisa D says:

    That’s so timely; I just bought Lann-Ael! It is magical, and it makes me happy – for about ten minutes – and then I feel the need to re-apply. I can’t tell if it does indeed disappear, or if my nose simply gets accustomed to it. Lostmarch needs to make this in an EDP, because at this rate, I’ll run out of 100 mls by next week.

  • mary says:

    I’m still searching for a lost bottle– my husband brought me a bottle of Chaos from an airport gift store around 1998 or so. I remember I had to store it away during my 1998-99 months of pregnancy, because the smell which had once been so delicious was now overwhelming. I wish I knew what I did with it. I started looking through old storage boxes when my perfume-mania hit last summer. I am also dragging my way through the DST transition–not as healthily as you–(I don’t suppose there is any way to find a justification for white wine and girlscout cookies in the south beach diet plan? I didn’t think so. )Hope you feel better! Think I’ll try to get some comfort out of Ineke Evening Edged in Gold– yeah, that might work better than dosidoes–

  • tmp00 says:

    you’ve inspired me to wear that tomorrow!

  • Monica says:

    In the last few months or so I’ve decided to incorporate my US collection of decants and my Taiwan decants. First comes the crazy excel file. Merging is fine except then I had to weed out all the ones that might have gone bad in the last 5 years, didn’t make it when I moved, were given away, etc. Then I started to sort through bottles of different sizes, sprayers, roll-ons, pour… square, round, retangular… goodness gracious soon the excel file was marked with different colors for different drawers, different heading for different bottles…

    Man I miss the days when I know EXACTLY where my decant was! Can someone tell me where my L’artisan La Haie Fluerie du Hameau is?? (still missing and given up all hope)

    Really one day I will buy decant bottles all of the same size so they fit nicely in my drawers (preferably square)… samples, well that’s another story all together.

  • Musette says:

    Patty, I so feel your pain:(( I, too, am suffering from the DST Syndrome of Doom. Not enough sleep, everybody cranky.

    Yoga sculpt sounds gooood. Heck, Yoga Anything sounds goood right about now. But not as good as sleep.

    xoxo >-)

    ps. Silences today. excellent.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Funny, I am exhausted and headachy today, and my throat is sore- a sure sign that a cold is coming. My comfort scent today was Kiki, then Caron 3ème homme, but I tend towards Kenzo Amour parfum and similar sweet fumes when I’m sick. Though sometimes they can be cloying. I’m quite enjoying the lavender right now though. Feel better soon!