The Sunglass Edition – and some Iriss

Today is sunglass porn!  I was feeling foolish and embarrassed about how many sunglasses I have until we saw the Grace Kelly fashion exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.  She had a pair of sunglasses for all of her outfits, lots and lots of sunglasses.  Like 100x more than me. I feel virtuous with my toomanybutnotthamany pairs.

While we were in London, I did need a new pair. The pair I brought with me did have a missing piece on the ear which made them scratchy.  Really.  Oh, whatever.  So we shopped for sunglasses at Harvey Nicks. Have I mentioned that you can spend the entire day in Harvey’s?  You’ll run out of money before you run out of time.

Lisa tried on some blue sunglasses and asked me my opinion. I tried to give her one and then just had to default to the fact that I don’t like blue sunglasses, too ’80s or ’70s or some decade that annoyed me, so no opinion from me.  I know the picture isn’t that clear, but those are bright blue sunglasses I have on my face to the left. Apparently I make an exception for Pucci blue sunglasses.  I fell for these in like a minute. The design on the earpiece is just gorgeous and they wanted to come home with me. Is my chin really that big?  I had to do this with the inferior iphone camera since my little cute Canon monster ran out of battery.

The Puccis were lonely, so they were joined by this really classically lovely pair of Chanels that are a brown-black with a lovely framing.  BTW, note how much better my eyebrows look today, fresh from a wax and tint.  These are sunglasses that really do go everywhere. I have another pair of Chanels that are frameless, and I do love them, but they’re much more casual.  These are casual but could be the dressy sunglasses too.  Someone better stick them on me at the scene of the accident if I’m too unconscious, mangled or dead to do it myself.  Because I want to go out of this world or to the hospital in these shades because it will make something downright unpleasant a little bit fabulous.

An update on the Xerjoff Iriss. I did get a small amount of it. No, you can’t get the refill unless you own the bottle, per Parfums Raffy. If you’re big iris fan and can find a few friends, it may be worth it to get the small Murano bottle of it and a refill and split it.  It’s still pricy, but this stuff is Grade A gorgeous iris.  Interesting thing on it, when we stopped in at Roja Dove’s, they told us that the iris essence in there is from Robertet. Well, no wonder! Robertet is producing some pretty spectacular materials, and I’m sure the loads of iris in there is not cheap.  A couple of the factories we went to gave us the pricing on iris, and it’s in the thousands for a small amount of the great stuff.  The Xerjoff Iriss is a silken, elegant  iris.  Velvet rooty in one aspect and shimmering in another.  It doesn’t really possess that earthy tone, but it doesn’t not have it either. I know that doesn’t make sense. It’s like the earthen tones are inside of silk and cashmere.  You know they’re there, but they’re so wrapped up in fine, cute frilly teddies and panties underneath that mink wrap, you just don’t care.

It is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for an iris perfume, but it is one of the best I’ve smelled.

We did learn one other thing at Roja Dove, but I can’t tell you what it is yet. I don’t want to jinx it. We were told what formula he was given to join his private collection perfumes as No. 15.  I can’t tell you, but you can speculate.  And I have enough of the Iriss to give away two small samples to commenters.   So talk to me about your sunglasses – hate them? buy them for $8 a pair at 7-11? have a collection you’ve always been afraid to talk about?

  • Linda says:

    My glasses are not nearly as stylish as yours, but I got them for about $16 from an online seller — did you know you can get your prescription and then have it filled online, direct from China, for cheap!? Love it, especially as I am forever breaking my glasses.

    Oh, do enter me in the drawing, if it’s not too late!

  • Kate says:

    My fave sunglasses are some vintage Ray Ban aviators that give me the excellent fly-face look. I’d love to try the Irissssssss.

  • KathyT says:

    I’m low maintenance because I can’t keep up with more than one pair at a time, and I keep them until they are falling apart. I have a newish pair of Maui Jims that suit me fine. I do love your Chanel sunglasses though, but I shudder to think what would happen to them if my 5 yr old got them in her sticky hands!

    The iris sounds lovely, but it’s too rich for my blood. I’ve been enjoying Dzongkha this summer because the heat seems to bring the iris.

  • Ashne says:

    Hey Patty! How does the Xerjoff Iriss compare to SL Iris Silver Mist and TDC Bois d’Iris?

  • Cheryl says:

    Sigh. You had to emphasize how gorgeous and high quality the iris is. Instant LUST. Please enter me in the draw. I can’t contribute to the sun glasses talk…they all look ridiculous on me. I’m a freak. Not the look you want in sun glasses!:(

  • L says:

    My eyes have been extremely light sensitive for years now, following a mild head injury. But then, needing sunglasses every time you leave the house is a relatively fashionable impairment and so I enjoy that side of it and do own quite a few nice shades. I love Tom Ford’s sunglasses line most of all, but haven’t invested in any of those, yet.

    Please do enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  • Divalano says:

    Why, Chanel of course, & love yours. Mine make me feel classic black ‘n white movie queen elegant, even in jeans. Love ’em. One pair, prescription, they cost a fortune once the lenses are paid for. Buy the frames at the annual Union Square Optical half off sale ;)

    Iris? Yes please, please put me in the draw!

  • Kitty says:

    Love your sunglasses! I have one pair as they’re prescription and that’s all I can keep track of. However, I have several pairs of glasses, as I had to start wearing them later (unlike my husband who started in third grade). While they are a necessity, they are also a fashion accessory – jewelry for the face and everyone needs a little jewelry now and then.

  • bouginvillia says:

    I have a pair of fabulous judith lieber sunglasses I got at TJ Maxx for less than 50 dollars. I saw the same pair online for $800, which is utterly ridiculous by the way. But nonetheless, I felt like a snagged a deal. My pair of glasses before that was a pair from Wal-Mart that I had for 6 years. They had been like a bad penny. Everything else would break or get lost except for them. And although they were ugly, they were extremely comfortable. I was actually sort of sad when they finally bit the dust.

    Please enter me into your drawing!!! Thanks!

  • CynthiaW says:

    I love the Puccis – but they would be too big for my face. That’s the problem with sunglasses in general right now, for me anyway. Big is in and I can’t do it.

    I do have several pairs of sunglasses, but I almost always wear my Serengeti Drivers – so fabulous for cutting down the glare. Of course, I have a few different styles of those as well.

    The Iriss sounds fabulous – I don’t know how I’d ever justify the cost though.

  • Janet says:

    Good sunglasses are so worth the money! I now need cataract surgery from too much sun as a teenager! Yours look great.

    Please enter me in the draw. The Iriss sounds lovely.

  • Daniele says:

    I wear glasses and can’t afford prescription sunglasses, so I just spend my summer in a perpetual state of squint. I’d love to be able to wear big fashionable pairs like those, though… I think they really complete a summer outfit. And they’re good for your eyes and eye-wrinkles, too! When I get laser eye surgery I’m going to be all over those puppies.

  • odonata9 says:

    I am in the cheap-o crowd when it comes to sunglasses (and most other things too)! I usually get mine at Target or Marshall’s. Except for that one pair of Oakleys I got in high school. I think it was ingrained in me as a child that sunglasses should be cheap because they would inevitably be lost or sat on. Ah well, more money for perfume! Thanks for the generous drawing – would love to try it!

  • maggiecat says:

    We were separated at birth, I swear. I love sunglasses, but tend to buy them cheaply because I tend to lose them. I have one pair of Chanels and would love to find another. I’m always trying them on…waiting for my ship to come in so I can afford to buy some more! (and perhaps also hoping I’ll grow up enough to stop losing my things so often, but that may never happen…)

  • Lilybug says:

    I don’t own any sunglasses , which possibly accounts for all the fine lines around my eyes. I’ve just never found a pair that felt and looked ok. Maybe I should take the leap and see if I grow accustomed that way. Scarves I can relate to!

  • Paige says:

    The iris sounds like heaven…thank you for the chance to try a sample! Love the shades:)
    I’ve been wearing a pair of vintage Gucci sunglasses that my Mother gave me. We found them while I was helping her clean her garage and this was my reward. The frames are a greenish-black transparent color and the lens have the same colors but with an ombre effect. These are huge which is great for the hellish sun that’s been hovering over us this summer. The frames are not that attractive on my face as these do give a ’70s vibe but I can’t help it, I’m in love with this pair.

  • Tiara says:

    Gosh, I wish a) I could afford to drop some big bucks on WOW sunglasses and b) that I could get by with big frames like these.

    I have to do smaller frames and the darker the lenses, the better. Seeing as how I drop them, sit on them, lose them, cheap is best so I’m definitely in the $8-$10 camp. Although not too long ago I splurged and paid $17. Woo-hoo!

    Would love to try the Iriss-thanks for the chance!

  • k-scott says:

    Beatiful sunglasses dahling!!! I used to buy the cheapos, but always broke or lost them. Now have black Chanels and brown and gold Pradas (which are my prized possession), and I’ve had both of those bad boys for 3 years (knock wood!). Some people say that their cheapo glasses last forever and they immediately lose or break the pricey ones; I’m the opposite. If my sunglasses cost $350 they get watched and pampered like a newborn child.

    Please enter me in the draw, thanks Patty!

  • Musette says:

    I am nearly blind and my eyes are uncomfortable in contacts so it’s prescription-wear all the way, baby! I have two pairs of Jackie O-types one in tortoiseshell and one in black – TONS of compliments on those. In fact, I’m on my way to the optometrist to get the lenses replaced, as they are over a decade old.

    My regular glasses are bi-focals and they are becoming increasingly difficult to wear, while working on the computer – something tells me bi-f is not the way to go for me. If I change these lenses out it will be with Transitions lenses – I hate always having a pair of something stuck in my shirt (besides, the girls, I mean!)….and the Jackie Os are dumb looking unless they are tinted, though they would’ve ROCKED as glasses back in 1980!


    oh, meant to say: a) you do NOT have a huge chin – that is a stupid angle. The Chanel chin is more like you.

    b) those Chanels. swoonalicious!

    c) please enter me in the draw. thanks!


  • Karen G says:

    I buy a few pairs of super-cheap shades every summer. It would never occur to me to spend more than $20, because I am constantly sitting on them or dropping them, or permanently misplacing them. So it’s cheapos for me!

    That Iriss has been on my to-try list forever, so please throw me in the hat. Cheers!

  • Gretchen says:

    Love sunglasses for looks, but function comes first: 100% UV protection, full coverage of my main field of vision (catseye types fail at this, alas), and earpieces that do NOT block my peripheral vision. (How can people drive in those cute styles with the broad earpieces? Oh, of course. . . they drive like crap.) Mirrored lenses are a plus, so that people can’t make eye contact with me, but I can do without them. I used to pay big bucks for RayBan sport glasses, but one pair broke, then one was stolen, so now I just buy cheap but suitable pairs at sporting good stores. Your picks look great.

    Please enter me in your generous drawing!

  • lemonprint says:

    I never had sunglasses till I was able to purchase prescription sunglasses – and I think they are SUPERNEAT and they make me superhappy!

  • LindaB says:

    I have tried on and purchased so many darn sunglasses but always return to two favorite pairs: brown aviators and black Guess cateyes. These two styles seem the best for my face shape. I have been lusting for white sunglasses for so long, but have yet to find a pair that don’t look ridiculous on me. Sigh.
    Love the Chanels on you! GORGEOUS!!!!

    Please enter me in the draw…thanks much!

  • Jen says:

    Unfortunately I too am a member of the one pair of prescription sunglasses club. My prescription is hideously expensive and I also have a nonexistent nose bridge – so I pretty. much have to have nosepieces on all my eyewear. Next pair of sunglasses I buy I intend to splurge on though – given those rather restrictive parameters. Please enter me in the draw – I adore iris.

  • Dionne says:

    I was wondering the same thing, Datura.

    Put me in the $9 from Wal-Mart crowd, because I lose and break them waaaay too often. (Case in point, I bought a pair three weeks ago, and my 5yo broke them yesterday while playing dress-up.)

    If I’m going to splurge, it’d be perfume or scarves.

  • Datura5750 says:

    Love my Tom Ford sunglasses, always feel like a movie star with them on…The power of advertising…..only purchased on sale..
    Are you hinting at Ir*s Gr*S?

  • Tom says:

    I buy a new pair of sunglasses every year at the LA Eyeworks sale. I usually spend about $25-$35 bucks on ones that retailed for about $300. Love that.

    That means of course that I have about 15 pairs all over my place..

  • Disteza says:

    I have exactly one pair of prescription sunglasses, not because I have poor vision, but because I had to get especially dark lenses due to my photosensetivity. They’re Michael Kors frames, and lenses that have been tinted so much that they’re almost like looking through a welder’s mask, but since they stop the migraines, I love ’em!

  • Andrea says:

    And here’s me, poor unterling, always owning exactly ONE pair of them that just replaced the last pair that was broken, lost, floated, twisted, jumped upon, scratched, sqashed upon me. My Sophia Lorens. My Steve McQueens. My Gina Lollobrigidas, My YvesSt.Ls. My Catherine Deneuves. Why oh why.

    Re Robertet Material:
    There is somebody here from my village who, inherited from a relative holding an interdisciplinary chair at Vienna university researching scents and frags 400 litres of material (all known producers, exc. Takasago). A whole range. 2 lumps of Ambergris. 1 Kilo Iris-root powder, 1 liter of Rose Abs., Mys. Sandalwood. Mostly in their original canisters, many of them still sealed. Right now it is all stored in his cold cellar. Some of the stuff is drop dead gorgeous. He is going to auction much of it off on German Ebay during the next months, so watch out…

  • Ari says:

    LOVE those Chanels. I’m currently trying to get those hipster Ray-Ban style sunglasses that the kids are wearing these days to work for me, with mixed success.

  • Fiordiligi says:

    More great pics! The Puccis are delightful indeed. I am very fond of my Bottega Venetas which I have actually had for a couple of years – love them so much I am happy to keep them. Yes, they are large but they suit me very well I think. I also have some pale pink Chanels with graduated lenses which work as “winter sun” sunglasses and some old Armanis in the glove compartment of the car for emergencies. Oh, and I have prescription sunglasses for reading in the sun on hols which are Gucci. Hmmm. I seem to like sunglasses.

    That Xerjoff – I’ve been resisting that line at Roja’s but it sounds extremely enticing……

  • Suzy Q says:

    You look great! I always had a thing for sunglasses too but now I only have one pair–prescription lenses. But they’re French! And they rock!

    I’m almost afraid to try this iris but I’ll be courageous and throw in my hat.

  • Fernando says:

    I wear glasses (for nearsightedness, and now for the usual problems of age as well) so I don’t get to do sunglasses. But my normal glasses are the kind that gets dark in the sun. So only automatic sunglasses for me…

  • waftbycarol says:

    I rationalize good sunglasses because I live in the sunshine Stae and on a sailboat…the best pair I have ever owned were Persol , they went overboard one unfortunate day , and I have not replaced them . My gucci’s rusted ( yeah , rusty G’s are not fabulous ) so I put them in a drawer .
    Recently , I bought a pair of classic vintage ray-bans that are really great- comfortable , tortoise shell brown frames with dark gray lenses .
    Still looking for another perfect pair of Persols though , they are the most comfortable I have ever owned !
    Love your Chanel aviators , but the Pucci are far too large …
    Please enter me in the draw , Irisssssssss is my preciousssssss….

    • Musette says:

      You live on a sailboat?


      which means, when folks irritate you, you can just hoist anchor and give ’em the slip (heeeheee!)?



      xo >-)

      ps. I owe you an email – got a leetle sumpin’ and boy is it a GREAT sumpin’!

  • mals86 says:

    I’m an $8-a-pair, own six pairs kind of gal. I lose them. I break them. There’s no way I’m putting out the cash for good ones, they’d be busted or lost within weeks. Maybe days!

    But I love those sunglasses on you. The Chanels are classic and the Puccis are funky.

    Would love a sniff of the Iriss, thanks.

  • Debbie R. says:

    You have no idea how much I would love to try that Iriss. I think it is a difficult note for me personally. I couldn’t stand the way SL used it; loved the way Odori featured it; and some day will have to part with the money to sample Fath’s Iris Gris if you still have any at TPC by the time I get around to it.

    I am very nearsighted and always purchase prescription sunglasses when my regular glasses are replaced. (I gave up on contacts during my first experience of being on dialysis.) I really like my sunglasses, but when they are replaced, they will be replaced with something slightly bigger to make sure I’m getting enough eye protection from thhe sun.

    In the pictures above, I love the first one best. Such a pretty temple piece; it goes so beautifully with your coloring.

    Thanks for offering up a small sample prize of the Iriss. It is very generous.

  • Dina C says:

    Love the new sunglasses. Very pretty and sophisticated indeed. I have loved sunglasses since I was about ten years old, especially the big “movie star” frames. My only challenge is finding some that don’t slip down my nose since the bridge of my nose is very narrow. Right now, I’m wearing a tortoiseshell pair that were on sale at Anthro a few years ago, but in the past I’ve worn models by Ray Bans and Adrienne Vittadini. My other issue with sunglasses in general is that I like them to have dark enough lenses so that they actually shade your eyes. Some of the fashion sunglasses seem utterly useless to me.

    I love iris and would like to be entered into the drawing. Thanks!

  • Style Spy says:

    For years I made do with one pair of Ray-Bans – I had Wayfarers for years & years & years even though they really didn’t fit me (I have a narrow face and the bridge of my nose is so narrow that many of my prescription frames have been from the kids’ section). I moved on to another style, which I lost in London a few years ago (dammit!) and when I got back I went on a sunglasses tear for a while. Lucky me, I have a couple of Neiman Marcus outlets nearby, so I’ve scored some faboo ones for under 100 bucks a pair. My favorites are a pair of wire-rimmed Miu Mius with teensy rhinestones around the lenses. I accumulated four pairs (capped off by a gorgeous pair of LVs gifted to me by an extremely generous client) and I’ve been happily living with them for a couple of years now. But I do keep my eyes peeled for a good pair of red ones…

    For those who grind their teeth at the cost of prescription eyewear, I highly recommend I have a couple of great pairs of $13 eyeglasses.

    • karin says:

      Duh! That’s what they’re called – Wayfarers! Couldn’t remember when I wrote my post.

      • carter says:

        Right now everybody in NYC is wearing black classic Wayfarers or some other designer’s take on them (if you look at The Sartorialist’s posts throughout the spring, every single person in them is wearing black framed square Wayfarer-type shades) which is why mine are on the shelf. When they’re no longer the hot trend I’ll pull them back out and start wearing them again.

        • Shelley says:

          Ha! I was the same way with my “Jackie O’s” when the Olsen twins started wearing theirs about.

          Not that I should CARE… ;)

    • odonata9 says:

      zennioptical is awesome! My boyfriend got like 3 pairs for $30. On the other hand, i am picky with a capital P and I have a weird nose bridge, so buying without trying on is just not an option for me.

  • jen says:

    Oh, sunglasses! I live in AZ so they are my scarves. Faves: cat eye I had made into sunnies and faithful raybans.

  • donanicola says:

    Those Chanels are lovely Patty. Chanel sunnies suit me well too but I have only one pair which are rimless and not fashionable right now so they reside in a drawer waiting for times to change (hey wayfarers are back!). In regular rotation I have some big black Oliver Peoples, some big tortoiseshell Burberrys and my favourite weekenders some pretty D & G aviators. Yeah, I love sunnies too :d Ohhh I’m trying not to speculate about Roja’s No 15…….. so to distract me please can I be in the draw!

  • Tara says:

    I LOVE sunglasses. I only have a few expense pairs. I have two Oliver Peoples and one Fendi. I have always coveted Chanel, but for some reason have not been able to pull the trigger. If only I were independently wealthy, I would have a massive sunglass collection. But right now I am happy with what I have although a pair of white Chanel’s are calling my name !!

    Patty, the Pucci glasses are gorgeous!!

    Please enter me in the drawing for the Xerjoff Iriss, I’d love to try it..Thanks

  • Melissa says:

    It’s hard enough for me to hold onto my expensive prescription eyeglasses without 1) sitting on them 2) leaving them who knows where or 3) giving them over to one of the dogs (probably the shiba, not the terrier, Carter!). So, the thought of adding expensive sunglasses to the mix just doesn’t do it for me. Plus, I have a “petite” face that gets engulfed by big lenses. I have one pair of prescription sunglasses with small, decidedly unfashionable frames that fit my face. That’s it.

    As for the Iriss. Please? Me?

  • Mrs.Honey says:

    Ray Bans for driving. They are polarized and fit very close, so light does not seep in. They are non prescription. I have a pair of ruby prescription sunglasses that I wear if my contacts are out.

    Personally, I’m more likely to spend money on the frames (and lenses) for my prescription eye glasses.

    Please enter me in the draw.

  • Ruanne says:

    I love your sunglasses! I love the look of big sunglasses, and I can’t even start my car until I’m wearing them- I just don’t feel fully equipped until I put them on.

    Unfortunately, I have a terrible time finding a pair that looks good on me. My children (my most honest companions) laugh out loud at every pair I try on. If I persist, they eventually approve something, just so I stop trying them on. I think it has something to do with my small face and freakishly small nose. I don’t know, all I know is that it’s a bit of a holy grail for me. I usually end up buying whichever pair got the biggest laughs, because if I can’t look good, at least I can embarrass my children.

    I would love to sample the iris.

  • Olfacta says:

    Mine are Coach, prescription. Black, angular frames, pretty big, with a tiny rhinestone dragonfly on the earpiece. I have a few emergency pair, but since these are Rx I’ve managed to hang on to them — I used to lose more sunglasses than most people ever own. When I lived in L.A. I was always forgetting to take them off before running into the surf at the beach. Bam! Good-bye sunglasses.

    Here in Atlanta, you don’t see them on everybody, everwhere, all the time, like in L.A. My eye doctor said I should always wear them outdoors because my eyes aren’t heavily pigmented, so I do. I’d wear them inside, too, if that didn’t seem weird. I love sunglasses. Can I be in the draw please?

  • SilviaFunkly says:

    Being Italian, my DH says I was born with little holes on my head for sunglasses implants. And he is of course right, for that’s where they are most of the time, on my head like an alice band, summer and winter. I even forget I have them on while in the office, probably look like a right wally.
    My eyes have become very photo-sensitive from years of constant sunglassing but surprisingly I don’t own many, though I buy good quality and have only lost one pair in all these years (still stings).
    As to that Iris, yes please!

  • karin says:

    You must have had sooooo much fun shopping, Patty! Those Chanels are the perfect shape for your face. Love ’em. And the Puccis are so cool!!! I always purchased cheap sunglasses cause I was known to always sit on them, leave them somewhere, mangle them in some way. Bought a pair of nice polarized Ray-Bans at one of those sunglass shops while passing through an airport a few years ago, and they’ve somehow managed to survive! Frames are tortoise shell colored (not black), and not shaped like the classic Ray-Bans. Haven’t been bit by the sunglasses bug, so only have the one pair. But I love lusting after yours! :-)

    Wow, what a cool draw! Please include me. Thanks!

  • london says:

    Some people have a face for glasses and some people don’t. I don’t. Maybe this is just because I haven’t tried the expensive kind of sunglasses. However I do like the expensive kind of iris! So please do enter me in the draw.

  • zazie says:

    I am not a fan of sunglasses, but they are quite necessary at times.
    Despite not liking them, I had accumulted quite a number of them and a couple of years ago I binned them all.
    (I tested them on my spectrometer, and decided they wholly deserved their fate: I wanted my sunglassess beautiful AND good for my eyes. Luxury $$$$ brands had the most crappy lenses, I discovered.)
    Today, I own only three pairs, all priced below 50 Euros.
    One pair of very light and efficient polaroids. A great model, which unfortunately is not always the case with this brand. The lenses they use are always top quality though, despite the low price.
    The second pair is a very flattering diva-esque shape from a small Italian brand, which I adore.
    The third I bought on the street for like 10 euros, because the frame was very nice, and I got the optics substituted with the great eye-friendly lenses for less than 35 Euros. These are a balm for the eyes!
    Oh, and please enter me in the draw!

  • carter says:

    Do you have a terrier? If not, and you can afford to spend that much and they’re not crap (just because they’re Prada doesn’t mean that they’re not crap) and you really love them, I say get ’em. You will wear them for as long as you are terrierless and they will protect your eyes and you will feel happy whenever you put them on and because you feel happy, you will spread that joy out into the world and make it a better place.

    That’s what I tell my husband when I buy a new pair of sunglasses and he says “But you have TWO terriers!” And I say that Dash has lost his taste for eyewear and has moved on to neckties.

    • carter says:

      Well, the PP is messing with me. This comment didn’t seem to go through, so I had to try to remember what it was and repeat it. Sorry for the (sort of) duplication.

      Also, where did my regular gravatar go?

  • Jared says:

    Hmmm…very timely. I have this pair of Prada sunglasses I’ve been lusting over, which I want to take to Chicago to go look fabulous wearing. They’re hundreds. I’m scared. Obsessed, but scared. I’ve never dropped that much cash for sunglasses before…dare I ask for enabling here?

    • carter says:

      Do you have any terriers around? If not, and you can afford to spend that much and they’re not crap (just because they’re Prada doesn’t mean they’re not crap) I say get ’em. You will wear them for at least as long as you remain terrierless and they will protect your eyes and you will get great pleasure from them and will give pleasure to everyone who sees you wearing them with a big happy I-love-my-sunglasses smile on your face.

    • Musette says:

      If you come to Chicago and you do not let us Chicagoans know – well….8-x

      you’re gonna need those sunglasses to hide those bruises! LOL!

      xo >-)

  • lisa says:

    Ah, I’m so jealous that you can wear those lovely, stylish, larger frames that are so fashionable right now! I love those Chanel frames you’re wearing! My face is both small and round, and I look like The Fly in large frames; they swallow me. These days I’m left to rooting around at Target and mall kiosks for the 1-2 pairs of small metal frames that have been lying around the racks for 3 years Seriously, try to find small frames right now….it’s not easy! I am resigned to being permanently out of fashion in the sunglasses department :( I’ve enjoyed reading your dispatches from London and France over the last few weeks.

    Iris is one of the few florals I love; I prefer wearable florals over ones that wear me, if you know what I mean. I’m a big fan of Iris Taizo and Le Labo Iris 39, and would love to try the Xerjoff Iris to see if it’s in the same “spirit” as these. Thanks!

    • carter says:

      Wearing what looks really great on you and ignoring trends is style, not fashion. Fashion is fun, but style is everything.

    • Melissa says:

      Lisa, I’m with you! Tiny face here. Big frames look silly on me too. See my comment below.

      Kinda makes me think of the Olson twins. They wear huge lenses and look like dolls or little girls playing dress-up.

  • mary says:

    OOh lala! Love the sunglasses. I am now in old lady progressive trifocal lenses, which I ahve to take good care of. But I used to love sunglasses– I was especially fond of my RayBans back in the day. And I have always loved wire avaitors, even when they were so passe’. So fun to see them on gys again. Next we’ll be seeing Members Only jackets and Angel’s Flight pants, lol. Please do enroll me for the iris draw– I also am loving iris in many different manifestations–**==

  • zeram1 says:

    Are the Puccis as dark as they appear in the pictures? I personally (as it seems a few of the previous posters) went with prescription auto-darkening lenses. Even with insurance, the Nike glasses cost me over $300. I like them though. Please enter me in the drawing as well (gotta love iris!).

  • Doc Elly says:

    For the chance to win a sample of Iriss, I’ll confess that I hate sunglasses – not that I really need them in Seattle anyway. I think they bring back memories of the torture of wearing real glasses before I got my contacts. I own one pair of sunglasses that I only use when riding on a motorcycle or skiing on a sunny day. I haven’t been doing either often enough.

  • carter says:

    I have lots of pairs of sunglasses, many of them vintage. But then you probably saw that one coming. My favorite brand is Cutler & Gross, which are also the makers of my regular eyeglass frames. I had a cool pair of prescription Chanel frames, but Dash ate them and then buried the bones out back. $450…down The Terrier. If he gets a hold of any of my C&Gs he will have to be killed.

    Dying to Xerjoff, but then isn’t everyone?

  • Lavanya says:

    Loving both the scarf and sunglasses porn! I am not a sunglasses person, but I do love scarves and stoles and yours were beeautiful.

    That iris sounds gawjus!! Pl. enter me in the draw!

  • violetnoir says:

    You look great in those sunglasses, Patty! I love sunglasses, but mine have to be prescription since I don’t wear contacts anymore. That means I only have one pair of fairly pricey sunglasses that I wear every day and try to keep nice for several years.

    But I do love scarves and shawls, and you wear them beautifully!

    Please enter me in the sample giveaway. I loves me some good iris fragrances, and this one sounds divine.


  • candyrabbit says:

    Ah, I knew those were Pucci by the oval thingy on the arm. I can’t wear wire frames, but I have same plastic Puccis with the same deal.

    I love sunglasses, too. I am in complete denial of the fact that I haven’t seen my Oliver Peoples Pandoras for weeks now. They’re, like, the perfect tortoiseshell rectangles, and discontinued. (Yes, I have thought of re0buying them. Sad, I know.)