Chicago – Patty

This will be short because it’s really late!  Had a fabulous meet-up with Anita and Shelley here in Chicago.  That over there on the left is the bag Anita and I visited at the Hermes store. The picture is crap, unfortunately, but it is the most gorgeous shade of green.  $9,050.  Why the $50 do you think?  I mean a nice, round 9k or 8,999 to give the illusion of saving. As Anita says, 9k is the new 5k.  As soon as I don’t have a mortgage payment or utilities to pay and all that other boring stuff, I’m getting this bag.

Quick visit to Hermes that wasn’t so quick. Visited the bag, and then this box below wound up belonging to me. Can you guess what’s in it? Well, you have to guess. First person who picks right will get – we all agreed on the prize earlier over dinner and sniffing this – a small sample of the Xerjoff Iriss.

After Hermes, it was off to Barney’s go visit Anita’s other purse, the Valtrex?  I may not have that right. I’m quite sure I don’t. Gorgeous bag, but too big for me.  Shelley joined up with us there as we wandered through purses, Shelley headed down for a quick spray of the L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse,which she really liked. Then it was time to find some drinks and food.  Lots of conversation and laughing and people watching ensued.  We all can’t help looking at women’s purses and shoes. What is that about?

And we should have known about the dessert.  We saw one dessert go by that was monstrous, but we asked very carefully about this something bottom pie and were told it would feed 4.  Okay, there were three of us, and we don’t mind leaving whatever on the plate, so of course we needed some.  This thing was like 6-8 inches high and about that wide. It was humongous and delicious, and we each had about four bites and called it quits.  It could have fed 10 people easily.

My thanks to Anita and Shelley for a great time, they are always both great company and warm and delightful and funny and entertaining – everything you want your friends to be.  Thank you!

  • Mary says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! For 9.5 G, though, my lifestyle would have me go for a horse and a nice, used Passier saddle and bridle. And would maybe have enough left over for a used trailer. Possibly even an old Toyata pickup truck, if I drove a hard bargain on the horse. I love the Hermes fragrances, and the handbags are pretty and special, but in the realm of fun to look at, for me.

    • Mary says:

      Sorry– just dreamin’ about what I would do with a spare 10G if not for the mortgage, kids’ braces, car insurance, taxes, etc. Did not mean to sound stuffy about the bags–:)>-:)>-

  • Claire Ryder says:

    I bet it is a bangle LOL

  • Kitty says:

    These days I judge purchases on how upset I will be if my Standard Poodle puppy, Moose, eats it. Luxury purses such as Hermes, Chanel, etc, even if I could afford them, are definitely out! But they are stunning and like you, I enjoy looking at them. I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time. Chicago’s a fabulous city for you to enjoy.

    • Musette says:


      The way to avoid catastrophe is to build a room (or a big closet) with a door that closes shut all the way (and possibly locks) and put your handbags in there. A wall unit with individual slots for your bags (and good shoes) works best). If a separate room is impractical, you can retrofit an armoire.

      Do NOT leave them out – I have had some awful experiences when I’ve gotten careless and left a bag or a boot/shoe out….aiiiiy!

      xo >-)

      ps. give Moose a smooch for me, will you? Standard Poodle Puppy = serious smoochability!

  • Tara C says:

    Eric, I saw a man in Paris wearing a silk scarf that appeared to be twisted and then tied around his neck sort of like a collar, with a button-down shirt that had the top two buttons open. It was very stylish and sexy, wish I could find a picture on the web to show you.

  • Eric says:

    Today, my paycheck came and I had the irresistible craving to go to Hermes and pick up a Hermessence travel set. I don’t make nearly enough for anything else. I have a craving for a scarf (multiple per season, really) but I haven’t figured out how to wear a silk scarf in a masculine way and therefore have not started saving.

    That purse definitely is gorgeous. I wish I could see the color, though. Looks brown on my screen That extra 50 certainly does seem strange, though. They must think, “They’re already paying 9,000; let’s see how much more we can add before they stop wanting it.”

  • Scent Genie says:

    All looks nice but will look nicer in The Scent Genie, a new fragrance accessory being launched in September-October 2010.

    Google Scent Genie to see how it works.

    Winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2010!

    Fragrance Lovers Rejoice! :x

    • carter says:

      Okay, now *that* has my attention! Thanks!

      • carter says:

        Unless you’re a spammer, in which case thanks, now go away!

        • Scent Genie says:

          nope not a spammer, just getting the word out to all fragrance lovers! Thanks and have an awesome weekend!

          • Patty says:

            Weird thing about blog readers, you’ll probably alienate more of our readers by commenting without reading the original post or having anything to say about it. Normally I delete spam, but i’ll leave this, but if you post again with a spam link, I will delete it.

  • grizzlesnort says:

    I suppose a purse like that never needs an oil change or a tune up and it does cost less than most cars but I just can’t see how you’d all the kids in it at once ;-)

    • Patty says:

      I have heard the Hermes bags last for decades, which is longer than some vehicles I’ve had. If I sold the truck and got a bus pass maybe?

  • Lynne1962 says:

    Ohhh,,,I want the bag:) Is it the Nomad set? (All green fragrances)
    I like Chicago, too. Glad you had fun!!

    • Patty says:

      I’m not sure what the name of the collection was, but the green color is amazing. You just don’t ever see that color. It’s like that ugly army or khaki green rendered gorgeous.

  • Josephine says:

    Your Chicago visit sounds fabulous! I know, we can’t seem to resist the right bag, shoes and perfume, of course. Thanks for the fun post!

    • Patty says:

      It’s reallly ridiculous. we had the non-mean-girls commentary on, mostly looking for the really fabulous stuff, speculating on what it would be like to be a woman that was pampered and fussed over by someone other than yourself. I’m kinda wanting to know! 🙂

  • Catherine says:

    Since enamel bracelet (and leather bracelet) have been taken, I guess horn pendant!

    Sounds like you all had a fabulous time!

    • Patty says:

      Horn pendant? Yikes, that sounds fun. I really wanted some of the teacups and the saddle. I don’t have a horse, but if I could afford the saddle, I would go out and buy a horse. 🙂

  • Fiordiligi says:

    That Hermes bag is wonderful – is it green or etoupe (taupe)? Mine is that colour. Valextra bags are lovely but tend to be a bit too rigid for my tastes.

    The box containing a scarf is rather obvious; it looks the wrong size too. Can I guess a leather bracelet?

    Sounds like you had a fab time!

    • Patty says:

      it’s definitely green and just gorgeous. I wish the camera had picked up the color better. I should have gotten my real camera out.

      Nice guess, but it was the enamel bracelet. It needs some mates now and seems a little lonely

    • Musette says:


      have the shoulder Kelly in the Vert Veronese?


      I am coming to the conclusion that I am a rigid kinda gal – the Valextra I am in love with (and will probably get when it goes on sale in a year ) is the Carla Reversed (think H’s Bombay, only more structured). If they made it in their midnight blue I would have to boost it right now – as it is I will probably get it in the caramel color – later. On Sale,

      btw – both Shelley and Patty looked wonderful. Patty’s hair is KILLAH!!!!

      And before y’all start yarking me about Hermes .I had to do it, I had to. That horrid girl is gone and the rest of the staff have always been very nice (Alivia, who worked with Patty, is charming) and it’s not like I can find the shoulder Kelly at Macy’s, dammit!


      xo >-)

      • Fiordiligi says:

        Oh no, I have a Birkin in etoupe (you were talking to me, right?) That was my Starter Hermes bag but I’m afraid I haven’t followed up with another yet. A Kelly “mou” is on the horizon but in the meantime I keep being distracted by Bottega Venetas. Sigh.

        • Musette says:


          I gotta come sit by you!


          xo >-)

          well – you should def check out this shoulder Kelly. It is gorgeous!

  • Abyss says:

    I love Hermes, the stores always smell gorgeous :D

    I’m guessing it’s a scarf ring:-?

  • Pamela Ferrer says:

    Gorgeous bag! Is it a wallet or one of those enamel H bracelets:-? It has to be Valextra, Anita’s other purse fr. Barney’s.

  • bryan says:

    I’m guessing an enamel bracelet…one of their beauties. Or the click-clack bracelet with the moving H. I have one and I love it.
    Or a scarf of course…best of the best right?

    : )

    • Patty says:

      Ding ding ding ding ding!!!! It is an enamel bracelet, the taupe with gold trim with the big black stripe in the middle. It’s a foundation piece and now everyone knows what to get me for birthdays and Christmas!!!

  • Mooche says:

    I bet it was Vetiver Tonka. One of my all time favs. Sounds like a nice trip.

  • Kelly says:

    Gah! Missed it by a minute! It’s a scarf.

  • Sara says:

    Well, I don’t know if you need any more after your last trip…but, a scarf?