Dior New Look 1947 (Patty)

Diorrissimo and J’Adore l’Absolu met, had a two-week fling in Tahiti on a bed of tuberose and nine months later Dior New Look 1947 sprung into the world as the fruit of their lusty floral loins.  The End.

Octavian has a great history of 1947 fashion and perfumery.  In the book “Cutting for Stone” that I’m listening to in my car this week, the author notes that we live our lives looking forward, but only understand it looking back.

Demachy, in making New Look 1947 took all the tools of modern perfumery, then looked back at the history of Dior and created a perfume that understands where Dior has been while still moving foward. This isn’t an homage to the great old Diors that still make me weak, but it encompasses what some of them were – the feminity, a little edgy, but not so much that it would tweak any society noses – and infused them with the best of Dior’s modern perfumes.  J’Adore may be a perfume you love to hate, but it sells like hotcakes, and I like to wear it as well. I feel feminine and adorable and sweet, without feeling mass market.  Any perfume company could do a lot worse – and have! – than J’Adore.

So taking the best of their history and modernizing it to fit their current best part of their lineup produced a beautiful, creamy floral that doesn’t scream tuberose, but whispers it like a caress of warm sun on your face.  It is a perfume that is not defined by that note, but never strays far from it.

Listen, I just spray it on with abandon and let the tuberose fall where they may. This is one perfume that I can say – if you love it, you’ll be happy to plunk down the cash for the big bottle since you’ll spray it all over the place – bedroom, sheets, clothes, car.  There are few things that would not be happy smelling like New Look 1947.  You know what? It feels really good to love a Dior perfume again.

I didn’t forget the four sample sets of these perfumes!  Winners are:

Doc Elly, Tiara, aotearoa, and Roberto.

BTW, if you are trying to order these, there is a super-nice salesperson at the Dior boutique at the Palazzo in Las Vegas – (702) 734-1102.  So they’re not easy to get in and sniff, but once you’ve tried them and want a full bottle for yourself or to split, they are darn easy to have shipped!

  • Doc Elly says:

    Oh, wow! I won something!!! I’ve never won anything in an online drawing before, so how do I go about obtaining my sample set?

    Patty, thank you for offering the sample set, and please forgive my ignorance of proper procedures. I’m really looking forward to trying everything.

  • aotearoa says:

    hAPPY nEW yEAR Patty. I won something! – thank you for offering the sample set – I am dying to try the leather oud and as a “nose in training” I welcome the opportunity to sniff anything new. I have not had the joy of smelling any of the old Diors so will have to imagine for now. What a great start to 2011.
    I am wearing a little of some vintage Joy EDP that Lilybug kindly sent me – we are a very small NZ branch of the Perfume Posse…

    • Lilybug says:

      Congratulations aotearoa! You’ll have to let us know what you think when you get it. Glad to hear the Joy is getting wear; I’ve been right into your lovely Mitsouko :)

      • aotearoa says:

        Thanks! I did mean to say that I am,of course, very happy to share this windfall if there are some that appeal… ;).

    • Doc Elly says:

      So you won something, too! How do you go about obtaining the samples that you won? I would have expected to hear something from Patty, since my e-mail is presumably associated with my comment. It’s strange that there seems to be no way to contact anyone directly through this website, including Patty. I’m puzzled.

  • Teri says:

    Slightly off topic, but isn’t Cutting for Stone a wonderful book? Just read it myself a couple months back.

    New Look sounds lovely to me. I still have a few cherished pieces – a coat and a couple of skirts of 1947 vintage – that my mom wore as a college freshman. I occasionally wear them. What fun it would be to have this fragrance to wear along with when I wear the clothes.

  • DinaC says:

    I’m so intrigued and eager to sample New Look. I’ll be in Vegas in February, so if I haven’t tried it by then, I’ll definitely head toward the Palazzo to sniff. I think I could get on board with a mild tuberose. I managed not to get eaten alive by Nuit de Tubereuse, so there’s hope for me yet. :-)

  • Sherri M. says:

    I’m so excited! My sample was in today’s mail! Yay!! New Look is just BEAUTIFUL! I’m thrilled with it! Now if you’re expecting a tuberose like Beyond Love or Fracas, this isn’t it. To me this is closer to Cruel Gardenia or even Iris Poudre. I concur with Mals’ description of the texture as “sueded” and “drapey”. Oh, is my budget in trouble! :-)

  • Josie says:

    Could anybody tell me what concentration these new Dior releases are? EDT?

  • Mals86 says:

    WELL. All I’ve got to say here is, Profanity Profanity CURSEWORD!

    Because I am not getting the lusty floral loins in the least… and you know me and my, er, lust for lusty floral loins. What I am getting out of New Look is something like a lady’s dressing room, all pastel crepe de chine and cold cream and face powder, with one tuberose stem in a vase on the dresser of the bedroom at the other end of the hall. It is lovely, and I find it very, very feminine, but quiet, and barely floral at all. The texture is particularly beautiful – soft, almost sueded, but drapey, exactly like that crepe de chine I mentioned. I do like it, very much, but I was hoping for some wide-load white florals along with my crepe de chine, and I’m not getting them.

    J’Adore L’Absolu and Diorissimo are the only other Diors I really dig (though I’m coming to an appreciation of vintage Poison, dabbed veeeerrry carefully). I tried a generous spray of New Look over a tiny dab of Beyond Love yesterday, to try to amp the florals, but that failed: Beyond Love ate New Look’s lunch, and all I could smell was tuberose.

    As a soft skin scent with something of the gentle grace of, say, DelRae Mythique, New Look is enjoyable. I just wish I was getting the Big White Florals out of it that everybody else seems to be getting. I am gnashing my teeth in jealous rage.

    • nozknoz says:

      Ha, ha – “wide-load white floral” is such a perfect descriptor! Beyond Love is so perfect. I enjoy J’Adore L’Absolu and want to try J’Adore L’Or, too.

    • Gretchen says:

      “Wide-load white florals” – that says it (yep, I’ve worn some in my time).

  • marina says:

    So far underwhelmed, but stubbornly have high hopes for Oud and Mitzah…:)

  • Tiara says:

    This sounds amazing….can’t wait to try it! Ditto what Musette said about on “lusty floral loins” – that’s hilarious but am more intrigued by “whispers it like a caress of warm sun on your face!”

    Can’t imagine myself ever spending big bucks on perfume and spraying with abandon, however.

    And now I’m off to investigate “Cutting for Stone”.

  • jen says:

    I may have to order a Decant of this – lovely review as always.

  • Musette says:

    I am absolutely loving New Look! And your description is perfect – nearly spit out my coffee at ‘lusty floral loins’! Granville is taking a little longer for me to connect with – I ‘ought’ to absolutely love its gin-ny qualities…but I’m thinking it might be a tad too cold and damp for me to appreciate it fully, much as my beloved Brillante loses its brilliance once the snow hits the ground.

    Can’t wait to try the others, though – if NLook1947 is indication, Dior has got some love comin’ to it, big time.

    xoxoxo >-)

  • Style Spy says:

    Oh, I love – LOVE – this stuff. It is absolutely lovely. Scratches my itch for something complex & floral, but at the same time it’s soft and feminine and not in the least aggressive or forbidding. My only problem is that it’s got almost NO stick on me – it disappears very quickly, no matter how I douse myself. Something at this price point I don’t want to go through an ounce every time I wear it. (And I want to wear it a lot.)

  • Sherri M. says:

    New Look sounds beautiful, and I love the name! Doesn’t it sound perfect to start a new year?

    Approaching the lady tuberose with a little trepidation, as usual. It’s like fish…lol…has to be of great quality and well-prepared or it’s just HORRIFIC for me. Thank goodness for Malle et al who know how to handle it!

    Unrelated topic: Patty, I heard you mention Armani Creme Nera awhile back. I found a sample during my cleanup for the Swap, and I second it is WONDERFUL! I’ve also tried alot of expensive creams. So rich and protective, it did not sting my hypersensitive rosacea-prone skin at all (though this is a very thick cream–might not be a good fit for oily skin) and felt very protective, which is critical w/ rosacea. I would highly recommend sampling. I’ve tried lots of expensive creams also, and for the most part found them a waste of $. This one, however, is right up there w/ Sublimage and some of the Natura Bisse’s, in the “worth the money” category. Thanks for the heads up! :-)

  • Fiordiligi says:

    Lovely review, Patty. In fact, I am rather excited about these new Diors so I’ve ordered a set of decants from TPC. It will be nice to start the new year with some different things to sniff!

  • chasa says:

    I am loving these as well, though I haven’t tried New Look 1947 yet. Wearing Leather Oud now (which I didn’t like on first spritz, but I was wearing something else at the time which co-mingled and now, upon further review, it’s lovely), love Granville (to me, it’s essentially all the things I love about gin translated into a fragrance), love Bois d’Argent (not new, but one of those very happy “new to me” discoveries).

    Do you happen to know if the Vegas boutique has the smaller (125 ml, I think) bottles? I am going to be soooo tempted to spring for one or more of these!

  • nozknoz says:

    Just ordered samples of 1947, Mitzah, Leather Oud and Vetyver – CAN’T WAIT! ***stamps feet, rolls on floor flailing arms and legs, etc., reverting to total spoiled child mode*** I actually loved the 1999 J’Adore and enjoy L’Absolu. You’re right, it’s great to love Dior again!

    • Ann says:

      Yes, nozknoz, I’m eagerly awaiting mine and am right there on the floor with you in temper-tantrum mode :)
      Patty, thanks for a great review, as always. It’s really saying something if you’re spraying it with abandon!
      Also, just got the Puro sample I won, yesterday in the mail, so many thanks for that also.