Tiger Powers’ Star Fu$%er

Tiger Powers is the face (and other body parts) of Opus Oils.  Opus Oils is a shop in Hollywood that I really like; they have a winking, playful thing going on that is backed up by seriously nice scents that come in a range of products from oils to body butters.  I’m a big fan of their Dirty Sexy Wilde, and really like a lot of the others, like Jitterbug.  Like those, the nose behind this scent is perfumer Kedra Hart.

Star Fu$%er (the name is redacted since this is a family blog) is a decidedly smooth little number with (quoting from the press release)

Key Notes Include: Lime, Green Mandarin, Lemon Essence, Italian Bergamot, Wild Orange, Orange Flower Water Absolute, Lavender Seville, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Iso-E Super, Amber, Vetiver, Black Agar, & Oakmoss

It’s bracing, smooth and quite wonderful in that Eau Sauvage/Acqua di Parma old school good smelling kind of way and I thank them for that.  While we were having high 90’s and humidity I was surprised at how long-lasting it is.  I wore it to a last-minute garden meeting with some of the locals which involved a lot of cheek-kissing with ladies who move and shake.  A couple of them who could be well described as “Doyennes” complemented me on how delightful I smelled. I didn’t offer up anything but thanks, although I’m certain that they’d merely smile at the name.  It’s a wink and a nod that you could actually take to a garden party or the company picnic or even to be sentenced and think all the while “I smell like outward respectability, but inside I’m still a Star Fu$%er”

Which makes it perhaps an accurate reflection of the Tiger Powers I’ve met.  He’s handsome, intelligent and witty and when he isn’t posing in harness or cowboy drag I’d bet he’d charm the living daylights out of your bosses wife.

Star Fu$%er is available in various sizes and formulations at his website.  If you’re in Hollywood, call ahead and visit the shop.  It’s always nice to spend time with people who are as talented and genuinely nice as are Kedra and Tiger and their crew.

  • Joe says:

    I love the word “doyenne,” as well as the fact that you were cheek-kissing with a group of them.

    Curious about this one since I’ve heard such good things… and far from shocking, I feel like the term “starf**ker” is pretty much generally accepted as the kind of thing you’d read in metropolitan weeklies and magazines everywhere.

    I won a set of the new Bohemes scents (edp versions, I think) from Opus recently, and I’m still working through them, but a few have been really nice. The line is huge, but I’d certainly love to explore it more. Thanks for the review, Tom.

    • AnnieA says:

      There’s a band called StarF-er playing this weekend. When did I get so old I don’t even know the names of new bands, much less what their music is like?

  • March says:

    What a riot. I think I want to try the Opus Oils Toro with the mitti attar, tobacco and blood orange, have you sampled it? “earthy oriental” yum

  • Disteza says:

    I tried a bunch of samples from Opus Oils, and unfortunately on me they were mostly a hot mess. Glad to hear they play nicely with you!

    • Monica says:

      Disteza, I can see that being the case for some people as the scents are often pretty sweet BUT the naturals I bet would do better for you? Just a thought, the all natural scents by Opus are softer- like the new Wild Child.

    • Tom says:

      I’m sorry. Not all of them have worked for me, but the ones that dod really rocked!

  • Musette says:


    I’m throwing this emoticon up here just to see what he does – when I first logged on, he was doing this little dance….

    xoxo your delusional >-)

  • Musette says:

    I think I have a sample of an Opus Oil scent here – must investigate. I went on the site and it’s cute (not ‘twee’ cute – LA cute, like Melrose used to be…remember when it was chock-full of really cute indie shops and was THE place to go? Then, overnight, it changed to a whole different vibe)…anyway, it’s that kind of cute – the good kind.

    xo >-)

    ps. based on the notes, I’ll bet you smelled wonderful!!!

    • Tom says:


      That’s it exactly! Melrose before it was ruined by all the chain stores moved in it was ruined.

      • Musette says:

        That seems to be unique to LA – and it happens so quickly! (that’s what is so weird). I remember when Westwood Village was The Hot Place…and within 6 months of the ‘turn’ it had become the Campus Offshoot from Hell with tube socks and t-shirts in every other window. Maybe it’s the transient ‘hotness’ that does it? BH so rarely changes and the beach seems to stay somewhat stable…but the inland areas are so vulnerable to a quick change.

        Apropos of nothing, I am now craving a Roscoe’s waffle. Damn! :((

        xo >-)

  • tammy says:

    Oh, I have been on a lime kick since discovering Bvlagri Au The Vert earlier this summer….and I am an okamoss ho, too, so this sounds intrruiging!

    How strong is the Iso-E Super? That tends to really blow things up on me.

  • Joanna says:

    I’ve been meaning to place another Opus Oils order and I see I’ll have yet another sample to add now, thanks! I ordered samples of The Absinthe Collection and The Fetish Collection this spring and was given samples of Tramp and Pan by a friend of mine, (At least I think they’re a friend? I hope they weren’t implying anything by gifting me with Tramp. lol) We are in the process of buying a house so sadly my perfume habit is on a hiatus but I would love FBs of Tramp and Absintheo and Pan is one of those scents that I put on and didn’t think I liked but for some reason I can’t quit going back to it.
    Star Fu$%er sounds does sound charming. I’m wondering what wild orange smells like, (I’ve been obsessed with frags that smell like actual oranges and not orange blossoms this summer.) And really how could I not order Star Fu$%er as it obviously belongs right next to Fat Electrician,(Ordered my sample last week.) in the irreverent section of my collection.