Heat Wave

  Musette is panting…it’s 80 degrees here (yah.  right!)


I never paid much attention to Dancing With The Stars, except when Kirstie Alley went on and dropped all that way from moving around so much (note to Musette:  MOVE AROUND MORE).  But I think I am going to have to watch this season.  Where else can you see:


Martina Navratilova in makeup and a sequined dress, looking completely terrified?

Bad-ass Gladys KNIGHT? (she’s rockin’ it but I know Tristan is thrilled it’s a cha-cha, so he doesn’t have to do a lift.  yeah, I said it.  I worship every bone in her body – but there’s some meat on those bones!)


And this child up here.  I have watched a bazillion telenovelas and I have NEVAH!!! seen….well.  Well, let me tell you – he and Cheryl ….I was sitting here with my mouth Open, Dribble (I have to borrow March’s drooling duck here – nothing else will do).  This boy is HAWT!
He is so hot I almost forgot I had to chat with you guys.    But never fear.  I have a fun scent to talk about.  But first, a question:

Why does everybody dis The Rose?  I belong to several perfume forums and pages, etc…and so many people apologize for loving rose scents?   Well Miss Lizzie Zorn is completely unapologetic – and I am so blasted GRATEFUL!


Wait!  Before I get to the review?  May I just say that Urklel ROCKED!  I probably should be embarrassed to be hooked on DWTS – but it’s a guilty pleasure, much like loving the Rose.  So let’s get back to that, shall we?  Okay,  So Liz just released several new Sohivole scents and I was fortunate to win one of her sample sets via her FBook page (the other two in the set are Wild Ginger Chai and Lilas and Narcissus – if you like I can give you my thoughts on those in another post).  Here’s what she has to say about the one I’m wearing right now, Rosa Sur Reuse

ROSA SUR REUSE  – Roses with an Oriental disposition are usually best left to cold winter days. We have taken the concept of  intense Roses and Tuberose and paired them with a bright Black Raspberry accord, Cinnamon and Cloves a hint of Violet and a light Oriental base. The intention was to create a Rose for all seasons.


Well y’all know I will wear a rosy Oriental in the dead of 100+ summer heat, so I can’t relate to this – but I can definitely see where she is going with this one.  I was thinking it was violet that was zinging along in my nose, but it’s the blackberry (it has that salty zinginess like Sublime Balkiss).   – this is a juicy berry rose, perfect for the bizarre weather we’re having right now.  The berry really comes alive in the 70-80F weather and the brisk wind helps waft the rose along and keeps it from fighting with the tuberose.  Liz has definitely put her LizZornade stamp on this – any LZ fan could blind sniff this and know it’s hers.   The rose isn’t blowsy or old-fashioned – it’s got a hint of dirt and thorns that tips it into chiaroscuro.  This does not have one ‘old maid’ bone in its body.  If I weren’t so hefty I would spritz this with abandon (it’s an etd but there’s also a cologne aqueous as well as more concentrated perfume oil  strengths).  Then I’d don one of my corsets, put on some stilettos and go terrify that HAWT boy  man up there.  (btw – he’s now way, WAY hotter than the above photo, which is several years old  – he is now a Man- but I liked the horse)



this is how this child came to rehearsal.  I’m having trouble catching my breath!!!  Gawd help me, I’m A COUGAR!  (or maybe a grand-cougar?  I don’t know the age cutoff for cougarism but I’m willing to take a shot at it, if he is!)


Are any of you watching this show?  Who do you think will advance?  Lord, let it be this gorgeous thing.  And Gladys.  Because she is Gladys.  Or they could just get The Pips in there, knock everybody OUT!

  • nozknoz says:

    You sure know how to get a gal’s attention, Musette! Also love that you picked the less HAWT picture because of the horse. :-)

  • March says:

    I have no idea who that dude is, but I’m thinking I need to watch more television. For purely cultural reasons.

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    Never watched DWTS because it never interested me. Chanel no.19 in EDP form is a very green rose and I love wearing it this time of year. Amouage Lyric for women is another rose dominant perfume. It maybe heavy for summer wearing but it blooms wonderfully in 90 degree heat for some odd reason. But I’ve never held that much interest in wearing rose. I’m enthralled with my Deneuve parfum because right now, it’s the truest hyacinth bloom scent. I love the smell of hyacinth bloom in perfume. I’m looking for a rocking perfume that has a really good lilac in it.

  • austenfan says:

    I am afraid I don’t share your enthousiasm for the Hottie. Sixpacks leave me stone cold, but I know I am in a minority here, and I don’t want to give any offense!

    Living in Europe I have never watched DWTS, but used to be an avid fan of the original dancing show, Strictly Come Dancing, that started all the other DWTS’s. The Len judge on DWTS started on SCD, and up until last season was still part of their 4 judges panel. His last name is Goodman and apparently he is quite well known in the ballroom world. It is a nice concept, and I rather like ballroom dancing, but stopped watching SCD after the 6th season.

    I love rose perfumes. Not all of them, but they can be so good. I spent all last week wearing roses, or roses with a twist. Wore Bois de Paradis, Mata Hari, Paris, Rossy de Palma, Ce Soir ou Jamais, Mille et Une Rose and Nahéma. It was a nice rosy week!

    • Musette says:

      No offense! There’s a lid for every pot, as my vaunted mamita used to say. I am not one of those abs-worshippers, either. This guy isn’t about the abs – well, yes, he is but it’s more than that – there’s a snap and twinkle in his eye that’s just intoxicating – he reminds me of a much larger A. Martinez, who is soooo hot (not ab-y, just …ooh hot). He’s young enough to be my son, which skeeves me out but there’s no denying that he is sexbombalicious. If you like that look!

      Len Goodman is serious about judgemanship (haw. something tells me that is not a word). The little sharkskin guy is just funny!

      Your rose-wearin’ self smelled GOOOOOD! I love all of those!

      xo >-)

  • mals86 says:

    … oh my. (KirstenMarie took the words right out of my mouth.)

    I never watch DWTS – and probably won’t, even with that beautiful boy onscreen. I tend to save my TV time for Big Bang Theory and the Food Network. I am loving America’s Worst Cooks lately, and am SO GLAD that annoying self-centered Tiffany is outtahere… but I digress.

    You know I love me some rose perfumes. This one sounds truly lovely… I keep trying to knock down my indie perfume exploration to just one or two lines (DSH and SSS, and maybe Tauer though I don’t think of him as being so indie these days), and you keep rhapsodizing about Liz, dangyerhide. Heavy sigh. Guess I need a sample of Rosa sur Reuse now.

    Incidentally, having finally gotten my lustful little hands on a small bottle of Deneuve parfum, I realized that it reminds me in a small way of Liz Zorn’s Centennial – though Centennial is… fuzzier? warmer, peachier? more fluffy-puppy and less elegant Frenchwoman?

    • Musette says:

      Jim Parsons is a National Treasure, imo. Dr. Sheldon Cooper (via Chuck Lorre, yet another National Treasure)…actually, the whole ensemble is just pitch-perfect!
      I am stunned that you haven’t leapt into the waiting arms of All Things Zorn. You were made for her – and she for you. You’ll see… 😀

      xo >-)

      • mals86 says:

        Curse you, woman! I just went off and ordered some mo’ Liz samples: the Rose thingy, Lilas et Narcissus, and… what was it? Oh, yes, Harbinger.

        They will join my leetle precious Centennial bottle and the samples of Violets & Rainwater (me likey much, especially after I “got” the dirt. but loved Penhaligon’s Violetta more, prob. for the greens), Writing Lyrical Poetry (holy moly, indoles gaLORE), Lilacs & Heliotrope (very sweet. bottle swapped on, kept a sample), Love Speaks Primeval (I liked, CEO recoiled violently), Green Oakmoss (nice) and Daybreak Violin (sigh, so innocent and lovely).

        • mals86 says:

          I have to say, Liz has the BEST PERFUME NAMES.

          • Musette says:

            Doesn’t she, though? She is a true Renaissance Woman, with so many interests (she is an accomplished painter as well as a musician and makes a mean lentil stew, I hear (haven’t tasted it but would love to go to Cincy sometime and hang out with her).

            Harbinger is lovely. Perfect to wear on a blustery spring day.

            CEO recoiled from LSP? dang. :((

            xo >-)

  • loverdoll78264 says:

    Truly eye candy . . . cougarism here I come too! Just sayin!

    • Musette says:

      Honey, you should’ve seen the little guy judge (there’s the Sexy Sequined Woman, the Old Bailey guy and then the little one on the end in the sharkskin suit – can you tell I don’t watch the show enough? One of them in named Len and that could be any of the 3) – anyhoo, the li’l guy went batcrap CRAZY! over this guy. Just totally lost it! I thought he was going to leap over the judge’s table and take a bite out of him. :))

      xo >-)

  • KirstenMarie says:

    Oh. Oh My. OH MY. You just sent me off to bed (worked a mid, so now it’s sleepy time) with a smile on my face. Oh mymymyMY.

    And I like rose perfumes too. A lot. And him. Wow.

    • Musette says:


      You jes’ don’t KNOW! alas, I don’t get Telemundo down here in Cowville so I will have to catch his online – and I surely plumdiddleydeedo plan to!

      xo >-)