Acqua di Parma Profumata Blu Mediterraneo’s Mandorlo di Sicilia: Afternoon in Capri (Kay)

What to wear in the warm weather? Sometimes I get tired of green fragrances, marines aren’t what I need and the smell of suntan lotion isn’t exotic enough right now.  With this in mind I went stalking the elusive “something different” at one of my local perfume counters.  With no success at the ladies section I turned to the men’s department and saw a beautiful array of blue bottles by Acqua di Parma.  The first one I tried on, Acqua Profumata Blu Meditrraneo’s Mandorlo di Sicilia, left me a bit stunned.  “OMG do people actually wear this?” I thought.  So I walked around a bit as it dried down. It was a bit shocking at first but then the fun started and I became intrigued.

It’s initially a surprising and unexpected mix of anise, orange and vanilla, some say root beer float, other writers recall an almond-y, marzipan note which I really can’t locate, maybe in a distant spot.  As the drydown continues it produces bergamot, ylang-ylang and white musk.  After the initial orange almond shock it smooths down and the cedar wood and white musk linger for several hours. It’s a great gourmand for warm weather and wearing it makes me feel like I’m in an Italian movie from the ‘50s: its alittle hot, feeling a little reckless, are we on Capri?  My hair is overblown. The ocean is so blue. Is that the mainland? Do I have too much showing?  No more red wine, I’m hungry. Let’s go for a drive. It’s so sunny here. Where are my sunglasses? I feel beautiful. I smell oranges.”   Its alittle quirky, it transports me and I love it for that.

Do you have an offbeat summer fragrance that you love?


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  • Yes, I agree “oddball’ is a good choice of words for this one. A local boutique was clearing out all this line 75% off, but I couldn’t decide how I felt about this one, though it did tempt me.

    My summer oddball? Probably Ninfeo Mio. Reminds me of juniper shrubs and it’s refreshing in an odd way.

    • Kay says:

      Yes, its funny how those odd scents can sometimes capture our imagination. Even though something logical inside us says its a totally wrong thing to wear – thats how you find some gems!

  • This one sounds lovely and I’d enjoy trying it. No unusual summer frags that I can think of right now. I’ve been enjoying all y’all’s posts and sitting it out here, as I’ve been super swamped with my 2 and a half year old granddaughter, and my sweet horse, Cochise is losing his eyesight and most of his body fat in his old age.Spending some time trying to rework my fences for his continued safety, while keeping Miss Cami in check. Hope to be back soon!

  • Musette says:

    The fragrance that announces that Summer is Here is Agraria Bitter Orange. I love that Constant Comment vibe – but it only works in the Iced Tea version here. I cannot wear the perfume in the winter (though I love the hot tea!) weird, huh?

    great post, thanks!!!

    xo :Devil:

  • Ann says:

    Hi,Kay — thanks for a fun, entertaining post! I like several in this line (love those pretty blue bottles), but have not tried this one. Neiman’s here I come!

  • Sam says:

    That’s such a good question, Kay, about off-beat summer fragrances. One summer fragrance I enjoy is Peloponnesian from Strange Invisible Perfumes. It’s not particularly off-beat, except that it has a real dual personality when it comes to my skin. In cooler weather, I don’t like it at all: the herbal notes get loud and unpleasant. But on hot days, it’s extremely refreshing, bright and unusual. In high humidity, sometimes it’s the only thing I can stand to wear. It’s billed by SIP as a masculine (and it does smell good on my sweetheart), but in summer it’s mine, all mine. 😉

    Thanks for the post!